Jilted Lovers – The Alicia Affair Pt 2 ♂️♀️

The next day, Alicia still felt stretched from Eddies large cock.  She felt amazing, but after a night’s sleep, she knew that she had to call it off with Eddie.  It was a onetime thing that Brian would never know about and that she would never do again.  Alicia logged into her bank’s website to pay her car payment before work.  Her eyes ran over the available balances and froze when she saw the ‘baby fund’ had dropped from the previous $9,287.56 to $1,192.17.  Alicia’s face burned with anger, he had taken out another eight grand from their account set aside for having a baby.  She cursed Brian as she logged off.  That sonofabitch didn’t even bother to tell me! That Bastard!   

Alicia rummaged through her lingerie drawer, looking for an extra special pair.  She found them, stepped into them and pulled them up her well-toned legs.  She wore a bright red sundress and matching low-heeled shoes, subtly sexy but still guaranteed to get Eddie’s attention.  As she walked to the curb, she smiled as she waited for her carpool.  She knew Eddie would love her dress and the surprise underneath.

When she arrived at work, she walked to Eddie’s office, knocking once before entering and closing the door.  Eddie’s blinds were always drawn so there was nothing suspicious about his being shut into his office, anyone walking by would assume he was on a conference call.  In reality, Eddie was on a call.  He glanced up and smiled as Alicia entered his office.  His smile widened into a hungry grin when she shut and locked his door.  Alicia sat on the edge of Eddie’s desk and began slowly sliding her sundress up her thighs.  Eddie’s finger traced swirls up her leg, across the newly exposed skin.  When she reached her crotch, she paused, teasing Eddie and making him wait to see he surprise until he finished his call.

Eddie ended his call, then stood to kiss Alicia, his tongue slid into her mouth as she parted her lips.  She had skipped lipstick today.  She slid he dress up, giving Eddie a peak of his surprise.  As he looked down, his eyes grew wide.  He slid a finger between her legs.  The black lace crotchless panties spread invitingly, offering her pink pussy to Eddie.  He slipped a finger inside, feeling how wet she already was as he began to pump his finger in and out of her.  Alicia pulled his face close, burying her mouth in his to cover the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips.  After five minutes of his fingering, she came,  barely able to keep from screaming as the orgasm made her body quiver.  She glanced at the wall clock and cursed, they had a conference call in ten minutes.

Eddie pulled his fingers out, licking her sweetness off them as she fixed her dress.  She whispered in his ear that she would return the favor later, kissed him one last time, then walked out of his office.  The no nonsense look on her face as she left would have convinced even the most gossipy of her coworkers that nothing other than business had gone on behind Eddie’s locked door.  Alicia went to her office, closed and locked the door and made her call.

For two hours, she listened to a group of investors argue back and forth over another acquisition that she cared nothing about.  Her part of the call involved a five minute explanation of an obscure point of banking regulations.  During the remaining 1 hour and 55 minutes, her job was to be available in case any questions were directed at her.  Alicia had been on this same conference call, every week for three months.  No one had ever asked her a single question.  After her part, she muted her phone and leaned back in her chair, pulling her dress up to her thighs.  She began stroking herself as she listened to the conference call drone on and on.  She had nearly tuned out the call completely when she heard Eddie’s voice over the line.  She felt her heart racing as Eddie spoke, she began to stroke her clit faster, determined to cum listening to his voice.

Alicia was dying for Eddie to know what she was doing.  She grabbed her phone from her desk and began recording, she watched through the screen as her body began to quiver, the orgasm building.  She forced herself to stay quiet as she climaxed, the phone shaking in her hand as her hips bucked nearly throwing her out of her chair.  As Eddie continued to talk, she sent him the video.  Alicia knew when he watched her orgasm on the video because his voice trailed off for nearly five seconds.  He cleared his voice and apologized, claiming a tickle in his throat.  Alicia knew the tickle had been much further south than his throat.

Eddie texted Alicia after he had finished his part of the presentation.

Eddie: You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?

Alicia: For you?  Yes!

Eddie.  You nearly made me fuck up my presentation. 

Alicia: Maybe you should punish me.

Eddie: Maybe I will.

Alicia:  Maybe you should punish me after work… at your place.

Eddie: I have to run an errand after work, I’ll be there by 6:30 with dinner.

After the conference call, Alicia tried to focus on the rest of her reports waiting for 5:00 PM to arrive. Eddie had meetings all day and had been unable to text her anymore throughout the day.  Alicia pulled out her phone to text Eddie, but restrained herself, she knew he was busy and didn’t want to look desperate or clingy.  Instead, she opened Pinterest, hoping to take her mind off of Eddie.  Her baby board stared at her, mocking her. 

A pang of sorrow tore though her heart as she looked at the ideas she had been saving for two years on decorating the baby’s room.  Hot tears stung her eyes as she thought how Brian was never going to give her the baby she wanted so bad.  She blinked back the tears and thought about Brian, thought about the empty ‘baby fund.’  The sorrow morphed into a hot anger as she focused on Brian’s betrayal.

Alicia opened her desk drawer, sure what she needed was in there.  After some frantic searching, she found it.  Alicia pulled out a packet of birth control from where she had left it a year ago after she had stopped taking it.  She opened the packet and popped out the first two pills.  Tossing the pills into the trash, she put the packet into her purse.  She’d mention to Eddie tonight that she had started taking the pill and in a couple weeks they could skip the condoms.  If Brian wouldn’t give her the baby she so badly wanted, Eddie could do it.

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