Amy’s Confession (true story) ♂️♀️

This story is a commissioned work based off of actual events. I have taken some liberties with the details and obviously changed some names, but this is based on conversations between a husband and wife after he asked her to sleep with an ex lover and tell him about it.

I convinced my wife Amy to go fuck an old flame and tell me about it.  I love the thought of her being fucked by another man.  After they slept together, Amy gave me these letters, telling me about the experience.  She was embarrassed at first, but after the third letter, I got all the juicy details from her about the night she and Nathan hooked up. I hope you find her letters and confessions as hot as I do.

                                                                                                                        – Adam

The First Letter

I met Nathan for dinner like you wanted me to.  It took him a while to figure out what I wanted.  I told him that I needed to blow off some steam, but it still took him most of the dinner to get a hint of what I wanted.   After dinner, we ran along the beach like we used to when we were younger.  I knew that he knew what I wanted, but he still wasn’t making a move.  I turned to Nathan and kissed him, slipping my tongue into his mouth while I reached between his legs and began to fondle his balls.  I felt his erection in his pants stiffen even more as I touched him.  Nathan’s hand slid up my dress and he began to stroke a finger down my panty lines, teasing me.  I whispered in his ear that we should go back to his place.  Finally getting the hint, Nathan took my hand and we ran back down the beach to his waiting car.

When he got me back to his house, he led me to his bedroom and closed the door.  One hand slid up my dress and began fondling me through my panties as he pressed his lips hard against mine.  I could taste the whiskey on his breath as he slid his tongue into my mouth.  His tongue invaded me, exploring and dominating me as his fingers were doing the same between my legs.  I felt my panties begin to get wet as he continued to stroke my pussy through the thin cloth.

A moan of pleasure slipped out of my mouth as he pushed me back.  My legs hit the edge of the bed.  I fell back onto his bed and he followed me down, kissing me as he slid my panties to the side and began to stroke my clit.  It was so good to have him touch me. I forgot how good he was with his fingers.  He was always rough when he fingered me but always knew just how to make me come.  He slid his fingers into my pussy, fucking me hard as I began to gasp for breath.  He began kissing down my neck.  I pulled my dress down, letting him kiss my nipples.  I screamed the first time I came to him fingering me; I forgot how fucking good he was at it.  After he made me come for the first time, he pulled my dress up to my hips.  It pooled around my waist as he pulled off his pants and put on a condom.  Nathan pulled off my panties and tossed them to the floor.  He climbed between my legs and slid his cock into my wet pussy.  He wasn’t as big as you, but he still knew how to use what he had. 

It felt great having my legs spread for him again; it had been a long time.  His body pressed against mine as he fucked me.  His tongue worked back into my mouth as his cock pumped over and over into me.  The condom didn’t feel as good as when you go into me bare.  But I don’t know how many other ladies he’s been with lately and I didn’t want to take any chances.  He begged me to let him come inside me like he used to, but I said no.  I came again as he pumped his cock into me over and over.  I felt Nathan stiffen even more as he was about to come.  I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him close as I felt his cock spasming as he blew his load into the condom.

We both fell asleep after that, the following morning I took a Lyft home to you.

The Second Letter

I didn’t really tell you the whole story about what happened between me and Nathan.  After the first time we fucked, we did fall asleep.  I still had my dress pulled up and he fell asleep with a hand between my legs.  About an hour later, I woke up to feeling his hard cock pressed against my ass as his fingers were fucking my pussy again.  I must have been sleeping hard because I was about to orgasm when I finally woke up.  I could feel Nathan trying to slide his cock into my pussy from behind, but I knew he wasn’t wearing a condom, so I didn’t let him. 

I rubbed up against him, pushing his cock up against my ass, teasing him as I climaxed.  He wouldn’t stop fingering me, he moved his fingers faster, fingering my clit as I began to pant with pleasure.  The pleasure was too much.  I tried pulling away, tried to close my legs, but he forced my legs apart with his strong hands, fingering me until a second orgasm hit.  I screamed, bucking hard against him as the second orgasm tore through my body.  I clawed at his hand, tearing it away from my throbbing pussy as the second wave pleasure continued to roll over me.

Nathan finally relented and pulled his fingers away.  I was dripping wet as I turned to face him, grabbing his cock and stroking him.  I couldn’t resist, I wanted that long cock in my mouth.  Nathan lay on his back, his cock at full attention as I brought my mouth down over his shaft.  You know how much I love sucking a hard cock, and I was so turned on I just couldn’t deny myself.  I hope you’re not mad at me. 

Nathan grabbed the back of my hair, pumping my head up and down on his cock, shoving it deep into my mouth.  I began playing with his balls as he pumped my head up and down faster and faster.  I slid my hand up to stroke his cock in time with my head, Nathan moaned and began fingering me again as I continued to suck him off.  He fingered me hard, pumping his fingers inside me to the rhythm he forced my head up and down on his cock.  When he finally blew his load in my mouth, I came.  My scream of pleasure was muffled by his cock and I nearly choked on the load he blew in my mouth.  I didn’t think he would ever stop filling me up; he kept coming and coming; I tried to swallow all his load, but I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth and it began to leak down his shaft.  Nathan’s cock finally stopped pulsing his cum into me and I was able to swallow his hot load before sliding my lips off his softening cock.  Nathan’s cock was slick with his cum.  I licked it clean, savoring the taste as I felt his sensitive cock twitch from my tongue’s teasing.  I figured it was good payback for the fingering he gave me earlier.  After that, we fell back asleep and I came home to you in the morning.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the first time, but I was afraid you’d get mad that I gave him a blowjob.

The Third Letter

Baby, I’m sorry, but I have one more thing to confess.  When Nathan and I fell asleep, we were facing each other.  When I woke up the next morning, I felt his morning erection pressing into me.  His hard cock slid between my legs and was rubbed up against the lips of my pussy.  It felt so good, and I gave in.  I lifted my leg and guided his cock to slide against my pussy.  I began grinding my hips, forcing his cock to rub against my clit.  I rocked my hips back and forth slowly, not wanting to wake up Nathan as the tip of his cock rubbed between the lips of my pussy.  I scooted closer to him, pushing his cock up into me.  Nathan woke up, or pretended to, when he slipped all the way inside me.  Nathan grabbed my hips and pulled me close, forcing his cock deep inside my pussy as he began thrusting slowly.  I lifted my leg up further, offering myself to Nathan as he began to pump into me faster and faster.  Nathan pushed me onto my back, rolling on top of me as he buried his cock into me.  I wanted to tell him to get a condom, but it felt so fucking good feeling his hard cock pounding into me.

Nathan pulled out and pulled me to my feet.  My dress was still wrapped around my waist, so he forced it down my body and let it pool on the floor.  He bent me over the bed, spreading my legs apart, then slid his cock back into my dripping pussy.  I grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as he pounded me from behind.  I felt his balls slapping against my ass as he continued fucking me.  I took all his cock, wishing he was as big as you as he buried himself balls deep in me.

I began pushing back against him, trying to take more of his cock into me as he began to thrust faster.  I felt myself building to orgasm as he continued to pound his cock into me.  I twisted the sheets tighter, burying my face in the blankets as the orgasm hit.  I screamed in ecstasy as I came.  As my legs went weak, I sagged onto the bed, Nathan bent over me, fucking me faster and faster.  I felt his cock stiffen; I wanted to tell him to pull out, I really did, but it felt too good.  I felt his hot load filling up my wet pussy as he emptied himself into me.

Nathan pulled out, leaving me bent over the bed, I could feel his hot cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs.  I reached down between my legs and ran my fingers through Nathan’s hot load as it dripped out of me.  I began playing with myself, slowly rubbing my clit with Nathan’s hot cum.  I managed to stop long enough to crawl back up onto the bed and lay on my back.  I spread my legs apart, closed my eyes, and continued to stroke my clit.  I opened my eyes again when I heard the snap of a camera.  I saw Nathan, standing at the edge of the bed, taking pictures of me, my thighs and pussy covered in his sticky load.  I smiled at him as I saw his fingers dance across the screen; he switched to video and was recording me.  I put on a show, rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy as he watched.  He got down close, focusing on my fingers as I neared climax.  I screamed extra loud, not holding back when I came.  I wanted to make sure the video had my orgasm nice and loud. 

After my impromptu amateur porn session Nathan and I showered together. He fingered me to orgasm twice more in the shower; I wanted to blow him again, but he couldn’t get hard, so I gave up.  After the shower I put my dress back on, kissed Nathan one last time and left.  I left my panties behind; I hope he enjoys them as a memento of our evening together.

I did get Nathan to send me a copy of the video and pictures he took; I thought you might want to watch the video with me since I couldn’t call you like you wanted me to.  I hope you like watching me finger myself with Nathan’s hot load.  It felt great, thank you for convincing me to do it.

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  1. I just love this story…I am so turned on when I meet a lady that is NOT AFRAID TO GET SEXY…SLUTTY AND DIRTY!!!! THAT LADIES shows great confidence when you know what you like, need and desire. Amy was fine with her sexual prowess and that is so attractive!!!!!!!!!!….my opinion….and lastly I know I shouldn’t say this but I will only MAKE LOVE…FUCK A CHICK BARE, and I am sorry but condoms ruin it all


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