The Woman in the Red Lingerie Pt 2 ♂️♀️

If you’ve not read it yet, Part one can be found here

I stared off into the distance as the music continued to play.  I vaguely noticed Tiffany performing but I couldn’t focus, the red of the thong seemed to be burned into my mind’s eye.  The crowd of cheering patrons sounded like flies buzzing in my ears.  The sound of my own breathing cut through the noise and I realized I was hyperventilating.  I forced myself to breathe more slowly and took another sip of my whiskey.

I looked around the club, not much had changed in the two years since Shane destroyed my vision.  I began searching for things I knew should be red.  The Budweiser sign still hung on the wall where it always had, white lettering stood out on a black background.  I scanned the room for ruby, hoping to catch a glimpse of the hair from which she chose her name.  I spotted her, flirting with a businessman who always visited when his wife was out of town at a conference.  Her curly hair stood out in monochromatic glory against her pale skin.

I stood and began to walk towards the back, still desperately scanning for any sign of color in my black and white world.   Adam intercepted me as before I could exit to the employee only part of the club.

“Can you believe that?” Growled Adam, his voice barely audible over the music playing in the background.

“Believe what?”  I asked, confused by my former boss’ anger.

“The new stripper!” Adam snapped.  “She didn’t strip!  She came out on stage, danced around for half a song then ran back of stage.  You were sitting right there, didn’t you see?  That’s got to be the worst performance I have ever seen!  This is what I get for hiring someone without an audition.”

Adam continued to ramble, I think he said something about replacing Crystal and being desperate, but I had tuned him out.  I tried to replay the dance in my mind, comparing what I had seen to what Adam had just said.  I remembered Aphrodite in red lingerie, not a stripper too nervous to strip.  Adam’s voice trailed off as he saw that I wasn’t listening to him.

“You OK buddy?” Asked Adam as he put a hand on my shoulder.

“I saw her red lingerie.”

“Yeah, we all did, and didn’t see it come off, that’s the problem!”  I could tell Adam was about to go on another tirade and cut him off with a slash of my hand.

“No Adam!  You don’t understand.  I saw red!” I placed emphasis on the last word, and that cut through Adam’s embarrassment of hiring a non-stripping stripper.  Adam had spoken to the same doctors I had.  He knew that I had no chance of ever seeing color again.  The damage to my vision was permanent.

Adam stood dumbfounded.  “I’ve got to see her.” I said as I brushed past him.  I walked through the door and into the back of the club.  I saw her at once, she was sitting at a small vanity, hunched over and crying.  The red curve of her thong stood out appealingly against her smooth gray skin.

I saw her spine stiffen as she heard me approach. “I know, I’m fired.” She said, trying to compose herself.  She turned, expecting to see Adam.  She recoiled when she saw me, not sure if it was my face or the fact that a strange man was back here in the employees only section.  Then, I saw the light of recognition in my eyes.  She knew who I was, even if I didn’t know her.  The woman, probably in her early twenties, ran a hand over her eyes, brushing the tears away.

“Did Adam send you back here to fire me?” She asked, a tremor in her voice.

“No, I… “ She cut me off before I could finish.

“I know I fucked up, I thought I could do it this time!”           

“Actually, I don’t work here anymore, I just… “

She burst into tears again, cutting me off.  I stood, utterly at a loss of what to do when sweet Daisy came to my rescue.  She walked around the corner; I could tell from the look of smug satisfaction on her face that the college boy had tipped very well for his private dance.  When Daisy saw the tableau in front of her, she immediately ran over and embraced the woman. 

“It’s ok Brooke, everyone gets nervous their first time.”  Daisy, barely twenty-one, was at least five years younger than the other woman.  But Daisy had applied the day after she turned nineteen and had been stripping ever since.  At least now I had a name to go along with my vision of beauty.

“It’s not my first time!” Brooke cried, burying her face into Daisy’s shoulder.  “This is my fifth try.”

Daisy looked up at me, her eyes mirroring the confusion in mine, why would anyone try stripping five times if you couldn’t get naked in front of people.  I admired her determination but thought that after the first or second time she wouldhave figured out stripping wasn’t for her.

Daisy began to guide Brooke over to a small loveseat in the corner.  She reached behind her and grabbed my hand, yanking me along.

“Here Brooke, have a seat.  And you,” at this point she turned to me “sit down here and make her feel better.”

Daisy shoved me down next to Brooke, I looked up next to her, blind panic in my eyes.  With an evil grin, Daisy winked at me and walked off.  Brooke leaned her head on my shoulder, still crying softly.  Daisy walked out, leaving us alone in the small room.

I hesitantly reached over and took Brooke’s hand.  I could feel the heat from her bare thigh as I grabbed her hand, she didn’t pull away.  I awkwardly squeezed her hand as I introduced myself.

“I’m Brooke Connors.” She replied, wiping the remaining tears from her eyes. 

“Brooke, it might not be any of my business, but why are you here?”

She smiled shyly and looked away before responding.  “I feel like the world has lost all of its color, everything feels so dull.  I thought if I did something crazy, I might feel alive again.  Do you ever feel that way?”

Apparently, she didn’t know everything about me.  “I was injured in a fight two years ago.  I lost the ability to see in color.  For the past two years I’ve seen, the whole world has been in black and white to me.  Until tonight…“ I paused, unsure if I should tell her what I saw when she danced.  She shifted toward me, her smooth skin pushing against my jeans.

“What happened tonight?” She asked.

“When you walked on stage, I saw the red of your lingerie.”  Brooke burst out laughing, I noticed the movement did interesting things to her breasts and stomach.

“Oh my god, that is the worst pick up line ever!”  She stopped laughing when I didn’t join in.  “You’re serious?”

“As a heart attack.”  I replied.  “I have no idea how or why, but right now you are the only bright spot in this whole room.”

“You mean my lingerie is.”

I blushed, embarrassed by the admission.  “Well, yes technically.”

She considered me for a moment before replying.  “I’m pretty sure Adam’s gonna fire me as soon as he makes his way back here, would you like to go get a cup of coffee?”

I agreed and she stood, walking to where she had left her clothes in a pile.  I followed her with my eyes as she walked, watching the thong sway as she walked.  I was certain she added some extra swagger to her hips as she walked away from me.

*             *             *

I sat across from Brooke at a greasy spoon that was open late for truckers.  I smiled as Brooke’s too large shirt slid off one shoulder, teasing me with a hint of red against the gray of her skin.  The denim skirt she wore would let slip a glimpse of the red thong when she walked.  I had made sure to walk behind her on the way to our coffee date.   Over stale coffee, burned French fries and burgers probably cooked yesterday, Brooke told me her story.

“Two years ago, my fiancé Nathan was driving home with our daughter from daycare.  A drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit him.  Nathan died immediately.  Chloe, my daughter was on life support for two weeks before she died.”  Tears began to fill her eyes as she looked down at the table. “The driver hit two other cars, he killed five people that day.  The driver’s blood alcohol content was 0.37 percent.  How is someone that drunk on a Tuesday at 4:23 in the afternoon?

“The driver spent less than one day in the hospital. He was some big shot attorney and was friends with the judge, he got 90 days in jail and 2,000 hours community service.”

I thought she was finished.  I reached across the table and took her delicate hands in mine.  I was about to speak, but after a moment of silence she continued.  “He was out with good behavior after eight weeks.  Two days after he was released, he was shot and killed in a bar when the father of one of the victims recognized his BMW in the parking lot.  The father walked in and shot the man four times with a revolver before using the fifth bullet on himself.

“So, what about you?  I know you got into a fight and that you saved someone from being kidnapped.   But that’s all I’ve heard about you in the two days I’ve been in town.”

I told her about how Crystal and I used to date and how we were avoiding each other so she slipped out without the normal escort to her car.  I told her about Shane nearly beating me to death and how he was serving life in one of the toughest prisons in Texas.  It was only after I finished, that I realized I hadn’t blamed myself for Crystal’s injury.

Brooke looked out the window, a nasty drizzle had started to fall while we talked.  She still held my hand, but I could feel her body tense as she spoke.  “I’ve not been with a man since Nathan died.  Two years is a long time.” 

“I know, I haven’t been with anyone since Crystal and I broke up.” She looked back at me, I don’t know what she saw in my eyes but her hand relaxed.  “Would you like to come back to my place?  I only live about three blocks from here.”

Brooke smiled an impish smile.  Standing she pulled me with her.  I struggled to pull out my walled and toss a fist full of bills on the table as she pulled me toward the door.  We ran through the rain, and by the time we made it back to my place, we were soaked.  I unlocked my front door and nearly fell on my ass as Brooke shoved me in.  Her lips were on mine as I kicked the door shut behind me as I returned the kiss.

I’m no longer a bouncer, but I’m no lightweight.  I may not be as strong as I was when I considered a three on one fight unfair to the trio, but I could still lift Brooke.  I took her into my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist as I carried her to the sofa.  

She tore at the buttons of my flannel shirt, straddling my hips as I sat.  I’m certain at least one button popped off in her haste.  I could see the bra through her wet t-shirt, the red beckoning me like a siren’s song.  I peeled off her shirt, exposing the bra in all its vivid red glory.  Brooke was an animal, she kissed my scared face then kissed down, biting my neck as she went.  She ground against my crotch, my erection pushing hard against my jeans as kissed down to my chest.  I slid her skirt up, exposing bare thighs as she began to grind faster, rubbing the cloth of her thong against the bulge in my jeans.  I grabbed Brooke’s small waist in my hands and gently pushed down, increasing the pressure of her body against mine.  She let out a moan of pleasure as she fumbled with the zipper of her skirt.  After a minute of fighting, she gave up and stood, unbuttoning the skirt and letting it fall to the floor.  I stared at her for a moment, looking at the red lingerie covering her body.  I was torn between wanting to tear them off her and wanting to stare at her like that all night. 

Brooke had no existential crisis and dropped to her knees, she unhooked my belt and started on the button and zipper.  She pulled them off my legs with a fevered frenzy then fished my cock out of my boxers. 

She reached behind her back to unhook her bra, then paused, remembering my condition.  She slid one hand under the cup of her bra, I could see her fingers teasing her nipple.  With the other hand she began to stroke my cock.  She started with slow, deliberate strokes as she brought her lips down to the tip.  She kissed softly, teasing her lips and then her tongue over the head as her hand began to speed up.  I let out a moan as she took me in her mouth.  Her lips closed around my shaft as she began to move her head up and down.  With each downward stroke she took a little more of my cock into her mouth.  I could feel her tongue running up and down the length of me as she continued to match her mouth with her hand.  

When I grabbed a hand full of hair and began to push her head down further, she obliged eagerly.  She moved her hand from her bra to between her legs, pushing her thong to the side as she began to stroke her pussy.  I could feel the vibrations on my cock as she began to moan loudly, still taking me in her mouth.

I didn’t know how long I could last, it had been an eternity since I’d been with anyone.  Brooke arched her back as she came, I felt her teeth lightly dig into my shaft as she fought not to bite down as the orgasm tore through her.  

“If you don’t stop, I’m gonna finish this race early” I said, barely able to catch my breath.  In response, Brooke sped he motions, encouraging me to come.  I lasted another thirty seconds before I let out a breathless moan as I came.  I filled her mouth with my hot cum.  I continued to spasm, pumping her mouth full as she mercilessly sucked it all out of me.  When I was finished, she slid her mouth up my shaft, her lips making a wet pop as she pulled her head away from my wet cock.  She rocked back and looked up at me.  Her tongue slid around her lips, still covered in my cum before she swallowed the load I had dumped in her mouth.  Brooke leaned back down and teased her tongue over my shaft, sending shivers of pleasure up my body as she did.

I lay back on the couch, trying to catch my breath as Brooke walked into my kitchen for something to drink.  She returned a Coca-Cola in each hand and gave me one.  After a couple sips of Coke, I was able to muster the energy to stand.  I took her free hand in mine and lead her upstairs to my bedroom.

I took both cans and put them on the dresser. I pushed her back onto the king-size bed then gently spread her legs apart.  She read my intention and reached down with one hand to push her thong to the side, knowing I was still unwilling to remove the seemingly enchanted lingerie.  I got my first glimpse of her glorious pussy. It was as smooth as a cue ball, her skin glistened from her first orgasm.  I pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, then kneeled between her legs.  I began kissing along her inner thigh.  I could see the goose bumps pop on her legs as I worked my way up.

When I slid my tongue inside her, she gasped with pleasure.  Her legs convulsed, squeezing my head.  I gently pushed her legs apart, after a brief hesitation, she relaxed, letting me.  I slowly licked up her slit.  Se moaned louder as the intensity built inside her.  I ran the tip of my tongue inside her, then slid it up to her clit.  I rolled the tip of my tongue around her nub, she began to arch her back as I pressed my tongue harder, stimulating her.  I slid one finger inside her as I began to lick faster.  She was dripping wet as I began to thrust my finger into her.  Her moans of pleasure increased as she called out my name and begged for more.  I slid a second finger into her, pumping her hard and fast as I began to suck on her clit.  I teased it with my teeth as I felt her legs tremble in anticipation.  I felt myself begin to get hard again as she climaxed for the second time that night.  I continued to thrust my fingers inside her as the waves of pleasure washed over her.  I slowed as it became too intense for her, I dragged it out until she was gasping for breath, my comforter was soaked in her sweetness.  I pulled my fingers out of her sticky sweet pussy and sucked them clean, enjoying the sweet taste of her, like candy.

I climbed up on the bed next to her, pulling her into my arms as she lay panting, a contented smile on her face.  She curled up next to me, her head on my shoulder.  She noticed my cock getting hard again and reached over and began to stroke it, bringing it to full attention.  She pulled my boxers off and straddled me.  She pulled her thong back to the side as she lowered herself down, taking the entire length of me inside her.  I watched her body as she began to rock her hips back and forth. I stared, watching the red of her bra sway with her body.  I reached up, cupping a breast in each hand as she continued to ride me.   I could feel her erect nipples poking through the thin cloth as she began to speed up.  My cock throbbed in anticipation of another orgasm, but this one would be a long, slow build before the release.  She switched from rocking back and forth to leaning forward to kiss me, sliding her pussy off nearly the length of my shaft before sliding back down.  The entire time her tongue danced around my mouth.  I remembered how that tongue felt on my cock and let out a shiver of pleasure.

 I pulled her closer, reaching my hands behind her back and unhooked her bra.  She straightened, letting it slide off her arms.  It only remained red for a moment before the color began to fade.  After a moment the color had leeched out like body heat in a snowstorm.  I held the dark gray bra in my hands and fought the urge scream in frustration.  Fortunately for me, Brooke was wonderful at distracting me from my problems. 

I didn’t want to come too soon, so I gently pushed Brooke off, she followed my lead and lay down on her back.  I lifted her legs and began to slide her thong down her thighs.  When they reached her knees, she grabbed them, pulling her legs toward her chest, offering her sweet pussy to me. I kneeled and front of her and slipped my hard cock back into her tight pussy.  I thrust forward, pushing her legs back even more, giving her all my cock.

“Don’t stop, I’m close!  Fuck me!” Brooke cried out as I thrust faster.  She screamed as she came.  Her pussy tightened around my cock as I continued to thrust inside her.  I began to slow, to let her catch her breath but she begged me to keep going.

“I’m gonna come again, go faster” I obliged, thrusting as fast as a I could into her.  Her body was still trembling from the last orgasm when another one hit her.  She reached out and grabbed a pillow, burying it on her face as she screamed in ecstasy. I pulled out and she turned onto her side, her muscles still contracted, making her twitch.  I slid and arm under her as I lay down next to her.  I pulled her close, wrapping my other arm around her waist.  She spread her legs and reached down, guiding me back into her pussy one more time.  I went slow, letting the pleasure consume us both as I thrust into her.

I kept her body pulled tight against mine as I continued to thrust, I felt the second orgasm building inside me, my cock stiffening even more before the release.  Brooke reached down and stroked her clit as she pushed her ass against me, taking all of me into her.

“Are you ready?”  I whispered into her ear as I teased her breasts. 

“God yes, come with me!”  Brooke climaxed first, as she came, her pussy clamped tight on my cock and sent me over the edge.  I filled her up as she came, every spasm of my cock pulled a whimper of pleasure from her lips.  I felt her pussy fill to overflowing with my cum.  I lay, exhausted as I felt my fluids mix with hers and drip out onto her thighs.

I managed to grab a blanket from the foot of the bed and pull it over us.  We were both asleep within seconds, her still wrapped protectively in my arms.

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