Sweet Cherry Pie ♀️♀️

I was sitting at work when Megan sent me the photo she snapped in the mirror. Her red hair fell in graceful waves down over her smooth pale skin. The bright white robe was opened, showing me her body but concealing her perfect breasts. The belt slipped down between her spread legs concealing the tiny red line of hair that she kept neatly trimmed above her perfect pussy.

Along with the photo was a two-word message, one that made the rest of the day drag by unbearably slow. “I’m waiting.”

My pussy throbbed at the thought being with Megan again. Three nights ago, when I first met Megan at a bar, we wound up going home together. Her hands were amazing, her lips were soft and perfect, and her tongue… Her tongue did things to my body that no other woman ever has. Sparks flew all night long, and we’ve seen each other each night since.

At 5:00, I clocked out and rushed to my car. I was at Megan’s apartment in ten minutes and slipped inside.  Megan stood in the kitchen, still wearing nothing but the white robe untied and giving me a great view of her body. I ran to her, pushing the door closed behind me as I went. My hands slipped inside her robe and around her body. I pulled her close, feeling the swell of her breasts pushing against mine as we kissed.

Megan’s hands slowly unbuttoned my skirt and slipped it down my hips. She smiled as she saw I wore nothing underneath. I smiled, thinking about the tiny black thong I had slipped off in the elevator ride up. Her fingers slid between my thighs and began to slowly stroke my smooth pussy. I unbuttoned my blouse and let it slide to the floor, my bra joined the pile of clothes on the floor as we continued to kiss.

Overwhelmed with lust, I dragged her to the kitchen floor, pushing onto her back as she spread her legs apart. I buried my head between her legs, loving the sound of her gasping breath as I kissed her slit. My black hair spilled over her legs, standing out in contrast against the pale skin. I slipped my tongue between the lips of her delicious pussy. She moaned, pushing her hips up against me as I began to slowly run my tongue in and out.

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Megan began to moan louder, her legs trembling as the orgasm built inside her. My hands slipped up, teasing her nipples as she began to gasp. With a scream of pleasure, she came, her body bucked as the orgasm tore through her. I licked faster, loving the taste of her sweet pussy as she continued to orgasm.  Finally, she stopped, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Fuck me, that felt good!” Megan said as she pulled my face closer to hers, her tongue licking my lips as we kissed.  We climbed to our feet and ran to the bedroom, the night was just getting started.  We climbed onto the king-sized bed, her legs slipping between mine.  From the nightstand drawer, Megan pulled out her favorite toy, a 12″ double-ended dildo.  She slid one end into her and helped guide the other end into my wet pussy. 

Together, we began to grind, feeling the dildo deep inside us as we scissored our legs together.  I could feel her thigh pressing against my clit as I began to grind against her.  My moans turned to whimpers as I felt the orgasm building inside me.  When it hit me, I screamed.  A warm liquid sprayed over Megan as I squirted.  I had never squirted with anyone before Megan, but the way she moved had me squirting at least once every time we were together.

Megan pulled me down on top of her, pulling the dildo out and tossing it aside as we began to kiss once again, her our hips and stomachs were slick as we rolled over the bed, hands groping each other’s bodies as the passion continued to build.

Megan handed me a pair of cuffs, I gladly cuffed her slender wrists around the headboard.  Choosing a small vibrator from Megan’s vast collection of sex toys, I began to tease it over her clit.  She spread her legs wide, begging me for more as she moaned louder and louder.

“Oh god, I’m going to come!” she screamed as her body bucked and writhed, I kept the vibrator on her clit, as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. “Don’t stop!” She begged as I began to pull the tip away.  I knew what she wanted, and I was happy to oblige.  I pressed harder as the aftershocks of the first orgasm continued to pulse through her body.  When the second orgasm followed the first, she tried to pull away, tried closing her legs, and pushing the vibrator away. 

I pressed harder, turning up the speed and making her scream as I climbed between her legs, pushing them apart and exposing her pussy to the vibrator.  Her hands pulled at the cuffs, trying to free herself as she fought to get away.  The third orgasm hit and had his screaming as she arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed as she continued to scream in ecstasy.

“No more, oh god, please stop. I’m begging you, I can’t take it again.” Megan whimpered as I continued pressing the vibrator against her, teasing the tip around in small circles as she cried out.

“Yes, you can. You asked for this.”  I moved the tip faster, waiting to draw out the next orgasm as quickly as possible.  I would happily stop as soon as Megan told me the safe word that she had whispered to me the first night we met, but until then, I would keep forcing one orgasm after the other.

The fourth and fifth orgasms hit almost back to back, her pussy dripped as her voice began to go hoarse from the screams of ecstasy.  Finally, after the fifth orgasm, she whispered the safe word, telling me she was finally satisfied.

“Cherry Pie!” she gasped as her body collapsed back onto the bed. “Cherry pie.” I pulled the vibrator away and switched it off, watching her beautiful body continue to twitch as the aftershocks continued to run through her body.  I unlocked the cuffs and pulled her close to me, her body soaked with sweat and other, sweeter things.  I held her close as we continued to kiss, her body trembling in my arms.

After she was able to walk again, we walked back to the kitchen, the dinner she had been cooking was almost ready.  Sitting on a pie rack, cooling in the corner, was a delicious cherry pie.

Noelle is one of my lovely Ladies of Reddit and is currently in a competition to be on the cover for inkd magazine.  She would greatly appreciate your vote!

A very special thanks to Noelle for being one of my Ladies of Reddit. You can see all the stories featuring her photos here Check her out on Reddit and Instagram for some more great pics like these.  Noelle has also set up a Patreon account if you’d like to see some exclusive photos.

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