25 Days of SEXmas – December 20 ♀️♀️

Day 20 – Closing the deal with the Realtor

Natasha slid an inch further down into the hot tub.  The hot water frothed up to just below her chin.  A contented sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and relaxed in the steaming water.  She was 25 years old and had just received the keys to her first house.  The management company had decorated the house for Christmas and had agreed to leave the decorations up until the new year.  Natasha thought it was funny to have a house fully decorated with lights and wreaths but no furniture.  No matter, her goal had been to be in her home by Christmas, and she had made it with one day to spare.

She looked around, there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground, but the covered porch kept her hot tub nice and snow-free.  The cold air on her face felt absolutely amazing, combined with the steaming water over the rest of her body.  The discrete sound system played Christmas songs from the local radio station.  The station was running commercial-free all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… except for the live Santa updates, of course.

As the radio host said that Santa had been spotted somewhere in Canada, Natasha felt an all too familiar stirring between her legs.  When the realtor first showed her this property, she had fantasized about the fun she could have in that hot tub.  Of course, she had fantasized about the cute blonde realtor being in the hot tub with her, but not all fantasies come true.  Natasha slipped a hand up and untied the top half of the red and white striped bikini she had worn in honor of Christmas. 

Natasha scooted up just enough that her nipples broke the surface of the water, goosebumps broke out across her wet skin as it was hit with a blast of December air.  She felt her nipples go instantly hard and let out a gasp of pleasure at the sensation.  She would have preferred to have her nipples hardened by the mouth of the realtor, but this would suffice.  She raised her hands, cupping the hot water and letting it run down her chest, warming her breasts, then feeling them prickle again with the cold air.  The extreme sensations between hot and cold were driving her wild. 

She began to pull at her erect nipples, wishing desperately that it was someone else’s hands, or better yet mouth on them.  Natasha could feel the orgasm slowly building inside her, she decided that she would climax at least once with nipple play before she would allow herself to grab the waterproof vibrator sitting on the edge of the hot tub and really pleasure herself.

A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt herself getting closer to the edge.  A final splash of hot water followed by a hard pinch, sent her over the edge.  Her stomach clenched as a quivering orgasm slipped through her body.  It was a small one but still counted.   Natasha reached for the vibrator, excited to see how long she could edge herself before giving in when a voice behind her made her jump.

“Natasha?”  Natasha whirled, dropping down into the water again to cover herself as she looked to see who was behind her.  IT was the cute realtor, holding a bottle of wine and two glasses.  Natasha wondered if she’d been there long enough to see the orgasm.  She hoped so.

“Heidi! Welcome, what are you doing here?” Natasha sat back up, letting her breasts slip out of the water, her nipples fully erect for reasons other than the cold air.

“I came by to congratulate you on moving in today, I brought a bottle of wine, but it looks like I’ve come at a bad time, I can leave this on the counter.”

“Nonsense!  Join me, this water feels amazing!”  Natasha replied, hoping desperately that Heidi would agree.

“Oh, I couldn’t, I didn’t bring a suit,” Heidi replied, blushing slightly.

“It’s OK, just come in naked, I’m already mostly naked.  We’re both girls here, you’ve got nothing I’ve not already seen before.”  Natasha hoped to see plenty she hadn’t seen before, namely Heidi’s breast and pussy.  Heidi hesitated before slipping off her winter coat and kicking out of her faux fur-lined boots.

“OK, but no peeking, close your eyes until I’m under the bubbles,” Heidi said as she began unbuttoning her blouse.  Natasha closed her eyes, mostly, and waited for Heidi to slip into the water.  When she stepped in, Natasha could see her body gliding past the slit in her eyes, noticed the freshly waxed pussy and small perky breasts as Heidi stepped down into the water.

“I’m in,”  Heidi said.  Natasha opened her eyes and smiled, the tops of Heidi’s breasts peeked out of the water invitingly, she ached to feel those soft mounds of flesh beneath her hands. 

“Well, this is awkward, you’re naked, and I’m not.”  With that, Natasha slipped the bikini bottoms off and tossed them onto the deck. 

“That’s better,” Natasha said as she scooted around to be next to Heidi until their thighs were touching.  Natasha’s hand slid onto Heidi’s thigh as she began to slowly run one finger up and down the realtor’s leg.

“You know, I never got a chance to say thank you for all the help in getting this house and getting everything closed before Christmas.”  Natasha’s finger traced further up Heidi’s bare thigh, sending a shiver through her body.  Slowly, she traced the crease between leg and hip, slipping her finger closer between Heidi’s closed legs.

“It’s my pleasure,” Heidi replied, a small gasp escaped her lips as Natasha’s finger slid to just above her slit.  “I like to make sure my clients are satisfied.”

“Let me show you how much I appreciate it and see if we can both be satisfied tonight.” Natasha leaned in and kissed Heidi on the lips.  Heidi’s mouth opened, feeling a soft, warm tongue slip inside.  When Natasha’s finger pushed further down, Heidi spread her legs wide.

Natasha slid her hand down between Heidi’s legs, one finger slipping inside and begging to stroke her clit.  Heidi let out a shocked gasp, then a moan of pleasure as Natasha began to kiss down her neck toward her collar bone.  Natasha slid further down into the steaming water until her face was level with Heid’s breasts.  She closed her lips around one soft, pink, nipple and began to suck. 

Heidi threw her head back and moaned with pleasure.  She hadn’t been with another woman since college, she had forgotten how good it felt. It has been too long since anyone had touched her.  Her ex-husband had said she was too focused on work, and he had been right, maybe she should spend more time in hot tubs with random clients and less time working.  She bit her lip, holding in a scream when the first orgasm tore through her body.  Natasha’s finger stroked faster, prolonging the ecstasy as Heidi’s hips bucked and thrashed in the hot water.

Natasha breathed in a deep breath and slipped below the surface.  Eyes closed, she pulled down until she felt Heidi’s thigh’s on her cheeks.  She slipped forward and slid her tongue out, running it up and down over Heidi’s clit as the other woman squirmed.  She counted to 25, a personal best, before pushing back up and breaking the surface.  Heidi grabbed her head, pulled her close, and kissed her as Natasha’s fingers went back to Heidi’s sensitive clit. 

Heidi reached out, sliding one hand between Natasha’s legs and began to stroke, together they raced to bring the other one to orgasm. Heidi won, Natasha bucked against her fingers as she came, screaming out wordlessly in ecstasy, her voice echoing across the still night air.

As the women panted, trying to catch their breaths, the voice of the announcer seemed to swell out of the darkness.  And Santa Claus has been spotted heading into the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. 

“Hey, that’s where we are!  Santa’s coming, do you think we’ve been naughty or nice tonight?”  Heidi asked as her fingers traced around Natasha’s nipples. Before Natasha could reply, a streak of light like a shooting star raced just over the top of Natasha’s house.  When they blinked the stars from their eyes, a package was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, a gift tag attached.

Natasha Read the tag and smiled.  Together they tore open the package and looked inside.  Two small vibrators sat side by side.  As the women laughed, they heard a voice echoing in the distance “HO HO HO.”

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