Jilted Lovers – The Alicia Affair Pt 4 ♂️♀️

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As the days progressed, Alicia wanted to do more and more with Eddie, she wanted to be used by him every way possible.  Every time she tried something new with Eddie, she’d smile at how Eddie had done it first and if Brian ever did, he would be in Eddies shadow.

Four days after Alicia began her affair, she rented a cheap motel room and met Eddie there on their lunch break. She told him to treat her like a cheap whore that day, and he did. Eddie pushed her to her knees and shoved his hard cock into her mouth, making her choke. He had pounded her until she gagged, chocking on him. After that, he pulled her to her feet and shoved her up against the wall. Eddie pulled her dress up and pulled the pink Victoria’s Secret thong she wore down to her knees. He had fucked her in the ass, ramming hard into her as she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming. He had been rough, fucking her tight ass into he filled her up with his hot load. Eddie had tossed a $20 on the dresser as he left.

Alicia had spent an hour masturbating after Eddie left, thinking about how rough he had been with her, loving the thought of being Eddie’s dirty whore while her husband worked nonstop at his fucking startup.

Six days into their affair, she had let Eddie fuck her on her desk after work. The day before she had bought a small butt plug from a toy shop and slid it in before heading to work. She had snapped a picture, the jeweled end pressed firmly against her tight ass. She sent the picture to Eddie with a note requesting his help to remove something after work.

Eddie walked into Alicia’s office after work and saw her laying on her desk. She had her light blue g-string around her ankles and her ass in the air, showing off the new toy in her ass. Eddie had fingered her, making her come twice before removing the plug. Her ass was stretched just enough from the plug to get in easily but still tight. She fingered herself, coming twice more before he blew her load in inside her. She had slipped the plug back inside and went home.

After a week, Alicia told Eddie he could fuck her without a condom. He surprised her with an expensive hotel room, wine, and candles.

Alicia walked into the hotel room. Eddie came to her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her passionately. She saw the candles and the bottle of wine chilling on the dresser and the candles on the nightstand. She knew she had to make a choice. If she let Eddie come inside her and get her pregnant, he would most likely break things off with her. She knew Brian would know the baby wasn’t his and would most likely divorce her. If she made up a lie about the birth control, she could keep Her affair with Eddie and her perfect, at least from the outside, life.  She excused herself and went quickly to the bathroom, telling Eddie she wanted to freshen up.

Alicia looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she felt the knot of tension growing in her stomach. She thought about running. Running out of the room and back home, quitting her job and pretending this never happened. She looked closer in the mirror, a single gray hair stood out in sharp contrast against the rest of her dark brown hair. Thoughts of becoming too old to enjoy a baby flooded her mind. Those thoughts lead inevitably to the memory of seeing the empty bank account that had been her beacon of hope. The Beacon Brian has destroyed. She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto the floor, her skirt followed, she was left wearing sexy black lingerie she had bought for tonight. She had worn the lingerie all day at work and loved how sexy it made her feel. Black thigh-high stockings clipped to a lace garter belt. A matching thong and bra completed the ensemble. After a second glance in the mirror, she removed the bra. Alicia grabbed her large breasts and pinched her nipped hard, bringing a little more color to them before walking out the door.

Eddie nearly dropped the bottle of wine when he saw her exit the bathroom. Her breasts swayed invitingly as she crossed to him wearing 3-inch heels.  She walked over to him, kissed him, and grabbed him firmly between the legs, massaging his balls as her tongue forced its way into his mouth. He could tell she wanted to be in charge, so he followed her lead.

Alicia tore off Eddie’s tie then ripped at his shirt, a button popped loose and flew across the floor in her haste. He slid off his pants with the speed of a quick-change artist and in a few seconds he was naked. She led him to the bed and told him to lie on his back as she climbed on top of him. His cock was as stiff as a flagpole as she lowered herself onto it. She began rolling her hips back and forth, riding his cock as he began to moan. Brian loved when Alicia took charge during love making. He had told her many times that this was his favorite position. She thought it was fitting for Eddie to fill her for the first time in the same position.

She grabbed his hands, putting them on her large breasts as she began to rock faster, thrusting her hips back and forth. Eddie squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples. He began thrusting up, trying to bury his cock deeper into her slick pussy. Her moans joined his then both escalated to screams as he filled her up.

“Yes, yes, yes!  Oh God yes!” Alicia cried as Eddie came. The moment she felt his load inside her, she had forgotten all about sex or orgasms, all she could think was that she may now be pregnant. She continued to ride him, not wanting any of the Eddie’s seed to escape.

Eddie felt like a stallion, her cries had been nothing short of angelic. He was pretty sure she came the same time he did as she seemed to slow down, he could still feel his hot load mixing with her sticky sweetness as she continued slowly rocking her hips, her tight pussy keeping his cock hard inside her. When she finally crawled off of him, she laid back, squeezing her legs together and lifting her ass.  Eddie could tell that she wanted to keep his cum inside her, thought it was hot, and didn’t argue the point.

Alicia had never felt a man coming inside her pussy without a condom, the warm stickiness felt great inside her as she imagined his seed impregnating her as she lay there.  She knew it wasn’t her time of the month to get pregnant, but even the idea made her feel warm inside. Alicia decided that she would get Eddie to fill her up every chance she could until she got what she wanted.

Eddie fucked her two more times that night, each time coming in her pussy.  She told him he was the first man who had ever came inside her which kept him coming back for more.  By the end of the night her pussy was dripping from all the cum that Eddie had filled her up with.  When she finally went home for the night, she went straight to bed, leaving herself filled up with his seed until her morning shower.

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