Jilted Lovers: The Alicia Affair Pt 5 ♂️♀️

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For three months, Alicia continued to see Eddie nearly every night.  Brian, completely oblivious to her absence, continued to work 18-hour days. One morning in September, Alicia stood in her bathroom, holding the pregnancy test in shaking hands. She was now seven days late for her period. Alicia has taken a test each morning for the previous three days. Her heart pounded as the waited for the indicator to show either a plus sign or a minus sign. She knew her strained nerves might not be able to withstand another negative.   With held breath she looked down. A clearly visible + seemed to smile cheerfully back up at her as she burst into tears. Alicia sat on the edge of the tub, smiling as she cradled her pregnant belly.

After she was able to compose herself, she walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. Alicia could barely see the ocean from her window. It was a bright sunny Saturday, and she decided a trip to the beach would be a perfect place to think about what she would do next. Besides, soon she’d be showing a belly bump and a bikini would be harder to show off.  Feeling sexy and full of life, Alicia picked out a red, skimpy thong bikini that showed off her ass magnificently and a matching top that covered just enough to preserve modesty, but nothing more.

Alicia stretched out, not bothering with a blanket as she felt the heat warmed sand on her skin.  With eyes closed, she thought about her options.  She knew there was no more love for Brian; he had ignored her for far too long.  Brian had always made his work a higher priority than their relationship, and she couldn’t take it anymore. It didn’t take long for Alicia to decide she wanted to divorce Brian.  She wasn’t sure if he would even notice her gone.  She made a mental note to talk to a divorce lawyer on Monday and start the process.  Better to get it done now before Brian figured out that she was carrying another man’s baby.

Eddie was more difficult.  When she started sleeping with him, she’d just wanted a good fuck, then just wanted to get knocked up.  But, over the last three months, she had fallen in love with him.  To make matters worse, she was pretty sure he was falling in love with her too.  She knew he would be mad at her for lying to him about the birth control but wasn’t sure how he would react to the news she was pregnant.  Eddie had mentioned kids before, but they had never talked about having children together.  Alicia decided to tell him about the planned divorce and wait on divulging the pregnancy.

When Alicia sent Eddie a picture of herself stretched out on the sand with a message of ‘Join me!’ Eddie immediately came to spend the day with her at the beach.  When he arrived, she was lying face down, tanning her back.  Eddie stared at her amazing ass as he approached.  Not for the first time, he wondered how her husband could choose anything over her.  When he and Alicia had first slept together, Eddie had only wanted a fuck buddy, and Alicia had been more than willing to fuck.  He still couldn’t believe some of the insane things they had done in and out of the bedroom, the woman was an animal.  But in the last three months, he had felt more than just a physical attraction to her, he was falling in love with her. 

Alicia looked up, smiling at Eddie as he walked toward her.  She stood, kissing him and taking his hand.  She pulled him along as she ran toward the water.  Eddie gasped from the shock of the cold water as Alicia splashed into the ocean.  At the sound of his rather unmanly scream, Alicia turned and splashed him.  Eddie retaliated by pushing her down into the cold water.  Alicia broke the surface, sputtering as Eddie laughed at her.  Before she had a chance to splash her again, he dove into the water and began to swim.

Alicia followed, keeping pace with Eddie as they headed further from shore.  About a hundred yards out, they found a sandbar where the water was about four feet deep.  Eddie pulled Alicia into his arms and began kissing her.  She wrapped her legs around his waist as his tongue slid into her mouth.  She could feel his cock harden, even in the cold water, as she thrust her hips against him.  Eddie’s kisses became more insistent as Alicia began to grind faster.  Alicia moaned as Eddie slid her bikini to the side and slipped a finger inside her.  As his finger began to slowly pump in and out Alicia began to play with her nipples through the cloth of her top.  She leaned back, resting against Eddie’s arm wrapped around her as Eddie kissed down her neck.  Eddie began to pump faster, sliding a second finger into her.  She bit her lip, determined not to scream and draw attention of the people on shore as the orgasm built inside her.  She buried her face in Eddie’s neck, stifling her scream as she came.

Alicia reached for Eddie’s suit, sliding it down and letting his cock pop out.  She guided him into her.  She felt him get harder as he slid into her warm pussy.  He began to thrust, slowly at first, letting the pleasure build as he slid the length of him into her.  She leaned back, taking him deeper as he moved his hands to her hips, pulling her toward her as he thrust.  Alicia could feel his cock stiffen even more as he came closer to climax.

“No” she moaned, pulling away from him.  “Stick it in my ass.”  Eddie, happy to oblige, turned Alicia around and slid her thong to the side.  He pulled her back into him as he slipped his cock into her.  He slowly pushed deeper into her; he could feel her stroking her clit as he penetrated deeper into her. He wrapped one hand around her waist, and one around her chest, pulling her tight against him as he began to thrust.  It didn’t take Eddie long; Alicia’s ass was always tight and every time made him come within a few minutes.  When he emptied his load into her, she screamed and climaxed for the second time.  Her muscles contracted tight around his cock, squeezing it tight as his cock pulsed, sending more hot cum into her.  As Alicia’s muscles slowly relaxed, Eddie pulled out of her and slowly swam further up the sand bar, reaching a place where they could sit and still be above the water.  He held her close, loving the feeling of her in his arms as she lay back, limp and happy from the multiple orgasms. 

As the water cooled their bodies, and the sun warmed them, Alicia told Eddie of her plans to divorce Brian. Eddie’s heart leaped at the thought and he pulled Alicia tighter against him. He offered to let Alicia stay with him, but she declined. Alicia said she would get an apartment for a few months then they would talk about moving in together. Secretly, Alicia wondered if three months from now, when her bump began showing, if Eddie would want anything to do with her.

They made love two more times in the ocean before swimming back to shore. Alicia realized on the swim back that she considered it making love to Eddie, not fucking, and wondered if Eddie felt the same.

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