Billionaire Breeding Agency (Part 1) ♂️♀️

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Chapter 1

Tiffany stared down at the contract, the technical wording, legalese as her friend Jenny called it, seemed to spin around her head.

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand, what’s the difference between this and being a surrogate?” Tiffany asked the woman sitting across the desk from her.  The woman, Sheila, sighed, obviously annoyed by having to explain the basic concept again.

“A surrogate is artificially inseminated and carries the baby to full term. A breeder is fucked, repeatedly, in many creative ways. My clients are paying for the right to use you any way they see fit, within the confines of the contract, of course.

“You are paid $25,000 for the client to have you as often as he wants for three months. If within those three months you become pregnant, you are paid an additional $100,000 to carry the baby to term and deliver it. The baby will be adopted by the client or one of his family.

“In the initial three months, or until you become pregnant, all sexual intercourse must be completed with the deposit of semen into your vagina. Once you are pregnant, the client has the right to use you as he sees fit, up to and including sharing you. Again, there are limitations, I don’t allow my girls to be injured in the performance of their duties.”  Does that answer your questions?

Tiffany nodded and signed her name on the highlighted fields. Her hand trembled at the thought of her parents finding out what she had just signed up for. Fortunately, they were back home in the poorest part of Kentucky, and she was in Los Angeles, far away from them and their abuse.

Sheila scanned three contracts, ensured everything was in order, then filed them away. The businesswoman was gone, and a much more relaxed Sheila smiled up at Tiffany.

“Come with me, we need to get you ready for your video resume.” Tiffany followed the other woman through an unobtrusive door into a cozy room with a small fire crackling in the corner. She realized the fire was for ambiance only as the room was pleasantly cool. 

A third woman stood from the couch and walked over. Wavy dark hair fell over alabaster skin. Her pregnant belly seemed to cleave the air in front of her as she walked.

“Tiffany, this is Juliette, another one of my girls. Her contract ended early when her partner died unexpectedly. She is due in five weeks.”  Juliette’s eyes moistened for just a moment before she wiped them away and gave Tiffany a hug.

“Welcome to the Billionaire Breeding Agency!” Juliette said as she broke the embrace.

“I’m going to help you get ready for your video, strip off your clothes and come with me.”  Tiffany hesitated, nervous about being naked in front of two strange women.

“Look, honey, you’re about to get naked and fucked silly by a bunch of strange men, you shouldn’t be nervous in front of me.”  Juliette grabbed the front of Tiffany’s jeans and pulled them over her slender hips, her t-shirt followed the jeans.

“It’s ok, everyone’s nervous at first, slip out of your underwear and lay down in front of the fire.  Juliette is going play with you, make you look good for your video.” Sheila adjusted the camera as Tiffany stripped down to her bare skin. 

“But, I’m not a lesbian!” Tiffany objected as Juliette stripped and brought her over to the carpet.  Juliette pulled her down to the carpet and pushed her onto her back.

“Honey, I’m not a lesbian either, but I’ve been with women several times, my last client loved watching me go down on his wife’s pussy and making her scream, you get used to it.  Now, lay back and enjoy yourself, I’m going to make you look really good for the clients.” Juliette positioned herself between Taffany’s legs. 

Tiffany moaned as Juliette’s fingers began to slowly tease up and down her smooth pussy.  She closed her eyes, trying to enjoy herself.  If she didn’t impress the client, she would have no choice but to leave Los Angeles.  The sudden shock of pleasure rolling through her pulled her back to the moment.  A whimper of pleasure escaped her lips as she felt the first orgasm building inside her. 

Juliette began to stroke faster, enjoying the look on Tiffany’s face as she neared climax.  With a moan, Tiffany came, her legs trembling at the sudden shock of pleasure that shot through her body.  She reached up, playing with her nipples as the orgasm continued to roll through her body.  Juliette began to stroke faster, pushing the other woman towards another orgasm. 

A scream tore from her mouth as the second orgasm followed the first, her body shook as she gasped in pleasure.  Juliette slowed, teasing her and sending aftershocks of pleasure through her body.  Tiffany laid back, her chest heaving as she fought to compose herself.

“That was perfect!  I have a couple of choice clients who are going to love you!”  Sheila beamed as she stopped the camera and brought Tiffany her clothes. 

“You should hear back from me within the week with a placement for you.  Remember, no intercourse from now on, you’re no longer on birth control.”  Tiffany blushed as she dressed then shook hands with the other two women.  She smiled as she left, she was going to make something of herself.

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Chapter 2

Michelle smiled as the old man walked into the bedroom she had been assigned upon arrival.  Her client, Mr. Daniels, had clearly popped his Viagra and was ready for fun.  She walked over to him, letting the silk robe slide from her shoulders, leaving her bare.  She dropped to her knees, grabbing his shaft and stroking it with slow, steady strokes.

She had been his personal fuck to for six weeks, and he had fucked her at least 25 times, not bad for a man closer to 70 than 60.  Each time, except for one, he had filled her tight hole, hoping to impregnate her.  That other time she had been too enthusiastic with the blowjob and had filled her mouth with his hot load.  She had spit out the load and fingered herself vigorously while Mr. Daniels watched, smiling.

She knew most of the girls that Sheila hired were desperate for money, but Michelle didn’t need any money, her family was rich.  Not Daniels family rich, but rich enough that $125,000 wasn’t much compared to the inheritance she would receive in six years on her twenty-fifth birthday.  No, she wanted to be used, wanted to be bred. The thought of being impregnated by Eric Daniels made her pussy ache with anticipation. 

She felt his hands grabbing the back of her head as he began to thrust his cock into her mouth, ramming deep into her throat, making her choke on his length.  She reached up, playing with his balls as he continued his thrusting.  Finally, he buried his cock deep in her throat, his balls pressing against her face as he held himself inside.  They had done this almost every time they fucked, and she loved listening to him mumble under his breath as he counted how long she could take him. 

She made it to fourteen, not her best, but not bad judging by the smile on the old man’s face as he pulled out, his cock soaked with her spit.  Drool ran down her chin and onto her small, firm breasts as he walked to the bed.  She dropped to her hands and knees, following him, just the way he liked it.  When they reached the bed, she climbed up, not saying a word as she bent over the bed and spread her legs for him.

Her smooth pussy dripped in anticipation of receiving another load from the old man, and she moaned with pleasure and excitement as she felt his cock slipping into her.  She felt his fist curling into her long black hair right before her head was jerked back.  She screamed in pain, just the way he liked it as her pussy throbbed with excitement. 

Michelle reached down, stroking her clit as he continued to fuck her.  She knew that he would only last about fifteen minutes even with the Viagra and wanted to orgasm with him, he liked it when she did.  She brought herself to the edge, fighting to not climax before him.  Her moans of pleasure echoed from the walls as she stroked her swollen clit. 

When the old man stiffened, she allowed herself to climax, she screamed as she felt his him emptying himself into her pussy, she clenched her pussy tight around his shaft, imagining that she would squeeze out every last drop of cum inside her.  She moaned with disappointment as he pulled out.  He slapped her affectionately on the ass before turning and leaving the room. He rarely spoke to her when they were fucking, which was fine by her. 

Michelle climbed into her king-size bed, propping pillows under her hips to ensure that all the seed would stay inside her.  She continued to stroke her clit, still aroused at the thought of being used so casually. 

Michelle closed her eyes and remembered the Christmas party where she had first met Eric Daniels.  She had just turned nineteen and was at her father’s Christmas party.  Eric Daniels had walked out onto a balcony to smoke a cigarette, unaware that she had been sitting in the shadows.  When she walked up to him, he was startled and dropped his lighter, she had caught the gold plated zippo before it fell to the street, thirty stories below.

It hadn’t taken long for her to get him back into the shadows, his pants unzipped and his cock in her mouth.  That had been the first time she had heard his mumbled counting as she choked on his cock.  She had only made it to seven that time and had finished him off soon after, swallowing his load before licking his cock clean. 

They had met twice more in secret, the last two times she had let him cum in her pussy.  The thought of him impregnating her had thrilled her.  When he told her about the Billionaire’s Breeding Agency, she had jumped at the opportunity.  He had ensured she was hired and placed with him.  Now he could fuck her whenever she wanted, and her father would never find out. 

She came twice more, remembering the thrill of the first time he had given her his seed.  The first time she had ever let anyone fuck her without a condom.  As the last spasms of pleasure quivered through her body, she pulled the blankets up over her naked body and fell asleep, dreaming of being pregnant.

Chapter 3

Tiffany smiled at the client as she was introduced.  Jared Thompson was a handsome man in his mid-forties.  His wife of thirteen years, Emily Thompson, sat with him, beaming.  The couple had been trying since their wedding to have children and had been unsuccessful.  Emily was barren and admitted to not having much of a sex drive, the idea of someone to have her baby and take care of her husband’s sexual desires had thrilled her.

Jared rarely spoke, letting his wife do all the speaking for him during their interview.  In the end, she had been the one who had told Sheila that they would love to have Tiffany come to stay as their guest for the next three months. 

“Are the wives usually this excited to have someone else sleeping with their husband?” Tiffany asked Sheila after the couple had left.

“No, Mrs. Thompson is… unique.  She runs the family business and sees her marriage to Jared as nothing more than political maneuvering.  She couldn’t care less who Jared sleeps with as long as she gets the money when he dies.

“You may have noticed that she, like you, is petite and blonde.  If you become pregnant, I guarantee she will make herself appear pregnant so she can claim the baby is hers when you give birth.”  Sheila filed the paperwork as she spoke, never looking Tiffany in the eye.

“I guess I’ll go pack my clothes and get ready to move into my new place in the morning.” Tiffany turned to leave, but Sheila grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

“Tiffany, remember the contract that you signed, remember what Jared is and isn’t allowed to do while trying to impregnate you.  He may try to push what he does, but he must follow the rules.”  Tiffany noticed Sheila still wouldn’t look her in the eye, it was the same evasive look her mother gave when she had asked her about the black eye as a child. 

Tiffany swallowed hard, then nodded.  As she left, she wondered what type of things Jared might want to do, and what she could do to stop him if he tried.

*             *             *

The following morning, a black limousine pulled up to the rundown apartment building where Tiffany had been living.  The rent was month to month, and she didn’t bother telling the landlord that she was moving out, no point letting him try to grab her ass one more time.

The driver smiled, showing no reaction at picking someone up from such a rundown place.  When a wino began to wander close, hand outstretched, the driver’s gaze fell on the man, stopping him in his tracks.  The wino scurried off, hands in his pockets.

Tiffany stepped into the limo, all her belongings in the world fitting in the two small suitcases the driver placed in the trunk.  As the car pulled away, the partition lowered, and the driver spoke.  His voice was a rich baritone that sent a shiver of pleasure down Tiffany’s spine

“Good morning, miss, I’m Andrew.  Mister Thompson has assigned me to be your driver for the next three months during your visit.  If you need to leave the house, please let me know, and I will be happy to take you where you need to go.

“Mrs. Thompson has informed me that you will need a suitable wardrobe for your stay at the estate.  Do you have any requests on where to begin?”  The driver glanced back at her through the mirror and saw her cheeks redded with embarrassment.

“I don’t have any money,” Tiffany mumbled as she looked out the window.  Andrew’s voice softened as he returned his eyes to the road, unwilling to embarrass her further.

“Miss, I’m aware of what your role will be for the next three months, but I’m one of a select few of the household staff who are.  As far as most are concerned, you are the daughter of a friend who is visiting.   This is how you will be introduced to any other guests who may visit during your tenure. 

“The Thompson family will be covering any expenses, including wardrobe, that you may incur while you are their guest.”  Tiffany glanced back and saw the grin on Andrew’s face as he held up a silver and black American Express credit card. 

*             *             *

Tiffany collapsed onto the king-sized bed, she was sure that the down comforter was the most comfortable thing she had ever laid on in her life.  Empty bags from stores Tiffany had never heard of before today stood at the foot of the bed as the maid hung or folded each garment before putting it away.  Tiffany had tried to help but was politely, but firmly, shooed away.

When the maid left, Tiffany wandered into the attached bathroom, the walk-in shower was bigger than the bathroom in the house she had grown up in.  Feeling the need to wash off any remnants of her old rat-infested apartment, she stripped down and stepped into the shower. 

As the water cascaded down in a gentle rain from above, Tiffany closed her eyes and wondered what her mother would think of such a place.  She dreamed of returning home and taking her mother away from her husband, she knew she would never be able to take her somewhere like this, but almost anything was better than the rundown hovel where her mother lived.

Tiffany screamed when she felt arms wrap around her from behind.  She slammed an elbow back, feeling the hard impact of flesh.  The arms released and she pushed away, spinning and backing into the corner.  Jared stood in the center of the shower, his hand pressed into his stomach as he wheezed and coughed.

“That was… impressive.  I guess I shouldn’t have snuck up on you.  That was one hell of a hit for someone your size.”  Jared straightened and grinned.  Tiffany slowly stepped back towards the center of the shower.  She was certain that she would be fired or that he would strike her for her mistake.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Thompson, I didn’t mean to hit-“ His laugh cut her off as he held a hand out to her.  When she took her hand, he pulled her back under the water and into his embrace.  His hands stroked down her back to her ass.  His lips found hers, ending any further conversation.  She was nervous at first, but when one hand reached up to fondle her breast, she moaned with pleasure.

Soon, Tiffany forgot about being nervous and was enjoying the feel of strong, clever hands on her body.  His hand went down between her legs, one finger sliding inside.  Aside from Juliette, no one had touched her in over a year.  She moaned as he had her coming within minutes, her body shaking. 

He continued stroking, his fingers moving faster as her legs began to tremble,  She threw her arms around her neck, hanging onto him as the second orgasm hit.  He held her tight against him, supporting her as she bit down on a scream of pleasure. 

He pulled out his fingers and lifted her off the ground, she felt her back pressed hard against the shower wall as she wrapped her legs around him, taking his hard cock inside her.  He thrust up, forcing himself deep inside her and making her moan. 

Her moans turned to screams of pleasure as his mouth found her throat.  She felt him stiffen then release a flood of hot cum filling her pussy.  It was over too soon, she was desperate for more, but Jared pulled out and set her back on her feet.

Jared kissed her once on the cheek, then rinsed off before stepping out of the shower.  She watched as he dressed in the clothes he had been wearing when he came in.  Before walking out the door, he paused and turned to her.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been with anyone who actually enjoyed sex.  I’ll be back this evening around 8:00, we will see if I can last longer then.”  With that, he walked out of the bathroom.  Tiffany heard the bedroom door close as he left her suite. 

She dropped to her knees, spreading her legs apart as she began to stroke her clit.  The sudden passion and had aroused her in a way she had never felt before, her body screamed for release.  She closed her eyes as she remembered the feeling of that first load of seed being emptied inside her.  The thought made her come again, her whimpers of pleasure echoing off the walls as she fantasized about Jared impregnating her. At that moment, she knew she had made the right decision.

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