25 Days of SEXmas – December 14 ♂️♀️

Day 14 – Dinner with the inlaws. Sometimes you just have to text and take care of things yourself.

My phone dings as the Uber driver pulls up in front of my house.  I look down at the screen as I step into the black ford explorer SUV.

Jack:  You on your way?  The queen is getting antsy.

Claire: Uber just got here, I’m on my way.  ETA is 30 minutes.

Jack: Great!  I don’t know how much longer I can handle being here without you.

Claire: She’s YOUR mother.

Jack: Exactly!  That’s why I moved out the day I turned 18. 

Claire:  I thought it was because you wanted to have sex with your 19-year-old girlfriend with her own place without worrying about your mom walking in on us.

Jack:  Well, that too.  What are you wearing?

Claire: That hideous dress that your mother bought me.

Jack:  The black one with the high neck?

Claire: No, the red one that makes me look fat, and my tits look small.

Jack: Ugh, that is the ugliest dress ever. I thought you burned it in the fireplace.

Claire: I should, but maybe your mom will stop buying me these things if she thinks I like them.

Jack: Reverse psychology, nice!  What are you wearing UNDER the hideous dress?

Claire:  You’ll find out later tonight if you’re good.

Jack: Can’t wait.

Claire: Pulling up now.

I walk in, ignoring the disapproving look from Jack’s mother and the way that his father looks me over like a piece of meat.  I walk up and kiss Jack on the lips, making sure his mother sees my tongue slip my tongue into his mouth.  She hates me, and I derive a great deal of pleasure in pissing her off.

She insists on inviting us over for dinner every year for Christmas dinner.  Magically, every year there’s some new woman that happens to be single joining us for the meal.  After ten years of marriage, she still won’t give up. 

This year’s eye candy is a blonde 22-year-old bimbo with fake tits.  She tries to flirt with Jack, but he ignores her.  Ever seen someone completely ignored?  It’s hilarious.  After twenty minutes, the bimbo gives up and walks to the bar for a drink.  Jack’s father mixes her one, all the while staring at her chest.

My phone buzzes.  Looking at Jack,  I see him slipping his phone back into his pocket.

Jack: Was that good enough for you?

Claire: OMG, that was funny.  She looked like she was about to blow a gasket after you walked away when she was talking to you.  Do you know this year’s model?

Jack: Yes, family friend, as much as people like my family have friends.  She knows we’re married, she’s after my family’s money.

Claire: Bitch, maybe I should get into a cat-fight with her, that would liven up Christmas.

Jack:  Instead, why don’t I tell you what I’m going to do to you when we get home instead?

Claire:  Mmmm.  Tell me, baby.  Oh, and I forgot to put on panties before I left the house.

Jack: The first thing I’m gonna do is tear that dress off you and throw it in the fire.  Next, I’m gonna go down between those sexy tanned thighs of yours and taste that sweet pussy.

Jack: I’m gonna run my tongue over your clit while I slip my fingers inside you.

I feel my pussy throb in anticipation.  Jack’s tongue is fucking amazing.  I excuse myself to the bathroom.

Claire:  Don’t stop!

I step into the bathroom, slipping the dress off and letting it fall to the floor. I see my bare breasts in the bathroom mirror.  I pinch my tits, bringing some color up before snapping a picture and sending it to jack.

Jack: Oh, baby, that’s hot.

Jack: I will suck on those titties while you cum all over my fingers.  Then lick those fingers clean before pounding my cock into you.

I lean against the wall, putting one leg on the toilet, spreading my legs apart, and snapping pictures of my pussy.  I stroke myself as Jack continues to text me, telling me all the things he’s going to do to me.  My camera app clicks over and over as I send pictures to Jack.

Jack:  Damn, now I’ve got to go to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Jack sends me a picture of his erect cock. I finger myself faster, thinking about that cock inside me.

Jack:  Video chat?

Claire: Video, Chat!

Jack calls me, I answer the call and position the camera to see my fingers rubbing my clit.  Jack’s camera shows me his hand stroking his hard cock.  I imagine that cock in me, fucking me as I cum over and over. My phone shakes as I near climax.

Oh shit, I think as I come, squirting a hot sticky load all over my camera and screen.  I’m usually not a squirter, but I hope Jack liked THAT money shot.  I lean back, watching the screen as Jack shoots his load into a wad of toilet paper.  His cock pulses over and over as he empties himself.  I wish it was my pussy being filled up with his cum.  Later tonight, it will be.

Finished, we both clean up and go back to the formal dining room.  The blonde bimbo is ignoring Jack and flirting with his father.  Jack’s mother is furious and is alternating her hate stare between the bimbo and me.

When dinner is finally finished, we say our goodbye’s and drive home. 

“You still want to burn this dress when we get home?” I ask as Jack backs out of the driveway.

“Oh yeah, but first, let’s see if we can make you squirt again!”

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