25 Days of SEXmas – December 1 ♂️♀️

Welcome to the first story in the 25 days of SEXmas series! To kick things off, I proudly present Banging My Secretary – Santa’s Dirty Little Elf

I got stuck playing Santa Claus this year for the office Christmas party.  How someone barely 30 should get stuck with the role of Santa is beyond me.  But as the lowest executive at my company, all the rest decided it should be me.  Our office Christmas party is massive.  All employees are invited, along with their families.  Altogether about 350 people come to the convention center at one of the nicest hotels in the city.

In addition to handing out Christmas bonus checks to each employee, Santa has the dubious pleasure of asking each child what he wants for Christmas and posing for a photo.  On the plus side, I get to pick out an assistant to be my elf for the night.  Obviously, I chose my secretary.  She wore a surprisingly modest elf outfit.  The green dress came down to just above her knees, and the green and white stockings she wore came to just below the knee.  She wore jingle bell earrings and big fake pointy elf ears to complete the ensemble.  I would have been disappointed if she hadn’t sent me a picture of the tiny red thong she was wearing later.  Along with the photo, she texted me a very enticing message. I’ve been naughty.  But I can be nice to you tonight.  I worked hard to keep from getting an erection every time she walked by.

  After five hours of photos, crying babies, and wet diapers I was finally done.  The last guests left and only my secretary and I were left in the conference room.  I picked over the buffet, trying to fill a plate from the leftover food that was left behind.  I looked up and saw my secretary standing near the Christmas tree in the center of the room.  As I watched her, she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall down her body.  She bent over, sticking her ass out toward me as she slid her stockings down her tanned legs and left them on the floor with the dress.  Soon she wore nothing but the red thong. 

Walking closer to the tree, she stopped and crossed her legs.  With her hands on her hips, she stood, facing the tree, waiting for me to make the next move.  I dropped the plate back onto the table, my appetite for food was completely forgotten.  I walked up to her, still wearing my Santa suit.  I reached around her body, sliding my arms under her and cupping her firm breasts.  She leaned into me as I began to tease my white-gloved hands over her nipples.  She leaned her head back, looking up at me.  I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her soft mouth. 

“I’ve seen what you have done this year, you’ve been very naughty!” I whispered in my best Santa voice.  She loved role-playing and I knew the Santa schtick would drive her wild.

“I’m sorry Santa.” She bowed her head and looked at the floor as she replied.  “Is there anything I can do to get off the naughty list?”

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“If you accept your punishment and promise to be really good next year, I will take you off the naughty list.” I spoke gravely, trying hard not to laugh at the whole scenario. 

“Are you going to spank me Santa?”  She looked back up at me, her voice still timid but the smile on her face and eyes told me she was enjoying herself, despite the silly conversation we were having.

“Yes. I’m going to give you ten swats then I will give you a present.  Now bend over.”  My secretary bent over and grabbed her ankles, reminding me how flexible she was.  I stepped to the side and brought my hand back, still wearing the white Santa gloves.  When the first swat landed on her smooth ass, she let out a whimper of pain, I swatted again, leaving a bright red spot on her tanned skin.  After the sixth or seventh swat (I lost track) the sounds of faux pain had turned into genuine sounds of pleasure.  I could see a wet spot spreading across her thong as I continued slapping her ass.

Completely absorbed in the spanking, neither of us heard the door at the far end of the hall open.  When it banged shut, we both looked over.  A twenty-something kid, pushing an oversized wheeled trash can stood, frozen in shock at what he had walked in on.  The kid’s mouth hung open as he stared at my secretary’s reddened ass. 

I quickly walked to the kid and stood directly in front of him, blocking his view from my secretary.  She had stood up and turned to face him, letting him see her perky breasts and hardened nipples before I had obstructed his view.  After a second the kid seemed to realize I was standing in front of him and he focused on me.  His face was bright red from embarrassment as he looked me in the eyes.  The kid flinched as I reached into my pocket, but relaxed when he saw me pulling out my wallet.  I pulled out two hundred-dollar bills and held them up in front of the kid’s face.

“Come back later, you didn’t see anything.  Do you understand?”

“Yes sir!” the kid replied, quickly snatching the offered bribe from my hand and turning away.  Leaving his trashcan behind, he ran back to the door.  Before leaving, he turned for one last look at my secretary.  I too looked, unsure what she was doing, she cupped her breasts and blew him a kiss as he turned back for the door.

She burst out laughing as the door closed behind the kid.  I couldn’t help it and joined in as I walked back over to her.  When I reached her I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close and kissing her.  Our tongues danced and I realized she was wearing peppermint flavored lip gloss.  She reached down and began to fondle my cock through the Santa suit.

“Have I been punished enough Santa?” She asked as her hand slid down to cup my balls.  “I’ve got a present I want to give you.”

 I nodded, and she took me by the hand and led me back towards the tree.  Next to the tree was a life-sized sleigh, complete with a plush seat for Santa to control the plastic reindeer lined up in front of the sleigh.  I sat in the sleigh and she kneeled at my feet.  Unbuttoning my fly, she pulled out my erect cock.  She began to run her tongue up and down the bottom of my cock, starting at the tip and running it down the length of my shaft until she teased it around my balls, then back up to the tip.

After a few minutes of teasing, she closed her mouth around my cock and began to move her head forward and back. I leaned back in my seat, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as she began to move faster. This wasn’t the first, or even the 50th time she’d sucked my cock, but damn she was good at it.  I grabbed her head, moving it faster as she began to suck harder.  I saw her hand slip down between her legs to stroke her smooth pussy. 

I felt her body tremble as she began playing with her clit.  A moan of pleasure slipped out of her full mouth as she continued to take me deep into her mouth.  I felt my cock begin to swell as the orgasm built. 

“You ready?” I asked, trying to hold on for as long as I could.  She nodded and I could see her hand moving faster, she was trying to come with me.  I held out another ten seconds, then I felt her body shudder as she came.  She looked up, staring into my eyes as I blew my load in her mouth.  She pulled her lips off my cock then opened her mouth, showing me my hot load pooled on her tongue before swallowing and licking her lips.

Holy Shit! I thought as she walked back over to her pile of clothes.  I might have to turn a naughty elf into Mrs. Clause

Read many of my books for free on Kindle Unlimited


  1. So dam hot but also brings back memories of THE REASON MY FIRST MARRIAGE ENDED…my young 23 year old secretary that began working for me after I had been married for 4 years and I was then a 36 year old executive and couldnt resist this 23 year old innocent but highly sexy young lady. Sometimes the foreplay and the build up to a great climax is chasing the partner or the thrill of hiding it from another ….


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