25 Days of SEXmas – December 15 ♂️♀️

Day 15 – Fucked by Santa Claus

“Oh god, Fuck me, Santa!”  Natalie screamed as the man dressed as Saint Nick shoved his cock into her dripping pussy.  Natalie had been working at Harry’s Hardware for three months, ever since moving to this Podunk town with her parents.  At nineteen, Natalie hadn’t found anyone to hook up with since moving from New York City and was dying to get laid.

When Harry said his twenty-two-year-old son, Chris, was coming home for Christmas to work at the store, Natalie had assumed he would be as wholesome as his father.  It had taken less than a week for them to start having sex on the pallets of dog food after hours.

Now, as Chris, dressed as Santa, shoved his cock into her, Natalie closed her eyes and enjoyed the way her breasts bounced with each thrust.  She reached down between her spread legs and began to stroke her clit, desperate to cum again.  Role-playing as a dirty elf getting pounded by the big guy was a huge turn on for her, and she had already managed to climax twice in the last ten minutes.

“Oh yeah, just like that Santa, I’ve been naughty, punish me!”  Natalie pulled the skirt of her elf costume up higher, letting Chris see her shaved pussy.  She had loved the costume as soon as Harry brought it in as her seasonal uniform.  Of course, Harry had assumed she would wear underwear beneath the knee-length green skirt.

Natalie felt her muscles tighten around the cock buried in her pussy as she came for the third time.  Chris pulled back, watching her squirt all over the warehouse floor.  Legs shaking, Natalie managed to roll over and stretch her petite body over the bag of dog food.

“Santa, I think you should spank me,” Natalie said in a pout as she looked over her shoulder.  The slap across her ass had her crying out in pain and excitement.  The second slap stung a little more, and she imagined the red handprints standing out on her ass.  Over and over, the slaps landed.  Natalie whimpered and cried out, but never asked him to stop.  Finally, when she couldn’t resist, she begged Santa for what she really wanted.

“I think you need to fuck me in the ass, so I’ll learn my lesson.”  She heard Chris gasp at the request.  They hadn’t done anal before, and she wanted him to before he left to go back to college.  Natalie felt the tip of his cock press tight against her ass.  Natalie pushed back, wanting it deep inside her.  She used but plugs, and had one in earlier so she was stretched enough it wouldn’t hurt.  When she felt Chris cock finally pop inside, she let out a moan of pleasure. 

Eagerly Chris rammed his cock into Natalie’s tight ass.  Her screams of pleasure were driving him wild.  Natalie began to thrust back, matching her thrusts to his, until he was all the way inside her.  Natalie reached down and fingered her clit, wanting to come one more time before Chris blew his load in her ass. 

Natalie felt his cock stiffening as he began to thrust even faster, desperate to come inside her.  She reached climax at the same time he did, squeezing her tight ass around his cock as he emptied himself into her.  Each pulse sent more and more of his hot cum into her ass as he kept his cock buried inside her.

Finally, he pulled out and leaned against the pallet of dog food next to her.

“Merry Christmas, Natalie.”

“Merry Christmas Santa, tomorrow can I sit on your lap and tell you what presents I want?”

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