25 Days of SEXmas – December 13 ♀️♀️

Day 13 – 3-Way with the TSA

I hate waiting.  I hate waiting at the airport, most of all.  Wait to check-in.  Wait in line for security.  Wait at your gate.  Wait to board.  Then, the wait on a layover.  The layover wait is the worst.  My girlfriend and I were flying home to visit her parents for the holidays when we got stuck at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

“Delayed again?”  I complained as I watched our flight get pushed back for the third time.  An unexpected cold front blew in from the Great Lakes, dumping tons of snow all over the windy city.  Our flight into Chicago landed right as the snow began to fall, within 45 minutes, all flights incoming our outbound were delayed.  There was talk of shutting down the airport completely, but it hadn’t happened yet.

“I knew we should have taken that flight through Atlanta; they’re not getting snowed in!” Stephanie, my girlfriend, complained.  Stephanie usually isn’t a complainer, but the stress of flying and visiting her parents had her on edge.  I knew what would help, but freaky sex is hard to pull off in an airport.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, Flight AA4127 from Chicago O’Hare to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has been delayed.  The new departure time is 5:17 PM.

I glanced down at my watch, 2:26 PM, great.  I pulled out my phone to call Stephanie’s parents.  I could deal with her mother better than she could.

“Hi, Mrs. Edmonson- Yes, delayed again, new departure time is 5:17 PM.  Yes, I’m aware that you were expecting us at 3:00.  With the time zone difference, we will hopefully be there by 6:00 PM your time.”  I listened to Stephanie’s mother drone on and on, complaining about, well, everything.  There’s a reason that we live in Kentucky. It’s far from her parents.   I ended the call and turned to Stephanie.

“Thank you; I can’t deal with her right now,” Stephanie said.  I took her hand and gave it a quick squeeze.

“It’s ok, I told her you were in the bathroom, and I decided to call to update her.  Now, we have three hours to kill; let’s go find somewhere quiet and make out.”  Stephanie burst out laughing at my comment.

“Where do you expect to find somewhere quiet at O’Hare on December 23rd?”

“Follow me; I know just the place.”  We walked down the terminal toward an area currently closed off for upgrades.  Opaque plastic sheets were hung across the hall, effectively blocking it off.  Ignoring the do not enter and construction signs, I slipped in.  Stephanie resisted at first, but she usually followed my lead. After a moment of hesitation, she followed me.

The area was empty; nobody was working two days before Christmas. We walked about 30 feet in and found a quiet side hall.  I dropped my backpack onto the cold tile floor and pushed Stephanie up against the wall.  My mouth found hers and attacked.  I forced my tongue into her mouth as my hand slipped up her t-shirt to fondle her breasts. 

Stephanie moaned as my fingers teased her nipples through the thin cloth of her bra.  Her tongue slid into my mouth as she began to stroke my pussy through my jeans.  I felt myself getting wet from her touch and began to moan.  I tried to stay quiet, but a couple of loud ones echoed down the empty hall.  My hand slid down her tight stomach and into her sweatpants. I began to stroke slowly, teasing her pussy outside her panties. 

Stephanie’s moans began to compete with mine as we continued to rub each other.  I pushed her panties to the side and slid one finger inside her wet pussy. Stephanie fought to get my pants unzipped, wanting to finger me while I fingered her. I helped with my free hand as I began stroking her clit.

“If we get caught, we’re gonna get arrested!”  Stephanie moaned as she neared her first climax.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked as I began to stroke faster.

“Fuck, no! I’m almost there!”  she replied as her back arched away from the wall, pushing her hips harder against my hand.  I clamped my free hand over Stephanie’s mouth when she came, the cut of scream of pleasure echoed down the hall.  I was sure someone had to hear that.

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Stephanie worked her hand inside my thong and began to rub my clit.  I spread my legs apart, giving her more room and wishing I’d worn sweatpants as she did.  Disparate, I pulled my jeans down to my thighs, holding them with one hand while I continued to finger Stephanie with the other.  She stroked me faster and faster, matching my speed as we neared climax together.  We kissed hard, hoping to muffle our screams as the orgasms hit us both.

My eyes were closed, and I was completely focused on the pleasure tearing through my body when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I did a quick count in my head.  One of Stephanie’s hands was between my legs; the other was on my face.  Shit busted.  I turned and looked into the face of a scowling TSA agent.

“This is a restricted area, didn’t you see the signs?”  Stephanie, unaware that we had been joined, squeaked in shock as she opened her eyes at the sound of an unfamiliar voice.  I pulled my hand out of Stephanie’s pants and tried to pull my jeans back up over my hips.

“Oh, uh, sorry we-” “We were just-” “Our flight-“ Stephanie and I talked over each other as we babbled off our excuses.  A voice from the radio cut us off.

“Agent Peterson, did you find the trespassers?”

“Yes, a couple of girls traveling together looks like one might’ve gotten overstimulated by the crowds, needed a quiet place to calm down.” Agent Peterson replied.  She smirked at the look of disbelief on our faces when she didn’t turn us in.

“Do they require medical assistance?” The voice on the radio replied.

“No, I’m gonna sit back here with them for a little while, let them calm down a little bit more then I will escort them back to the main terminal.” 


“I’m Natalie.” The agent said as she held her hand out to me. I looked down, my right hand still sticky from Stephanie.  Awkwardly, I offered my left hand, flipped upside down, and shook.

“Why did you say that?”  I asked, unable to accept our good fortune at face value.  Natalie blushed scarlet, and she looked at the floor before responding.

“I thought you might have room for one more.  But I’m not gonna arrest you or anything if you say no!”  The second sentence came out in a rush.  I glanced at Stephanie, who gave a small nod.  We’d had another girl join us occasionally, so this wasn’t a new experience for us. I reached out and grabbed Natalie, pulling her close to me and kissing her on the lips.

“Sure, we’re good at sharing,”  I said as Stephanie laughed.  Feeling certain that Natalie’s ruse bought us at least half an hour of privacy, Stephanie and I tore at Natalie’s uniform.  I went for her belt as Stephanie began to unbutton her uniform shirt.  In another minute, we had Natalie on the floor, naked from the waist down.  Stephanie kissed her as I pushed her bra up, letting her breasts slip free.  I ran my tongue over her nipples as my hand slipped between Natalie’s creamy white thighs.  Natalie spread her legs apart as I began to stroke a finger up and down, teasing it over her slit as my tongue swirled around her nipple.

Natalie’s moan was stifled by Stephanie’s mouth pressed against hers as their tongues danced together.  I slid my finger inside Natalie’s shaved slit and began to slip two fingers in and out.  She was dripping wet when my fingers penetrated her.  I saw Stephanie arch as Natalie’s hand slipped inside her sweatpants and began to stroke.  Natalie’s other hand began pushing my jeans back down my hips, I was glad I’d not managed to get them rebuttoned.

The three of us laid on the floor, Natalie’s fingers feverishly stroking both of us.  Stephanie began to stroke Natalie’s clit while I continued to slide my fingers in and out.  I felt her tighten around my fingers as she came, her body shuddering from the orgasm as it tore through her.

 I was next. I bit my lip, nearly drawing blood as I tried to keep from screaming in pleasure from Natalie’s nimble fingers.  I bucked, pushing hard against her fingers as she continued to rub my sensitive clit, drawing the orgasm out.  I Kissed Natalie, pushing my mouth against hers as the waves of pleasure rolled over me.

Stephanie began to tremble in anticipation.  Natalie moved her hand from between my legs and began fondling her breast as she reached the edge.  Stephanie squirted when she came, a clear stream of liquid splashed over Natalie’s hand, coating it to the wrist.

Finally, we all lay together panting, Natalie licked her fingers, tasting our sweet juices.  After a minute, Natalie stood and began to redress.  We joined her, and, in a few minutes, she was back to looking crisp and clean in her uniform.

“We better get going.  They’ll send someone to check on me if I’m not back soon.”  Natalie said as she reached down to button my pants, using the movement to slide one hand between my legs for one more light squeeze.  We grabbed our backpacks and began to follow her back out of the construction zone. 

“You know, we’ll be flying back through Chicago in three days.  We could book a hotel for the night… If you were interested.” I said to Natalie as we exited through the plastic sheets.

“Or you could just come and stay at my apartment for the night, my roommate would be happy for another couple to join us for the evening.”  She winked, and I had a flash of four naked bodies tumbled together, I felt myself getting wet at the thought.  Natalie wrote her number on a scrap of paper and handed it to me.

Natalie walked away, leaving us at our gate.  I looked up just as all the flights showing delayed in bright orange changed.  Canceled flashed up as the announcements began to blare over the loudspeakers letting everyone know that the airport was shutting down and that there would be no more flights in or out.  As I breathed out a sigh of frustration, Natalie walked back up to us.

“You know, why don’t you just come over tonight.”

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