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Good morning everyone! I’ve been working with an app developer to write some erotica for them. I can’t tell you the name yet, as the app isn’t quite yet released, but I can give you a sneak peek of one of the stories I’ve been writing for them.

The complete story will be around 20,000 words and 13 chapters. I have taken scenes from three chapters to share with you. The premise is that Stacy, the main protagonist of the story, has been possessed by succubus claiming to be an ancient Roman goddess named Suadela. I hope you enjoy the excerpts, and I will let you know more about the app when the company has a release date.

Chapter 3

Stacy took Alex’s hand and pulled her off Jack’s lap and into her arms.  Stacy began to run her fingers through Alex’s short brown hair as they continued to kiss.  Her lips kissed down to Alex’s neck, finding the spot she knew Alex liked.  Stacy felt the all-too-familiar wave of lust begin to build inside her, the same thing she felt when she’d seen Evan earlier that day.  Stacy slid her hands under the other woman’s shirt, feeling her firm stomach before sliding her hands up to cup Alex’s small breasts.  Her bra was already off, probably removed by Jack earlier in the evening.  Stacy began to tease Alex’s nipples, gently pinching and tugging as Alex’s body began to quiver with excitement. 

Alex slid her shorts down her bare legs before stepping out of the neon green thong she wore underneath.  Stacy joined her, sliding her pajama shorts down, she hadn’t bothered to put any underwear on after the shower.  Alex pushed a finger inside her roommate’s pussy, surprised at how wet she already was.  Stacy let out her own moan of pleasure as Alex’s finger began to stroke her swollen clit. 

Stacy pulled off her top and dragged Alex to the floor.  Stacy saw the bugged-out look on Jack’s face as he tried to comprehend his luck at the show he was watching.  Alex laid on her back as Stacy went down between her legs.  Alex was nearly bare except for a small triangle of hair right above her slit.  Stacy’s tongue teased through the patch of pubic hair as Alex’s whimpers rose to moans of ecstasy. 

Stacy wondered if her order to orgasm that had worked so well on Evan would work on Alex.  As she slid her tongue into Alex’s wet pussy, she whispered the command.  Alex screamed with pleasure, drowning out any possibility of anyone hearing Stacy’s words, as her body bucked.  Her legs shook as the orgasm tore through her body. 

Panting, Alex tried to catch her breath as her own heartbeat pounded in her ears.  She didn’t hear Stacy’s whispered words the second time either as another powerful orgasm tore through her, moments after the first.  Stacy slowly licked up and down as Alex shuttered and twitched with pleasure, each time her tongue flicked over Alex’s clit a new shock of sensation would tear through her body, drawing out another moan of pleasure.

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Chapter 6

Alex and Stacy cleaned the kitchen together before going to Alex’s bedroom.  Alex was desperate for another orgasm like the one she just had and knew that Jack wouldn’t consider it cheating… as long as she told him all about it later.

Stacy pulled Alex’s jeans down her slender hips; her panties were soaked from the orgasm that she had earlier.  Stacy smiled as she began to run her fingers over the wet spot, making Alex whimper with pleasure.  Alex untied the robe Stacy wore and slid it over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Alex kissed Stacy’s neck as she stepped out of her wet panties then slipped her shirt over her head.

Stacy laid on the bed, legs spread apart.  Alex began to run her tongue up and down her slit, tasting her roommate’s sweetness as Stacy moaned with pleasure.  Stacy came almost immediately; Alex was always excellent with her tongue and knew exactly what to do.  Her moans and cries of pleasure drove Alex wild as she buried her tongue deeper, licking up Stacy’s sweetness.

Alex climbed up, sliding her legs between Stacy’s until their pussies rubbed together.  Both women moaned as they found their rhythm.  Slow waves of pleasure rolled through them as the orgasms built.  Alex began to gasp, desperate for a release, Stacy spoke the words and had Alex writhing in ecstasy as the continued to grind.  Stacy followed Alex over the edge, their cries joining together.

Stacy grabbed her phone and began to record. Alex’s body glistened with sweat as she played with her nipples, pinching and tugging as she continued to grind her pussy against Stacy’s.  Stacy thrilled at the thought of Jack seeing Alex’s face as she came over and over.  Alex screamed in pleasure as another orgasm tore through her body, her fingers pinching tight on her own nipples.  Stacy felt Alex squirt, a hot gush of liquid spraying over her pussy, soaking both of them.  Alex saw the camera and smiled, licking her lips as she shook and quivered with pleasure.

Stacy rolled, pinning Alex beneath her as she straddled her face.  She watched through the screen of the camera as Alex’s tongue began to desperately lick her clit.  Stacy’s moans turned to screams of pleasure as Alex buried her face between her thighs.  Stacy rocked, grinding against the other woman’s lips, feeling the next orgasm building inside her.

Chapter 7

Evan stripped, pulling off the basketball shorts and t-shirt he wore before picking Stacy up and carrying her to the bed.  She laid back on the bed, spreading her legs apart, offering herself to him.  He stood at the edge of the bed and slid his hard cock into her.  His hips thrust forward, pushing his cock into her as she let out a small scream of pleasure. 

Slowly, Stacy began to stroke her clit as his cock pumped into him over ad over.  She could feel his balls press against her with every thrust as he buried himself deep inside her. Her fingers began to move faster as the first orgasm tore through her, she shook with pleasure as he continued to thrust, she wanted more, needed more.  She brought her legs together, pulling her knees toward her chest.

Stacy: “Fuck my ass, Evan, it’s so tight, and I want to feel you inside it.”

Evan pulled out, his cock glistening as he stared down at her.  He pressed the tip of his cock against her ass, slowly pushing in as she moaned with pleasure.  She felt his cock slowly sliding in and out, sliding deeper with each thrust.

Stacy had a flash of memory, remembered in perfect detail the three men penetrating her at once.  A wave of lust rolled over her, and she screamed with pleasure as another orgasm tore through her body.  She spread her legs apart once again and began to finger her clit.  Evan stared at her, transfixed by the quick movements of her fingers.

Stacy: “Are you ready to come?

Evan: “Yes, I’m ready!”

Stacy: “I want you to pull out and shoot your load all over me!  Will you do that for me?

Evan: “Anything for you!”

Stacy grinned; she felt the power of her control over him as he agreed.  He pulled out and began to stroke his cock.  When she came again, she willed Evan to come with her.  He grunted in surprise as he came, the first shot of his hot cum spraying across her body from her pussy to her lips.  He kept coming, each pulse of his hard cock spraying more over her, coating her face, breasts, stomach, and pussy.

She ran her fingers through the sticky fluid covering her body, loving the way it felt on her nipples and the way it pooled in her belly button.  She licked her lips, tasting the saltiness of it, then sucked her fingers clean as Evan watched, his softening cock still twitching.

Stacy: “I guess I really need that shower now, come help me get clean.  The shower is in there, I’ll join you in a minute.

Evan walked to the bathroom; legs still weak from the orgasm he just had as Stacy picked up her phone.  She snapped some photos, loving the way his cum glistened on her skin.  Then she remembered the video she made last night of her and Alex.  She sent the video to Jack with a note promising that next time he could join in.  Finally, she emailed her boss, claiming to still be sick and requesting the day off.  That finished, she tossed the phone down and went to join Evan in the shower.

Alex awoke to find herself alone in bed.  Too bad, she had the most vivid erotic dreams last night and was really horny.  She slid one hand below the sheets and began to slowly stroke her already wet pussy, thinking about last night.  When they had hooked up as freshmen, and even when the two of them had put the show on for Jack, she had never had an orgasm like the one she had last night.

She spread her legs further apart and closed her eyes, imagining it was Stacy’s hand between her legs instead of her own.  She whimpered with pleasure when the first orgasm rolled through her body.  It felt good, but nothing like the ones that she had experienced with Stacy last night.

When she heard Stacy’s shower, she smiled.  She would go surprise her roommate by slipping into the shower with her.  After last night, she was sure Stacy wouldn’t mind.  She slipped out of the shower and quietly walked to the other bedroom.

Read many of my books for free on Kindle Unlimited

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