25 Days of SEXmas – December 9 ♂️♀️

Day 9 is a sequel to the story from Day 6. You can read it here if you missed it.

“Oh, Fuck, yes! Fuck, fuck fuck fuck!” Nancy cried out in the darkness.  I clamped a hand over Nancy’s mouth as she climaxed. Her high pitched whimpers of pleasure drove me wild, and I began thrusting faster into her.  Her body writhed under me as the orgasms tore through her.

“You’ve got to be quiet!” I said in a harsh whisper.  “You’re gonna get us caught!  Do you want to explain this to our parents?”  Nancy nodded her agreement, still panting from her most recent orgasm.  I slowed down, pulling the length of my cock out to the tip, then slowly sliding back in. Nancy let out a purr of satisfaction, letting me know that she enjoyed it.  Every slow thrust was driving me wild, drawing out the pleasure as I felt the orgasm building inside me.

“I’m gonna come,”  I whispered in the darkness.

“Fill me with your cum!”  Nancy whispered back in my ear as she wrapped her legs around me.  I felt it build as I pushed deep into her pussy one last time.  I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close as I came.  Her legs tightened around my hips, keeping me deep inside her as my cock continued to pulse, filling her.  Exhausted, I lay on top of her, unable to move.  She ran her fingers through my hair as she kissed my neck.

After a minute, I rolled off her, she turned away from me and scooted her ass up against my softening cock.  Being the little spoon to my big spoon, I pulled her close.  As Nancy began to drift off to sleep, I thought about how much things had changed in the last 48 hours.

Two days ago, I had arrived home for Christmas.  As was tradition, my mother’s best friend and her daughter were staying with us for Christmas.  As children, Nancy’s mom Julie would come over to our house nearly every day to gossip about the neighbors with my mother.  Nancy, two years my junior would always come with her.

As children, Nancy and I had never gotten along.  As teenagers, we had still spent most of the time sniping and insulting each other.  I wouldn’t say I hated her, but if I never saw her again, I wouldn’t be sad.  When I came home for Christmas this year, I caught Nancy doing a webcam show in my room.  After refusing to leave, Nancy had told her audience that her cousin had just come in and that she was going to give him a blowjob. 

The cousin thing is a term my mother used when talking about Nancy, she’s not actually my cousin.  But using it on the webcam seemed to be popular, Nancy made almost six grand that night.  The company she webcammed for said it was one of their most-viewed sessions of all time.  After that night, Nancy had changed from someone I couldn’t stand to someone I couldn’t get enough of.  We were fucking like rabbits every chance we had now.

I heard a step squeak as someone walked up the stairs.   Oh shit, I thought as I scooted away from Nancy.  I sat up in bed and pulled my t-shirt over my head.  Thank God Nancy had a nightgown on, with the covers pulled up to her chest, she looked like she had just fallen asleep.  I turned the volume up on the movie that was playing on the TV in my room.

My mother opened the door, she had never bothered to knock when I was living here, and she didn’t now.  I put a finger to my lips and pointed to Nancy as I spoke. “She fell asleep during Die Hard. I figured I’d let her sleep here tonight, and I’d move to her bed once my movie was over.

“That’s very sweet of you!” my mother said.  “You two always got along so well as children, glad to see you’re still best friends!”  She closed the door, and I heard her walking away.

“Best friends?” Nancy asked in the darkness.

“My mother has her own versions of history, they rarely match with reality,” I replied, rolling my eyes.  Nancy sat up and slid closer to me.  I put my arm around her and turned up Die Hard.  As Bruce Willis climbed through the vents of the Nakatomi Plaza, Nancy began to stroke my cock.  By the time Alan Rickman fell to his death, Nancy’s lips were wrapped around my cock.

She moved her head up and down, making me moan with pleasure as I felt her tongue licking my shaft.  I grabbed a fistful of her hair, pumping her mouth faster on my shaft as my other hand fingered her ass.  Despite what Nancy had told her audience, she was very familiar with anal and loved it.  She pulled her head off my shaft and looked at me, eyes intense.

“Fuck me in the ass!”  Her demand, or plea, I wasn’t sure which, was a massive turn-on.  I pulled my fingers out of her ass and climbed out of bed.   I walked over to a set of 20 pound free weights on the floor and carried them over to the door.  I hated not having a lock on my door, but the 40 pounds of weights would at least keep anyone from just barging in on us.

I walked back to the bed and grabbed Nancy by the ankle. I pulled her to the edge of the bed as she rolled onto her back. I pulled her thin blue-lace panties down her smooth legs and tossed them to the floor. She pulled her knees back toward her chest as she spread her legs apart, giving me a great view of her smooth pussy and tight little ass.

I turned on the bedside lamp, wanting to see her face while I fucked her. She whimpered with pleasure as I began to push the tip of my cock into her.  She pulled her nightgown up, wiggling out of it as I slid my shaft deeper into her.  I stared down at her naked body as I began thrusting, the motion making her bare breasts bounce invitingly. 

Nancy began to play with her breasts, pulling and squeezing as I increased my speed.  One hand slid down between her legs, and she started to stroke her dripping pussy.  I  pumped faster, feeling my balls slap against her ass as I rammed myself into her over and over.

I fumbled for my phone on the nightstand, finally found it, and began recording.  Nancy smiled as I recorded her.  She came, her tight ass squeezing around my cock as her body shook with pleasure.  I focused on her fingers as she rubbed her clit.  I could see the wetness dripping out of her pussy and onto my cock as I continued to fuck her ass.

The second time she came, she squirted, a hot load of sticky sweetness hit my stomach, Nancy grabbed her legs, spreading them further apart letting me get a better shot of her ass and pussy.  I felt my cock stiffen as the orgasm built. 

“I want you to come all over my body!” Nancy said as I began to thrust faster.  I pulled out as Nancy spread her legs wide.  I stroked my cock, holding out as long as I could. When I came, I shot my load all over her chest and boy.  Ropy tendrils of thick cum coated her breasts, her stomach, and her pussy.  My body shook as my cock continued to pulse.  Nancy began to run her fingers through my hot load, spreading it around, then licking her fingers clean.

When she was finished playing, she slid her nightgown back over her luscious body.  “I’m sleepy, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I think I need to get some sleep.  Hey, why don’t we go to a hotel tomorrow morning and do another show?  You can unwrap me on Christmas eve!” 

 I pulled her close and kissed her, the thought of her going to sleep covered in my cum was driving me wild and at that moment I would have agreed to do anything.  At least at a hotel, we would have some privacy.  We decided to meet tomorrow at 7:00 AM for some ‘last-minute shopping’ and record another stream.  But that’s a story for another day.

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