They Came For Me Last Night ♂️♀️

They came for me last night.  I was told they would come, told my actions would have consequences, but still, I was surprised when they grabbed me out of my bed.  I fought, but against three strong men, I had no chance.  A blindfold was tied over my eyes before I felt a sharp prick on my arm.

I awoke to the feeling of steel cuffs being ratcheted shut over my slender wrists.  My arms were lifted above my head, pulling the cotton nightgown I wore up above my hips.  I was on my back on a cold surface, with the blindfold still covering my eyes I could only hear and feel my surroundings.

I heard the clicking of the handcuffs to a metal ring, my arms were stretched tight above my head.  My captor didn’t say a word as he walked the length of the table on which I was laying, Each footfall seemed to echo in my head.  I felt a strong hand grabbing my right ankle, pulling my legs apart.  I fought, tried to kick out, but his strength was too much.  I felt a thick leather belt cinching tight around my ankle.

I waited in absolute stillness, waited for the moment his hands touched my left leg, I snapped my leg up towards were I sensed his head was, toes pointed in the hope of catching my captor in the throat.  He must have moved like lightning, my foot barely moved before he seized it and strapped it down, leaving my legs spread apart.

I heard the scrape of metal as something was picked up off of a tray, seconds later I heard the snip snip snip of scissors as my nightgown was cut away.  He took his time, working his way up from my stomach to the collar, then along the arms, I felt the thin cloth fall away, leaving me naked save for the thin white cotton panties I had worn.

His fingers traced along my skin, sending shivers of trepidation through my body of what was bound to come next. One finger slid down between my legs, as light as a feather as it traced over my panties along the lips of my pussy.  I whimpered as that finger began to slowly rub.  I fought the urge to moan, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

When the buzz of a vibrator filled the room, my blood sang as adrenaline poured through my system, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long, but I was determined to try.  The first touch sent a shock of pleasure through my system as a moan escaped my lips.  I bit down as I tried to think of anything that would distract me from what was about to happen.

I felt my pussy getting wetter by the moment, a wet spot spreading across my panties as my captor worked the head of the wand between my legs.  I tried counting, I made it to 96 before the first orgasm hit me.  I screamed as an overwhelming wave of pleasure tore through my body.  The vibrator pressed harder, pulling a gasp from me as I fought to close my legs.

The tip of the vibrator pulled away for just a moment, long enough for two fingers to pull the front of my panties down, I felt the head pushing back against me as another wave of intense pleasure rolled through me.  My hips bucked as I fought to pull away, the sensation was too intense.  The second orgasm hit, harder than the first, I lifted my ass off the table, straining against the cuffs that bound my legs.

My captor’s strong hand pushed me back down, holding me in place as he continued to work the vibrator over my overly sensitized pussy.  I hadn’t begged, hadn’t said a word since I awoke, but I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Please, no more!  It’s too much, I can’t take it anymore!  Please, let me go!”  The vibrator turned off, and for a moment, I thought I was going to be released.  The feeling of cold steel against my mound sent a shock of fear through me as I felt my panties get cut away and pulled out from beneath me.  Moments later, my panties, soaked from the first two orgasms, were shoved into my mouth and held in place by an iron grip.

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The vibrator returned, I screamed as the shock tore through my over stimulated pussy.  I could taste the salty-sweet juices from my panties as they dripped in my mouth.  My captor was unrelenting, not stopping as the third orgasm began to build.  My entire body trembled as I came nearer to the edge, unable to stop my own body from betraying me.

As the third orgasm hit, the hand left my mouth and encircled my throat, tightening as my body arched and spasmed.  I thought I would pass out, but then the grip loosened, and for one merciful minute, the vibrator pulled away.  The panties were pulled from my mouth, and I panted as the sweat poured down my body.

The vibrator continued to buzz, letting me know that my torment wasn’t over.  I twitched as the head of the toy brushed against my swollen lips then was pulled away.  Again it was there and gone.  Tormenting me, building up the dread of when it would be forced on me again.

“Please, I’ll do whatever you want, give you whatever you want, just please stop.”  The fingers of one hand spread the lips of my pussy open, exposing my clit.

“No, please, not that!  Please don’t do that!” I felt the vibrator press directly onto my clit, the sensations far more intense than they had been moments ago.  I gasped, unable to even scream as my voice caught in my throat.  After a moment, the scream came, along with more begging, but still, there was no response and no mercy.

I lost track of how many times I came.  After the seventh or eighth orgasm,  I began to scream threats and curses, a rubber ball was forced into my mouth and held in place with a rubber strap.  When not pinning me down or forcing my legs further apart, my captor’s free hand would grab my breasts and squeeze, pinching and tugging my nipples, making me cry out around the gag.

Finally, the vibrator switched off, and the silence in the room seemed to deafen me.  My legs were released one by one and laid upon the table, my muscles shook, and I had no control over them.  I felt the vibrator pressed firmly against my pussy before my legs were bound together, holding the vibrator in place.

The ballgag was removed, and once again, I begged to be released.  The vibrator switched back on, sending waves of pleasure through me.  As they did, my captor began to run both hands over my body, tickling my armpits and my thigs, then squeezing my breasts.  I tried to squirm away, the tickling being almost worse than the vibrations. 

The tickling didn’t stop when I climaxed, and the combined sensations sent me over the edge, I screamed until my voice was hoarse and tears began to fall.  Next, his hands went to my feet, tickling me mercilessly as the next orgasm hit me.  My mind and body were overwhelmed as I felt a gush of hot liquid spray from my swollen pussy and coat my thighs. 

The tickling moved back up to my ribs and stomach, and I had one more orgasm before I heard a high pitched beep.  Immediately the hands stopped their torment, and the vibrator was switched off.  My legs were unbound, and the vibrator was removed.  I could feel the cuffs being opened, and gentle hands guided my arms back to my sides.  A soft blanket was laid across my body as a cool washcloth wiped the sweat from my eyes.

“Miss Simmons, please close your eyes, we’re about to remove your blindfold.” The voice belonged to that of a woman, and true to her word, the blindfold was removed.  I blinked my eyes and discovered I was in my living room.  I had only been taken about twenty feet from the bed where I had been grabbed.  I looked to my right, A mountain of a man stood grinning at me, the vibrator still in his hand.  Next to him stood the mousey brunette, Audrey.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Miss Simmons? Audrey asked, a slight smile on her face as she held out a glass of water.  Gratefully I took the water and drank it down.

“Audrey, I told you to call me Natalie.  And yes, I enjoyed myself very much.  Your shock and awe package was definitely all that you promised in the brochure and more.  Although, I would have sworn the fine print said that the forced orgasm session would last no more than one hour.”  The mountain grinned wider and began to chuckle.

“Miss Simmons, it has only been an hour.  Well, an hour and twenty-two minutes if you include the time to restrain you.  The timer started when Michael first began to stroke you and stopped when the timer beeped.  I am impressed, most people last less than thirty minutes before saying the safeword.”  Audrey smiled as she helped me sit up and held out a replacement nightgown to me.

“I paid good money for this, no way was I going to quit early.”  I turned to Michael, the mountain, and held out my hand, he shook it and leaned in to kiss my cheek.

“If you wish, we do offer more intense packages… if you think you can handle it.” Audrey said as she turned to walk out of my house. 

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