Jilted Lovers – The Alicia Affair Pt 3 ♂️♀️

All parts of this series can be found here

When Eddie arrived home, he found Alicia’s stripped down to her panties and bent over his bed.  She had taken one of his neck ties loosely tied it around her wrists.  Her legs were spread, giving him a great view of her glistening wet pussy.

“Damn ‘Licia!”  Eddie said as he walked toward her, his cock stiffening.  “You weren’t joking!”

Alicia looked over her shoulder, big brown eyes looking at Eddie’s face before looking down at the floor. “I was bad at work. I think you should spank me.”

Eddie walked up behind her, happy to oblige.   He ran his hand over her firm ass, feeling her quiver as his hand touched her.  He pulled his hand back, hesitated for a moment, then slapped her on the ass.  She let out a whimper as his hand connected.  Eddie flinched, afraid that he’d actually hurt her, but she bent further forward, sticking her ass out toward him.  He slapped her ass again, then again.  Her cries drove him wild as she wiggled around with every slap. He looked down, her ass was red from his slaps.  He was too hard to wait any longer. He dropped his pants and pulled out his cock.  Alicia had left a condom on the bed in plain site; a clear invitation.  He put it on and grabbed her hips as he thrust his cock into her.  Even though she was dripping wet, she was just as tight as before.  She moaned loudly as he entered into her.

“Fuck yes!”  Alicia screamed.  “Fuck my tight pussy, punish me!”

Eddie pushed all the way into her, stretching her out as he grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him.  He buried his cock into her as she took his entire length.  Alicia’s screams increased as Eddie continued to pump his cock into her.  Alicia thought of Brian as she took Eddie’s cock into her, He couldn’t come close to Eddie in size or enthusiasm.

What can Eddie do to me that Brian never has?  Thought Alicia as she neared orgasm.  The answer came to her as she climaxed.  Her body shook as she came, she clenched tight around Eddie’s hard cock, anticipating what would come next. Alicia lay panting on the bed until she was able to speak again.

“Fuck me in the ass!” she said to Eddie, stunning him into immobility.

“You sure?  You ever done it before?”

“No, I want you to be the first, I want your cum in my ass!”

Eddie pulled his cock out and slipped the condom off.  He knew there was no way he could go straight into her first thing, the evening would end in pain instead of pleasure.  So, he slid two fingers into her pussy, coating them with her juices.  He slipped one finger into her tight ass.  Her squeal of pain told her he had been right to start small.  He waited for her to relax, then continued to push.  Each time he thrust his finger in, he pushed a little deeper, soon he had his entire finger inside her and she was moaning harder than ever.  H inserted a second finger, again working it in slowly as to not hurt her.  Once she was eagerly taking both fingers with no signs of discomfort, he pulled out.  Eddie got a bottle of lube from his nightstand and lubed up his cock.

Alicia felt the head of his cock press against her hole.  He slowly, so slowly, began to push into her.  She buried her face into the covers trying to hold the scream of pain as he stretched her out.  Alicia panted, she had never imagined it could hurt this much, but she wanted Eddie to do what Brian hadn’t, so she bit her lip and didn’t tell him to stop.

Eddie pushed deeper into Alicia, her ass was so tight it was difficult to penetrate her, but he could tell she wanted it, so he didn’t stop.  He pushed deeper into her, she gasped as she took more of his shaft into her.  It took nearly 15 minutes before he had entered her fully.  Eddie started a slow rhythm pushing in then pulling out.  As she began to stretch out, her gasps of pain turn into screams of pain, she began pushing back against him, encouraging him to move faster.  Eddie reached around Alicia’s small waist, fingering her clit as he continued to fuck her tight ass.  With his free hand, Eddie grabbed her hair, pulling it back as Alicia let out a scream of pleasure. 

Eddie fingered her faster, as her body shook.  He felt his cock swell as he neared climax.  He grabbed both her hips, pulling her hard into her as he filled her up.  As Eddie shot his hot load into Alicia’s tight ass, she came. 

Alicia felt Eddie pumping his hot load into her, the thought of him doing what she wouldn’t let Brian do sent her over the edge.  Each time his cock spasmed, sending another jet into her she thought fuck you Brian, you’ll never get to do this for me.

Brian picked her up and set her on the bed and lay down beside her.  He pulled her close to him, loving the feel of her nearly naked body pressed against his.  He buried her face in her neck, kissing her soft skin.  Alicia snuggled closer to him, loving the feel of his strong arms around her small body.

Alicia lay in Eddies arms, thinking about what Eddie had just done.  Brian had always wanted to do anal so he could skip the fucking condom.  He wanted to fuck her and cum inside her, he just didn’t want to give her the baby she so desperately wanted.  Alicia knew it wouldn’t be long before Eddie gave her exactly what she wanted.  She rolled over facing Eddie and kissing him softly on the lips.

“I started birth control today.  In a week you can come in me wherever you want.”  The lie rolled off her tongue with no hesitation.  “Until then, you can come in my ass as much as you want to.”  Eddie smiled, kissing her passionately as he held her in his arms.

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