25 Days of SEXmas – December 7 ♀️♀️

Day 7 of SEXmas is here! Inspired by me writing it while cramped on a plane. But no, this isn’t a true story.

I was cramped in a too-small seat in what was generously called business class. It wasn’t a big deal but at just over six feet, I was still slightly squished.  I was looking out the window, Hoping that my seatmate would be someone small.  It was a five-hour flight, but the plane looked like it would only be about 2/3 full. If I was fortunate, I might get an empty seat beside me.

 I felt someone next to me and turned to look at my best mate. Expecting another 400-pound basement dweller that hadn’t showered in days.  That had been companion on the cost flight out.  To make it worse, he had spent the entire flight hitting on me and trying to get me drunk. As if I would hook up with some random guy in an airport bathroom after we landed.  I had tried to, very politely, explain to him that I wasn’t into men, but that made him work all the harder. As if bedding a lesbian was somehow an unlockable achievement in the game of life. Who knows, maybe to guys it is.

I stared down at the cutest girl is ever seen at most, 25 years old. She stood just over five feet, her hair was raven black and hung framed her alabaster skin beautifully.  Her t-shirt featured the rolling stones tongue and was stretched tight over her generous breasts. Below the shirt, she wore a black flowing skirt that came to just below her knees. Black knee-high socks and combat boots completed the rebel look I assumed she was going for.

“Hi, I think we’re row mates! Wow, you’re really tall!” The word bubbled out of her like water out of a pot, she seemed not to be able to contain them in one second longer.   I stared back at her.

“I guess we are, and you’re really short.”  My deadpan response did nothing to dampen her mood as she laughed at my reply. I thought my joke was mildly amusing, but she laughed until she had to stop to catch her breath. I saw several other passengers looking our way, wondering what was so funny.

“You’re funny!  I’m Katie!”  Katie shoved her hand in my face. I reached out and shook it before Katie tossed a denim backpack under the seat and sat down. The backpack, covered in patches and pins from a hundred different TV shows, movies, and video games, seemed to match her personality far more than the combat boots.

“You like flying? Are you heading home?  What do you do for a living?” Katie machine-gunned questions are me like n interrogator trying to break a stubborn suspect. I answered, and despite myself, began to enjoy the conversation.  Katie’s bubbly, cheerful demeanor, was infectious.

We chatted for the first two hours of the flight about everything. Katie was just as happy to answer questions as to ask them and I was confident that by the end of the flight, I could write a biography about her.  Eventually, the questions worked their way around to relationships. She asked if I was married, had a boyfriend, etc. I smiled and told her that my last girlfriend and I had broken up right before Christmas, and that’s why I was flying back home.

“Oh, that’s so sad, I’m so sorry. She must have been such a bitch to dump you right before Christmas.” The look in Katie’s eyes was so sad that I was sure she was more upset about my break up than I was

”I actually dumped her.  walked in on her cheating on me with the maintenance man and the pool boy.” 

The look of horror on Katie’s face caused me to burst kit in laughter. ”I’m kidding, we just drifted apart. Sometimes you  fall in love, sometimes you fall out of love.”

Katie seemed to ponder my last words as if I had folder the divine truths of the universe. Then, she surprised me with her next question.  

”What’s it like to be with another woman?” it wasn’t the words, but the tone she asked them in that caught me off guard. Gone was the bubbly cheerful personality. In its place was the desire for knowledge. Never had a grad student studying for a final looked more sincere than Katie did at that moment. I paused before answering. Wanting to give the answer the same seriousness in which the question was asked.

”Well, it’s like being with someone who knows your body the way you know your body. Everyone is different, of course, but a woman just seems to know how to please another woman.”  I hadn’t really ever thought of it before, I haven’t been with a guy since my senior prom, and he had been terrible so my experience may have been entirely different from other women.  I explained all this to Katie, not wanting to give her any wrong ideas.

”I’ve always wanted to be with another woman.” Katie blurted the statement out and let it hang between us. The implication was obvious.  I thought about my plans. Katie was flying back from seeing her parents, and I was flying to a new city for a fresh start. It was Christmas Eve, and I really didn’t mind not being alone.

”I’ve got a hotel near the airport, would you like to join me for a Christmas Eve dinner as neither of us have any plans?”  The invitation to dinner instead of random sex seemed to put Katie back at ease.  She let out a breath and nodded her agreement.

The rest of the flight passed with more small talk, Katie made a point to not talk about relationships or our dinner plans.  When we finally landed, we got our bags, and I headed to the rental counter.  For some reason, I felt the need to impress Katie and upgraded my regular car to a luxury SUV. What’s the point in having money if you can’t impress a date?

We drove to the hotel and parked around the side of the high rise building. As Katie unbuckled her seat belt to get out, I grabbed her hand and pulled her across the bench seat towards me.

”Want to know what it’s like to kiss another woman I asked?  Her eyes lit with excitement and trepidation as she nodded. I leaned down, coupling her face in my chin as I kissed her soft lips. When I pressed my tongue against them, they parted slightly, inviting me in. I slid my tongue in and over hers.  The kiss was long and slow and sweet, when I pulled away, Katie let out a small gasp.

“Did you like it?” I asked, smiling down at her. She nodded, then began to laugh as I brought up in kissed a girl by Katy Perry’ and played it through the sound system. I leaned down for another kiss and Scooted closer to me, putting one hand on my face. We made out while Katy sang about us. When the song was over, I pulled back. “That could be your new song, you even have the same name.” She laughed, and I saw her cheeks were flushed from the kissing, mine were too, Katie was a great kisser.

“For dinner, should we go to a restaurant or get room service?”  I saw Katie’s cheeks redden further at the invitation to my hotel room.

“Um, I’ve never had room service in a fancy hotel,” Katie replied, still not able to say she wanted to come with me to my hotel room.

“Room service it is!” I laughed as I said it, I saw the look of hunger in Katie’s eyes, and it wasn’t for food.

As we walked into my hotel suite, Katie’s eyes goggled. I had gotten an upgraded room, perks of being a frequent traveler for work. The jacuzzi tub sat in the corner of the room, a complimentary bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice.  My initial plan had been to spend Christmas eve and Christmas Day pleasantly buzzed and to not think about being alone.

As I shut the door, Katie turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face toward hers. Not an easy task when there’s a 9-inch height difference. Katie’s mouth was on mine before I knew what was happening. Her tongue pressed hard against m lips until I could recover my shock and open my mouth for her.

Still kissing, we managed to walk over to the bed and fall into it, I was on my back, Katie on top of me, her tongue eagerly playing with mine.

I began sliding one hand up Katie’s skirt, pushing it up towards her hips.  When I reached her thigh, I discovered she wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt. I grabbed her ass, giving it a light squeeze with brought a moan of surprise and pleasure from Katie’s lips. 

I rolled, pinning Katie under me, I kissed down her cheek to her neck as I pushed her skirt up to her hips, exposing her smooth, white pussy.   She didn’t have a hair on her body below the waist, and her pale skin seemed to glow from the dim lights overhead.   I teased my finger between her legs, tracing it up and down without going inside. Her moans of pleasure increased as I began to bite and suck on her neck.

I felt her sweetness dripping from her pussy as I continued to tease the outside. When I stopped, she let out a whimper of frustration. I sat up and pulled off my shirt and bra. She stared at my chest, then tentatively reached out to grab one breast. I let out a moan of pleasure that may have been slightly exaggerated, but which encouraged her to continue. She reached out with her other hand and began to squeeze and pull. I kneeled next to her and unbuttoned my jeans. Spreading my legs apart, I slid a hand inside my jeans and panties and began to play with my own pussy.

Watching me, Katie tried to move one hand from my breast to between her legs, I gently caught it and put it back on my breast. “I’ll take care of you,” I said as I reached over with my free hand and began once again to stroke along the outside of her pussy.

I watched the desire build, every time she raised her hips, trying to get my finger inside, I moved my hand. Katie was panting with pleasure, her hands squeezed hard on my breasts. I watched her face when I came for the first time, her body shook as I let out my own moan of pleasure. 

When I slipped a finger inside, brushing it over Katie’s clit, she screamed and came. Her body shook with pleasure as the orgasm tore through her.

“It’s been a while, she mumbled between breaths. I continued to stroke faster, finding the spot that made her moan the loudest. Her eyes flew wide as a second orgasm tore through her body.

“Holy shit!  I’ve never came twice that quick before!” I slowed and let Katie catch her breath for a few minutes. She pulled her shirt up over her head, her black bra joined it in a ball on the floor.  Her large breasts jiggled invitingly as she lay back again. I peeled my jeans down my legs, my pink cotton panties followed. Katie stares at the small patch of red hair between my legs.

“You can touch it if you want.” I teased as I began to play with her large breasts. Her hand reached out, fingertips lightly running through my pubic hair. I squeezed and pinched her breasts, tugging on her nipples as she slid a finger inside my wet pussy. I began to grind my pussy against my fingers as I once again started stroking her. She brought me to climax quickly, she was outstanding. As I arched my back, my moans escalating to screams of pleasure, she came. Her voice mixed with mine as our bodies shook.

We were both panting from the exertion as I laid down next to her.  “So, what do you think so far?”

“Holy shit, you’re amazing!”  Katie replied, her fingers lightly traced her dripping pussy as she turned to kiss me.

“Just wait until I show you what I can do with my tongue,”  I replied.  The comment had Katie’s body twitching with anticipation.  I slid my tongue deeper into her mouth as my hands groped and squeezed all over her body.  I slid my hand back between her now dripping thighs and began to stroke her once again as we kissed.  She came twice more as we made out, each time her cries of pleasure getting louder and louder. 

I lost track of how many orgasms we each.  Eventually, we were both slick with sweat and other more enjoyable fluids.  I flopped onto my back and tried to catch my breath.

“You hungry for some food now?” I asked, smiling.

“Yeah, will you show me what you can do with your tongue after dinner?”  I told her I would and made a mental note to not eat anything spicy.  We went all out for Dinner.  Lobster tail and steak, baked potatoes and Caesar salads, appetizers, and desserts.  We ordered enough food for five and ate naked, between courses we took turns pleasuring each other, Katie got adventurous and started eating strawberries and cream off my chest. 

Finally, after dinner, I kept my word to show Katie how good my tongue was.  I told her to lay back and spread her legs.  I kissed down her body, teasing my tongue over her breasts and nipples before working my way down to her stomach.  I teased my tongue in and out HD her navel a few times before working my way further south.

The first time my tongue traced along her slit, she let out a  whimper of pleasure,  her gasps and sighs and moans drove me wild as I slid my tongue inside.  She tasted sweet, almost as sweet as the strawberries we had eaten with dinner.  I slowly ran my tongue up and down her pussy, she spread her legs further apart, begging me for more.  I pushed my tongue deeper, finding her clit and beginning to lick slowly.  Katie let out a continuous whimper of pleasure as I used my tongue, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. When she was nearly there, I stopped, letting her body calm down before starting again. Five times I brought her to the edge, after the fifth time I didn’t stop, I sped my tongue up, pushing hard and deep as Katie cried out, the orgasm tearing through her body.  She squirted, a hot stream hit my lips, and I licked it up as she continued to climax. 

Finally, her body went limp, and she laid back.  My face was wet from lips to chin and I laid down next to her, giving her kisses and letting her taste her sweetness on my lips. 

“So?” I asked, the question not needing any explanation.

“I don’t think I can move,”  Katie replied, feebly lifting one arm and letting it fall back to the bed. 

“OK then, I guess you’ll have to stay the night.”  I pulled the blanket up over us both and turned out the bedside light.  “Tomorrow, we can try out the Jacuzzi tub.”

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