25 Days of SEXmas – December 2 ♀️♀️

Day two of 25 days of SEXmas brings us The Ski Trip – Part 1

I stomped my feet vigorously, trying to get the snow off my new snow boots before entering the lodge.  After two hours of trying, I couldn’t even master the bunny slopes.  My ass was cold, soaked, and bruised from all the times I fell over the last two days.  This ski vacation was supposed to be my weekend to get away from it all.  All I wanted to do was forget about Chad and that slutty yoga teacher he cheated on me with.  Instead, I get a ski instructor named, you guessed it, Chad.  Who, instead of teaching me how to ski, kept making comments about how hot I looked and laughed at me every time I fell down.  I’m so done with guys.

I plopped down in an overstuffed chair by the fire and stripped off my gloves.  I stretched my numbed fingers towards the flames, feeling them prickle and burn as they began to warm back up.  After I could feel my ten digits again, I leaned back and enjoyed the view.  Skiing may not be my thing, but I loved winter, and I loved the snow.  As I watched the snowfall, another woman came in and sat down in the chair near me.  She had on a thousand-dollar snowsuit that hugged all the curves of her body in all the right places.  The fur-lined hood was up, covering her face, but I knew that body.  I had seen her heading toward the black diamond ski slopes earlier in the morning.

As she sat, she pulled back her hood.  Jet-black hair cascaded down around her face, contrasting sharply with her pale skin.  She brushed the hair back from her face and caught me staring at her.  She looked at me and smiled, then turned back toward the fire.  Apparently, her snowsuit was better insulated than mine, less than a minute later she had unzipped her suit.  I gaped as I realized she was wearing nothing but a red bra under the suit.  The black and red looked terrific against her white skin.  Of course, with a body like hers, she would look good wearing a potato sack.

“Did you have a good time on the slopes?” She asked, never taking her eyes off the fire.

“Not really, skiing isn’t my thing.  After two days, I give up.  I’m leaving in two days; I’ll find something else to occupy my time.  Maybe I’ll build a snowman.”  She turned, appraising me.  I wore a cheap, bulky snowsuit from Walmart with two layers of sweatpants just trying to keep warm.  Plopped unceremoniously on top of my blonde curly hair was a rainbow-colored knit hat with ear flaps.

“Would you care to join me for an indoor sport?  This is my last night here, and I’ve been playing by myself all week, I wouldn’t mind a partner tonight.”

I smiled shyly, not used to being hit on by supermodel level hotties in expensive snowsuits.  I thought about it for three whole seconds before agreeing. She stood and walked toward the stairs, not bothering to zip up her snowsuit.  I stood and followed her; my eyes glued on her perfect ass inside the form-fitting suit.

She led me up to her room.  When she opened the double doors, it took my breath away.  In the center of the room was a massive four-poster king-sized bed covered in white sheets. Behind the bed, the back wall of the room was made entirely of floor to ten-foot ceiling windows.  The view of the snow-covered mountains distracted me completely… until I saw that my mystery date had unzipped her snowsuit down to her crotch.  Suddenly the mountains became a fuzzy background image compared to the woman standing before me.

I fumbled for the doors behind me, not willing to look away to close them.  Finally, I found them and pushed them shut.  She peeled off her snowsuit, showing me the red satin panties that matched the bra I had seen earlier.  I walked toward her, staring at her luscious body as she crawled onto the bed.  I watched the slow roll of her hips as she made her way to the center.  I kicked off my boots as I fought with the zipper of my show suit.  I peeled out of the snowsuit and shucked off my outer layers.  Soon I was down to my bra and panties, and I climbed on the bed with her.  I crawled atop her, pressing my body against hers as I began to kiss.  Her lips were as red as her lingerie and looked warm and inviting.  I slipped my tongue into her mouth as she wrapped her arms around me. 

As our tongues explored, I felt her hands unhook my bra.  She pushed me back then slipped my bra off my shoulders.  She sat up and removed her own bra, then pulled me back into her arms. I took her breasts in my hands as she played with mine.  She began to kiss her way down my neck, sucking and biting as she got to my throat. I gasped with pleasure as I felt her tongue teasing down my throat.  She pushed me onto my back and continued to work her way down my body, kissing and licking the entire way.  I arched my back as I felt her tongue swirl over my nipple.  I slid a hand down my panties and inside my wet pussy.  I began to stroke my clit as she worked on my nipple with her tongue.  I hadn’t been touched by anyone in weeks, and her mouth was incredible.  It only took a couple minutes before I came.  The orgasm hit me, sudden and intense.  A scream of pleasure slipped from my lips before I even realized I was going to climax.

She worked her mouth down to my stomach.  My abs quivered under her touch as she slid her tongue into my belly button.  She bit at the hem of my panties and pulled then let go, letting them snap against my skin.  She grabbed them and slid them down my thighs, leaving me nude.  She worked her mouth down to between my legs.  She traced her tongue over the outside of my pussy.  Teasing me, she slowly licked up and down, driving me wild.  Another moan slipped out of my lips when she finally slid her tongue inside.  She slid her tongue up the length of my dripping wet pussy to my clit.  As she continued to work her magic with her tongue, I played with my nipples.  I pinched and tugged as she brought me to climax again.  Still, she continued to lick, giving me no chance to catch my breath.  I thrust my hips up, pushing against her mouth as she buried her tongue deep inside me.  I shook as the aftershocks of one orgasm crested into another orgasm.  I wrapped my legs around her head, pulling her in tight as the orgasm tore through.  I panted in pleasure as I relaxed my legs, and she pulled her head away.  She licked her lips slowly as she rocked back, sliding her panties off her perfect ass.

She tossed the panties on the floor then climbed on top of me.  She slowly lowered her pussy toward my mouth.  I stared at her perfectly smooth pussy as it came closer, I opened my mouth and slid my tongue up and into her.  She tasted as sweet as candy, and I eagerly licked her as she began to stroke her clit.  She cradled my head against her crotch as I leaned up, burying my face into her.  I could feel her legs start to quiver as she neared climax.  I licked faster, wanting her orgasm to be as amazing as mine.  She screamed as the orgasm tore through her.  I pressed my tongue deeper as she came, I felt her juices dripping into my mouth as her body convulsed.

After she came, she raised up on my knees.  Still straddling me, she looked down at my face between her legs.  “Good warmup.  Are you ready to play?”

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