25 Days of SEXmas – December 25 ♂️♀️

Day 25 – Black & White Chapters 1-5

As a final Christmas present and a thank you for all the support I’ve received this month, I’m giving you a sneak preview of the first five chapters of my next project Black and White This story is about two assassins who use sex to get to their target. This is an unedited rough draft.

Trigger Warning: The rape/murder of a woman is discussed and watched on film. Several people are killed during sex

Chapter 1 

Black sat on the target’s naked lap.  Her long legs wrapped around him as his cock slid into her wet pussy.  Black rocked her hips, taking the man deeper into her. He grunted with pleasure, cruelty squeezing her tits as he tried to fuck her tougher.

The target didn’t notice White slip out of the shadows. Reaching climax, the target closed his eyes as he twisted her tits even harder. In a flash, Black’s slender hands seized the man’s wrists in an iron grip, she pulled his hands away from her breasts. White crossed the floor and slipped the piano wire garrote around the target’s neck.

In less than two minutes, the target was dead. Black climbed off the man and efficiently retrieved her clothes, black thong, black lace bra and a black dress that barely covered her ass. The perfect disguise to ensure she got picked up by the target.

As Black dressed, White called Ian. “Contract 176-131 is complete. Target is terminated.” White ended the call without waiting for a reply.

Five minutes after they killed the man; Black and White walked out of the penthouse suite and down the back stairs.  Going to their rented room, they stripped out of their clothes and put them in a barrel of acid. Ian has arranged the delivery of the barrel earlier that day anticipating their success.

Black stepped into the hot shower.  She scrubbed her pussy, trying to get the target’s spunk out of herself.  She felt unclean.  Her mind flashed back to earlier in the night, the target bending her over the table, roughly shoving his fingers into her.  His nails scratched as he penetrated, he had laughed as she whimpered in pain. She could still feel the whelps on her ass where he whipped her with a belt.

White stepped into the shower with Black and took the washcloth away from Black’s hand and began gently washing her lover.  Black leaned against her and began to weep.  White held her close as she wept, the hot water washed the tears away as they fell.  White knew what black needed.  First the tears, then the sexual release.

As the tears subsided, White reached down and began to gently stroke between her lover’s legs.  Blacks body arched into white as the orgasm began to build inside her.  White’s fingers caressed Black’s clit as she kissed the bruises left by the target’s hands on Black’s small breasts.

A quiet moan escaped Black as she came, her body shuddering against White’s as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her.  When she finished, Black stepped out of the shower, followed by White.  They left the water running to wash away any remaining biological evidence and tossed the towels, wash cloths, and soap int the barrel of acid.

The two women went to the closet and removed their duffels, also left by Ian.  Each woman removed a sports bra, comfortable underwear, cargo pants, a t-shirt, and an oversized jacket.   Black’s clothes were, naturally, all black.  They were almost identical to her jet-black hair.  White’s matching ensemble was as white as the show white hair that cascaded to her shoulders.

After dressing, the women removed the lock boxes from their duffels. Each contained a Ruger SR22 pistol with an attached suppressor along with four 10 round magazines. The women Donned shoulder holsters, chambered a round in the pistols, and slid them into the holsters.  The lock boxes also contained zip cuffs, pepper spray and a matching pair of Wilson tactical folding knives.  Black and White grabbed the rest of the gear and slid it into their pockets.  They added the duffels to the acid and slipped into their jackets. After wiping down the doorknobs they walked out of their hotel room and walked down the three flights of stairs and walked out the front door.

Five blocks from the hotel, the women reached their 2018 Toyota Camry.  White drove out of Orange County and headed west.  As the city faded behind them White looked over at Black.  She was staring out the passenger window and hadn’t spoken a word since they killed the target.

“You ok?” White asked.  Black didn’t respond. “Hey, what happened in there before I got there?”

Black and White tracked the target for nearly a week, learning his patterns and habits. The target had been beating, and sometimes murdering prostitutes for six months, but his powerful political connections kept him safe from the local police department.  His last victim had been the runaway daughter of a businessman who knew how to contact Ian.  The businessman paid extra for the target to die in the same way his daughter had been murdered.

Black shuddered, took a deep breath and responded. “Yeah, I’m OK.  He thought was going to kill me after he finished with me.  I could tell by the look in his eyes and the way he acted.”

White reached over, taking her lover’s hand and held it.  “It’s ok, we got the bastard.  By this time tomorrow, we will be home and can take a long vacation.  The contract on this hit will be enough to pay for that trip to Paris you’ve been wanting to take.”

The thought of being in Paris with White made Black turn from the window.

“Paris sounds good.”  Before she could say anything else, White’s phone rang.

“Whatever the job is Ian, we don’t want it.”

“Let me talk to Black please.” Replied Ian.  White put the phone on speaker.

“Whatever the job is Ian, we don’t want it.” Black said as a greeting, mimicking Whites own.

“Amy, I need your help.” Using her actual name shook Black to the core.  There were only two people alive who knew the name of Amy, White and Ian. Using Black’s birth name was Ian’s way of telling her he was calling in his favor. A favor that Black had sworn to one day repay.

“What do you need Ian?”

“I found one of the men who murdered my sister.  I want you to find the rest and kill them.”

* * *

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, dammit!  You stupid fucking bitch!” He brought his hand down, slapping across her face.  “Where the fuck was you?  Out whoring again?” He Slapped her again, a powerful backhand that sent her to her knees.  He reached down and grabbed her by the throat dragging her back to her feet.  “You’re fucking worthless, just like your momma!”  Spittle flew from his mouth as he screamed at her.  Amy cried as he continued to slap her, blood dripping from her nose and lower lip.  Amy’s girlfriend burst out of the closet where she had been hiding.  White’s scream sounded like a demoness from hell, coming to collet a soul.  Amy’s father turned as White struck.  A flash of silver, a spray of red, and the bastard was on the floor.  As his life pulsed from the gash in his neck, White wrapped her arms around Amy, turning her face away from her dying father.

                Black awoke with a scream.  She reached for the pistol on the nightstand before remembering where she was.  Her body shook so violently her teeth chattered.  White ran out of the bathroom, pistol in hand, scanning the room for threats.  When she saw Black’s face, she knew what had happened.  White ran across the hotel room and took Black into her arms. 

                “The dream again?” White asked.  Black nodded, unable to speak as the tears fell down her cheeks.  “You’re safe here.  He’s dead.  He can’t hurt you anymore” White rocked Black in her arms, letting the woman weep.

                White remembered the day that she killed Black’s father.  It had been on Black’s 18th birthday, her father, a long-haul trucker, was supposed to have been gone for another day, but had come home early.  Black had shoved white in the closet as her father had slammed her bedroom door open.  He was already drunk and had stalked his daughter across the room like a predator.  He screamed incoherently, rambling about her being out whoring for money because there were groceries on the counter and there had been none when he left a week earlier.

The groceries had been White’s birthday present to her girlfriend.  White knew that Black’s useless father needed no reason to beat her, but White felt that this beating was her fault.  She didn’t have any memories of leaving the closet, drawing her switchblade, or cutting the sonofabitch’s throat.  She remembered taking black into her arms, much like she was doing now, and trying to comfort her. 

White had been 19 years old the first time she took a life.  In the decade since then, she had lost track of how many targets she and Black had eliminated.  Ian would know, but White didn’t even care enough to ask.  They had all been worthless human trash, killing them had been a service to humanity.

After ten minutes Black’s sobs had calmed to sniffles, then stopped.  She turned her face to White and whispered, “Thank you.”

White kissed Black’s lips then took her hand “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” White tried to lead but Black resisted, pulling back against White’s hand.

“Make love to me, please?”

White pushed her back onto the bed, laying on top of her as she kissed Black’s soft lips.  White kissed her way down black’s perfect body.  She teased a tongue around Black’s nipple, feeling it get hard as she lightly bit it.  Black moaned with pleasure as White continued to kiss down her body.  White traced her tongue down Black’s tight abs, feeling the muscles contract as she licked.  Black spread her legs apart, inviting White in.  White’s kissed down to between Black’s legs.  Teasing her tongue over her smooth mound, White slowly began to lick down.  She ran her tongue down her lover’s slit, teasing her body, letting the ecstasy build.  White slipped her tongue inside, Black let out a gasp of pleasure as the tongue entered her and stroked her clit.  White buried her face in between Black’s legs, forcing her tongue in deep inside, tasting the sweetness! 

Black wrapped her legs around White’s neck and pulled her closer, her hips bucking up, forcing White’s tongue deeper inside her.  “Yes, yes, yes!”  Black cried. “Faster!  Don’t Stop!”  Black began to play with her breasts, squeezing hard as White’s tongue was inside her.  “Oh my god, I’m gonna come!  Don’t fucking stop” Black screamed as she came, her legs spasming as she tried to hold White’s face against her.

White began to suck on Black’s clit.  It was so sensitive after Black’s first orgasm that Black cried out.  White knew what the other woman wanted and sucked harder.  White slipped two fingers into Black’s wet pussy, forcing them in hard and fast as she continued to suck. 

Black’s entire body trembled as the second orgasm began to build.  The intensity was too much.  She begged White to stop, but she knew she wouldn’t.  Black didn’t really want White to stop, despite what she said, Black loved to have orgasms forced one after the other on her.  Besides, she knew the safe word if it was ever too much. 

Black screamed again as she came, she tried to push her legs together, protecting her too-sensitive pussy from White, but White forced them apart.  Black pulled harder on her nipples, twisting them between her fingers as the second orgasm tore through her body. 

White stood up, her face dripping from Black’s wetness, she rolled black onto her side and slid in behind her.  “Lift your leg up.”  Black obeyed, exposing her throbbing pussy to White.  White reached in between Black’s legs from behind and began to stroke her clit.  She could feel how swollen Black’s pussy already was, but she didn’t stop.  Black began to beg again, but White reached her other hand under Black and then wrapped it around her mouth, cutting off her protests. 

Black licked the fingers covering her mouth, tasting her own sweetness on them.  She was so aroused it was painful.  Whites fingers vigorously rubbed her clit as a third orgasm began to build.  The only thing that could have made this better is if they had used some restraints, thought Black. The third orgasm rocked Black’s body. White let go of her mouth so she could scream in ecstasy.

White let go of Black and stood up, she pulled Black’s quivering body off the bed.  Black kneeled on the floor, legs spread apart, pussy dripping on the hotel carpet.  White stepped up, grabbing Black’s head and forcing it between her legs.  “Lick!”  White demanded.  Black obeyed.  Her tongue began to stroke White’s wet pussy.  White was already dripping before Black even started.  Once White came, black would be the one who decided how the sex would go.  She licked faster, running her tongue into White’s slit.  White spread her legs apart as she came closer to orgasm.  White ran one foot up between Black’s spread legs.  Black quivered at the touch.  Teasing her foot over Black’s soaked pussy, White moaned as the orgasm built.  Black wrapped her arms around White’s ass, pulling the woman tight against her as she felt White reach climax.  White’s hips thrust toward Black’s face as she came, her legs weakened, and she sank to the bed. 

White lay back on the bed as Black crawled up beside her.  Black knew that White wasn’t into the domination but that she did it for Black’s pleasure.  Black ran a finger down between White’s legs, lazily teasing her clit as the aftershocks from her orgasm rocked her.  Once White finished, Black curled into her arms.

“Happy birthday,” whispered White.  “I love you.”

After their morning love making, Black and White packed up and checked out of their hotel.  They had driven to Las Vegas last night after leaving California and would be meeting a chartered airplane to fly them to their next target. 

While they flew, White thought back to what Ian had told them the previous night.  Ian had found one of the men who had raped and murdered his sister three years ago.  Ian’s sister had been a sophomore in college when a group of men had kidnapped her outside her dorm.  When the police found her body, they had determined that at least four different men had raped her.  Her body showed signs of torture.  A necktie tied in a noose around her throat had killed her.  They had left the tie around her neck as dumping her, naked, at a rest stop 300 miles from her dorm.  Ian had spent much of his wealth on tracking down those responsible and after three years, he had found one of them.

The first target was Marshall Smith.  Ian had used a not insignificant amount of money to acquire the DNA of the men who had raped his sister.  After ten years, one of the DNA samples on file was a match.  Marshall was an oil worker in a small town outside Houston Texas.

After their plane landed in Houston, Black and White rented a Chevy Suburban and drove to Bryan Texas, both women excited to begin their hunt.  It didn’t take Black and White long to track Marshall down.  His arrest record showed two convictions bar fighting.  At the third bar they visited, they found their target.

White entered the bar and began to look for the target.  After a moment, she found him.  White walked up to the bar and took a seat next to Marshal.  He turned to her leered.  White wore a low-cut white dress that came to three inches above her knees.  The plunging neckline showed off a good amount of cleavage and white knew that every man in there was following her with his eyes.

“Hey baby, what you doin’ in a shithole like this” Marshall asked drunkenly, his words slurring as he continued to stare.  Marshall’s breath reeked of chewing tobacco and beer.  White guessed it had been at least a month since a toothbrush last graced his mouth.  Judging by the body odor, his last shower may have been around the same time.

“I’m looking for a man.”  Replied white.  She smiled seductively at him.  She turned and put a hand on his leg.  White’s skin crawled as she touched Marshall, his clothes looked as if he had worn the same thing for the last two weeks without washing it. 

“I’m a man.” Said white, he put his dirty hand on her thigh and started to slide his hand up her dress.  All too easy thought White.  She took his hand and leaned close to his unshaven face. “Let’s go somewhere more intimate.” 

Marshall got unsteadily to his feet and allowed White to lead him out of the bar.  It was 11:00 PM on a Tuesday night and the parking lot was mostly empty.  Hel never saw Black slip from the shadows, stun gun in hand.  Marshall felt a shock of pain on the back of his neck, then all went black.

Marshall awoke to a bucket of water to the face.  He screamed and tried to shield his face.  Marshall realized that he was unable to.  His hands were bound and stretched up above his head.  Marshall looked up and saw a rope looped over a rafter 10 feet above him.  He looked around and saw that he was in an abandoned warehouse outside of town.  He had taken a couple women there to party before and knew that it was far enough away from anyone else that no one would hear him.  After the initial shock and confusion, Marshall also realized he was naked.  He looked down and saw that his feet were tied together, the rope running through an eye bolt secured into the concrete floor.  A single work light shone down on Marshall from the ceiling, leaving the rest of the warehouse in shadows.

“Evening Marshall.” Said black, as she walked out of the shadows. She wore in black tactical pants and a special forces sweater, a Ka-Bar combat knife hung on her hip “My name is Black, I have some questions for you.  If you answer my questions, I will reward you.  If you don’t… well, you’ll find out.  Please tell me your full name.”

“Fuck you bitch, I’m gonna” Marshall’s threat was cut off by a shriek of pain.  White had struck from the shadows behind Marshall.  A savage punch to Marshall’s kidneys had his body writhing as he tried to curl into a ball.

“That would be a wrong answer.  I believe you know my associate, White.”  White walked around Marshall to face him.  She smiled sweetly at her as he snarled at her.  “You fucking bitch!” screamed Marshall.  White’s hand shot out, fast as a bullet, and backhanded him across the mouth.  Blood flew from his split lip as his head snapped to the side hard enough to give him whiplash.

White reached down to Marshall’s shriveled manhood and began to rub.  Black continued to speak.  “If you give me the information I want, my associate here will make sure you have the best night of your life.”

Marshall’s cock was now hard under White’s touch.  “Fuck you wanna know?” Marshall replied through his swelling lips.

“I want you to tell me about Lily.”

“Who the fuck is Lily?”

It cost Black something not to cut his throat right then.  She kept her voice calm as she replied.  “Lily is the woman you raped and murdered three years ago.”  Blood drained from Marshall’s face as Black spoke.  His body began to tremble. 

“Relax big guy.” Said white, as she dropped to her knees in front of him.  “We just need to know the names of your friends and we will let you go.”  White ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, his body responding despite his terror. 

“I can’t tell you; they’ll kill me if they find out.” White cupped Marshall’s balls and slowly began to squeeze.  Marshall screamed again and White relaxed her grip.  White took Marshall’s erect cock in her mouth and began to suck, she pushed forward, taking him down her throat.

“You can go to heaven or hell tonight, you choose.”  Replied Black.  She could tell that Marshall was close to breaking, the pain followed by the blowjob was keeping him from being able to focus.  In the end, Marshall broke.  After he told Black everything he knew, White stood up, leaving his hard cock glistening with her spit. 

“Hey!  You promised me a good time tonight, get back on your knees!”  Shouted Marshall.  White spun in a full circle, grabbing Black’s Ka-Bar from the sheath as she did.  She Plunged the knife into the target’s heart as she completed the spin.  His body spasmed as his heart stopped beating.  White spit in his face as she watched the life drain out of his eyes.  White doused the body and the warehouse in gasoline.  By the time the fire licked through the old building’s windows, Black and White were gone.

Chapter 2

“Ian, we have the name of three more people involved in Lily’s murder: Eric Jones, Jim Matthews, and Jessica.”  White spoke to Ian as Black drove out of Texas.  “We know that Eric is in New Orleans, we are heading there now.”

                “Any last name on Jessica?” Replied Ian.

                “No, Marshall told us she was a friend of Eric’s, we will get the info from him.  Marshall and Jim were invited to party with Eric after a night of drinking and that Jessica and Lily were there already when the three men arrived.  He stated Lily appeared to drugged and Jessica was tying her up when they arrived.  We know that Eric is an executive at his father’s company.  It sounds like Eric’s father may have been the one who put the pressure on the police to not pursue Lily’s case.  We haven’t found anyone else so far who had that kind of political influence.  If he was involved….”

                “How did he die?” Ian interjected.

                “Ka-Bar to the heart.” Replied White.

                “Good.  I have wired the $125,000 to your account.  Find them all, make them suffer, and I will give you an extra million.

                “That won’t be necessary.” Black interjected.  “Lily was my friend. I told you we would do this for free.”

                “I have an additional request, one that will have long-term consequences for both of you.”  

                Ian told the women his request.  White looked at Black, knowing Black would agree regardless of what it would mean for their future.  She also knew that Black would let White decide.  White sighed.  “Fine, Black wanted to go to Paris, anyway.”

*   *   *

Samantha Whitney, you have been found guilty of first-degree manslaughter for the death of (insert name). Judge Franklin turned to the jury and glared. The judge knew Amy’s father, knew he deserved what he got. “Due to your actions, the law requires a minimum of ten years. I sentence you to ten years at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women.

Samantha broke down in tears. Her lawyer held one hand, Amy the other. Abby, Samantha’s lawyer, turned to her client. “It will be ok, we will appeal!  I’m not letting you go to jail for this!”

White awoke from her recurring dream. Her lawyer had appealed, and she had been found not guilty.  But she had been locked up for nine months before her acquittal.  White still had nightmares about what had been done to her during those nine months.

White rolled over and looked at Black who was still asleep.  It was while White had been in prison that Black met Ian.  After 10 years, Black still wouldn’t tell White what favor Ian had done for her. Now, White had to know.

White began to trace her fingers over Black’s nude body.  Black twitched in her sleep and scooted closer.  She traced her hand across Black and began to play with her lover’s breast.  Teasing her fingers over one nipple, white squeezed and tugged, feeling the nipple get hard.  Black sighed in pleasure, although she was still asleep.  White traced her finger down from Black’s hard nipples to between her legs.  Black, now partially awake, rolled onto her back and spread her legs. 

Black loved feeling White’s fingers on her, it was her favorite way to wake up.  She moaned in pleasure as White’s soft hands explored her smooth mound.  After over a decade of being together, White could still make Black wet.  As White’s fingers slipped insider her, Black began to moan.

As White slid her fingers inside her lover, she began to stroke.  Black’s sounds of pleasure made her own pussy drip with anticipation.  She stroked faster as Black thrust her hips up, grinding on White’s fingers. 

“Faster!” Black moaned, her breath catching as she came closer to the edge.  White moved her head down to Black’s breast, taking a nipple in her mouth and sucking.  Black’s eyes snapped open as a small scream escaped her lips.  Grabbing White’s hand; she pushed it against herself as she came.  Her body spasmed with pleasure.  White’s tongue curled around her lover’s nipple as she quivered from the aftershocks of her orgasm. 

Black wrapped her arms around White and pulled her close, White kissed up to Black’s lips and their tongues danced as they held onto each other.

As they lay together, naked, White asked the question she had been dreading.  “What favor did Ian do for you.”

“I told you, I swore to Ian I would never tell you.”

“Black, we killed a man, and we’re going to kill more.  Plus, this extra favor Ian asked for… I love you, but I have to know more.”

Black lay for a long time, not answering. Finally, “You were going to lose your appeal.  The judge wasn’t going to hear your case and you were going to spend the next ten years in that hellhole.  Ian came to me and told me he could get you cleared and released.”

It was White’s turn to not reply.  For ten years she had thought that she had been found not guilty because she had truly acted in Black’s defense.  The knowledge that the only reason she was free because of Ian’s intervention was more than she could process.

“Ian met me as I left one of your visitations.”  Black continued.  “He showed me the documents that the judge had signed denying your appeal.  Your lawyer hadn’t even been informed yet.  I don’t know how Ian got them, but I believed they were genuine.

“He told me if you and I would come work for him, he would see to it that you were cleared of all charges.  I agreed and worked for him for three months until your appeal was granted.  Once you were out, I introduced you to Ian as an old friend.”

White stood and paced the floor.  Her lover, and best friend, had lied to her for over a decade.  “I need some time to think.”  She walked out the door, unable to meet Black’s eyes.  Tears fell from Black’s eyes as the door closed.

Black lay back on the hotel bed and wept.  She had kept the secret for so long.  Always telling herself that when White found out, she would understand what Black had done. 

*   *   *

“Hello White.”

“Hello Ian.  I just had a chat with Black, she told me about the favor she owes you.”  The edge to White’s words was as sharp as a well-stropped razor.  For the first time in 10 years, Ian didn’t reply.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry Samantha…”

“Don’t fucking call me that!  Whitney died when she was 19!  She died in a God forsaken jail cell because she protected someone she loved.  Now, you tell me why the fuck you’ve been lying to me for the past decade, why did you want Black to work for you?”

“It wasn’t Black I wanted; it was you.  I saw you when you were testifying at your trial.  I watched video transcripts of your court testimony.   I saw the lack of pity in your eyes when you described what you remembered of the night you killed that bastard.  I knew then that I wanted you to work for me.  The world is full of evil men who will never face justice for the crimes they’ve committed.  But they could throw the book at you!  You were a nobody with two charges of assault as a minor who killed an unarmed man.  The prosecuting attorney wanted to make an example out of you. 

“The Judge Franklin knew you should have never been charged, he even privately argued with the PA to drop the charges.  But careers had to be made and after the jury found you guilty the PA went straight to the appeals court to convince them you were a monster.  You never had a chance at a fair hearing.”

“How did you even know about me?”  Replied White, her head spinning from the new information Ian had told her.

“Judge Franklin knew my father.  In 1987 he was one of the prosecuting attorneys for the State of New York.  While prosecuting a drug cartel kingpin his daughter was kidnapped and was being taken to Mexico.  He was told to stop prosecution, or his daughter would be mailed to him in pieces.”

White was transfixed, in all the years she had known Ian, he’d never mentioned his past.  “What happened?”

“My father sent me to rescue her.  I lead a team of mercenaries down to Mexico and rescued her.”  Ian’s voice became softer.  White thought he was speaking more to himself than to her.  “We killed eight men that night.  We hacked them to pieces, the same way they had threatened to do to Franklin’s daughter.”

Ian shook himself out of his memories.  “Judge franklin told me about your case and asked if I could help in any way to get you acquitted.  Admittedly, I don’t think he thought I would recruit you as an assassin.”

White was silent for a long time before replying.  “Thank you for helping me Ian.  But Black’s debt to you is now paid.  We will help you get justice for Lily but no more secrets.  Black and I both like our jobs, but we will work them because we want to, not because we owe you something.”

“Fair enough.” Replied Ian.  White ended the call and walked back to her hotel.

When White returned, she found black sitting on the edge of the bed.  Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.  White ran to her lover and pulled her into her arms.

“I’m sorry.” Black began, but White kissed her, cutting her off”

“It’s ok, you did what you thought was best, you protected me like I protected you.  Thank you.”  White pulled Black into an embrace and held her tightly.  “I spoke to Ian; your debt is cleared.  Once we’re done with this assignment, we don’t have to do this anymore unless we want to.”

After a few more minutes of crying, Black dried her eyes and leaned into White’s shoulder.  White looked into her eyes and said.  “No more secrets?”

“No more secrets.”  Agreed Black.  White kissed her on the nose and lead her to the shower.  “Let’s get cleaned up, we need to pay a visit to Eric.”

White knew that the best way to help Black was through sex.  As the hot shower beat down on them, White gently pushed Black to her knees.  Black was more than willing to let White dominate her, she loved it when her lover did.  Black dropped to her knees and began to run her tongue between White’s legs.  White grabbed a fist full of Black’s hair as she thrust her hips forward, spreading her legs apart as Black’s tongue slid over her clit. 

As White thrust her hips against her face, Black began to stroke her own pussy.  She could feel the wetness of herself even as the hot water cascaded down her face and into her eyes.  She began to suck on White’s clit as the rhythmic thrusting continued.  White held on to Black’s hair as her body began to tremble in anticipation.  Black stroked herself faster, knowing as soon as White climaxed, she would too.

A moan escaped white as she tried to delay the inevitable.  It was no use, she put a hand out to the shower wall to steady herself as she came.  A primal snarl of lust and pleasure escaped her as she climaxed.  Black followed her over the edge.  Black screamed, her mouth muffled against White’s pussy as she came.  The two women lost themselves in the pleasure as the orgasms ripped through their bodies.

White dropped to her knees; her legs felt like rubber.  The two women began to kiss as they slid hands between each other’s legs.  White could feel Black’s swollen clit as she began to stroke.  Black stroked White, matching her rhythm to Whites.

As the two women stroked, White pushed her tongue into Black’s mouth.  She danced her tongue in and out, teasing Black as she lifted her free hand to Black’s breast.  White pinched and pulled on Black’s nipples as Black climaxed again.  White didn’t stop stroking, she stroked faster, forcing the sensation over Black as the woman came again.  Black gasped for air, the sensations ripping through her body as White continued.  Black tried to close her legs, but White was too strong for her, she kept stroking, relentlessly pushing her toward another orgasm.  Black threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed for the third time.  She panted, feeling like an animal as White slowed her stroking. 

Black, lost in the sensation had stopped stroking White.  White idly played with herself as she had repeated pushed Black over the edge.  As Black leaned against her, White orgasmed.  It was a small orgasm, but White didn’t mind.  She knew that Black would be ok now.  As Black leaned against her, White began to stroke Blacks glossy hair.  She could feel Black’s heartbeat as she brushed fingers over Black’s neck.  When it finally returned to normal, White stood and, taking Black by the hand, exited the shower.

Chapter 3

Ian sat behind his desk and thought about the conversation he’d just had with White.  That woman could be stone cold one minute, and a volcano the next.  But he knew that when it came to assassinations, she was one of the best.   Too bad she had decided to push her nose where it didn’t belong.  Ian pushed a button on desk to activate the intercom.  “Red, get in here.  I have a situation I need you to deal with.”

                Red walked out of the bedroom and into Ian’s office.  Red wore diamond earrings Ian had given her last night, and nothing else.  Her body still glistened from the sex she and Ian had been enjoying when that bitch white called.  She could tell Ian was still aroused; his hard cock ready for more.  Red walked over to Ian’s desk and pushed his chair back.  She dropped to her knees and licked his shaft. 

                “Did White’s stupid little slut finally tell her about the deal you struck with her?”  She took Ian’s shaft in her mouth.  Ian grabbed her hair and shoved it down, forcing his cock deep into her throat until she gagged.  He began to pump her head up and down, ramming his cock into her as he spoke.

                “Yes.  White believes the story now, but it won’t be long before she figures out it’s bullshit.  Black is dumb as a cow, but White isn’t, and once she figures out the favor, I did for her is fake, she will come for me.  I need them both killed, but I would like them to finish their current assignment first.”

                Ian pulled out of Red’s mouth and roughly pulled her to her feet.  Ian turned her around and bent her over the desk.  Ian’s cock glistened with Red’s spit as he roughly shoved it into her pussy.  Ian didn’t know the meaning of gentle when it came to fucking, but that was O.K. Red liked it rough.  She grabbed onto the edge of the desk as Ian forced his cock into her tight pussy.  She was still sore from the last time he’d done this, but she didn’t care, Ian was power and while she was with him, she felt she had that power too.  Besides, she liked taking it as much as Ian liked giving it.

“Why not let me kill them now?  Asked Red, her words laced with gasps of pain and pleasure as she continued to take him from behind.  “I can kill them, then deal with the assholes that killed your Lily.”

Ian slapped Red hard on the ass, making her cry out in pain.  “Because, once they figure out who is behind it, they will kill him.  They don’t know that Lily was murdered as a warning to me, and they won’t know.  They’ll kill my competition, then they will die.   I’ve already asked for a special favor from them that will ensure they take the fall for this.”

Ian continued slapping her ass as he talked.  She knew her skin would bruise from the slaps, but she didn’t care.  The thought of killing Black was making her pussy throb.  Red already decided she would kill Black first, her death would destroy White, it might even push her to commit suicide.  Red screamed as she orgasmed, the thought of White shooting herself in the head had pushed her over the edge.

 “Don’t stop, fuck me harder!” Red screamed.  She shoved a hand down between her legs and stroked her clit, feeling her pussy drip onto the floor as she fingered herself.  Ian pulled out and then slammed his cock into her tight ass.  She screamed in surprise as he forced himself into her.  She squeezed her ass around his cock as she continued to orgasm.  She closed her eyes and envisioned White holding Black’s lifeless body in her arms.  The thought pushed her over the edge again.  Red buried her face against the desk as she screamed.  She felt Ian’s cock harden once more before he came.  She felt his cum explode into her.  Ian grunted as he grabbed her hips and pushed deep inside her, filling her up as he came.  Ian pulled out, leaving Red bent over the desk. 

She was raw and bruised, all her holes ached from the pounding he had given her.  She slid to the floor, ignoring the pain as she thought about killing White.   Ian ignored he as he staggered to the couch and collapsed onto it.  He was spent but Red still wanted more.  She rolled to her back and spread her legs apart.  She stroked her pussy, still thinking about destroying White. 

Five years ago, she had tried to seduce White on Ian’s orders.  Ian had wanted Black out of the picture but couldn’t kill her because White would fall apart.  Ian thought that if he could get Red to seduce White, then she might end things with Black.  Of course, White had no idea Red worked for Ian too.    White had not only rejected Red; she had attacked her when Red wouldn’t back off.  Red wanted revenge.  Red climaxed again as she thought of walking up and stabbing Black in the heart.  It was the best orgasm of the day.

*     *     *

                Natalie Daniels had been Eric’s secretary for five months.  He had offered her the job after seeing her dance at a strip club.  He had offered her the job of secretary if she’d be his plaything during work hours.  It had seemed like a good deal at the time.  The salary he had offered her was far more than she could ever make as a stripper.  Plus, she got healthcare and vacation days.  Nataly didn’t know that Eric’s secretaries had an average span of six months before he would get bored with them and have an attorney meet them in the parking lot with a severance check and a stack of legal papers to sign for termination.

                Eric was getting bored with Natalie.  She gave a decent blowjob, but she always freaked out when Eric tried to get to kinky. And not in the fun freak out sort of way but the ‘potential sexual harassment’ sort of way.  His father, Edwin Jones, had made it very clear that there was to be no negative publicity on the company from Eric’s dalliances with his secretary du jour. 

                Now, the hot piece of ass he had met last night… She looked like a freak.  Eric had seen her dancing at the same club where he’d met Natalie.  The new girl, she said her name was Diamond, was sexy as hell.  She had white hair that seemed to sparkle like her namesake and had moved like no other woman Eric had ever seen.  The rhinestone encrusted thong had barely covered her shaved pussy and she had winked at Eric as she tossed it to him during her show.

                When she’d come to get her thong back at the end of the show, he’d made her promise a date with him before he would return it.  The hundred-dollar tip he had given her during the show had ensured she agreed. 

                Eric thought about Diamond as Natalie gave him his usual lunch time blowjob under his desk.  He figured he should give Natalie one more ride on the old rod before he fired her, so he pulled her up and into his lap.  As usual, she wasn’t wearing anything under her thigh-length skirt and he easily slipped inside her as she straddled him. 

                Natalie took Eric inside him and pretended to enjoy it.  His cock was big enough, but he had no idea how to use it, he expected Natalie to do all the work, and she usually had to fake her orgasms when he fucked her.  Eric slid a hand up her shirt and pawed clumsily at her breasts, she didn’t bother wearing a bra to work after he had torn three of them trying to get to her nipples.  She moaned feigned pleasure as he roughly squeezed her nipple.  She felt his cock harden as he was about to come.  She pretended to orgasm at the same he came.  She squeezed around him as he moaned and grunted with pleasure, emptying himself into her. 

                After he finished, he pushed Natalie off and went to his private restroom.  Once he was gone, she ran to her desk, grabbing a pair of panties and slipping them on before his semen leaked down her leg.

                Eric exited his bathroom; he had changed from his now-rumpled thousand-dollar suit into a new thousand-dollar suit and walked over to Natalie.  “Natalie, take the next couple days off, I will be flying to Japan and you won’t need to come in.  You’ll still get paid of course”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had a trip to Japan.”  Replied Natalie.  “Do you need me to take care of your travel arrangements?”

“No, this was a last-minute trip.”  Eric Lied.  “The client has taken care of all the arrangements.”  The truth was, Eric didn’t plan on coming into work tomorrow after his date with Diamond tonight and expected to have a new secretary within two days.  When Natalie came back on Thursday, his attorney would meet her and give her the bad news.

At 5:00 PM, Eric left his work and had his limo take him to meet Diamond.  He couldn’t wait to get his cock into that tight pussy.  He knew how to please a woman, they always orgasmed for him.

White was waiting outside Le Bernardin, a high-end seafood restaurant in the heart of New York City when Eric pulled up.  It had been easy to woo Eric last night at the strip club.  White’s research of Eric Jones told her that he was a vice president of resource acquisition for his father’s biotech firm.  From what White could tell, this meant he sat in his big office and took credit for other people’s work.  How he and Marshall had ever become friends was a mystery to White.

When Eric got out of his limo, Dimond tottered up to him on three-inch stiletto heels.  Her white hair was down and came to her shoulders.  She wore a tiny white cocktail dress that about an inch too short for wearing in public.  Eric walked up and took her hand, kissing the back of hit before kissing her lips. 

“Good evening Diamond, you are certainly sparkling tonight.”  Murmured Eric, as he leaned in close.  He slid one hand up her cocktail dress to check for the thong she had promised to wear again that night. 

White gently pushed his hand away but gave him a wink.  “I thought we were going to go to dinner.  It looks to me like you want to skip straight to dessert.”  White glanced meaningfully over at the limo that was still parked at the curb.  Eric finally got the hint and invited White back to his penthouse instead of dinner and she agreed.  There was no point in spending any more time with him than necessary.

                Once they arrived his penthouse apartment, Eric immediately began to try to undress White.  Eric pushed her up against the front door, kissing her neck as he his hand up between her legs.  He froze when he felt something strapped to her inner thigh.  He stopped kissing her neck and looked into White’s eyes.  Yesterday he had seen an easy mark.  Today, when he looked into his date’s eyes, he saw nothing but cold emptiness.  White’s eyes were as dark as a crater on the dark side of the moon. 

                Eric immediately tried to pull away, realizing he had been set up.  He tried to swing at the woman, but she blocked him and responded with an open hand strike to his throat.  He gagged as White brought a knee up into his crotch, his choking kept him from screaming.  As he collapsed to the floor, he saw White reach up her skirt and pull out a syringe.  The bite of the needle was the last thing he felt.

                Eric awoke with a scream as White slapped him.  He found himself tied to his leather office chair, completely naked.  He stared into White’s eyes, there was still no glimpse of humanity in them, they were crocodile’s eyes. 

                “Do you know who I am?”  Eric blustered.  “When I get out of here I’m going to… “ White backhanded him across the face so hard his neck snapped to the side.  Ruby droplets of blood flew across the room from his split lip.

                “You don’t talk unless you’re answering my questions.  Do you understand you piece of shit?”

                Eric was at a loss for words, his lip stung from the slap, but his ego stung more from the insult, no one had ever dared talk to him that way. “Who are you?”

                White lifted bend her knee up and pulled off a stiletto, she then repeated the move with the other leg.  She held one of the high-heeled shoes in each hand.  White pressed one spiked heel into Eric’s throat, cutting off his air supply.

                “You don’t speak unless you’re answering my questions.” White repeated slowly, lifting her other heel. “If you do, I will nail your tiny pathetic dick to the chair with this heel.  Do you understand me?”

                The blood drained from Eric’s face, and his cock as he nodded.

                “Good.  Now, I’d like to ask you some questions about Lily.”  Do you know who Lily is?”

                Eric shook his head, terrified of saying anything.

                White held up a picture from the police report showing Lily’s battered and broken body.  “Do you recognize her now?”

                Eric began to shake with fear, but he didn’t respond.  White raised the heel over her head to strike.

                “Yes, I recognize her!”

                “Tell me everything that happened that night, if you lie to me, I’ll hurt you.  And before you try to give me some bullshit, I want you to look at another picture” White held up a picture she had taken of Marshall after she had killed him.  The Ka-Bar was sticking out of his chest, blood streaming down his naked body.  Eric began to cry.

                “Let’s start of easy, how did you know Marshall?”

                “Met him at a strip club.  We used to find a hot stripper and pay her a couple hundred bucks to let us gang bang her.”

                “What a bout Jim Matthews?

                “He was a buddy of Marshalls, sometimes he’d join us.”

                White’s temper flared as Eric talked, thinking about how they had gang raped Lily.  She punched him in the face, then she punched him again, after the third punch his head lolled back, his nose steamed blood as he fought to remain conscious.

                “Who is Jessica?”

                “Jessica is a freak man, it’s all her fault!”  The words began to spill out of Eric as he saw a way to deflect the blame onto someone else.  “When we got there, she had Lily tied up.  She said it was a game and Lily wanted to be fucked, said she was into the S&M scene!  She told me to get a couple of friends and come over and fuck a virgin!  The crazy bitch blackmailed me with the tape!”

                White stopped; Eric’s last words echoed in her ears.  Eric immediately realized his mistake and began to shake with fear again.  “What tape?”

                Eric had resisted for nearly ten minutes before telling White where she could find the recording of Lily’s murder.  White watched the tape in silence as Eric wept.  The tape showed Lily, tied and drugged being brutally raped and strangled with a red silk tie. 

                White walked over to Eric’s discarded suit and pulled out the tie, a Giorgio Armani red silk tie.  Identical to the one used to kill Lily.  She wrapped the tie around each hand and stalked back over to Eric.  She grabbed his chin and forced his head up, his eyes were filled with tears and self-pity.  White saw no remorse however, which made what she had to do next much easier.

                “One last question, and then I’ll leave.  How did your father get the investigation dropped?”

                “Dad made some large donations to the right politicians funds and whispered in the right ears that the investigation should be wrapped up quickly.”

                White walked around behind Eric, the necktie still wrapped between her hands, she calmly tied it around Eric’s throat as he struggled.  White tightened the noose just tight enough to make it hard to breath, then called Black.  “He confirmed his father was involved, take him out.”  White smiled at Black’s seemingly nonsensical response as she ended the call.

                Eric fought against the ropes, gasping for air as his vision began to go black.  White rolled him over to the bedroom.  While he was unconscious, White had found a box full of whips, cuffs, and other BDSM paraphernalia, including several feet of rope.  White tied the rope to the necktie and looped the other end around his ceiling fan. 

                Eric began to beg, he offered White millions of dollars if he would let her go.  White pulled a ball gag out of the box and forced it into Eric’s mouth.  His screams muffled, White turned on the fan and watched the rope tighten.  Eric fought for nearly a quarter of an hour before he died.  White took a picture of him for Ian’s special favor and left.

Chapter 4

Edwin Jones saw the woman in the headlights of his Maserati GranTurismo as she walked along the side of the road.  The woman stumbled drunkenly, almost stepping in front of him.  Edwin nearly slammed on his horn before noticing the skintight black sequin dress the woman wore.  The dress almost covered the woman’s ass and every step gave him a view of a creamy white ass cheek.    The woman had a pair of stiletto heels in one hand, and a small purse in the other.  The headlights revealed dirt and blood down one leg as if she had fallen to the ground.

Edwin pulled up next to the woman as his window pulled down.  When she looked at him, he could tell she had been crying, makeup ran down her face from her red, swollen eyes.  Edwin could smell the beer and cigarette smoke on her as she bent down to the window.

“You ok darlin’?” Edwin asked, giving the drunk woman a kind fatherly smile.  Edwin heard the woman’s purse scrape along his expensive paint job as she continued to sob.

“My boyfriend and I” she started, her voice breaking “were coming home from the club!  We were fighting because I saw him hitting on another woman!  The bastard shoved me out of his car and took off!”  The woman broke down in tears, unable to continue.

Edwin threw his car into park and got out, he walked around the front of the car and put an arm on the woman’s shoulder.  The woman fell against him, continuing to sob.  Edwin smiled a predator’s smile as he opened the door to his car for her.

“Let me take you to my place darlin, I just live a mile or so up the road.  We’ll get you cleaned up and I can get you a ride home.  Do you know anyone who lives around here?”

“No, just my boyfriend.  I met him online a couple months ago, he seemed so sweet and flew me out here last week.  He told me he loved me!  He lied to me!  I don’t even know anyone, but a couple of his friends and I don’t know how to get ahold of any of them.”  The woman sniffed, trying not to burst out in tears again as Edwin drove along in silence.

As they drove through the gates of his estate, Edwin put on his most gentlemanly smile as he spoke.  “Welcome to my humble abode, darlin’.”  The three-story mansion sprawled across seven acres of landscaped perfection.  Edwin had seduced many women with the size of his property, this silly drunk girl would be no different.  He glanced down at the dashboard clock, 10:17 PM, Edwin made a bet with himself that he could be fucking her in less than 30 minutes.  “Where are my manners?  I’m Edwin, Edwin Jones.”

Black turned to the man and smiled.  “Chastity Jenkins, thank you so much, you’re such a kind man.”  Black smiled at Edwin, knowing that she had played her part flawlessly.  She hated working solo but knew that if the elder Jones had learned of his son’s murder, he would have been more difficult to eliminate.  Black pretended to be awed the Edwin’s house as he came around to open the door for him.

She leaned on him, feigning drunkenness as he led her up the steps to his home.  As they entered the foyer, Black’s burner phone began to ring.  Fumbling for her phone, Black dropped the stilettos and managed to pull the phone from her purse.


“He confirmed his father was involved, take him out.”

“No, you bastard, I’m not coming home to you tonight!  I’m gonna stay with my new friend Aaron!  I’m gonna give him what I was gonna give you tonight!  Think about that when you’re sexting that bitch from the club!”

Black ended the call and immediately powered her phone off before shoving it back into her purse.  She turned to Edwin and gave him her best embarrassed smile.  “Sorry, that was the guy I told you about.  He went back to where he dumped me and wanted me to go home with him.  Guess the girl at the club shot him down.  I’m never gonna see that prick again!”

“It’s OK darlin’ I… “

“Now I’ve got to call my parents and ask for money for a plane ticket home!  Then they’ll give me the ‘we warned you’ lecture.”  Black sighed, letting her voice drop back down to a normal volume.  “I guess they were right though.  Not that that makes it any easier.  I think all guys are just assholes!”

Black turned, realizing what she had just said.  “Oh my god, Aaron, I’m sorry.  I don’t think you’re an asshole!  I mean guys like my boyfriend.”

Edwin Smiled a fatherly smile, not bothering to correct her on his name.  When he was done with her, she probably wouldn’t remember her own name, let alone his.  “It’s alright, sometimes kids make stupid mistakes, parents are always there to help them out.  I’ve had to bail my son out of trouble many times.  Now, lets get you cleaned up, come with me into the kitchen and we will get that scrape on your leg looked at.”

Black followed Edwin into the kitchen and sat down on a bar stool he indicated.  He pulled a chair over and sat; his face close to her thighs as he pulled out a first aid kit.  “Now, I’m gonna need you to slide your dress up just a bit so I can take care of that scratch.” 

Black obeyed, pulling her dress up, exposing more of her thigh, she spread her legs just enough so that Edwin could see her lack of underwear.  She saw him pause as he saw her smooth pussy under her dress.  She had to admit, he played his part well, he probably used that kind fatherly figure approach on many unsuspecting women.  Ian had been able to provide enough information about out of court settlements for sexual harassment that Black knew better.

Edwin stood and walked to the liquor cabinet.  He poured himself two fingers of whiskey, then poured four fingers for Chastity.  “Here, drink this, it will help calm your nerves.  Now, this scratch is further up than I thought, why don’t you go to the pool house and take a shower in there to get the dirt off, there’s a selection of swimwear in there you can put on afterwards and then I’ll get that little cut cleaned up for you.”

Black followed Edwin, she noticed a large fern and tossed her drink into it.  When they got to the club house, Edwin unlocked it and pointed out the shower and the changing room with its selection of swimwear.  Black held up her empty glass and looked at Edwin with a sheepish smile.  “Do you think I could have another one of these, they’re really good.”

“Sure, you get all cleaned up and I’ll be sitting by the pool when you get out.” Replied Edwin as black disappeared into the pool house.  Edwin went to another liquor cabinet and pulled out another bottle of whiskey.  Another four fingers, and a little white pill went into Chastity’s glass.  He figured he would be able to have her without the Rohypnol, but the drug would ensure she didn’t fight him tonight…or remember him tomorrow.  Edwin pulled out his phone and called his son.  Edwin knew that his son associated people in low places who would have no problems dumping a drunk girl at a bus stop in the middle of the night and keeping their mouth shut about it.  It was amazing what some people would do for a few hundred bucks and a thank you from someone powerful.  After getting voicemail twice, Edwin put his phone down disgusted.  His son was a constant disappointment, probably balls deep in some new slut that Edwin would have to make his new secretary.  Oh well, at least having a slut at work kept him from harassing any of the women at work.

Black quickly showered, scrubbing the dirt, blood, and makeup off as she planned out the next part of the plan.  Per Ian’s instructions, he wanted all involved to suffer, nothing quick and painless.  That along with photos of their death were part of the agreement for the extra million dollars.  Ian had told them that he intended to post the videos as a warning that what was done in secret would be revealed and that those who run from justice will always be found.  Black and White knew that once the murders were linked, they would have to disappear for a long time.

Black turned her mind back to the problem at hand.  Although Edwin was nearing sixty, he was still appeared to be in good shape physically.  Black didn’t want to get into a physical fight where he might be able to overpower her.  She also assumed that the second drink would be spiked, she needed to get to a place where not drinking it wouldn’t be suspicious. 

As she stepped out of the shower, Black decided on how she would remove daddy Jones from the land of the living.  She walked past the swimsuits to a shelf of terry cloth robes.  She found one only slightly to small and put it on, arranging it so her breasts were exposed at the top.  The bottom didn’t quite close as she cinched it shut, leaving just a glimpse of her smooth pussy as she exited the pool house.

“I couldn’t find anything my size.” She said as she walked over to Edwin.  She pretended not to notice as he ogled her, staring at her pussy as she walked over to him.  He handed her the drink as she walked up to him at the edge of the pool.  Black brought the drink halfway to her lips before pausing and looking out over the Olympic sized pool.  “You know, when I was on the swim team in college, I could swim the entire length of one of these while holding my breath.  Do you think I could still?”

Edwin smiled; he could think of a few water sports she could do while holding her breath.  “I don’t know, but you’re more than welcome to try if you want.”  Edwin felt his cock go hard as Chastity untied her robe and slipped it off her shoulders. 

As the robe fell to the ground, Black looked back at Edwin and smiled.  The old pervert behind her was beginning to breath hard as he stared at her nude body.  He was completely oblivious to the fact that, with the blood gone, there was no scratch on her leg.  Black dove into the cold water, she felt the goose bumps burst over her body as she entered.  Although Black had never gone to college, or even been on a swim team, she was an extremely fast swimmer.  She butterfly kicked, streaking under the surface of the pool.  She could feel Edwin’s eyes on her as she reached the far wall, she turned and pushed off the wall, gliding back to the shallow end of the pool.

She broke the surface halfway back, swimming a length and a half of the pool before she had to come up for air.  She looked up and saw Edwin staring at her, his erection apparent in his suit pants.  “Why don’t you join me?” she called out as she slowly kicked, keeping her head above the water.

“Sure, darlin’ let me put on a swimsuit and I’ll be right in.”

“That’s not fair” pouted Black. “If I’m naked, you should be too.”

“Can’t argue with that” replied Edwin as he began to remove his tie.  It only took him a couple minutes to strip down and step into the cold water with Black.  His erection shriveled when his balls hit the cold water.  He gasped, then plunged the rest of the way in.  As he broke the surface, Black swam to him.  They met at the 5’ mark and she wrapped her arms around him.  She felt his cock begin to harden again as she pushed her crotch against his.  She suppressed as shudder as Edwin’s hands grasped her breasts, his fingers pinched her nipples, erect from the cold water.  Black reached down and began to stroke Edwin’s cock as she slowly backed into deeper water.  Edwin followed, bouncing along to keep his head above water.

After a few minutes of stroking, Black had lead Edwin out to the deepest part of the pool.  She backed up against the pool wall and pulled him to her, he put his arms on either side of her and pushed his cock into her.  Black wrapped her legs around the man, pulling him tighter, pulling him deeper into her pussy. 

The anticipation of killing this man was making Black wet.  She rode him, hard.  She wanted to wait until he was about to come, to take that one last pleasure from him before he died.  As Edwin began to thrust faster, his arms began to shake from the exertion.  He grunted in pleasure as he neared climax.

“Faster!” Black screamed.  “Fuck my pussy daddy, fuck me!”  Black screamed the words, goading Edwin into using the last of his strength.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked you little slut.” Snarled Edwin, he was ready to fill this little whore up with his seed. 

Black leaned in close, whispering in Edwin’s ear.  “I have a secret to tell you Edwin Jones.  Your sins have come back to you tonight.  Your son is dead, and now, you’re going to join him.

                As Black spoke the last word, she bit down on Edwin’s neck.  Blood fountained in her mouth as he screamed in pain.  She struck out, hitting him first in the nose, then in the throat.  Disoriented Edwin fell back, his face going below the surface of the water.  As his head slipped below the now-crimson water Black braced her legs against the pool wall and shoved.  She pushed her and the bleeding Edwin into the middle of the pool.

As Edwin fought to break the surface, Black slithered around his body, quick as a darting fish.  She wrapped his legs around him from behind and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “This is for Lily!” Black screamed as she threw herself backwards, pulling him back beneath the surface.  Black kept one arm around his neck as she began to punch him from behind.  The first kidney punch drove the remaining air out of his lungs.  On the second punch, he inhaled the water of the pool.

Black felt when the fight left Edwin.  She released him and swam in front of him.  She looked him in the eyes as consciousness began to fade.  Black reached out, extending her middle finger to him before kicking off.  Black’s foot snapped out, catching Edwin in the face and pushing him to the bottom of the pool as she shot toward the surface.

Black swam to the edge and climbed out of the pool.  She looked back and saw Edwin’s body at the bottom of the pool.  She walked back to the pool house and retrieved her belongings.  She snapped a picture of Edwin’s lifeless body and sent it to another burner phone.  Black pulled Edwin’s wallet from his discarded suit and removed a stack of hundred-dollar bills.  As an afterthought, she took the glass of whiskey Edwin had poured for her and tossed it into the pool.

Black walked through Edwin’s house, wiping down any surface she may have touched.  She found the room housing the house’s security system and removed the drives before powering down the system.  After her housekeeping was done, she walked out of the front door and into the night.

*     *     *

White pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned printing shop.  It had been five hours since she last spoke to Black.  She had dumped her burner phone four blocks from Eric’s penthouse suite along with the dress and shoes.

 White looked around for the signal that Black would have left if there was trouble and she had to run.  There was no sign, White breathed a sigh of relief as Black materialized out of the darkness and walked up to White’s rental car.

“Everything go OK?” Asked white?

“Everything went great, I even got a souvenir from the late Mr. Jones.” Black held up the wad of cash and laughed as she got into the passenger seat.  “How did you take out the younger Jones?”

“Used his tie and a rope to strangle him with a ceiling fan.  The bastard had another tie just like the one used to kill Lily, it seemed fitting.”  White paused, not wanting to tell Black about the tape. “No more secrets, that’s what we swore to each other.”  White signed.  “Black, Eric had a tape of Lily’s murder.  He claimed Jessica set the whole thing up and invited them over for some S&M play.  I don’t think Jessica is our mastermind, but I don’t know who is.

Tears rolled down Black’s cheeks as White spoke, Lily had been one of Black’s only friends aside from Ian and White.  Lily had been so sweet and so innocent, she hadn’t ever hurt anyone in her life, she didn’t deserve that. 

“When we find Jessica, I’m going to be the one who kills her.  I want her to look me in the eyes when I do.”

White nodded agreement as she drove into the night.

Chapter 5

                The target, Jessica, walked into Starbucks and spotted Black.  “Hey Jasmine!” called out Jessica as she waved.  Black smiled and waved back.  Before White killed him, Eric had told them that Jessica was the one who had lured Ian’s sister to the men.  Eric described Jessica as a “Stone cold bitch who liked to fuck her own pussy while her victims were killed.” Eric had recorded a video of Lily’s murder.  They both saw Jessica laughing as she fingered herself while watching Lily die. After discovering that Jessica had lured Lily to her death, Black had insisted on being the one to kill her.  Lily was like a little sister to Black, she wanted revenge.

                It took less than a day for White to find Jessica Adams on several meet up sites.  Jessica’s profile said she was looking for other women to be friends with benefits. 

White created a beautiful profile for Jasmine Anderson, filled with fun and flirty pictures of Black and posted it on message boards visited by Jessica.

                Three days later, Jessica had contacted Jasmine.  After a week of flirtatious messages, the two women agreed to meet for coffee.  Black claimed “Jasmine” would be in town for a few days and was looking for someone to hang out with.  The bait was too good for Jessica to ignore.  After an hour of small talk, Black suggested she and Jessica go back to her hotel room and have some fun.

                Jessica eagerly followed Black to her hotel suite.  Before Black got the door to the suite closed, Jessica was kissing her, tearing at her clothes.  Black grabbed Jessica’s hand and lead her to the bedroom.  Jessica smiled as she saw the cuffs attached to the corners of the four-poster bed.  She knew that once she got Jasmine restrained, she could call in some of her other friends for some real fun.

                “Are you going to let me cuff you?” Asked Jessica as she laughed seductively.

                “Maybe later,” replied Black. “First, I want to see you naked.  Jessica unzipped her dress, revealing a red lace bralette and matching thong.  Black went over and began kissing Jessica’s neck as she reached behind the woman to unhook her bra.  Black imagined biting and ripping the woman’s throat out with her teeth.  She wanted to taste her blood, but it wasn’t time.  When Black killed Jessica, it would be slow.  Eric had told them that Lily had been strangled with the necktie noose while the men took turns fucking her.  Black and White decided Jessica should die the same way.

                Jessica stepped back from Black and turned around, she bent over as she slid the red thong down her tanned legs and tossed it onto the bed.  As she stood up, Black grabbed the woman by the hair and shoved her onto the bed.  Jessica caught herself and turned.  The excited look in her eyes told Black that Jessica liked it rough.  She strode over and shoved a hand between Jessica’s legs, forcing them apart.  Jessica moaned with pleasure as Black forced two fingers inside her wet pussy.

                “Lay back” whispered Black as she began to pump her fingers inside the naked woman.  Jessica obeyed, scooting up the bed as Black continued fucking her.  Black slid two more fingers inside Jessica, stretching the woman as she forced them in deep.

                “Oh, that’s too rough!  Be gentle!” cried Jessica.  Black back handed her across the face, the force stunning the woman.   Black pulled her hand out and cuffed Jessica’s hands to the bed before the other woman could respond.

                White stepped out of the adjoining bathroom and secured Jessica’s legs to the end of the bed, leaving her spread open.  Jessica tried to fight back but Black slapped her twice across the face, front hand then back hand.

                Black straddled the bound woman and spit in her face.  Jessica stared at Black, paralyzed by fear and pain.  White walked over and held out a picture of Lily.  The blood drained from her face as she recognized her victim.  “Please, I’m sorry!”  Jessica begged.  Black struck her in the throat, causing the woman to gag.

                “Shut the fuck up bitch!”  Snarled Black, her hand poised for another strike.  “No apologies, no excuses, it’s time for you to die!  You’ll die the same way she did.”  Black and White had watched the video, despite being sickened by it.  Every time one of the men had forced Lily to orgasm, they tightened the noose.  Lily had been brutalized for over two hours before death had given her an escape from the pain.

                Black grabbed Jessica’s discarded thong from the edge of the bed and tried to shove it into her mouth.  When Jessica clamped her mouth shut, White calmly reached over and pinched her nose shut while putting her other hand over Jessica’s mouth.  She began to buck from the lack of oxygen.  Black grabbed he by the throat and pinned her down.  After 15 seconds, White removed her hand from Jessica’s mouth.  When the woman gasped in a lung full of air, Black shoved the thong in.  White released her nose and grabbed her hair, forcing the woman’s head forward as Black bound the thong in place with tape.

                “Now, fortunately for you, we only have thirty minutes.”  White handed Black a vibrator.  Black turned it on and reached back with one hand and began to rub the tip over Jessica’s pussy.  On her other hand she slipped on a pair of brass knuckles “The first time you orgasm, I’ll kill you.  If you can survive thirty minutes, we will let you live, and you will never see us again.”

                Jessica glared up at Black as she felt the vibrations coursing through her.  At five minutes, Jessica’s legs began to shake.  Black pushed the vibrator hard against Jessica’s clit.  After fifteen minutes, tears began to roll down Jessica’s eyes.  Black watched the clock slowly tick off the seconds.  After twenty-three minutes Black spoke.  “You might just survive this.”  Jessica’s body convulsed as an orgasm tore through her.  She screamed through her gag as she came, squirting on Black’s fingers.  “Guess not.” Black struck with her brass knuckles, smashing the target’s hyoid bone and crushing her windpipe.  Jessica lay there, trying to breathe as she continued to orgasm under Black’s touch.

                Black climbed off the lifeless corpse and straightened her clothes.  She and White opened up four gallons of bleach and doused the body and the bed.  By the time anyone found her, it would destroy any DNA evidence left.  Walking out of the hotel room, White placed the do not disturb sign on the doorknob. 

I hope you liked the first five chapters of my book, please leave feedback and let me know what you thought about it and if you want me to finish writing this book!

If you enjoyed this story, please check out my latest book, The Alicia Affair: Jilted Lovers volume One on Amazon for only $2.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited

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