25 Days of SEXmas – December 8 ♂️♀️

Day 8 of SEXmas is another fan favorite series Banging my Secretary – The Mile High Club

Merry SEXmas

Banging my secretary – The mile-high club.

She was on her knees, Sucking my hard cock as the plane banked and circled, preparing for landing felt myself nearing climax.

“Suck it, baby, swallow it all!”  I whispered down at her as she gazed hungrily into my eyes.

Oh, sorry.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  After the Christmas party, I wanted my secretary more than ever.  Every morning when she came into my office, I felt my cock harden. 

I walked into my office the Monday after the party to see my boss waiting for me.  While this was uncommon, it wasn’t a cause for alarm.  As I closed my door, he turned to me.

“I hate to do this to you, but we’re having trouble with one of our facilities down in Texas.  I need you there.”  His voice was grave, my boss was serious 100% of the time.   If he needed me to fly in the weeks before Christmas, it was indeed serious.

“When do I leave?”  I asked.

“Now.  This is a serious emergency.  Take the company jet.  I  thought you might need some help, take your assistant with you, she seems very efficient, and the two of you work well together.  She was in before you so I sent her home to pack some clothes.”  I nodded, the thought of my secretary with me on another business trip set my heart pumping harder.  My boss was right, aside from being incredible in the sack, and on my desk, and everywhere else we’d screwed, my secretary was very good at her job, my numbers had jumped 27% after I hired her. 

As I turned to walk out of my office, my boss called out to me.  “A good partner is hard to find, once you do, don’t let them go.”  I knew damn well he wasn’t talking about her secretarial skills now.  I nodded at him and drove home to pack. 

Even as Vice President of, well, you still don’t care, I didn’t get to fly around in the corporate jet most of the time.  My boss sending me down on it was a sign of just how serious this issue was.  Or maybe his way of making it a little less of a pain on such short notice.  Either way, we flew down in the lap of luxury.

My secretary mixed me us each a drink from the wet bar, then she came over and sat in my lap as she handed me the glass.  We had the plane to ourselves aside from the pilot and he wouldn’t bother us.  I toyed with the buttons on her blouse, popping them one by one as she leaned down to kiss me, her tongue slipping into my mouth.  I slid her shirt off and began to kiss her bare shoulders as she unhooked her black lace bra and tossed it to the floor.

As I kissed down to her body, she arched her back, pushing her breasts out, inviting me to suck on her perfect tits.  I obliged, taking them in my mouth one by one, licking and kissing, biting, and tugging.  She moaned with pleasure as I continued to play with her breasts.

Her hands went to my pants, unzipping them and pulling my cock out from my boxers.  I was rock hard as she began to stroke.  After a few more minutes of me working on her breasts, she slid her skirt further up her thighs and slipped her thong to the side.  Her pussy dripped as she lowered herself onto my cock. 

Her pussy was warm, wet, and tight, a perfect combination and as she lowered herself onto my waiting shaft, she began to grind her hips.  I buried my face in her chest as she leaned back in my arms, taking my cock deeper inside her.  I reached down and began to stroke her clit as she continued to ride my shaft.  She began rocking faster and she neared climax.  In the three months that we’ve been sleeping together, I have gotten excellent and knowing precisely what she likes.  As she came, a scream escaping her lips, her pussy righted around my cock.  I felt myself getting close and pumped faster.  

I pulled her body close to mine, kissing her hard as I came, I held her close as my cock pulsed over and over, filling her up with my hot load.  I let out my own moan of pleasure as I emptied myself into her.

“Welcome to the mile-high club.” She whispered in my ear as she continued to slowly rock her hips over my cock.  She slid off my cock and dropped to her knees in front of me.  She began to run her tongue over my softening cock.  I don’t know how she managed it but after a few minutes of her magic. I was hard again.

She took my shaft in her mouth, sucking and licking, keeping me hard as she gently squeezed my balls.  My secretary never seemed to tire of blowjobs as she sucked, licked, stroked and squeezed for over half an hour, keeping me hard until I was ready to come again. 

I felt my cock begin to swell and stiffen even more as the second orgasm built.  I grabbed the back of her head, running my fingers through her hair as she began to move her head faster, stroking my shaft in rhythm with her head.

“Suck it, baby, swallow it all!”  I whispered down at her as she gazed hungrily into my eyes.  I grunted a feral sound as I came.  I filled her mouth, each pulse dumping more of my salty seed into her mouth.  She swallowed it all, all the while sucking my cock, making sure to get out every last drop.

As I collapsed back in my seat, she rose and fixed both of us another drink.  She handed it to me and took a sip of her own, winking at me as she did.  I thought back to what my boss told me a few hours ago.  I’m gonna have to marry that girl.”

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