Jilted Lovers – The Alicia Affair Pt 1 ♂️♀️

The first time Alicia cheated on her husband Brian, she convinced herself it was Brian’s fault.  At 37, Brian was obsessed with his stupid 3D printing startup.  He was gone every night working 15–18 hours a day, only coming home to sleep and occasionally eat dinner.  Seven years his junior, Alicia needed her husband the way he used to be, when he cared more about her than money.

Brian had invested most of their savings into the startup.  Money that was supposed to be set aside for Alicia to be able to quit her job and have a baby.  She had been furious with him when she logged into the bank account and saw that the ‘baby fund’ had dropped from $15,178.62 to $87.56.  The magic number they agreed on was $20,000.  Now at 30 years old, Alicia knew that there was no chance of her ever having a baby with Brian.  Deep down she knew he never wanted a kid; she’d never seen a man so eager to use condoms.  He’d insisted on using them even when she was on the pill.  After their first three years of marriage, she’d stopped bothering with the pill.

Three months after Brian had started his new company, Alicia started working late.  She couldn’t bear to go home to an empty house.  Three months after that, she started going to the bar with her coworkers instead of working.  It was nine months before Brian even knew that she wasn’t home at her accustomed 5:45 cooking dinner.  The night she came home, tipsy from the drinks Eddie kept buying her, he had accused her of cheating.  She had slapped him and kicked him out of the bedroom.  The next day he’d had flowers delivered to her work as an apology for the accusation, Alicia threw them in the trash. 

That night, she had gone out with Eddie alone to dinner.  When she left, he had kissed her on the lips, letting his lips linger on hers as he gave her hand a light squeeze.  That night Alicia had masturbated thinking about Eddie.  She had slid her no-nonsense black panties to the side and fingered herself, imagining it was Eddie’s rough finger fucking her tight pussy.  After she came, she cried herself to sleep, ashamed of her betrayal.

The following morning, as Alicia showered, she came twice thinking about Eddie, her smooth pussy, always freshly shaved for Brian, had throbbed as she had fingered herself.  Before last night Alicia hadn’t had an orgasm in six months.  By the time she stepped out of the shower, Brian was gone.  He hadn’t even bothered to tell her he was leaving.  If he had stayed fifteen minutes longer, he may have wondered why Alicia skipped her underwear drawer for the lingerie drawer that she only wore for special occasions.

Alicia slipped on the red lace thong and looked at herself in the mirror, the lace was mostly see through, the small triangle of cloth barely covered her plump mound.  She wore a matching push-up bra.  Her breasts, 34 C didn’t need any help, but the bra definitely made them more noticeable on her petite frame.  overtop the lingerie she wore a white blouse, leaving two buttons open instead of her customary one, and a black skirt that ended two inches above her knee.  As she applied red lipstick, she thought to herself What the hell are you doing? “We have a merger meeting today; I want to look professional” She said out loud to her reflection in the mirror.  The words tasted false on her lips.

Eddie stared at her throughout the meeting, barely able to focus on his part of the presentation, his eyes kept wandering to her cleavage.  After the meeting the whole team had gone out for drinks to celebrate the merger.  When Eddie offered to give her a ride back home, her inner voice screamed at her to say no.  She had agreed and five minutes into the ride told him to go to his place instead.  Eddie didn’t argue.

Eddie took her to his place, as the door closed, he was pawing at her breasts.  Tell him no!  Tell him you you’re drunk and need to go home! Alicia unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.  Eddie pushed her long, dark brown, hair off her shoulder and began to kiss her neck.  Alicia shuddered, Brian hadn’t touched her over nine months, she needed this. As Eddie’s hands began to tease her nipples through the red lace of her push-up bra, she felt the wetness of her pussy soak her thong.  Eddie’s lips kissed back up to hers then he forced his tongue into her small mouth.

Eddie unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  He stepped back and looked at her, a fiery lust burning in his eyes.  Alicia’s flushed at the look, but knew she had the same look in her hazel eyes.  Alicia stepped to Eddie and reached for his belt.  She dropped to her knees as she pulled his pants and boxers down.  Eddie’s stiff cock stood out at attention in front of her face.  She couldn’t believe how big it was!  Her husband’s dick wasn’t small, but Eddie’s was massive.  She opened her mouth as Eddie grabbed a fist full of her long hair.  Eddie thrust into her, her small mouth stretching almost painfully around his girth.  He began to thrust, forcing his dick deep into her mouth.  Alicia reached down and began to rub herself through her lace panties.  The cloth felt amazing as is glided over her clit.  She thought of Eddie’s huge cock in her tight pussy and came immediately.  Eddie, hearing Alicia orgasm, began pumping faster, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth.  Alicia reached up and began stroking Eddie, needing his hot cum in her mouth.  She felt his cock stiffen as he was about to come, she stroked her pussy furiously through the cloth, wanting to come when he did.  When Eddie blew his load in her mouth, she nearly choked on the flood of cum that filled her.  It dripped down her chin as she frantically tried to swallow.  When he finished, he pulled his cock out and smiled down at her.

“Dam ‘Licia you’re fucking amazing at that.”

Alicia looked away, shame filling her eyes as she wiped his cum from her mouth with one trembling hand.  Eddie reached down and grabbed her by her upper arm, gently pulling her to her feet.

“Let me return the favor.” Said Eddie as he picked her up off the floor and carried her over to the couch.  Alicia was so shocked by being literally picked up and carried that she didn’t protest.  When he sat her on the couch and spread her legs apart, she forgot all about her feelings of shame from a moment ago.  When he dropped to his knees and began to run his tongue between her legs, she forgot all about everything else.

She closed her eyes as she felt his rough hands push her skimpy thong to the side. It was soaked from the two previous orgasms. Oh fuck! She thought as his tongue entered her. Brian had always liked getting head but wasn’t one to payback in kind. The last time a tongue had been In her pussy was her high school prom!  Alicia felt her next orgasm building as Eddies tongue pressed hard against her clit.

As she came, her body bucked in ecstasy. She tried to close her legs but Eddie’s strong hands kept them apart. He kept her spread, her tongue buried deep inside her as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. He was relentless and she screamed as another orgasm tore through her.

Alicia panted, her breasts heaving beneath the red lace bra. Eddie gave her one final kiss and a lick on her swollen pussy before standing.  Alicia was unable to move as her body twitched from the aftershocks of the back-to-back orgasms.

When she could finally move, she curled her legs under her, pulling herself into a ball. She thought about Brian. She thought back to the first time she met him. She had been 25 years old and had been set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. At 32 Brian had still had the athletic body of a man ten years his junior. At 6’1”, a chiseled features and a full head of black hair he had been the embodiment of tall dark and handsome. His looks had attracted her to him, now after four years of marriage, his looks were still there but she needed more and Brian wasn’t providing for her.

Eddie walked to her, a shot of whiskey in each hand. She had been so preoccupied that she hadn’t noticed his leaving the room. She drank the wine quickly, the liquor gave her courage to ask Eddie for what she wanted.

“Do you have condoms?” She asked the implication obvious. Eddie said he did and pulled one from his pocket, apparently he had gone for more than whiskey. Eddie took her hand and led her his bedroom. The lights were low and candles were lit, Eddie had been very busy while she had been reflecting on what she was doing. She took the condom and slid it onto Hs clock, again shocked at how big his clock was. She unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the floor. She turned around and bent over the edge of the bed, offering herself to Eddie for the taking.

Eddie peeled the thin strings of her thong over her tight ass and down her well-formed legs.  He held the lace in his hands for a moment, it was wet and sticky from her pussy. He tossed them onto the floor then grabbed her hips. He slid his cock into her, she gasped in pain as he stretched her. He began to pull out, but she told him it was ok. Her cries of pain and pleasure were exciting as he pushed himself deeper into her tiny pussy. Eddie has never been with someone so small and petite. Her pussy squeezed hard against him as he began to pump.  Alicia had told him all about her husband’s neglect and he wasn’t surprised when she came within moments of him entering her. He fucked her harder, pumping his cock into her and she came. She grabbed fistfuls of the comforter when she came and the more she screamed in ecstasy the harder he fucked her. Eddie knew he was good but holy shit, she hadn’t been kidding exaggerating when she’d told him how long it had been since her last good fuck.

Alicia screamed his name as she came for the second time since he’d entered her. Her body shook as the waves of pleasure hit her. He pulled out of her and nearly threw her on the bed. She turned onto her back as he climbed on top of her. Then he was back inside her. Burying his cock balls deep into her with every thrust. She wrapped her arms around him, fingernails digging into his back. His bestial grunts of pleasure drove her wild. She wanted to feel his hot cum inside her but it was too risky. Time seemed to stretch, she felt like he fucked her for hours. She lost track of how many times she came. When he finally came he nearly roared his ecstasy, she could feel his cock pulsing, filling the condom with his hot load.

When she left Eddie’s deciding to take an Uber home instead of a ride from Eddie. The entire 20-minute ride she worked on lies to tell Brian about why she was so late and why her hair was a mess. When she got home at 9:00 PM, over 3 hours later than usual, Brian still wasn’t home.  As she undressed, Alicia looked at herself in the floor-length mirror. Her smooth pussy was red and swollen, she felt loose and stretched out when she walked. Alicia stepped into the shower and scrubbed until her skin was bright red, she didn’t want Brian to smell Eddie on her. As she climbed into bed, wearing a simple nightgown and white cotton panties she thought about what she had done. It’s all Brian’s fault!  I shouldn’t have let Eddie fuck me, but it’s all Brian’s fault.  By the time she fell asleep 30 minutes later the thoughts running through her head had changed. It’s all Brian’s fault!  I want Eddie to fuck me again! It’s all Brian’s fault!

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