The Halloween Hookup ♀️♀️

I hate college parties.  The crowds, the noise, the drunk frat boys hitting on me.  But this was a Halloween party at one of the biggest frats on campus.  Sounds like what I would avoid, right?  Not a chance.  Halloween is when all the girls go wild. 

Everyone thinks I don’t date guys because I’m too busy studying and working.  The truth is, I don’t like guys; I like girls.  Unfortunately, my family won’t accept this, so I keep it a secret for now.  I take every opportunity I can to check out the girls on campus when I can be sure I won’t get caught or seen.  A costume party where people will be so drunk, they won’t remember my name?  Perfect cover!

I dressed up as a schoolgirl.  Red lace bra and thong, plaid skirt that came a couple inches above my knees, white knee-high stockings and a white blouse.  I left the top three buttons unbuttoned, showing off the bra I was wearing.  For my personal pleasure, I slipped a remote-controlled vibrator inside my virgin pussy.

Yes, I’m a virgin, and not in the ‘I’m a lesbian who hasn’t fucked a guy’ technicality kind of virgin.  I’ve never been with anyone, never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.  I kissed a girl once in high school.  She was my first crush and she was open about her sexuality.  She was the only person I ever told about mine.  I kissed her the day her parents moved out of state. I haven’t seen her since.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  You wanted to hear about my hookup.  So, with the remote in hand and vibrator in pussy, I went to the party.  To make the party fun for me, I set up rules for using the vibrator.

  1. Five seconds every time a drunk guy hit on me.
  2. Five seconds every time I get offered a beer.
  3. Ten seconds every time I see a breast.
  4. Five seconds for every sexy vampire or zombie I see
  5. Sixty seconds for every time I want to leave and go home but won’t for another half hour.

The last rule is my prize to me to keep me from running home after five minutes.

I walked in the door and was offered a beer.  I smiled as I declined, holding the button for five seconds.  A trio of sexy witches were all flirting with the same football player, forcing laughs at what I presumed to be an unfunny joke.  Fifteen seconds of pleasure later, I continued to walk around, my pussy already soaked.

I parked myself in a comfy chair in a dark corner to scan the room for more buzz worthy moments.  The next half hour was pretty dull, I had arrived too early and was ready to leave.  I held the button for sixty seconds.  By thirty seconds I was squirming noticeably, fortunately nobody was looking my way.  With ten seconds left, I came.  I had to bite down on my lip to keep from making a sound. The vibrator buzzed away as I counted down the last ten seconds, my body screaming at me from sensation overload.

I released the button and tried to regain my composure before anyone caught me.  The thrill of getting caught made the whole adventure more exciting, but the reality of getting caught would be a nightmare.  I needed something to drink.  I slipped the remote into my pocket and went in search for the kitchen in search of a sprite.

The sexiest girl I’ve ever seen bumped into me as I walked across the room.  I’m not sure what her costume was supposed to be.  Maybe a Victoria’s Secret model.  Maybe she’d already lost her costume.  The woman wore nothing but black lingerie.   A full matching set, a black corset with lace covering her smooth, tight stomach.  Black panties lacy enough to show off everything but the naughty bits, and black stockings attached to the corset.  Damn, why hadn’t I put ‘Woman in Lingerie’ as one of my rules? 

Screw the rules, I reached into my pocked for the remote to give myself another buzz.  If I could find a place to watch her without being seen, I’d hold it down for as long as it took.  My heart froze as I realized my pocket was empty.  Panicking, I checked my other pocket.  My phone and dorm room key were in there, but nothing else.  I turned to see if I had dropped it when the vibrator began to do its work between my legs.

I had kept the vibrator on the lowest of the three settings when I used it, no point in making a complete fool of myself. Someone had turned it up.

My legs shook as I tried to walk back to my chair in the corner. I turned and the vibrations lessened. I turned again and they increased. It didn’t take me long to realize I was being lead around. Follow the instructions and get relief or don’t and collapse to the floor in ecstasy and humiliation.

I was lead throughout the house. I tried to spot who might have my remote but any time I turned to look behind me the vibrations would spike. I wandered all over the house. Being led in circles, up and down stairs, and into random rooms. I was completely freaked out, sure some college drunk guy was gonna step out and hold it up for everyone to see. Or worse, I would see the video on YouTube tomorrow!

I was finally led into an empty bedroom. Enough of this!  I slammed the door, bracing it with my foot as I lifted my skirt and nearly tore my thong in my frenzy to get the vibrator.

The vibrator let out three short buzzes before I could remove it. The matched in time to the three knocks on the door I was bracing shut. I froze, terrified of who was on the other side.

“who is it?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“I have something you dropped. Open the door and I’ll give it to you.” 

The voice was feminine…and sexy as hell. My throbbing pussy got even wetter at the thought of another woman pushing my literal and figurative buttons.  I cracked the door and saw the same woman who had bumped into me earlier.  She held up the remote in a negligent hand as she smiled coyly at me, exposing a set of fake vampire teeth.

“Can I come in?” She asked, cocking a hip against the door frame seductively.

I reached my hand through the door, palm out for the remote. The mystery woman traced a finger over the button, not hard enough to push it, just teasing me.

“Why don’t you let me hold onto it and have some more fun?  I’ve enjoyed our little game, have you?”

I hesitated.  Not knowing who was controlling my vibrator had been terrifying.  But knowing this sexy vampire was the one with the remote was a huge turn on.  I stepped back, letting her in.  She walked in, swaying her hips seductively as she came.  After entering; she turned, closed the door and locked it.  She walked toward me.  I matched her, stepping back until my knees hit the bed.  She came to me, wrapping her arms around me as she leaned in to kiss me.  My body went ridged at first as her tongue danced over my lips, then I relaxed, opening my mouth to her and entwining my tongue with hers.

I nearly dropped to my knees as my breath escaped in a rush, she had hit the button again while we kissed, she had turned the toy up to its maximum setting.  She used my moment of distraction to push me down against the bed.  I fell back as she climbed on top of me.  I grabbed her, pulling her tight against me as she continued to hold the button. My lips met hers again as we kissed.  I slid a hand down between our bodies and pushed her lace panties to the side.  I found her pussy, it was as smooth as a cue ball and soaking wet, I slid my finger in easily. 

I’ve never touched another woman, but I’ve touched myself enough times I know the basics.  I began to stroke her clit as she began to writhe with me.  The vibrator pushed me over the edge.  I arched my back, shoving my fingers hard into her as I came.  Her mouth muffled the scream that tore from my throat.  This was the first time anyone but me had been responsible for my orgasm.  She didn’t let up, the intensity was nearly enough to hurt, but then it pushed me over the edge again.  She started grinding on my fingers.  I felt her pussy tighten as she joined me in ecstasy.  Our bodies shook with the joined orgasm, my mystery lover finally let go of the button, giving me relief.

“So” I said as I tried to catch my breath, “what’s your name?

“I’m Scarlet.  I sit behind you in econ 105.  I saw you looking at lingerie models in class one day, I’ve been waiting for the right time to make my move.  I spotted you in the corner and saw your remote.  When you pocketed it, I stole it from you.”

I started to laugh.  “You could have just come up and said hello.”

Scarlet joined me in laughter.  “Yeah, but this was way more fun.”

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