Lilith’s Revenge ♂️♀️

I saw him watching me from the shadows. He had been following me for nearly three blocks.  I pretended to be oblivious to his presence, but I could smell him, even from fifty feet away.  I could smell his desires; they penetrated the damp New Orleans air like raw sewage.  He had watched me in the bar for twenty minutes. I’ve been watching him for five days.

He quickened his steps; I heard him closing to me.  Thirty feet, twenty feet, fifteen feet, at ten feet I looked over my shoulder and faked surprise and fear.  I ran, turning into a darkened alley. He ran after me, hot on my trail.  I skidded to a stop; this alley was a dead end.  This is exactly where he wanted me… and where I wanted him.

“Nowhere to run now pretty lady.” He said as he casually walked up.  I turned to face him, fear in my eyes.  The man wasn’t bad looking if you were into the scruffy type.  He was about 5’9” and lean.  His face had 3-4 days of unshaved stubble.  He wore faded jeans and a black faded t-shirt.  I looked at his eyes, they were cruel and pitiless.  Black orbs that looked into a black soul as dark as space itself.

“Please… You don’t want to do this.” I warned, my voice shaking just a little.  “You can still walk away.”

“Shut up bitch!” He lunged at me, a switchblade materializing in his hand as if by magic.  He slammed me up against the wall, one hand covering my mouth, the razor edge of the knife against my throat. “Don’t fucking scream, there’s nobody to hear you tonight. You make one fucking sound and I’ll cut your pretty throat!  You understand me bitch?”

I nodded.  Too bad for him, his hand covered the smile spreading slowly across my face.  He moved the knife from my throat and slid it under the spaghetti strap of my cocktail dress.  One quick movement of his wrist and the strap was cut.  Two seconds the other strap was cut and my dress fell to the alley floor. 

I stood in my black lace bra and panties, my dress pooled around my feet.  He roughly pulled my bra up, exposing my breasts.  He grabbed one breast hard in his strong hand.  He squeezed and twisted cruelly.  I let out a whimper of pain which made him squeeze harder.  He grinned as he squeezed, the sewer stink of his lust intensifying.  He moved the hand from my bra to between my legs.  He shoved my legs part and began groping at my crotch.  He tore at my panties, ripping them off of me in his haste to get my shaved pussy.

“Now, I’m gonna fuck this pretty cunt of yours, and if you play along and don’t piss me off, you’ll get to walk away.  You try to scream, or you fight me, I’ll fucking cut you, and still fuck this pretty pussy.  You feel me bitch?”

I didn’t respond as he forced me to my knees then down onto my back on the cold pavement of the alley.  I felt a piece of glass dig into my shoulder blade as he climbed on top of me.  He lay the knife by my head while he fumbled for his belt.  I didn’t bother to go for the knife, I didn’t need it.  The rapist finally managed to get his pants down, he had forgone boxers for tonight’s activities.  I moaned as he forced his hard cock into me.  My pussy was dripping in anticipation.

“You’re fucking dripping you fuckin’ whore!  You fucking like this don’t you?  You’re just a dirty little slut!”  I let him see my smile this time.  It was far darker than anything that had ever been on his face.  When he looked into my eyes he screamed.  I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deeper into me. 

He fought to get away, I pumped my legs, forcing him in and out of me.  I seized his wrist as he reached for his knife.  My grip was iron and he couldn’t pull away.  I squeezed, far harder than he had squeezed my breast.  I felt the bones grind together.  He screamed in agony as I felt the bones snap under my grip.

“Don’t fucking scream, there’s nobody to hear you tonight.”  I said, mimicking his words to me as I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him tight against my exposed breasts.  I arched my back as the first orgasm hit me.  The would-be rapist continued to struggle although the fight was draining out of him.

I rolled over, pinning him underneath me.  I straddled his hips and began riding his cock.  He moaned in pain as he cradled his broken wrist, the knife forgotten.

“What the fuck are you?  Crazy bitch!”

“I warned you.  You didn’t want to do this Stanley.”

When I mentioned his name, the blood drained from Stanley’s face.  “How do you know my name?”

“I know all men like you, Stanley.” I replied sweetly, all the while riding his cock.  “I’ve walked this planet for millennia.  I’ve gone by many names.  The Mesopotamians called me Lamastu.  I like that one, it means she who erases has a nice ring don’t you think?”  I squeezed my pussy tight around his cock, keeping him hard as I continued to rock.  “I’ve also been called a vampire, or a succubus.  But you Stanley, you can call me Lilith.”  I squeezed tighter, cutting off the blood flow to his cock, forcing him to stay erect as I rode faster and faster. 

I reached down and grabbed his broken wrist, he screamed in pain.  His screams hit the ultrasonic when I bit down on his wrist, tearing his flesh.  The sweet taste of blood sent me over the edge, I moaned in pleasure as I began to drink his life from his veins.  As Stanley came inside me, I squeezed even tighter.  He screamed in agony as he emptied himself into me. 

“Stanley, I was born as a spirit of vengeance because of men like you.  Your death is because of men like you, and your life’s blood will give me strength to continue to hunt men link you.  I don’t know if Stanley heard me or not, oh well.

I climbed off of what used to be Stanley, his blood flowed down my bare breasts to my stomach.  It dripped down onto the lifeless corpse at my feet.  I idly stroked myself, feeling Stanley’s last orgasm inside me, as I walked toward the street.  I looked to the sky as a hard rain began to fall.  As the water washed me clean, I walked back onto the streets of the old city.  There was no one around to notice my lack of clothes.  Too bad, I was still hungry.

The air smelled cleaner, as if a nearby swamp had been drained.  But there was still more stink on the air.  After all, this is New Orleans

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