Coming Home to Heather ♀️♀️

I walked home after a 12-hour shift, my feet ached, and my back was killing me.  I counted the wad of cash I had shoved into my apron pocket $227.50.  I tucked it back into my pocket as I reached the door.  I hated working at that stupid truck stop as a waitress, but the tips were good, so I stuck with it. 

As I opened the door, all I could think about was getting out of my uniform.  Some asshole had grabbed my ass as I walked by and made me spill a cup of coffee on me three hours into my shift.  Still, it was fun watching our cook threaten to pummel the guy if he didn’t tip me a $50 for my trouble and get the hell out.  Thinking of the look on that jerk’s face made me smile as I walked in the door.

All thoughts of work vanished as I walked in and saw Heather.  She stood at the stove, my nose immediately told me she was cooking my favorite, Italian.  Heather knew exactly how to make me feel better, and the big pot of spaghetti wasn’t even the best part.  She stood wearing my favorite lingerie, a black thong covered by a black mesh garter belt trimmed in red lace.  She wore a matching red lace bra and fishnet leggings that came up to the curve of her perfect ass.

She stood, looking at me, one hand on her chin as she gave me a mischievous smile.  I stopped, staring at her, no longer thinking about sore feet, aching backs or spilled coffee.  I walked over to her, tossing my apron on the table as I did.  I pulled her away from the stove and into my arms.  My hands reached down, grabbing her ass as she kissed me.  Her tongue slid into my mouth.  I tasted her cherry lip gloss as our tongues danced together.  She slid a hand up my skirt and began to tease my pussy outside my panties. 

I moaned with pleasure as her fingers touched me.  She slid my panties to the side and slid her finger into me.  Her touch made me we wet.  I began grinding against her fingers as Heather shoved her tongue harder into my mouth.  I reached up, playing with her breasts through the lace of her bra.  Her moans joined mine as we continued to fondle each other.  Dinner could wait, I needed Heather now. 

I reached over and turned off the burner that was keeping the spaghetti warm.  I grabbed Heather’s hand and dragged her to the bedroom.  Heather tore at my uniform, nearly popping a button in her haste.  My uniform fell to the floor leaving me in my plain gray cotton panties and sports bra.  I peeled my bra off and tossed it on top of my uniform.   I walked over to the bed and lay down on my back.  I lifted my ass off the bed as I slid my panties off and tossed them at Heather; she dodged them and walked over to me.  She climbed up on the bed, straddling my naked stomach.  She reached a hand down between her legs and bean to stroke her clit.  He slowly rocked her hips back and forth and she continued stroking.  I could feel her warm sweetness dropping on my stomach as she began to stroke faster. 

Heather reached back and began to stroke me, matching the speed of her hands.  Heather was great with her hands.   I reached up, sliding my hands under Heather’s bra, and began to play with her warm, firm breasts.  As her legs tightened around me, she moaned louder.  Her body began to shake as the orgasm built.  She began stroking faster, bringing us both to the edge of orgasm.  When I began to rub her nipples beneath her bra, it sent her over the edge.  She screamed as the orgasm hit, her screams sent me over the edge.  My voice joined hers as we screamed in ecstasy.  Our bodies shook in unison as we came. 

Heather slowly leaned forward, laying her body against mine as we panted.  I kissed her neck, running my tongue over her hot skin as her body continued to shake with pleasure.

“Let me taste that sweet pussy.” I whispered in her ear.  She smiled as she turned around and straddled my head.  I stared up at her pussy, the thin string of her thong disappeared between her perfect ass cheeks.  She lowered herself down over my face, I slipped my tongue up and began to run my tongue over her thong, teasing her.  She dropped down, burying her face between my spread legs.  Her tongue slid into my smooth wet pussy making me shudder.

I pulled her thong to the side and slipped my tongue into her tasting her sweetness.  She began to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy over my tongue, soaking my face in her sweet juices as she continued to lick me. I grabbed her hips, pulling her down tighter against my face as I wrapped my legs around her head, pushing her tight against my pussy.

Heather reached around and slid a finger into my pussy.  She began to slide her finger in and out.  I bucked as I tried to focus on my tongue in her pussy, trying not to come too soon.  She began to pump faster and faster, ramming her finger into me.  I reached down, getting my finger wet in my pussy.  I slid my wet finger out and then slid it into heathers tight ass.  I slowly pushed in, sliding it deeper into her.  Heather began to rock faster, pushing her ass against my finger and taking more of it into her.  I began to match the rhythm of my finger in her ass to her finger in my pussy. 

Without warning, she came, squirting all over my face and into my mouth.  My chest began to heave as the next orgasm tore through me.  I dropped my head back and screamed Heather’s name as my body convulsed with pleasure.  Heather climbed off of me and lay down next to me as my body still quivered from the aftershocks of my last orgasm.  She curled up next to me, slowly licking her tongue over my lips, licking off her sweetness from my face.

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