Summer of Love Volume Two ♀️♀️

Here is a sneak peek of my next book Summer of Love Volume 2.

The Grand Prize
Told by Amanda
I can’t believe I won! My boss made the announcement the first of the year. The sales rep who landed the biggest contract in the first half of the year would win a vacation to Caribbean. With a lot of hard work… and a little luck, I won!
I couldn’t wait to tell Emily the news! She and I were about to go on an all expenses trip for four days to the Caribbean! I called Emily as soon as I got home from work.
“Hey Amanda, how was…”
“I won!” I practically screamed at her, cutting her off as soon as she answered. “I won the trip to the Caribbean! I got the biggest client and I got the trip!”
Emily squealed along with me, the next three minutes of conversation was mostly incoherent from screaming, laughing, and a bit of crying.
“So, when do we leave?” Asked Emily.
“A week from Sunday.”
“Can you be ready in 20 minutes? We need to go buy new bikinis!”
We made plans to meet and hung up. Emily worked for her parents, helping manage their farm, and taking a week off wouldn’t be a problem for her. I changed clothes into a cute pleated skirt and a white tank top. My ensemble had a naughty schoolgirl vibe, which I thought Emily would like.
I ran downstairs just as Emily pulled up. Her twentieth birthday present to herself had been a 2002 pearl blue Ford Mustang convertible. I jumped in the passenger seat and kissed her on the cheek before Emily took off for town.
Emily glanced over at me and smirked. With the top down on the convertible, the wind was blowing my hair all over the place. I also noticed that it was trying to blow my skirt up my thighs, and I had neglected to put on any underwear.
“Nice Outfit.”
“Thanks” I said, as I slid my skirt up a little higher, exposing most of my inner thighs. “Now stop looking at me and watch the road!”
Emily looked back at the road, but she took her hand off the gear shift and placed it on my exposed thigh, running her fingers up under my skirt. I playfully slapped her hand away “Focus on the road, we can celebrate later tonight.”
Emily reluctantly moved her hand off my thigh and behaved herself on the rest of the drive.
We made it into town and went straight to the mall. Once there, we wandered around for a while before going to Victoria’s Secret. Emily pointed out that not only could we get new bikinis, but some fun lingerie. Sounded like a good plan to me.
We decided we should make our purchases separately then do a little fashion show for each other later that evening. I found a new bikini that was just modest enough to keep me from getting kicked off the beach. To go with the bikini, I got a couple new thongs and a new lace see-through teddy.
After we purchased our items, we went to the food court to eat and discuss the trip. As we hammered out all the details for our trip, I noticed Emily wasn’t really eating her food.
“Is something wrong Em?”
“No, but there’s something I wanted to discuss with you today, before you told me about winning the trip.”
I was immediately concerned. Emily and shared everything with each other. “What is it?”
Emily sat for thirty seconds before she replied. “I was thinking about moving out of my parents house. I found an apartment in town. I thought maybe you would want to move in with me.” Emily’s voice had nearly gone to a whisper. She hurried to add, “we could get a two bedroom if you still wanted your own space.”
I reached over and took her hand in mine, squeezing it gently. “The only way I’m moving in with you, is if we get a king bed and you share it with me every night.”
Emily smiled and squeezed back. “I think we can do that.”
We finished our meal and went home. We went to Emily’s house because her parents were traveling for the week. We had a fashion show to perform.
Emily wanted to go first, she was bursting to show me her new, sexy, bikini. I sat on the edge of Emily’s bed as she changed in the bathroom. The anticipation of seeing Emily mostly naked was making me aroused. I slid my skirt up and started to tease my fingers outside my pussy.
She walked out, wearing an electric blue bikini that fit her perfectly. Her large breasts pressed invitingly against the cloth. The blue looked amazing on her tanned skin. Emily had taken her hair down and it fell in golden waves over her shoulders.
She noticed me touching myself and laughed. “Just wait until you see what else I bought.” She turned in a slow circle, showing off the way the new bikini hugged her ass perfectly. She walked over and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. I felt my pussy get wet as she continued to kiss me. I reached up and put a hand behind her head, pulling her closer to me as I returned the kiss. She reached down, quickly grabbing one of my nipples and gently twisted, sending a shock of pleasure through my body.
“Be right back” said Emily as she pulled away from the kiss. She sauntered off, looking over her shoulder to make sure I was watching the sway of her hips.
Emily returned from the bathroom wearing the tiniest red thong I had ever seen. The small patch in front barely covered her smooth shaved pussy. The string that went between her legs was almost too small to see. It disappeared between the cheeks of her perfect ass. It reappeared at the small of her back, tying onto the straps that wrapped her hips. A tug on the bow would make the entire garment fall away. The bra Emily wore covered little more than the nipples of her perfect breasts. The pink areolas peeked out from behind the tiny triangles of cloth that almost covered them.
I caught my breath as Emily walked out. I slipped a finger inside myself as she walked towards me.
“Do you like it?” She asked, already knowing the answer.
Words escaped me as she walked towards me, so I nodded instead. Emily placed a hand on my chest and pushed me onto my back. I lay back as she dropped to her knees in front of me. I pulled my skirt up higher as she pushed my knees further apart.
Emily began to run her tongue up my pussy, she teased the tip of her tongue up and down as my body began to shudder in anticipation. I pulled my tank top up and started to play with my small breasts. She ran her fingernails lightly across my thighs as she continued to run her tongue up and down my slit.
I moaned with pleasure as Emily pushed her tongue inside me, teasing the tip of her tongue over my clit. I immediately felt close to the edge of climax as she pressed her tongue hard against me. She slipped one finger inside me, slowly pumping in and out as she continued to run her tongue over my clit.
I unhooked my bra, letting it fall away and exposing my breasts. I pulled on my nipples, rubbing them between finger and thumb as she continued to finger me. I felt the orgasm building inside me, I willed myself to hold out a little longer. As Emily wrapped her lips around my clit, she began to suck slowly. She pushed a second finger inside me and matched the rhythm of the sucking to the pumping of her fingers. I couldn’t take any more, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face hard into me as I bucked my hips up towards her.
The words exploded out of me in a rush. “Oh yes, almost there! Fuck me! Push your fingers deeper! I’m so close! Don’t stop! Oh yes! Fuck me Em!”
I screamed her name as I plunged over the edge, my entire body convulsed as I came, squirting into Emily’s mouth and all over her face and chest. I collapsed, all energy drained from me, as Emily climbed atop me, straddling my hips. I noticed that Emily’s top had been pushed to the side, exposing her nipples. She had been playing with them as she had found out how many licks it took to get to my gooey center.
I reached up, pulling her on top of me, the sight of her erect nipples giving me another burst of energy. I kissed her face, licking my essence off her lips, cheeks and chin before slipping my tongue into her mouth. My hand reached behind her and pulled the strings, releasing her thong. I pulled it off her and slid a finger inside. She rocked her hips against me as I fingered her. Emily’s pussy was soaked! My fingers slid inside easily as I wrapped my other arm around her hips and pulled her tighter against me. She pushed up and down, grinding her clit against my finger as we continued to kiss. I used the arm wrapped around her to pull her hips close, helping her grind faster against me. I sucked on her neck as she ground against me, I felt her muscles tighten as she came close to climax. I rubbed her clit as she continued to push against me. Emily buried her face in the pillow as she came, a scream of primal lust and pleasure tearing from her throat as she went over the edge.
We both lay there, panting from the exertion and excitement. We were both soaked. Sweat and the sweet juices from our orgasms mingled and smeared across our bodies. Emily had soaked my skirt from where she came while on top of me.
Emily worked up the energy to roll off and lay next to me. Looking over at me she asked; “Does this mean you like my new lingerie?”
“Oh yeah, I like it a lot!”
Later, after we could both move again, we stumbled toward the shower. I slid my skirt down my hips, letting it fall in a wet heap on the floor, my bra and tank top joined it as Emily walked behind me.
We stepped into the steaming shower, kissing as we did. Closing my eyes, I leaned against Emily as she stood behind me, washing my hair. As Emily rinsed the soap from my hair, I felt a hand slide down my back to my ass. She lightly squeezed, running finger between my cheeks and slowly slipping a shampoo covered finger up my ass.
I stiffened; we’d never done anything like this before. Emily felt my resistance and whispered in my ear. “Relax, it will feel good, I promise”
The feeling of her warm breath excited me, I trusted Emily not to hurt me. I relaxed, pushing my as back towards Emily, slowly taking her finger deeper inside me. The new sensation was intense. I felt a familiar tightening in my tummy as Emily pushed deeper in. A moan slipped out of my mouth as her other hand reached around and started fondling my small breasts, she pinched and tugged at my nipples as I began to rock back, taking her deeper into me. I reached back, sliding a finger into Emily’s slit. I stroked her clit with one hand, stroking my own clit at the same speed. Our bodies began to quiver from the stimulation. I was thrusting my hips back, grinding on her as she slid a second finger into my tight ass. Emily pulled me tight against her with the hand playing with my breasts. She leaned in and bit my neck, sucking on my skin. The combination of sensations sent me over the edge, my body quivered with sensations as I came. I felt the hot sticky liquid dripping out of me, running down my legs then rinsed away by the hot water. Emily came moments after I did, the sounds of my orgasm pushing her over the edge with me. We sank to the floor of the shower, our bodies still twitching with aftershocks.
Later after we finished we lay in bed together. Kissing and snuggling Emily told me all about the new apartment she found for us.

Volume one is available on Amazon for $.99 Here

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