Billionaire Breeding Agency (Part 2) ♂️♀️

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Chapter 4

Michelle squealed in delight as she stood naked in her private bathroom.  The plus sign seemed to glow on the pregnancy test she held in her trembling hands.  She grabbed her phone and snapped a picture, sending first to Sheila, then to the old man.  She knew that he had a fetish for impregnating young women and expected him to be exceptionally horny when he came home.

Michelle walked to the bed, stretching her nubile body across the comforter as she imagined the life growing inside her.  Her hands felt her small breasts, slowly pinching and releasing the nipples, imagining the thrill of milk squirting out of them, wondering if the old man would like to watch the milk dribbling between her fingers.  The thought made her pussy throb. 

Slowly her hands slid down to her still-flat stomach. She imagined her skin being stretched as the baby grew inside her, imagined the weight of the old man pressing down on her growing belly as he continued to use her.  Now that the contract was fulfilled, he could do almost anything to her, use her however he wanted. 

She imagined herself, eight months pregnant, laying on her back as the old man stood between her spread legs, fucking her still tight pussy.  Her hands wandered down between her spread legs as she continued her fantasy.  The old man, cock hardened by Viagra, pumping into her, his hands on her belly, pressing down.  She imagined her hands squeezing her swollen breasts as he fucked her.  Then right before climax, the old man would pull out, shooting his hot seed all over her pregnant belly and swollen breasts.

The thought sent her over the edge, and with a moan of pleasure, she came.  Michelle’s body writhed as she the orgasm tore through her, curling her toes as she continued to stroke her pussy.  She came again, the second orgasm immediately following the first, her moans turned to screams as uncontrollable spasms shook her.

Finally, exhausted, she slid her finger away from her soaking wet pussy. Her body continued to twitch as she tried to catch her breath.  She rolled onto her side, wrapping her arms around herself and imagining what would soon be.

The buzz of her phone startled her, and she quickly grabbed the phone, hoping for some dirty text message from the old man to further her fantasy.  The message was from Sheila. Congratulations, I knew you could do it.  I’m sending our doctor onsite to confirm the results, please expect him at 1:00 PM.

Michelle looked at the bedside clock, it was already 12:15, Sheila didn’t mess around when it came to confirming pregnancy.  Michelle knew Sheila, or maybe her pregnant daughter, pulling contracts, marking them complete, and preparing the new documents to be sent out once the pregnancy was confirmed. 

Annoyed that she couldn’t continue her fantasy, Michelle walked back to the bathroom, glancing once more at the at-home pregnancy test before stepping into the shower.  The old man had always refused to shower with her.  He claimed he was too difficult to get in her pussy in the shower, maybe now that the contract was fulfilled, he would let her blow him in the shower.  Or maybe even fuck her in the ass.

The thought of his cock stretching her tight little ass as the water fell down her body sent a thrill through her as she began to wash her body.  She fought the urge to begin to play with herself again, knowing she might still be fingering her slit when the doctor walked in.

Pushing the image from her mind, she finished her shower and managed to dry herself and get dressed without giving in to her desires.  Idly, she wondered if she would have another orgasm when the doctor examined her. 

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Chapter 5

Juliette sat by the fire in her mother’s office.  Her arms cradled protectively over her belly.  The doctor had just left, going to see that lunatic Michelle to see if she really was pregnant.  Juliette hated Michelle, the thought of a client bringing in his own girl just so he could have easy access to fuck her made her blood boil.

Still, a client was a client, even if the client was fucking the daughter of a business partner.  Her mother, always business-minded, considered it a perfect arrangement.  The client came to her, paid her, and provided the woman he wanted to breed. 

Juliette looked down at the ultrasound picture, she was going to have a little girl.  She was six months pregnant, but the previous two ultrasounds had been inconclusive regarding the baby’s sex.  Finally, she knew, and the thought of having a daughter thrilled her.  She knew her mother would be happy for her, even if she had never wanted her daughter to be bred.

She thought back to the decision she had made seven months ago behind her monther’s back.  The client, the late and unlamented Matthew Smith, had stormed into the office, red-faced and screaming about the girl that he signed a contract with.  The girl in question was Susie Miller, a new girl who had been placed with Mr. Smith four weeks earlier. 

Mr. Smith had walked in on Susie bent over the bed, one of the gardening staff enthusiastically fucking her.  Furious, he had fired the gardener and dragged Susie back to the office in tears, barely allowing the girl time to dress before dragging her out by the hair.  Susie told them later that he had called her an ungrateful whore and threatened to beat her while she tried to grab what few belongings she could before leaving his house.

Her mother had been traveling on business, leaving Juliette to run the office in her place.  The threats of a lawsuit against the company had terrified her.  Matthew Miller was well connected, and it wouldn’t be hard for him to destroy their business while not tarnishing his own reputation.

In an act of desperation, Juliette had offered to take Susie’s place.  She had seen the leer on the man’s face whenever he was in the office and knew that he would accept.  He had agreed, and Juliette had told her mother what she had done.  Sheila had cried for three days, begging her daughter to not go through with it.  But, Juliette would not, could not, see all her mother’s hard work be wasted because of the actions of one horny girl who couldn’t follow a contract.

Juliette’s memory wandered to the day she had told the client she was pregnant.  The smile on his face had been predatory.  Immediately he had thrown her onto the bed, tearing off her clothes and fucking her in the ass.  That had only been the beginning.  Over the next two weeks, Juliette had been subjected to all manner of sexual acts. 

On the third day, he had brought a group of five men with him. They had spent the evening taking turns using her over and over.  They had fucked her one after the other and in a group, at one point filling all her holes and forcing her to jerk off two of them.  Finally, after the men had each taken her at least three times, they left her, aching and humiliated.

Juliette knew the contract, she knew that everything he had done was within his rights once the pregnancy had been confirmed.  She had showered, desperate to wash away the spunk that still dripped from her ass and from her hair.  She never told her mother about the incident.

Two weeks later, he had attempted to violate the contract with the introduction of bondage; when she had objected, he had backhanded her, knocking her to the floor.  That night, after he had whipped and caned her for over an hour, she lay in her bed, bruised and aching as she cried herself to sleep.

Sheila had been furious over the abuse that had been caused, she claimed the contract had been breached and that penalties would need to be paid.  Matthew had laughed at her, claiming Juliette was his to do with as he pleased until the baby was born. 

Juliette wasn’t sure what exactly her mother had done, but knew that she had caused the brakes to fail in the Miata that Matthew Smith had loved to drive along the coast at dangerously high speeds.  When the police had arrived on the scene, the car was engulfed in flames.  The medical examiner had been unable to determine the cause of death, but Juliette liked to imagine him being burned alive.

Juliette shook her head, forcing away the memories of the father of the baby she now carried.  She rose and walked into the other room, smiling as she held out the ultrasound picture to her mother.

“It’s a girl.  You’re going to have a granddaughter.”  Sheila looked up from the folder for Michelle Sutton and beamed.  She rose and embraced her daughter tightly as tears began to fall from her eyes.

“Juliette, I’m so proud of you.  I know this isn’t how you planned on starting a family, but I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter.”  The two women continued to embrace as they discussed the baby.  Juliette knew that they would be shopping for baby items as soon as they heard from the doctor about Michelle.

Over lunch, the two women discussed baby names.  Juliette told her mother she was thinking about the name Kenzie.  Sheila said it was a beautiful name and discussed the colors to paint the baby’s room in the townhouse they shared.

Sheila watched her daughter as they ate.  They had never discussed what happened to Matthew Smith but knew that her daughter was intelligent enough to know what had happened.  Sheila had considered having the man beaten to death, but determined the risk of discovery was too great.  Instead, $10,000 had been enough to hire a couple of men to follow the old bastard out on one of his drives and cut the brake lines on his car while he ate lunch.  The car had sailed down a ravine less than three miles from the restaurant.

Sheila smiled again, knowing that her daughter and granddaughter would be safe from the likes of Matthew Smith.  Afterall, Juliette’s father had been a monster to… and she had dealt with him.  Maybe he and Matthew could compare notes in hell.

Chapter 6

Tiffany laid on her back, her hands tied to the headboard.  Her legs were bound together, knees drawn to her chest, and tied to the leather collar she wore around her neck.  This was her fourth day living at the Thompson mansion, and the fifth time Jared Thompson had come to fuck her. 

After the incident in the shower, he had been back to see her every night before bed.  He had introduced her to bondage.  Together, they discovered her love of being dominated.  Now, with her pussy exposed, he teased his finger in and out of her tight ass as the vibrator pressed tight against her clit hummed.

Tiffany ached at the thought of feeling his hard cock pumping into her ass as she laid bound.  He promised her he would, but only after she was pregnant.  For now, the only hole he would fuck with his cock was her pussy.

A second finger joined the first, stretching her ass and making her whimper in pain.  The vibrations were overwhelming, but he had forbidden her from cumming until he allowed it.  She remembered the sharp slap of his hand on her ass when she had disobeyed and came early.  She considered doing it again so she could be punished once more.

Jared’s wife walked into the room.  Her yellow sundress swished around her knees as she walked across the bedroom.  She smiled down at tiffany, brushing a stray lock of hair out of the bound woman’s face before speaking to her husband.

“Jared dear, I just wanted to tell you I’m heading to bed.  You seem to be enjoying yourself, take your time.  I’ll see you in the morning for Tennis.  You have a pleasant evening too.”  The last words were directed at Tiffany before she turned and walked out of the room.  Tiffany wondered what kind of woman wouldn’t care to see her husband fucking another woman, then she remembered what Sheila had said.

The distraction had almost been enough to break her focus, she nearly came but managed to resist at the last minute.  She knew better than to bed, knew that if she asked to come, Jared would deny her even longer, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Please, sir, may I have an orgasm?”  Tiffany whimpered, trying to sound pitiful as she fought to maintain control.  Jared ignored her, using his free hand to press the vibrator more firmly against her clit.  She screamed as tears began to glisten in her eyes.  A third finger joined the first two, the sudden pain distracting her long enough to regain control of her body.

“Please, sir, may I have an orgasm? Please, sir, may I have an orgasm? Please, sir, may I have an orgasm?

Please, sir, may I have an orgasm? Please, sir, may I have an orgasm?”  Each time she asked, her voice trembled harder, her words came faster out of her mouth.  Tears flowed from her eyes, and she knew she was seconds away from disobeying.

Suddenly, the fingers pulled from her ass, the shock stopping her mantra as she gasped in surprise.  She felt the vibrator adjusted further up, pressing harder against her clit right before Jared’s hard cock slammed into her dripping pussy. 

“You may have an orgasm.”  Jared spoke the five words barely above a whisper.  Tiffany immediately let out a scream of pleasure as she gave in and came.  Her bound body bucked as he continued fucking her smooth pussy.  He loved the feel of her, loved making her submit to him, and loved denying her until she nearly broke.  He wondered just how far he could push her over the next three months.

When she heard the words, Tiffany let out a primal scream as she let herself go.  Her body shook and spasmed as the orgasm tore through her.  Her legs strained against the rope, pulling against the collar that was cinched around her throat.

Tiffany continued to squirm as the pleasure rolled over her body.  She felt Jared’s cock stiffen and thrilled at the thought of his seed being pumped into her.  She could feel each hot shot of semen filling her pussy and moaned with pleasure.  When he was finished, Jared pulled out and climbed off the bed.  He walked over to the suit jacket he had tossed over an armchair when he had entered the room.

“I bought you a present.  I want you to wear it all night.  I’ll be by in the morning to pull it out.”  Jared pulled out a small box and opened the top.  He removed a slender silver butt plug, the end adorned with a pink jeweled heart.  He walked over, sliding the plug into her dripping pussy, coating it in his seed before sliding it into her still-aching ass. 

Tiffany moaned as she felt the device slip in, and her ass clench around it.  Jared snapped a picture on his phone and held it up for her to see.  She grinned at the sight of his load, dripping down out of her pussy and coating her new jewelry.

“Thank you, sir, I love it!” Tiffany pulled at the bonds as her back began to ache from the position in which he had bound her.  Jared slid off the bed and walked into the bathroom.  She heard the shower running as he scrubbed himself clean. 

For the next half hour, she waited.  When Jared finally came back and untied her leg,s she whimpered in pain as she tried to stretch them out. The butt plug felt strange, and her body ached.  When she was finally freed, she stretched, arching her back and feeling the burn where the ropes had dug into her skin.

Jared left after giving her a final long, slow kiss.  His hands pinched her nipples hard, making her gasp before he turned and left.  Her entire body ached as she slowly stood and walked towards the shower. The butt plug continued to stimulate her as she washed herself clean. 

When she finally climbed into bed, she smiled, the pain was mostly gone, but the thrill of her time with Jared was still fresh in her mind. She wondered if she was pregnant yet.  That thought made her wet, but she dared not touch herself; she had been forbidden to pleasure herself unless she was told to by Jared. 

She finally fell asleep, naked.  She slept on her side with her ass towards the door, hoping Jared would wake her with the removal of her new toy in the morning.  Maybe if she was lucky, he would fill her pussy again with another load of his hot seed.

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