25 Days of SEXmas – December 17 ♂️♀️

Day 17 – Skipping Christmas

This year, we got away from it all.  No presents, no tree, no decorations.  Yes, We’ve read Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, and yes, we’ve seen Christmas with the Kranks.  And yes, this is kind of like that.  But this story has lots of sex, orgasms, and blowjobs, so it’s better!

When we arrived at the resort, my husband Tony and I dropped our suitcases and made a dash for the king-size bed.  It was Christmas Eve, and for the first time in the five years we’ve been married, we weren’t visiting one set of parents or the other.  We tore at each other’s clothes, desperate to begin the holiday fucking. 

I got tony naked first and pushed him back onto the bed.  His cock was already rock hard as I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth.  I moved my head up and down, alternating between sucking and licking his magnificent cock.  I love the feel of it my mouth, it’s big and warm and exciting.  Tony moaned with pleasure as I continued to play with his cock.

I was kneeling, my legs spread apart on the plush carpet.  I reached one hand down and began to finger my clit as my other hand worked on Tony’s cock.  The entire flight down here, we had been whispering sexual fantasies to each other, and I was definitely ready to cum.  As I fingered myself, I felt the orgasm building.  I held out as long as I could, when I couldn’t resist anymore, I climbed up onto the bed and straddled Tony.

His cock felt so good, pushing deep inside my soaking wet pussy.  I began to rock my hips back and forth, grinding on him as I joined my moans to his. Tony began to thrust up, burying his cock balls deep inside my wet pussy as the first orgasm hit.  I screamed, squeezing my coochie tight around his shaft as my body bucked violently.

Tony rolled, pinning me under him as he began to pump his shaft into me over and over. 

“Fuck yes, fuck me, you stallion!  Tear up that pussy!”  I screamed at him as my fingernails raked across his back.  He pumped faster, pounding into me like a jackhammer.  His teeth found my nipples and began to bite and tug, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me.

“Harder!  Pound me like a salvation army drum!” I felt the second orgasm hit, pulling an animal scream from me as the climax hit me.  Waves of pleasure washed through me as my body shook with pleasure.  Tony pulled out, and I rolled over onto my stomach.  He climbed on top, and my breath caught as I knew what was about to come next.

“Oh yeah, fuck my tight ass, shove your big, hard cock into me, stretch me out!” Tony slid into me, his cock slick from my pussy.  I buried my face in the pillows as I screamed with pleasure.  He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back as he began to pump into me.

“fuuuuuuuuuk yeeeeeees” I screamed as I reached between my legs and began fingering my clit, bringing myself to the edge once more.  I kept myself on the edge, ready to cum as soon as Tony did.  I felt Tony stiffen, and I knew it would be soon.  I squeezed my ass tight around his cock, loving the feel of him forcing his way inside me anyway.

Tony let out a roar like a lion when he emptied himself inside me, I felt his cock squirting his hot load into me over and over, each pulse of cum sending a jolt of pleasure through my body.

See?  Wasn’t this better than the Grisham story?  His story didn’t have any butt fucking, and I like Tim Allen, but his version didn’t have anything as good as “Fuck yes, fuck me, you stallion!  Tear up that pussy!”   in the dialogue, did it?  If it had, it might have gotten better than 5% on rotten tomatoes!

Author’s note:  This story was inspired by John Grisham’s fantastic story, Skipping Christmas.  Which, while not erotica, is an enjoyable story about holiday hijinx.  The movie Christmas with the Kranks is just a crappy knock off of the Grisham novel and probably isn’t worth your time.

Merry Christmas,


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