Banging my Secretary ♂️♀️

I hired a new secretary a week ago. From her first interview, I knew exactly what she wanted. I didn’t make a move on her though; I wasn’t getting slapped with a harassment lawsuit if I was wrong.  This morning she let me know I wasn’t wrong.

As the Vice President of. No, you don’t care about me; you want to know about me banging my secretary, right?  Ok, I’ll skip the details and get to the dirty stuff.

I walked in this morning and my secretary wasn’t at her desk. I saw her coat, so I knew she was here, so I didn’t think much of it as I entered my office. As I entered, I froze. My secretary was standing in my office, staring out my window. I pulled the door shut behind me and locked the door.

I stared at her, surprised by her boldness. She was wearing red high heels, black thigh high nylon stockings, a red thong that left nothing to the imagination, and a matching red bra. She stood; hip cocked to one side. Her arms behind her head, playing with her honey brown hair.

I immediately felt the erection against my suit pants as I stared at her. She didn’t appear to hear me as I walked over to her.

“The hell you think you’re doing?” I asked as I stormed over to my desk. “This is completely unprofessional!”  She turned, taking in my erection and the look on my face.  Knowing the role I wanted, she played along.

“I’m sorry, sir!  I just wanted to be a good employee.”  She looked around for inspiration and then grabbed a stack of paper from the printer.  “I was just bringing you your report!”

“Get over here!” I snarled, my voice barely above a whisper. “You’re being very bad.”

“Yes sir.” She lowered her head, but not before I saw the look of lust in her eyes. She may be a slow typist, but I knew I was about to find out what her real skills were. 

“I should fire you!”

“Please sir, don’t fire me!  I need this job, I’ll do anything,”

“Fine!” I sighed theatrically. “But you have to be punished.”  I pulled her toward me, and she didn’t resist, I pulled her over my lap, face down and ass up.

As I began to spank her smooth ass, she let out whimpers of pain. “I’m sorry sir, I won’t do it again.” She repeated it over and over as I reddened her ass with my palm. 

“You don’t sound sorry to me, stand up.” She obeyed. I stood and bent her over the desk. I began to spank her harder, my hand stung from the impact. Her whimpers of pain had morphed into whimpers of pleasure.  When I finished, her ass was nearly as red as her thong. I glanced between her spread legs and saw the darkest spot. Her pussy was soaked.

I told her to get on her knees as I pulled my cock out of my suit pants.  She obeyed, then took my hard cock in her mouth.  I grabbed the back of her head as I began to thrust in and out of her sweet mouth, shoving my cock all the way in.  She slipped her arms out of her bra and pulled it down, exposing her large tits.  She began to play with them, squeezing and pinching as I continued fucking her throat with my cock.  Her spit dripped from her mouth as I rammed my cock into her mouth over and over.  I pulled out and, grabbing her by the upper arm, pulled her to her feet.

I bent her over the desk again and roughly pulled her thong to the side.  I roughly shoved my finger into her pussy as I told her to spread her legs apart.  She obeyed.  I slipped two more fingers into her, then started pumping, pushing hard and fast.  She buried her face in her arms, trying to muffle her screams of pleasure.   It was a damn good thing my office had good insulation. 

Pulling my fingers out of her wet pussy I reached around and shoved them in her mouth.  She eagerly licked her essence off her fingers as I slipped my cock inside her.  She was warm and tight; and felt amazing as I pushed deep into her.  I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and grabbed a fist full of her hair I pulled back as I fucked that tight pussy.  I felt my cock getting harder as I came close to coming.   Suddenly, she let out a scream of pleasure as she came.  Her pussy clenched tight around my cock as she climaxed.  I thrust harder, forcing it deep into her as she came.  She reached back and began to finger her clit.

I pulled out, careful to not come inside that sweet pussy.  I grabbed her thong and pulled it down to her thighs.  I rubbed the tip of my wet cock against her tight little ass as she continued to finger her clit.  I slowly began to push into her.  I went slow at first, but she slammed back, ramming my cock all the way into her ass.  I grabbed her hips as I began to thrust.  I continued to fuck her ass as her body began to quiver in anticipation of a second orgasm.  She fingered her clit faster as I thrust faster and faster.  I thrust balls deep as I felt myself come.  My cock spasmed, shooting my load into her ass.  When she felt me come, she fell over the edge.  She screamed again as she came, her tight ass squeezing every last drop of cum out of my cock.

I pulled out and wiped my cock clean as she lay panting on the desk.  I zipped up, straightening my suit and tie, as she stood up on shaky legs.  I watched her slip her bra back up over her tits and walk over to the neatly folded pile of clothes on a side table.  She quickly dressed and began to walk toward my door. I reached out, grabbed her hand, and pulled her into my arms.  I kissed her long and hard, slipping my tongue into her mouth as I pulled her tight.

“Same time tomorrow?”  I asked as she pulled away.  She smiled, winked and walked out.

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