The Cosplay Girl ♀️♀️

Noelle positioned herself on the bed for the perfect photo.  She had picked out the perfect cosplay to get Sidney’s attention.  Sidney was a 80s horror movie junkie and when Noelle saw the old Freddy Krueger costume at the thrift store, she knew it was perfect.

Noelle had been trying to figure out the right way to get Sidney over for weeks and thought this would do the trick.  She stripped down, taking a moment to enjoy her tattoos in the mirror before slipping the old sweater over her head.  She added the hat and sat on the bed, legs spread apart invitingly.  Not wanting to be too obvious, Noelle added the glove and put it between her legs. If Sidney wanted to see the goods, she could come over and see them in person.

Her camera clicked and Noelle checked the picture, it was perfect.  She decided she wanted to show off more skin, so she slipped the sweater off and grabbed a pair of scissors.  As she sat naked, thinking about Sidney, she began to stroke her smooth pussy.  She put the scissors down and walked back over to her bed; she grabbed her vibrator out of her nightstand and climbed into bed.  She was too horny to be trusted with scissors at the moment and needed to take care of herself.

She sat the same way she had been in the picture.  Legs spread apart and giving a great view of her mostly smooth pussy.  As she slid the vibrator along her wet slit, she imagined what Sidney would do if she took a photo like this for her.  As she slid the vibrator inside, Noelle thought about Sidney naked.  The first time she saw Sidney, she had been wearing a Supergirl cosplay outfit to a college party they had both gone to.

As the night went on, and they both had more to drink, Sidney became more and more wild.  By the end of the night she and Noelle were making out between Jell-O shots.  Sadly nothing more hand happened that night as Sidney had left to sleep off her hangover before a test the next day.

Who the hell schedules a test for the day after Halloween on a college campus? Thought Noelle as she focused the tip of the vibrator on her clit?  The vibrations from her toy pushed all thoughts out of her head as she came.  Her stomach clenched and she fought to keep her legs spread as the orgasm hit, she moaned in pleasure as her body continued to shake.  She shut the vibrator off and lay back, still lightly rubbing herself and thinking about Sidney.

After another few minutes, Noelle felt confident to return to her costume for the final modifications.  She cut the shirt down to size, making sure the loose fabric barely her breasts… Well, mostly covered her breasts as long as she didn’t lift her arms above her head.

She slipped on a sexy black thong and snapped off more pics.  Then a selfie with some sexy glove action and done!  She looked over the photos, loving the way the cut sweater showed off her body. She picked her three favorites to text to Sidney inviting her over for dinner. Noelle signed it with a quote from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 “How’s this for a wet dream?!”

Noelle paced her apartment waiting for Sidney’s response, still wearing the cut off sweater and thong.  When Sidney’s reply finally came Noelle smiled as she read it.  “Damn, I can’t wait to see you in my dreams. I’ll see you at 6:00”

Her heart skipping, Noelle pulled out her stack of takeout menus.  No way she was going to risk her cooking skills when she was trying to impress Sidney.  She settled on Thai and placed the order online with the delivery for 6:30.  That done, she tidied up her apartment and decided she had just enough time for a quick shower.  She lay her costume on the bed and walked to her bathroom to get clean.

Noelle stood, luxuriating in the shower.  The hot water turned her pale skin pink as the steam billowed up from around her ankles.  As she washed her long red hair, she began thinking about Sidney again, about having Sidney in the shower with her.  The jolt of lust that shot through her made her weak in the knees.  She began to stroke herself as the hot water poured down her back.  Noelle began to pant, her breasts heaved as she tried to catch her breath.  She stroked faster, the orgasm building inside her.  Her scream echoed around the small bathroom as she came.  Noelle sank to her knees as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her.

After she finished pleasuring herself, she grabbed her razor and shaved her legs so they were silky smooth, then touched up her pussy, hoping Sidney’s tongue would see how smooth it was.  As she stepped out of the shower, the doorbell rang.  Sidney was here and she wasn’t dressed!  She ran to the bedroom wrapping her hair up in a towel as she stepped back into her black thong.  She’s only, it’s only 5:30! Noelle pulled the sweater over her head, it barely covered her breasts as she ran to the door.  Noelle opened the door, stretching one arm up above her head.  Her lithe body stretched, the sweater slipping up exposing one pale breast.  Noelle looked up into the eyes of… the delivery boy.

Noelle dropped her hands, crossing her hands over her breasts.  The delivery boy, no more than 19 stared, mouth open, as he held out her delivery.  Sheepishly, she grabbed the food, signed the receipt with a generous tip and shut the door.  Noelle checked her confirmation email. In her haste she had picked 5:30 instead of 6:30.  Red from the embarrassment she put the food in the oven and turned it on to keep the food warm.

The doorbell rang again.  This time she checked the peep hole, it was Sidney, she was wearing an insanely sexy sundress.  This time when she flung open the door, arm stretched above her head.  This time, it was Sidney’s eyes that stared unblinking at Noelle’s bared breast.  Sidney stepped into Noelle’s apartment and quickly shut the door.  Sidney wrapped her arms around Noelle’s bare waist and kissed her. 

Noelle pulled Sidney close as she returned the kiss.  Their tongues danced around in each other’s mouths as Sidney’s hands slid down to Noelle’s ass.  When Noelle felt her ass smacked, she let out a yelp of excitement and pleasure.  When they broke apart, both panting from excitement, Noelle looked into Sidney’s eyes.

“Do you like it?” Noelle asked, as she slid her hands down her bare waist.

“Hell yes! Come on, let’s have some fun!” Replied Sidney as she pulled the towel of Noelle’s head.  Sidney slid the thin straps of her sundress off her shoulders, letting it fall down her body.  Noelle looked down at Sidney’s body, she had neglected to wear anything under the sundress.

Noelle took Sidney’s hand and lead her to the bedroom.  Sidney pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs apart.  As she lifted her arms above her head, Noelle’s breasts popped out from her cut off sweater.  Sidney dropped to her knees and began to run her tongue up Noelle’s smooth thighs.  Noelle moaned as goose bumps ran up her body.  Sidney kissed up to between Noelle’s legs running her tongue up between her legs.  Sidney kissed Noelle’s sweet pussy, teasing her tongue around the outside and making her body quiver as she pushed the thong to the side.  After teasing her for a minute, Nicole slipped her tongue inside, tasting Noelle’s sweet pussy. 

Noelle ran her hands through Sidney’s blonde hair as her body quivered.  Noelle’s moans increased as Sidney began to lick around her clit, driving her wild.  Sidney buried her face between Noelle’s legs, pushing her tongue deep as she pushed Noelle over the edge.  Screaming in pleasure, Noelle’s body convulsed as she came.  She thrust her hips up, taking Sidney’s tongue deeper into her as she climaxed screaming Sidney’s name.

As she fell back, Sidney climbed up onto the bed next to Noelle.  They kissed, Noelle licking her sweetness from Sidney’s lips.  Noelle slipped a finger into Sidney, slowly slipping it in and out.  It was Sidney’s turn to moan as Noelle continued, slipping her finger deep inside then up, along her slit to tease her clit before slipping back inside.  Sidney began to run her tongue over Noelle’s hard nipples as she began to finger her faster and faster.  Her voice escalated to a scream of pleasure as Sidney came.  Her body convulsed as Noelle continued rubbing her sensitive clit.  After they finished they lay together, lightly kissing and fondling each other.

“You hungry?  I ordered Thai.” Said Noelle as she sat up in bed.

“Sounds delicious.” Replied Sidney.  “But I’m not gonna be the only one naked.”  She reached for the cut off sweater and pulled it over Noelle’s head.  Noelle stood wearing nothing but her thong as Sidney stared, her eyes taking in Noelle’s nearly naked body.  Noelle turned, bending slightly over the bed.  Sidney, understanding what Noelle wanted, walked over and slowly peeled off her thong, letting it slide to the floor.  Both nude, they held hands as they walked back to the kitchen.

After dinner Sidney said she had a surprise for Noelle.  Back in bed, Sidney tied a black silk scarf around Noelle’s eyes and told her to lay back.  Unable to see, Noelle let out a gasp of surprise as Sidney’s tongue swirled around her nipple.  Sidney began kissing and teasing her tongue over Noelle’s body.  A brush of lips on her hip, a tease of tongue in her navel.  She began to breathe faster, Sidney’s touch driving her wild.  When Noelle thought she couldn’t take any more teasing, she felt something smooth and hard press against the lips of her pussy.

Sidney ran the vibrator up and down Noelle’s slit, teasing her more before she slid it inside.  Noelle moaned with need as she begged Sidney to stop teasing her.  Sidney slipped the toy inside, pushing it deep into Noelle, before turning on.  As it purred, Noelle let out a gasp of surprise.  Sidney began slowly moving it in and out, making the pleasure build.  Noelle blindly reached for her nightstand and pulled open the drawer.  She pulled her own vibrator out and handed it to Sidney.

 She expected Sidney to use it on herself, thinking how hot It would be for Sidney to pleasure them both.  Instead Sidney used it on Noelle’s clit.  The first touch of the new toy sent Noelle over the edge.  She screamed in ecstasy as the double vibrations poured through her body.   Noelle panted, her breasts heaving as she fought to catch her breath.  She was pretty sure that was the best orgasm she’d ever had.

 Sidney gave her a chance to recover, enjoying the view of Noelle’s naked body.  When she had first laid eyes on Noelle a week ago at the Halloween party, she knew she wanted to see more of Noelle, lots more.   They had hit it off, talking and laughing had lead to making out and light groping.  Sidney had almost skipped her final and invited Noelle home with her that night but did the responsible thing and left.  Sidney had dreamed about Noelle that night.  She had been naked in the dream, her read hair blowing in the wind as they pleasured each other in a field of wild flowers.  Sidney had woken up from that dream trying to catch her breath, her pussy dripping.  Sidney had fantasized about Noelle every day since then.  And now, here she was, naked and pleasuring her. 

As Noelle caught her breath, Sidney slid a vibrator back into her, turning it on and teasing her as she began to run the other back over Noelle’s clit.  It took less than five minutes for Noelle to come again, even stronger than before.  Her nubile body writhed as the sensation became nearly too much to bare.  Noelle’s body collapsed back, exhausted as Sidney pulled out the vibrators. 

Aroused and dripping from excitement, Sidney slid one vibrator into her own pussy, it was warm from being inside Noelle and that made Sidney more aroused.  She closed her eyes and began to run it up and down her slit, teasing it over her clit.  She opened her eyes when she felt Noelle’s hand touch hers.  She saw Noelle had removed the scarf and was watching her pleasure herself.  She let Noelle take the vibrator from her.  Sidney closed her eyes as Noelle pleasured her.  As the orgasm hit, she thought back to the Freddy Krueger photos Noelle sent.  She would definitely be seeing those pics in her dreams.

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