25 Days of SEXmas – December 16 ♀️♀️

Day 16 of 25 days of SEXmas – The Ski Trip – Part 2

If you missed part one, read it here.

“Wait, warmup?  I thought that was the whole game!” she laughed as she climbed off me.  I licked my lips, tasting her sweetness as she walked away.

“No, silly.  That was just to see if you were good enough to play with!  Wait there, I’ll be back.”  I followed her with my eyes as she walked into the adjoining bathroom.  When she came back out, she carried a polished black box with ornate gold filigree.  She set the box on the bed next to me and opened it. Inside was an assortment of massage oils, silk scarves, vibrators, and other sex toys I’d never seen before.

“Give me your hands,” she said as she pulled out a length of rope.

“Wait, what’s your name?” I asked, unwilling to let someone I didn’t even know tie me up.

“My name is Christa, and you don’t have anything to worry about, ok?  I’m not into anything really kinky, and if it ever gets too much, just say jingle bells, and I’ll stop ok?”  I nodded and held out my hands, hoping she was good to her word. “What’s your name?”

“Sadie, like the dance.” Christa laughed as she tied my hands together, then stretched my arms up above my head and tied them to the headboard.  Next, Christa tied each of my feet to one of the posts of the bed, leaving my legs spread open and my pussy exposed.

“Have you ever used toys before Sadie?” Christa asked as she pulled out a small vibrator that looked to be about six inches long and the size of a AA battery.

“No, my ex-boyfriend didn’t like them, he said that he should be all I needed to be satisfied. Of course, he had to go fuck his yoga instructor, so I guess he needed more than me to be satisfied.” Christa let out a derisive snort as she turned the vibrator on.  A soft hum pierced the air as the toy sprang to life.

Slowly, Christa began tracing the tip over my nipples. I felt them harden under the touch.  “You don’t know what you’ve been missing, a man can only do so much,” Christa said, her voice silky-smooth, as she traced the tip down my body to between my legs.  I began to tremble uncontrollably as the tip of the vibrator slid between my spread legs.

“Oh, fuck,” I cried out when the tip of the vibrator hit my clit, the waves of pleasure that pulsed through me were definitely something that my ex couldn’t pull off with his cock.  The first orgasm hit me hard and fast, pulling a scream of pleasure out of me.  I shook harder as my body began to writhe, pulling against the ropes.

Christa didn’t stop. She held the tip of the toy against my clit while the orgasm hit.  The sensation was overwhelming, and I tried to close my legs, tried to cover my sensitive clit, but the ropes were too strong.  I gasped for air as the second orgasm crashed over me.

“Ooooh, my goooodddd,” I managed to say around moans of pleasure.  Christa slid the vibrator off my clit and slowly pushed it inside me. I was thankful that it was off my clit, but as she pushed it deep into me, Christa turned it up to high.  Christa ran a ribbon between my legs and thighs, somehow tying the vibrator inside me.

As the pulses continued to wash over me, Christa grabbed a bottle of massage oil and lazily dribbled it over my body, each drop of the cold oil sent shivers across my skin. When her hands began to rub the oil over me, I began to moan louder.  Her hands touched and squeezed my breasts and teasing my nipples. 

She leaned down and began to kiss me, running her tongue over my lips and slipping her tongue into my open mouth.  One hand trailed down my body to between my legs, she began to finger my clit, rubbing it in tight circles as I felt the third orgasm building inside me.  I whimpered, begging her to stop, to give me a break as the pleasure built. 

When the third orgasm hit, I was overwhelmed, my pussy felt like one raw nerve of pain and pleasure.  I screamed over and over as my entire body jumped and strained against the ropes that held me.

“Jingle Bells!” I screamed, and instantly the vibrator was gone. I fell back, panting.  My body was slick with oil and sweat, my hair plastered to my head.  Christa kissed me gently on the lips.

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“You’re fun to play games with, Sadie.”  Do you want to play some more?

“Water!” I croaked, my throat raw.  Christa immediately jumped up and grabbed a bottle from the refrigerator.  She helped me lift my head and poured some down my throat.  “I need a break, that’s too intense.”

“OK,” Christa said as she traced fingers over my stomach. “What if I do something a little less intense.  Will you still play with me?”

I nodded, still trying to catch my breath too much to speak. “Great!” Christa cried out as she reached back into the box and pulled out a blindfold. I began to panic, unable to move, unable to see, I nearly told her to stop.  Then I felt her hand stroke my cheek, and her lips brush against mine. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

I twitched when I felt something as light as a whisper trace along my neck.  “Relax, it’s just a feather,” Christa said, her voice a soft murmur.  The feather traced around my nipples, bringing goosebumps to my arms.  Slowly the feather traced down to my stomach.  I tried to squirm away as it tickled me. 

“No, no, tickling,” I complained. “I hate being tickled.”  Immediately the feather disappeared, and ten fingertips began teasing over my ribs.  I squealed, trying to writhe away from those evil fingers.   Her fingers moved down to my thigh, then the back of my knees.  I tried to kick her when she reached m feet, but the ropes held me at her mercy. 

Suddenly, I felt her tongue between my legs. I gasped at the sudden rush of pleasure that flooded through me. Her tongue was hot against my exposed skin, and within minutes she had me at the edge of an orgasm.  She snatched the vibrator and slipped it back inside, turning it on high as she slid it into me, her tongue still on my clit.

I screamed as I came, my body convulsing with the waves of pleasure.  She shut off the vibrator and pulled it out.  As I lay there panting, she untied my legs.  Instinctively I curled up, protecting my swollen pussy.  After untying my hands, she removed the blindfold. 

“You were great, Sadie.  I had a great time playing with you.  Do you want to play with me now?” I took the rope and smiled sweetly, I definitely wanted to play

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