25 Days of SEXmas – December 21 ♀️

Day 20 – A Journey of Self Exploration

It was December 20, the day of our family Christmas party.  Everyone came, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  We met at the Hilton in Chesterfield, Ohio.  We rented the biggest conference room and booked up half the hotel.  Our family doesn’t mess around when it comes to Christmas.

After I ate enough food to feed a legion, it was time for games, home movies, and the dreaded question:  “Where is your husband?”  The family is really close during Christmas, but the rest of the year, we all live our own lives.  So, most of my extended family didn’t know that my soon-to-be ex-husband was living with his new girlfriend in Las Vegas. 

After the 23rd or 24th person asked me, I excused myself and stepped out onto the balcony off the conference room.  My cousin Sally followed me out.  Sally and I are close, and she knew all about my husband’s affair and guessed at what was causing my foul mood.

“Hey,”  Sally said, putting an arm on my shoulder.  “You OK?”

“Yeah, just sucks having to tell everyone that Randy turned out to be a lying sack of shit.  Especially at Christmas.” I replied, taking a big sip of my glass of spiked eggnog.

“Here, I got you this present as a gag gift, I was gonna give it to you tonight but take it now.  Go up to my room and unwind, I’ll take care of the family down here.”  Sally handed me a small rectangular package, prettily wrapped in metallic red paper and a golden bow. On top of the box was Sally’s room key.  Sally managed to beat us all out and got the Jacuzzi room this year.  Pretty sure she bribed the manager last year to get it.

Our parties lasted for hours, and a quick hot bath to relax my frayed nerves sounded amazing.  I gave Sally a hug and slipped back through the crowd and out into the hotel.  When I got to Sally’s room, I stripped down and began to run a bath.  As I sat on the edge of the tub, enjoying the feel of the cold tiles on my bare backside, I unwrapped Sally’s gift.  A smirk spread across my face as I pulled out a golden vibrator about six inches long and the thickness of my finger.

Sally had always teased me that her toys were better than any man, but I’d never needed toys because Randy was amazing in the sack.  Now that Randy was gone, Sally decided she needed to introduce me.  I slid down into the water, closing my eyes and relaxing as I turned the jets on and felt them pounding into my skin.

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What the hell, why not I thought as I turned on the vibrator and slid it down between my spread legs. I traced it over the outside of my slit, experimenting with the feel of the vibrations running through me.  It felt good, really good.  I spread my legs a little further apart and slipped the tip of the vibrator between the lips of my pussy.  The shock was immediate, sending shivers down my spine.

I should mention here, I’m not really into masturbation.  I’d been with Randy since high school, lost my virginity to him two days after my 18th birthday, and never wanted or needed anything else.  So, I’m not sure if it’s that I’ve not had an orgasm in six months or if it’s because the toy was that good, but before the toy was more than a couple inches inside me, I climaxed.

Waves of pleasure rolled through my body as my legs shook and my breath came in short, stuttering gasps  Sad that I was finished already, I hit the button to turn it off.  I nearly screamed when, instead of turning off, the vibrations increased, sending waves of pleasure through my body.  Holy shit, it felt good.  For one crazy minute, I thought I might have a second orgasm.  Something Randy assured me wasn’t possible and only faked in the pornos he watched every night.  I began to moan louder as I began sliding the vibrator in and out, enjoying the feeling of something penetrating me once more. 

I felt the second orgasm building inside me, something I’d been assured my whole life couldn’t happen.  I hit the button again, the little machine kicked up to high, making me writhe with pleasure.  The second orgasm hit as a whimper slipped from my mouth. My body bucked, water splashed up over the sides of the tub as my legs shook and spasmed. 

Like a drowning man, gasping for air, I wanted more.  I slid the vibrator out and up my slit, loving the feel of the vibrations against the lips of my pussy.  When the tip hit my clit, I nearly dropped the thing as an overwhelming wave of pleasure crashed into me.  I spread my legs wide apart, pushing my knees against the edges of the tub as I pressed the tip harder against my clit.  My breath came in gasping lungfuls as the sensations rolled through my body.  I felt another orgasm building. 

I began to move the tip in tight circles pressing in and letting off I realized I was whimpering and moaning, inarticulate words slipped from my lips as the feeling built inside me.  Finally, I climaxed, my whimpers turned into screams of pleasure as the third orgasm tore through me.  The sensation was too much, the pleasure so intense it was painful.  Reluctantly, I removed the vibrator from my clit and turned it off.

When Sally came in 45 minutes later to check on me, I was still lying back in the tub, a contented smile on my face.  I had used the vibrator three more times, having a staggering seven orgasms in one day. Sally and I grew up together, so her seeing me naked wasn’t a big deal.  Besides, the bubbles from the jets covered most of me anyway.

“You OK?” she asked, noticing the vibrator sitting on the edge of the tub.

“Fuck, yes!” I replied, smiling as I ran my finger over the vibrator.  “That was amazing.”

Sally helped me out o the tub and back into my party clothes, it was time for the ugly sweater contest, and I had the ugliest of them all, no way would I want to miss this.

“I discovered something,” I said as we walked out of the hotel room.

“What’s that?”  Asked Sally.

“Randy was lousy in the sack!  Good riddance!”  We laughed all the way back to the conference room as Sally told me about something called a Hitachi magic wand.

Read many of my books for free on Kindle Unlimited

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