Infinite Fantasies: The Merman Fantasy (Part 1) ♂️♀️

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I was giddy with excitement!  Isabella told me all about her fantasy and the insane orgasms she had, and I couldn’t wait for mine.  I walked into Infinite Fantasies all smiles.  What Isabella didn’t mention was how sexy Stefan was.  My pulse raced as his hand brushed mine as he told me all about how Infinite Fantasies worked and how it would give me a hyper realistic fantasy.

After I told Stefan what my fantasy was, he smiled and led me to a private room, placed the silver disks on my temples and left.  I took my time undressing, thinking about the fantasy that I was about to enjoy.  Isabella told me about her dominating vampire lover, my fantasy was more exotic.  As I pulled off my jeans and t-shirt, I checked myself out in the mirror.  I wore a simple pair of white panties adorned with a bow along with a matching bra. 

I crawled onto the bed, the red silk sheets feeling great against my skin.  I slid my panties down my legs and shivered as the cold sheets touched my bare ass.  My bra came off next and I lay there, completely nude.  Stefan’s voice broke in, making me jump.

“Relax, close your eyes, and count down from ten.”  I obliged and by nine I was in my fantasy.

I gasped as the sensation of cold water surrounded me.  My eyes shot open and I realized I was under the water.  Not just any water, but the blue crystal of the ocean.  As I gasped again, I realized that there was an oxygen hose in my mouth.  My heart began to slow as I remembered what was going on. This was my fantasy.  I had been diving my entire life, so the sensation wasn’t new to me.  The scuba gear I was wearing seemed like the type I had always dived with, the normal wetsuit I dove in was replaced with an extremely small pale blue bikini.  The triangles that covered my breasts were sheer, allowing my nipples to poke through the thin cloth.  The bottom was just large enough to cover my crotch and tied on both sides, ensuring a quick removal if need be.

I looked around and couldn’t believe how amazing this was.  I felt the water over my skin, my long strawberry blonde hair swirled in the water around me as I spun, looking at the school of fish swimming by.  The ocean was alive with color, a school of yellow Rock Beauty Angelfish swam by less than three feet from my face.  Further in the distance I saw a clownfish swimming along missing a fin.  I laughed, a burst of bubbles escaping my mouth as I continued to swim around the reef.

I saw something off in the distance, I thought it was a shark, but it didn’t swim like one.  As I watched, the mysterious creature swam closer to me.  As it drew near I could see that it was a man.  His long brown hair flowed behind him like a banner in the wind.  His arms were toned and lined with the muscles of a professional swimmer.  He swam to me and stopped, I could see his bare chest. Saying he had a six pack wouldn’t do him justice.  His stomach was rock hard and completely flawless, save for what appeared to be a shark bite along the right side of his ribs.  My eyes wandered down his body, his hips morphed beautifully into a long silver fish tail. 

I swam over to the merman as he reached a hand out toward me, he took my outstretched hand and pulled me into his arms.  I pulled the breather from my mouth as he leaned in to kiss me.  He breathed into me, pushing oxygen into my lungs as I slid my tongue into his mouth.  I could taste the sale from the water as his tongue danced over mine.  I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling his cold scales against my thighs as I pulled my body closer to his. 

While we kissed. I could feel his rough, calloused hands exploring my body.  He found the tie to my top and slowly pulled.  I felt the moment the knot released and the cloth began to float off my body.  The merman began kissing down my neck.  Each time his tongue me it felt like a point of fire on my cold skin.  He slid one hand up to my exposed breasts and began to tease my nipples.  I nearly gasped in pleasure before remembering he was no longer giving me oxygen, I grabbed my mouth piece and breathed in a sigh of pleasure as he continued to tease my nipples. 

He kissed his mouth down to my chest, my back arched as his mouth closed over my nipple and he began to suck.  I could feel my pussy begin to throb in anticipation of his touch as he began to run his tongue over my nipple.  I fisted my hands in his hair, pulling his head hard against me as he continued to suck.  Another moan of pleasure escaped my lips as his hands continued to explore my body.  Suddenly, he pulled his mouth from my nipple and, taking me by the hand, began to swim deeper.  I watched the sun glint off of his silver scaled tail as we went deeper.  After another minute we reached the ocean floor.  He stopped about six feet from the bottom, we were surrounded by soft green seaweed.

With a gesture the seaweed began slowly wrapping around my wrists and ankles, it gently pulled on my body until I lay back, facing the ocean surface a hundred feet above me.  The tentacles curled around my bare stomach, supporting me as I lay back.  Slowly they spread my legs apart, leaving me spread eagle for my merman.  He reached out and untied my bikini bottoms and pulled them off, letting them fall to the ocean floor.

He swam down between my legs and began to tease his tongue up and down my thighs.  My mind screamed for him to hurry up.  I tried to reach down and stroke myself, but the seaweed kept me secured.  Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, I felt his tongue slide over my pussy.  My back arched as I felt his tongue slip inside me.  As my merman began to run his tongue up and down my smooth slit, I moaned, trying hard to keep the salty water out of my mouth. His tongue found my clit and he began slowly teasing around, my body quivered as I felt the first orgasm build inside me.  He pushed me to the edge, then slid his tongue out, leaving me unsatisfied and craving him even more. 

The merman waved his hands and mermaid’s hair seaweed sprouted all around me, hair fine tendrils brushed over my body, as light as a feather.  My body quivered in excitement as the seaweed tickled me.  A thought intruded on my pleasure.  I love getting tickled during foreplay, but how did the fantasy know that?  It’s not like I told Stefan a list of all my turn-on’s.  Maybe it was common enough that the software just implemented it automatically.  I stubbornly pushed the thought out of my head and returned to the fantasy.  I had been fantasizing about meeting a merman on a dive for over ten years.  Now, thanks to Infinite Fantasies, it was happening.

  As the seaweed fingers continued to caress my body, the merman swam beneath me.  His strong hands came up around me and began to tease my breasts.  He pulled on my nipples, slowly rubbing them between his finger and thumb as he tugged.  I let out another moan, more bubbles escaping my mouth in a burst of air.  He tugged harder, I arched and bucked, trying to get free of the seaweed holding me. I needed to touch myself, I needed to orgasm but he wouldn’t let me after another minute of exquisite nipple play he released my nipples as swam back to between my legs.

He worked his tongue back into me, pushing it deep inside as he used a finger to massage my clit.  My blood sang through me as he brought me back to the edge.  His finger slowed, then slipped back out of me, his tongue made one last lick up the length of me, teasing my clit as it flicked out. Not again damn you, I need an orgasm! I thought as he once again left me begging for more.

This time he swam up over me, sliding his body over mine as he glided back up to my head.  He pulled the regulator from my mouth and kissed me, I could taste my sweetness on his tongue as he slid it into my waiting mouth.  I licked his lips, trying to taste anything not stolen by the waters of the ocean.  He wrapped his arms around me, pressing my breasts against his hard chest, sending sparks of pleasure up my spine.  He breathed air into my mouth as he kissed me. 

After my body again calmed, he returned my regulator and swam back to between my legs.  I silently begged him to bring me to climax this time.  His tongue was back on my clit, teasing and pushing as he slid a finger inside me.  He curled his finger up and immediately hit my G-Spot.  My body bucked with pleasure as he rubbed slowly, his tongue and his finger matching pace.  He worked slowly, not allowing me to be rushed as the stimulated me.

I was shocked when I felt another finger enter me.  He slowly, gently slid a finger into my tight ass.  He pushed gently, a fraction of an inch at a time, slowly stretching me as he penetrated me.  His finger in my pussy stopped stroking me and slid out, and his tongue pulled away.  But the finger in my ass continued, pushing deeper and deeper with each passing minute.

                I closed my eyes as I lost myself in the sensation.  I’d never had anyone finger my ass before, it felt amazing.  I wondered what it would be like to have a cock in my ass.  Then I wondered what it would be like to have Stefan’s cock inside my ass.

                My eyes snapped back open as I felt a pair of lips touch my breast.  These weren’t the merman’s lips, these lips were soft.  As my eyes opened, I saw a stunningly beautiful mermaid swimming next to me.  She had green scales on her tail that looked like emeralds.  Hair so blonde it looked like strands of snow floated in the water around her head.  She wore no clothing, just like the merman.  Her breasts bounced playfully in the water as she swam over top me then back to kiss my other breast.  My nipples were once again erect as the mermaid began to tease her tongue over them.

                As the mermaid tortured my breasts with her lips, the merman continued to slide his finger in and out of my ass.  It felt amazing and I could feel the orgasm begin to build in me for the third time.  The mermaid kissed down my stomach, my muscles contracted in spasms her lips tickled my skin.  She swam in tight circles around my body.  Kissing all long my bare skin. 

                As the mermaid continued to swim around me, the merman once again brought his mouth between my legs.  It was too much, I had to come.  I had to!  The merman began to suck on my clit, pulling it between his lips, grazing his tongue over it as he teased his tongue over me.  The mermaid swam up to me, took my rebreather and kissed me, hard.  She clamped her mouth around mine, breathing oxygen into my lungs for me.  I didn’t know why at first; but then, after what felt like an eternity of teasing, I understood.  When the merman finally pushed me over the edge, it was the most intense orgasm of my life.  The blonde mermaid wrapped her arms around my back and head, pulling her close to me, breathing oxygen into me as I screamed in pure bliss.  My body spasmed and jerked like a fish on a line.  Underwater waves shot out in all directions from the epicenter of my orgasmic earth quake. 

Thank you for reading my story, this is the first part of my upcoming release Infinite Fantasies: The Merman Fantasy

The first book in the series, Infinite Fantasies: The Vampire Fantasy is available for free on Kindle unlimited and free on Kindle until 11:59 PM on November first.

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