25 Days of SEXmas – December 23 ♀️♀️♀️

Day 22 The Christmas ménage à troi Pt 2 (A summer of Love story)

This story is part of an upcoming book that tells the story of two women who fall in love after high school.  The first two books are available for purchase on Amazon.  Summer of Love – Volume One & Volume Two

The Christmas Menage Trois Part 2 – Told by Emily

This story picks up immediately after yesterday’s story which can be read here

We grabbed robes and slipped them on.  The food was still mostly hot, and we laughed and talked over delicious plates of Chinese food.  After dinner, we returned to the bedroom for some more fun.

Brooke laid down on her back; it was her turn for all the attention.  I moved my head between her legs, teasing my tongue up and down her sweet pussy as she let out moans of pleasure.  Amanda began to suck on one nipple while rubbing the other with her hand.  I reached up and began to play with Amanda’s smooth pussy as  I continued to lick Brooke.

I felt Brooke’s body quiver as she neared climax.  I licked faster, running my tongue over her clit as she began to moan louder.  Her breath came in short gasps as I pushed her closer to the edge. Amanda was getting close too, her hips began to grind against my fingers as she moved her mouth up to Brooke’s.  They came together, their voices intertwining into a delicious sound of sexual fulfillment. 

Amanda moved down to kneel between my legs as I continued to lick Brooke.  I felt slide one of our vibrators inside me as she squeezed my ass.  The vibrations sent waves of pleasure through me, making my body squirm.  Every time someone came, we switched positions, tongues dipped into pussies and mouths, teased nipples and bit sweating skin.  Fingers probed and pinched and caressed.  For two hours, we took turns pleasuring each other and ourselves. 

Finally, after a break for some ice cream, Brooke told us she had a surprise for both of us.  She pulled out three small remote-controlled vibrators.  We each took one and slipped them inside our swollen pussies. Brooke separated the remotes, so none of us had our own and then told us the rules of the game. 

“The first one to climax loses.  The point is to make the other girl climax before you do yourself.  If you’re the last one, you win.  Once you’re out, you still have to make the other girl climax.” Brook explained as she smiled devilishly.  “The second round is even more fun.”

Brooke had my control, she held the button down, sending waves of pleasure through me as I fought for control.  I had Amanda’s controller and teased her, sending pulses of pleasure through her when she didn’t expect them.  Not knowing when they would come made them harder to resist.  Amanda tried to do the same to Brooke.  But within a minute, Amanda was screaming in ecstasy as the unexpected vibrations pushed her over the edge.  She fell back onto the bed, writhing in pleasure as I continued to send pulses of vibration through her.

I felt my own orgasm building and fought to control myself.  Amanda, now out and safe from distraction, began to hold her button down, sending waves of pleasure through Brooke’s body.  I saw Brooke’s eyes widen as the orgasm hit her.  Her legs shook as she kneeled on the bed, legs spread.  When a gush of clear liquid squirted from her pussy, she screamed in pleasure and began to stroke her clit.  Amanda held the button down, making Brooke gasp as wave after wave hit her.  I went to her, my button forgotten in her hand, and kissed her breasts, adding to her pleasure.  She came again, screaming loud enough that I was sure there would be complaints from the neighbors.

When she finally finished, her thighs were soaked.  Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.  “That was… incredible.”  I’ve never climaxed like that before.  You two are good!  I don’t think I can do round two, I’m exhausted!”

We all curled up together under the blankets and watched But I’m a Cheerleader.  We invited Brooke to stay the night, and we all curled up together, Brooke between us as we went to sleep.  The next morning, the three of us crammed into the shower with a collection of vibrators.  As we took turns washing each other’s hair and bodies, we would run vibrators over each other.  After the shower, Brooke and Amanda decided to tie me up to see how many times they could make me come.

My arms spread apart, Brooke slid one of the remote control vibrators inside my body.  Amanda pulled out two of our vibrators, handing one to Brooke.  She slid one in my ass, turning it on high as she slipped it in.  Brooke hit the button, making the one inside me jump.  Amanda took the last one, a small AA battery one, and began to rub it on my clit.

The combined vibrations of the three toys had me whimpering within minutes.  Intense waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt the orgasm rapidly building.  Amanda’s tongue was in my mouth, as her free hand teased my nipples.  I whimpered, my pussy and thighs were soaked, and I was right on the edge of climaxing.  When the climax hit, I screamed.  Amanda’s mouth muffled mine, but it was still loud.  My legs tried to clamp together, to protect my over-stimulated clit, but Brooke kept them apart, forcing me into a second orgasm almost immediately.  I don’t know how long it was, and I lost count after five mind-blowing orgasms.  Finally, they relented, and I lay back panting, my body still shaking from the stimulation. 

Sadly, after our last game, Brooke had to leave.  She slipped the duster over her naked body slipped on her boots, she gave us both a passionate kiss and walked out the door.  Amanda and I kissed then went back to bed.  She told me she had a great time, but didn’t want to share me with anyone.   

Brooke came over a couple more times for dinner, but we never did anything more than eat and watch movies.  But that’s OK, I’ve got Amanda and she’s enough for me.

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