25 Days of SEXmas – December 10 ♂️♀️♀️

Day 10 brings you a story of (very) causal sex.

Lisa was putting the last of the dishes away when Anthony walked in.  He stared at Lisa’s amazingly perfect ass in the Christmas lingerie she had bought the day before.  Black and red, maybe not traditional Christmas colors, but sexy none the less.  On top of her head, she wore a Santa hat, the white ball hanging down her back.  She turned when she heard the door close.

“Hey, Baby!” She cried out as she saw him.  “I’ve got tonight all planned out. First, we’re gonna clip coupons, then we’re gonna repaint the hallway, then we’re gonna watch it dry!  After that, we can watch some dry British comedy until we fall asleep.  Sound good?”  Anthony grabbed his wife by the arms and shook her.

“What’s wrong with you, woman?  You know damn well paint drying is Thursday, today is Wednesday!” When she burst into laughter, Anthony let go of her arms and joined her.  He leaned down, kissing her perfect lips as he slid his arms around her mostly naked body.  Tonight was date night, and as it was December, they decided they would watch Christmas movies in their underwear.

“your boxers are on the bed, go change while I get the first movie ready.  Do you want the New Grinch, Jim Carrey Grinch, or Original Grinch?  Lisa asked as Anthony walked down the hall.

“Carrey’s the funniest, let’s start with that one!” Anthony replied, stripping out of his work clothes and tossing them into the hamper.  The red silk boxers were lying out on the bed, ready for him.  His wife did, indeed, think of everything.

As the couple cuddled up on the couch, eating Christmas cookies, they laughed at the antics of a grinchy Jim Carrey as he argued with the adorable Cindy Lou Who.  Idly, Anthony began to play with Lisa’s Santa hat, flicking the white puff on the tip into her face.  She swatted at him, and he caught her hand, pulled it to her lips, and kissed. 

Lisa, curled up in Anthony’s lap, turned to face him. “Where’s my kiss?”  She sat up, reaching for his head to pull it close.  They kissed, long and slow as their tongues began to dance.  Anthony’s fingers began to walk down Lisa’s body and slipped inside her black lace underwear.  He felt Lisa’s smooth mound, she must have had it waxed within the last couple days. 

A quiver of pleasure shot through Lisa as her husband slid his fingers down into her slit and began to stroke up and down.   She let out a moan of pleasure when he started stroking her clit.  She was dripping wet and hand been all day.  The teasing, the joking, all of it was foreplay to her, she almost classified it as a fetish, but wasn’t sure if banter could be.  Either way, her husband always knew how to get her excited.

“I have a surprise for you.”  She stopped long enough to let out a whimper of pleasure.  “Are you ready for it?”

“Oh yeah, baby.  What did you get for me?” Anthony replied, speeding up his fingers, wanting to make her come.

“You can come in now!”  Lisa raised her voice, so it carried to the second bedroom.  Anthony looked up and saw a woman walking out of the bedroom.  She was completely nude except for a red ribbon wrapped around her waist and tied just above her ass. 

“This is Tara, she’s going to join us for date night.”  Without a word, Tara knelt down between Anthony’s legs.  Lisa returned to kissing Anthony as the other woman took Anthony’s cock into her mouth.  Anthony stroked faster, feeling his wife quiver as she came closer to orgasm.

With a cry, Lisa came.  Her body shook as the orgasm tore through her body, Anthony pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and let Lisa lick them clean.  Anthony put a hand on Tara’s chin and guided her off his cock.  She was good, but it wasn’t right for him to keep her to himself.  When Tara looked up into his eyes, Anthony looked over at his wife’s pussy with a nod.  Obediently, Tara moved to Lisa’s spread legs and began to lick. 

As Lisa moaned, she turned her head, eager to pick up where Tara left off.  She moved her head up and down, taking his husband’s cock deep into her mouth. Date night is always so much more fun when we have a guest, Lisa thought as she felt Tara’s agile tongue slip deep inside her. 

After a few more minutes, Anthony stood, picked up Lisa, and carried her to the bedroom. He came back and did the same with Tara, kissing her and tasing his wife’s sweetness on her soft lips as he did.  Tara laid on her back as Lisa climbed on top of her, straddling her waist.  Lisa leaned down, kissing her as Anthony slipped his cock into her.  Tara began to moan as she felt the cock entering her tight pussy.  Anthony thrust slow, in no hurry to finish as Lisa continued to kiss her.

I love being married to a nymphomaniac, I wonder where my wife found this one.  Anthony continued to fuck the blonde girl currently making out with his wife.  He loved his wife, was devoted entirely to her, and she to him.  But, her appetites were insatiable, and about once a month, she would find another girl to share date night with them.  She would never tell him when someone would be joining them, but it would always be date night, and it would always be a pretty girl.  Anthony figured, to keep his wife happy, he could make that sacrifice.

Lisa changed positions, she straddled Tara’s head as she brought her own head between Tara’s legs.  Anthony could feel his wife’s tongue rubbing against his shaft as she licked the other woman’s clit.  Tara’s tongue did the same to Lisa, and both women moaned and writhed with pleasure. 

Anthony pulled out of Tara’s dripping pussy and pushed his cock into his wife’s waiting mouth.  Grabbing the back of her head, he thrust deep, burying her cock between her soft lips as the next orgasm tore through her.  Anthony felt his cock stiffen as the orgasm built inside him.

“You ready, baby?”  Anthony asked as he began to thrust faster.  Lisa’s moan of pleasure is all the answer he needed.  He pulled out and Lisa opened her mouth and slipped out her tongue.  His cock pulsed as he shot his load into her mouth.  When he was empty, she turned back to Tara and began to kiss her, sharing his load with the other woman.

Anthony walked out as the two women continued to pleasure each other.  Anthony cooked dinner for his wife and guest and when they stepped out of the shower together, he offered them plates of spaghetti. 

After dinner, the three cuddled up naked under warm blankets to finish watching the Grinch. 

Just another date night thought Anthony as he hit play on the remote.

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