Banging My Secretary 3: The conference Pt. 1 ♂️♀️

I can’t believe how fucking hot my secretary is. I didn’t think she could get any wilder than the last two times.  Apparently, I was wrong.


There was a business conference about three hours away and I told her I needed her to come with me.  I picked her up at her house at 10:00 to drive to the conference.  By 10:15 she was bent over giving me a blowjob in the car.  Let me tell you that story.

We had just gotten on the interstate; traffic was light as rush hour had passed.  I jumped into the carpool lane and set the cruise.  I looked over at my secretary.  She was wearing a denim skirt that went to mid-thigh when she stood.  Sitting in the car, it rode up nicely.  I could see her tanned thighs and when she slid it up even further, I could see she had skipped wearing anything underneath.

She leaned her seat back and pulled her skirt up further, exposing her shaved pussy.  She began stroking herself as we cruised along at 70 miles per hour.  I reached over and began to fondle one of her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.  I could feel the erect nipple through the lace bra she was wearing beneath the shirt.

She moaned loudly as she continued to slide her fingers into her pussy.  I thought she would come, but she didn’t.  She pulled her fingers out and sucked them clean.  She reached over and unzipped my pants.  My erect cock pressed hard against my boxers and in another second, she had popped it free.  She bent down and took the tip of my cock in her mouth.  I felt her tongue swirl around the head as she moved her head up and down, only teasing the tip.

I reached down with one hand to stroke my cock, but she pushed it away.  Apparently, she was in charge this time.  I obliged and put my hands back on the wheel as she continued to torture me with her mouth.  She continued for ten minutes, never going past the tip.  She kissed and sucked and ran her tongue over me, but went no further down.  I let out a moan of frustration and considered stroking my cock again but thought I could hold out a little longer.  Then, much to my dismay, she stopped.

She sat back up in her seat and returned her hand to her pussy.  I looked down at my throbbing cock, glistening with her spit as she furiously rubbed her clit. Her legs shook and her moans increased.  She brought herself to the edge again, and again she stopped.

After her second trip to the edge, she returned to my cock.  She went further down, taking half my cock into her mouth this time.  I ached from the teasing she had given me before, and I wanted nothing more than to blow my load into her teasing mouth.  However, I was the boss and I could endure the edging if she could, although I decided to play dirty.

As she continued taking my shaft in her mouth, I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse enough to slide a hand inside.  I began lightly squeezing her breast through the sheer lace bra.   I felt her body stiffen for just a moment as the shock of pleasure went through her, but it passed.  She began to suck harder, moving her head up and down my shaft faster and faster.  I realized she was matching the speed at which I was playing with her breasts.  I smiled as I slid her bra up.  Her breast slid out of the bra and into my hand.   I began to tease my thumb over the nipple as I continued squeezing gently.

She began to moan with pleasure as my thumb teased over her nipple; I thought she would go all out, taking the length of me in her mouth, but she was determined to make it last and pulled away.  She leaned back into her seat, my hand sliding out of her shirt as she did so.  She began stroking herself again.

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This time, when she brought herself to the edge, she didn’t stop stroking.  She slowed her stroking, keeping herself at the edge as she leaned over, this time taking my whole shaft in her mouth.  She moved hear head up and down, as fast as she could.  I knew she wanted us to come together, so I reached down and began to stroke my cock in rhythm with her head.  This time, she didn’t object.

I felt the orgasm building; I moved my hand from my shaft to the back of her head, pushing her down further onto my cock.  I felt her body beginning to tremble again and she was about to go over the edge.  I felt my cock swell even more, then I exploded into her mouth.  As my cock pulsed, dumping my load of cum into her mouth she pushed herself over the edge.  She screamed in pleasure  (well as much as you can scream with a mouth full of cock and cum) as she came.  Her body shook as the delayed gratification of the orgasm tore through her.  I continued pumping cum in her mouth as we enjoyed our shared orgasm. 

When we were finished, she swallowed my load then licked my cock clean with her pretty pink tongue.  I watched as she licked her lips clean off my load then licked her fingers clean.  She slid her skirt down and re-buttoned her blouse after fixing her bra.  I glanced at the clock, 11:45.  She had edged us both for over an hour and a half.  If nothing else happened on this trip, it would be an amazing story, but my secretary was just getting started.

We got to the hotel and I dropped her off, I really did have a conference to go to, but I wouldn’t need her with me today.  I promised to return with dinner by 7:00.  At 6:53 I picked up a spare key to my room and rode the elevator to the seventh floor.

I had let my secretary book the hotel arrangements, and I hadn’t checked on what she booked.  I hoped she planned on spending the night in my room.  As I rode the elevator, I fantasized about having her soft, warm body pressed up against me all night long.  I felt my cock stiffen at the thought of her as I stepped off onto my floor.  I walked to room 743 and let myself in.  I immediately forgot about the Chinese takeout I was carrying.  Other appetites took over.

My secretary was laying on the bed, facing away from me.  She wore white nylon thigh-high stockings that attached to her white thong.  A matching bra completed the ensemble and immediately drove me wild.  She lay on her stomach, her legs spread apart and knees bent, her toes touched above her ass.  My eyes were drawn to the perfect swells of ass cheek peeking out of her thong.  Her spread legs gave me a perfect view of her pussy, hidden by a thin strip of white cloth.  There was a note on the table, written in red lipstick. “Have your way with me, do whatever you want to me. I am yours for the night, but don’t say a word.  The first one to talk loses.”

Next to the note was a pink vibrator and a bottle of lube.  I grabbed both and walked over to the bed.  I reached out squeezing one ass cheek as I unhooked my belt and stepped out of my pants.  She wiggled her ass invitingly as I massaged her bare skin.  Without warning, I slapped her ass, leaving a red mark on the smooth, perfect skin.  She yelped in surprise but quickly stifled her yell.  I slapped her ass again, watching her ass bounce from the impact.  I leaned down and kissed where I had just slapped.  Her body quivered in anticipation as I reached a hand up between her still-spread legs and began to rub her pussy, teasing outside her thong as I kissed and nipped her ass cheeks.

I felt a wet spot begin to grow on her thong as I continued to rub her pussy.  I grabbed her thong and slowly pulled it down her body.  I unhooked the stockings but left them on, they weren’t in my way and were insanely hot.  She was perfectly still, not moving unless I moved her, ready to take anything I wanted to give her. 

I opened the lube and squeezed some between her ass cheeks, the cold lube made goosebumps pop out on her ass as it dripped down between her cheeks.  I slid my finger through the lube then slipped it inside her tight ass.  She buried her face in the pillow, muffling her moan as I began to pump my finger in and out of her little ass.  When she was used to my finger, I slipped in a second finger, stretching he out more as I continued to thrust into her.

 I climbed up onto the bed next to her and unhooked her bra, pulling it off, leaving her wearing nothing but the stockings.  I reached down and turned her head so she faced me and pushed my hard cock into he mouth, all the while pumping my fingers into her ass.  I grabbed hair and moved her head in rhythm with my fingers, shoving all my cock into her mouth as I continued to pound her ass with my fingers.

I shoved my cock in deep, holding her head against me, she sucked hard, holding it for ten seconds as I held my fingers inside her, I let go of her head and pulled my fingers out of her ass.  I pulled out of her mouth and mounted her.  I shoved my wet cock into her tight, lubed up ass.  I pushed slowly at first, pushing all the way into her.  I reached under her, grabbing her tits as I continued pumping my cock into her stretched out ass.  She began thrusting up as I pushed down, trying to take me deeper into her.

I felt the orgasm building already, but I didn’t care, between the car ride earlier and the note she left, I was ready to blow my load in her.  I slammed deep into her as I came, I felt her ass tighten around my stiff cock as I emptied myself into her ass.  I squeezed her tits hard as I came, her moans of pleasure mixed with mine.  I pulled out and rolled off of her, exhausted.

After a few minutes to catch my breath I rolled over, she still hadn’t moved from the position I left her in. I pulled her onto her side, I lifted one leg, spreading he open to give me a few of her pussy.  It was slick from her juices and my cum that was leaking out of her ass.  I grabbed the vibrator and slid it deep into her.  Her wet pussy took it greedily as I turned it on to high.  I put her leg back down, closing them and pinning the vibrator in her pussy.  I pulled her next to me, spooning her as I wrapped one leg over her, keeping her legs tight together.  I wrapped my arms around her and played with her breasts as her body began to quiver from the vibrator buried inside her.  She gasped as the first orgasm hit, pressing her body hard against me as she came.  She tried to reach for the vibrator but I caught her wrists in my hands and pulling them back.  Her gasps turned into moans as the intensity continued to build inside her.  Her body bucked violently as she fought to free her legs. I pulled her in tighter as the second orgasm hit.  She was panting now, unable to resist the constant vibrations tearing the pleasure from her.  I kissed the back of her neck, gently biting as she tried to wiggle free.

When the third orgasm hit in less than two minutes, she screamed, the intensity too much for her, she panted as she fought to speak two words. “You win.”  I moved my leg and let go of her hands.  She clawed for the vibrator and pulled it from her swollen pussy.  She turned it off and threw it to the floor, still panting.  I reached out and pulled her back into me, she resisted at first, but then gave in and turned to me as she slid into my arms.  I kissed her lips and stroked her hair as she nuzzled up next to me.

As we both began to drift off to sleep, one thought swam to the top of my mind. Shit, I think I’m in love.

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