25 Days of SEXmas – December 6 ♂️♀️

Day 6 of SEXmas is late, and I apologize, but sometimes being late can be a good thing!

“You were supposed to be here yesterday!” The voice was shrill as I walked in the door.

“I know mom!  Sometimes life gets in the way, I didn’t have a way to reach you yesterday.”  My mother glared at me as I walked in, hands full of luggage.  Gotta love coming home for the holidays, it’s always so peaceful.

“Your cousin arrived yesterday, ON TIME!”

“Mom, she’s not my cousin!  She’s just someone who kind of showed up and never left!”  We were talking about Mom’s friend Julie’s daughter, Nancy.  I grew up with Nancy over at my house nearly every day from the time I was twelve until I left for college.  We never got along.  I hadn’t seen her in two years, and between her and my mom, I wondered why I eve bothered to fly home from college for Christmas break.  Oh, and the “I didn’t have a way to reach you yesterday.”  That’s bunk.  I just couldn’t deal with the thought of spending any more time than absolutely necessary back at home.

I dragged my luggage upstairs to my old room.  Mom insisted I bring presents with me, apparently having Amazon ship them is just wrong.  I opened the door to my old room and froze.  Nancy was in my room, sitting at my desk.  This was a sight that was common to me; as children, Nancy got out of school earlier than me and nearly every day when I got home, she would be on my computer playing games.  Of course, when we were kids, Nancy wasn’t wearing a red, strapless lace bra and matching thong.

“You’re in my room,” I said, not letting the shock of finding a mostly naked woman in my room enter my voice.

“Oh shit!  Nancy whispered as she threw one hand over her breasts, the other between her legs.

I rolled my eyes.  “Come on, Nancy, it’s not like I didn’t see you in skimpier bikinis every year from the time you were twelve.  I said as I dropped my bags on my bed, which Nancy had obviously slept in last night. Granted, when Nancy had worn those bikinis, she hadn’t had full firm breasts, a small tight waist, a gorgeous ass, and a diamond belly button ring.

“Get out!” Nancy whispered, urgency in her voice.  One hand moved from her breasts to cover the webcam on her computer.  Curious, I walked over to see what site she was on.  I glanced at the address bar,  naughtycollegecoedslive247.com.  Nancy was streaming live.  She hit pause on her broadcast and a big countdown of 5:00 popped up on the screen.  As I watched, it changed to 4:59.

“Get out, I’m… working.” Nancy said, her face nearly the same color as her underwear.

“Yeah, working.  I can see that, just log off.

“I can’t, these people paid for an hour show, I can’t just log off! I’ll get fired!”

I looked down at the timer on the screen. 3:23 remained.  I walked over to my bed.  I stretched out, leaning against my headboard, and crossed my legs.  “Go ahead, I won’t say anything.”

Nancy glared at me, then an evil look came into her eyes.  She turned back to her screen and hit a key.  Immediately she started talking to her audience again. 

“Sorry for the interruption, my adoring fans!  My cousin just came home for Christmas and walked in on me.  Do you want him to join me?”

I sat up in bed, the blood draining to my face. I violently shook my head as I heard the ping of the responses.  They were flooding in. I prayed they would all say no, but then Nancy spoke again.

“Great, let me go join him.  She turned the computer to face me, and suddenly I wondered what exactly Nancy did in my bed last night.  The thought of her in my bed, masturbating for a live audience, immediately got me hard.  She walked over and climbed up on the bed, showing the audience a great view of her ass as she straddled me.

“Last chance to bail jackass.” She whispered as she started to unbuckle my pants.  I just stared at her, no way was I gonna let her win this round.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.  To piss her off, I smiled. I heard the zipper sliding down on my pants then felt her hand as she pulled my now fully erect cock out of my boxers.  She moved, so the camera got a better view of my cock as she began to stroke.  I glanced over and saw the tips screen spinning like crazy, her audience was loving this.  

Nancy brought her lips down to my cock, teasing the tip of her tongue around before slowly running it up and down the shaft.  Her hand cupped my balls, gently squeezing as she continued to tease with her tongue.  Screw it! I thought, if she wants to play, I can play.  I began to play with her ass, slapping, and squeezing her firm nineteen-year-old flesh.  Nancy let out a yelp of surprise the first time my hand slapped her ass, but then she took me in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down.  I grabbed her hair with one hand, helping her head as I slapped her ass again.  The second sound was a moan of pleasure.

I moved my hand from her ass to her bra, unhooking it and letting her tits fall out as it slid down her arms. As she began to move her head faster, taking me deeper into her mouth.  I could see the feed on her laptop screen.  Her large breasts swayed from the movement of her head.  I reached under her and began to play with her tits, pinching and squeezing as she moved her head at almost manic speed, taking my entire length in her mouth.  I could feel the sound of her moans vibrating against my cock as I began to tease her nipples with my fingers.

I saw the number of viewers increasing, some mod somewhere probably tagged it as ‘cousins fucking,’ and now everyone was watching.  I didn’t mind the blowjob on camera, but I might kill Nancy later for saying we were cousins.  I moved my hand from her breasts to her thong and slid it down her ass, letting it pool around her bent knees. 

I reached back and slid my finger inside Nancy’s wet pussy, I noticed it was smooth as silk, she must have waxed to get it that smooth.  She was dripping wet when my finger slipped into her and I felt her body buck with pleasure as I began to move my fingers in and out. I began to move my fingers faster, slipping a second in, then fingering her deep as her body began to tremble with pleasure.  I looked at the viewers number on the screen.  When she started, it had been at 87 viewers.  It was now at 500 and climbing fast. 

Deciding to go all in, I pulled Nancy’s mouth off my cock and to my face.  “Look at your numbers,”  I whispered.  She glanced back, giving the camera a seductive look before seeing the counter cross 600.  “Do you want to blow their minds?”  Nancy looked back at me, the vindictive look in her eyes replaced with arousal and greed.  She nodded her head and I dragged her onto my lap.  She kicked her thong off and straddled my hips.  As Nancy lowered herself onto my cock, we began to kiss.  I felt the heat from her body as my cock slipped into her tight pussy.  Fuck me, I’ve not gotten laid in six months! I slipped my tongue into Nancy’s mouth as she began to grind her hips on my cock.  I looked at the screen, read the messages and whispered to Nancy.  “They want to see your face, lean back.” Obediently she did, our positions changing from her riding me to her on her back, me kneeling between her legs. 

I lifted her legs, spreading them apart as I began to thrust my cock deep into her.  I checked the feed, her head was leaned back over the bed, her mouth open as she panted with pleasure. Her breasts moved seductively with each thrust into her.  The counter crossed 700, there was 15 minutes left on the show timer.  Nancy’s tips were over $2,200. 

I pulled out and dragged Nancy to her feet, I bent her over the bed and began fucking her from behind.  I changed positions over and over, trying not to cum before the show was over.  800 people were now watching me fuck someone I couldn’t stand.

When the tips screen hit $3,200 hundred, I pulled out and walked over to the screen, letting my face fill the screen.  “Hey, guys!  You want me to stick it in her ass?”   The responses poured in, of course, they did.  “Let’s give my cousin a good Christmas present, if the donations reach four grand, I’ll stick it in her ass.  I glanced down at Nancy’s screen and saw an option for a poll.  “If it reaches 5 grand, I’ll let you decide where she gets my load!”  I typed out the poll and sent it out to her now 1,200 viewers. 

I walked to Nancy and took her hand, leading her from the side of my bed to the foot I bent her over, so her ass was centered in the camera.  “Come on guys, $500 more and I’ll fuck that pretty ass over there!  Nancy, going along with my scheme, reached back and spread her cheeks apart, giving everyone a view of her tight little hole.  “I’ve never had a cock in my ass!” She said as she looked over her shoulder.

That did it, the tips jumped to $5,300, and I walked back to Nancy. I told her to climb up on the bed and get on her hands and knees. “Is this really your first time doing anal?” I whispered low enough for the mic to not pick up.  Nancy just rolled her eyes and gave me a ‘you must be joking’ look and bowed her back in a perfect doggy style position.  Obviously, this wasn’t her first time.  I grabbed my cock, slick from her pussy, and began to push it into her tight ass.  She moaned with pleasure as I pushed deeper inside.

I grabbed her hips and began pulling her towards me as I thrush hard and fast into her.  I looked at the timer.  Five minutes left.  I thrust faster and faster, I felt my balls slapping against her as I buried my cock into her over and over.  I felt my cock swelling as the pressure built.  I knew I was going to come sooner.

I glanced at the poll.  Facial and mouth were tied for where they wanted my load.  It seemed easy enough.  I thrust three more times, then pulled out.  Nancy had seen the pole and ran to the floor in front of the laptop.  She dropped to her knees as I walked over.  I stroked my cock, holding out as long as possible.  Nancy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, begging for my cum.  She looked into my eyes and all I could see was desire, she truly wanted this.  A few more strokes and I came my first pulse shot a thick load into her mouth, I watched the thick creamy fluid pool on her tongue as I continued to cum on her. Each pulse of my cock sent more on her face and in her mouth.  When I finally finished, her lips and chin were drenched with my load. 

Nancy looked at the camera and smiled as she swallowed my load and licked her lips.  She faced the camera and spoke to her audience of 1,700 viewers.  “Thanks for the tips, guys!  Do you want my cousin to join me tomorrow?” 

As the crowed signed off, Nancy told them she would see what she could do, blew them a kiss, and ended the stream.  Nancy turned to me, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for years, it took you long enough.”

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