Banging My Secretary 2: Talk Dirty To Me ♂️♀️

I hooked up with my secretary again yesterday morning.  She must have enjoyed herself because she came back begging for more.

I walked into my office and my secretary was one again already in there.  She was sitting on the edge of my desk, her black skirt hiked up to her hips.  She was leaning back on her elbows, spreading her legs apart.  My secretary had skipped the thong today and instead wore, well nothing.

I quickly locked the door and walked over to her.  I grabbed her, pulling her close as I slipped three fingers roughly into her shaved pussy.  I stifled her gasp of surprise by mashing my lips over hers.  I forced my tongue between her red lips as I began to piston my fingers in and out of her tight pussy.  She was already dripping wet and it wasn’t long before she was moaning with pleasure.  She lowered herself back onto my desk as I continued to finger fuck her.  She arched her back as she fought with the buttons on her blouse.  Then she moaned out four words that got me harder than ever. “Talk dirty to me.” 

She finally unbuttoned her blouse and somehow slipped it off.  She was panting as I continued ramming my fingers into her pussy.  I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as she slid her hands up her bra, fondling her tits.  The first orgasm hit her, and she screamed in ecstasy.  I pumped faster making her writhe on my desk as her body shook with pleasure.

I grabbed her hips and slid her off my desk.  She went to her knees, looking up at me and licking her lips as I unzipped my pants.  She grabbed for my cock, freeing it from my boxers, and began to stroke.  She leaned forward, licking her lips before swirling her tongue around the tip of my hard cock.

“You like that you dirty slut?  You wanna taste my cock?”  My words made her flush with excitement as she opened her mouth, inviting me in.  I grabbed the back of her head shoving my cock into the O she made with her sweet mouth.  I pushed her face toward me, letting her take all my cock into her mouth.  I held it there for five seconds, my cock down her throat.

“You like that?  You like my cock in your mouth?  You enjoy choking on it?”  She nodded, then I pulled out.  She looked up at me, her eyes filled with a hungry lust.  She wanted more.  I rammed my cock in her mouth again, her lips kissing my balls as I held her there.  She slid her skirt further up her hips and began to play with her pussy.  She took my cock deep in her mouth for ten seconds.  I pulled out and she gasped for air.

“Fuck me!” she begged as she fingered her pussy. “I want your big cock in my little pussy.”  I took her by the arm and nearly dragged her to a leather sofa in the corner.  I sat down and pulled her into my lap.  She straddled me; her skirt still hiked up as she lowered herself onto my hard cock.  I pulled her close to me, kissing and biting her neck as she began to rock her hips back and forth.   I reached down and began to rub her clit, matching the rhythm of her hip rolls.  She reached back and unhooked her bra.  She tossed it next to me on the sofa. 

She began to ride faster; I could feel my cock hardening as I came nearer to climax.  I wasn’t ready to come, so I lifted her up, encouraging her to bounce up and down instead of rolling her hips.  I didn’t take long for her to be riding me like a pogo stick.  Her pussy made a wet sound as she slid it up and down my shaft.  I grabbed her, holding her up so only my tip was still inside her pussy.  I pulled her close and began to tease my tongue over her nipples.  She arched her back as I began to suck, I could feel her nipples get harder.  She moaned and squirmed, desperate to get back to my cock.  I kept her held up, denying her as I ran my tongue over to her other nipple.  I could feel her wet pussy dripping down my shaft as she whimpered in frustration and desire.  Finally, I let go and she slid back down my shaft.  She bounced faster and faster riding me for all she was worth. I felt myself getting ready to come.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth, you dirty slut.” I told her, pushing her off of me. She obliged eagerly, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

“You want a mouth full of my cum you dirty slut?” She nodded eagerly. 

“Tell me you want it.” I demanded. Stroking my shaft inches from her face.

“I want a mouth full of your cum sir.” She purred the words out. “Fill me up!”

I grabbed her chin, pointing her head back as I stroked three more times, then exploded. I shot my hot sticky load into her mouth, my cock continued to pulse, shooting ropy strings of cum on her face. She smiled, letting my cum pool on her tongue before deliberately swallowing.

She ran her tongue over her lips licking them clean and used a finger to scoop up what was on her face. She smiled as she licked my cum off her fingers.

“I’ll be traveling for business next week.” I said, as she began to clean her face. “I need an assistant to come with me. Can you book the hotel room for you and I for Wednesday through Friday?”

“Yes sir” she said, smoothing down her too-small skirt as she walked out of my office.

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