Hookup on the Beach ♀️♀️

A person standing on a beach

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I was laying on the sand at the base of a dune when she walked into my little slice of private beach.  Her tanned ass cheeks peeked invitingly out of the bottom of her little white bikini.  I stared at her ass as she walked alone the white sand beach to the edge of the water.  She still didn’t know I was stretched out on the sand behind her as she stared at the ocean.  I dragged my eyes away from her rounded ass and looked at the rest of her.  She had on a white bikini top and a white men’s shirt over the whole thing.  She wore a straw hat to keep the sun off her eyes as she looked out over the ocean. 

I decided to make a bold first impression.  I reached up and untied my bikini top and tossed it onto the blanket next to me.  As I felt the warm breeze over my bare breasts, my nipples hardened, although that was more from the view than the breeze.  Damn she had a good ass.

I idly ran a finger between my legs, teasing my pussy outside my blue bikini bottom.  I continued to watch for a few more minutes, teasing myself before calling out.

“Hey, this beach is private property.”  The woman spun, grabbing her hat as the wind tried to pull it from her head.  The view from the front was better than the view from the back, and that’s impressive.  Her breasts were full and firm, pressing lightly against the fabric of the white bikini top.  I could see the outlines of her nipples pop out as she inhaled in surprise.  I glanced down her body, enjoying the view of her tight tanned stomach.  The bottom of her bikini was about as revealing as the back, tanned skin peeked around the edges, teasing a view of her smooth crotch.  I knew I wanted to see the rest of her body without the bikini in the way.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…” Her words cut off when she realized I was topless.  She stared down at my mostly naked body.  She bit her lip as her eyes landed and stayed on my exposed breasts.  I casually reached over and grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion. I squirted some onto my hands and began to rub it slowly over my chest and stomach.  She looked up and locked eyes with me as I continued to rub the lotion on me, I paid particular attention to the nipples as I slowly rubbed the lotion into my skin.  Her eyes wandered back down to my breasts and stared, unblinking.

“Are you enjoying the view?”  I asked, I affected an anger I didn’t really feel.  I could feel my pussy getting wet from her watching me.  I’m an exhibitionist, I love being watched.  The mystery woman blushed scarlet but couldn’t ring herself to look away as I worked my hands down to my flat stomach.  I traced a finger around my belly button lazily before slipping two fingers just inside my bikini bottom.  I ran the two fingers across my stomach, pretending to ensure I covered every inch in the important suntan oil.

“Do you want to join me?”  That got her attention.  Her eyes snapped back up to my face as I smiled at her.  “If you’re gonna watch, you might as well help.”  She looked like she was in a trance, one foot slowly placed in front of the other as she made her way across the white sand beach.  When she finally made it to my beach blanket, I reached up, handing her the bottle. 

“Get my back?” I asked as I rolled over.  I sensed her dropping to her knees next to me on the blanket.  I closed my eyes as she squirted the suntan lotion onto my back.  It was warmed from the sun and felt great against my bare skin.  Hesitantly her hands began to rub it into my back.  She rubbed down the side of my body, accidentally touching the side of my breast.  Her hand jerked back as if she had touched a live wire.  She started rubbing again, this time with more certainty after I didn’t react to the touch.  I smiled to myself as her hands slipped lower down my back.  I reached behind me and pulled the bottom half of my bikini down a couple inches, giving her a nice view of the top of my ass.  She obliged by rubbing lotion onto the newly exposed skin. 

I let out a small moan of pleasure, loud enough to make sure she heard me as he hands began to rub up the back of my legs.  When she reached my ass, she hesitated. This was when she would make her move or not.  If not, I’d still have sunscreen on my back and be none the worse for wear.  She only hesitated for a moment before her soft hands slid up, molding along my ass cheeks as her hands slipped inside my bikini bottom and up my ass.

I was pretty sure I knew what was going to come next. I wiggled my bottom invitingly as I felt her fingers exploring my skin.  I reached behind me, tracing a finger up her thigh to the crease between crotch and leg.  I teased my fingernail along the edge and felt her shudder from the touch.  But she didn’t pull away.  I traced my finger onto the white cloth over her pussy and began slowly rubbing.  I heard her whimper in pleasure as my finger continued to rub.

I turned over, her hands sliding out of my bikini as I did.  I propped myself up on one elbow and reached for her with my other hand.  She leaned forward and I wrapped one arm behind her head, pulling her toward me.  As her lips touched mine, I felt her breath catch.  I pressed my lips against hers, I could taste the sea air on her mouth as I darted my tongue out to caress her lips.  She opened her mouth and my tongue darted in, teasing over her tongue. 

I leaned back, pulling her onto me as I did.  She hesitated at first, then gave in.  She followed me down, sliding her body over mine as I wrapped my arms around her.  I slid my arms up and tugged of the shirt she was still wearing.  My hands groped for the ties of her bikini as we continued to kiss.   Her passion first matched, then surpassed mine as she feverishly kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth as he hands began to grope my body.  I managed to untie the bikini and pull it out from between us.  I could feel her breasts, her nipples hard, pressing against mine as we continued to fondle each other.

I slid a hand down between us, then slid her bikini to the side.  I traced my finger along her slit, feeling her wetness as she gasped in shock and pleasure.  I slid my finger in as she began to slide her body over mine, grinding against my finger.  I rolled over pushing her onto her back.  The blanket was too small, so we wound up in the sand.  I began to finger her faster, pushing deep into her as she began to gasp with pleasure.  Her body shivered as the first orgasm crashed through her like the waves crashing on the shore behind us.

She reached up between my legs, trying to pull my bikini to the side.  I saved her the trouble and untied the sides and pulled it off.  She slid a finger inside me and began to tease my clit.  She was good with her finger.  I squirmed on top of her, grinding my pussy against the tip of her finger, the wind fought to drown out the noise of my scream as she brought me to climax.

“Don’t stop!” I begged as she continued to rub.  I managed to get a finger between our bodies and began rub her clit, matching my speed to hers.  Our tongues continued to dance as we fingered each other.  A couple minutes later, she came.  Her orgasm sent me over the edge, and I joined her.  We muffled our screams as we locked lips.  My body collapsed on top of hers.  I rolled off and lay on my back, panting. I looked over and smiled at the woman next to me.

“So, can I get your name?”  I asked with a grin.  She opened her mouth to reply when the wind carried voices down the beach to our ears.  She went pale as she quickly snatched up her clothes.  She pulled on the shirt, buttoning it over her bare chest.  I stood, grabbing her hand and pulling her around for one more kiss.  It was hot and wet.  A kiss I knew I would remember for the rest of my life.

“Meet me here tomorrow, 11:00 PM” She nodded, then turned and ran around the sand dune.  I sighed as I pulled my bikini back on.  I lay back on the beach wondering if I would ever see her again.

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