Billionaire Breeding Agency (Part 4) ♂️♀️

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Chapter 10

Sheila stared down at the pile of paperwork in front of her, unable to focus. Juliette was due any day now, and she needed to be with her daughter. She didn’t have time to worry about Tiffany not getting knocked up. The fertility tests had come back, there was nothing medically wrong with Tiffany, she just hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. Why was this so hard for the Thompson to understand?

Frustrated, she scooped up the medical reports and added them to Tiffany’s file. Fuck the Thompsons Sheila thought as she slammed the file cabinet shut and locked it. She grabbed her coat and phone and headed for the door. As her fingers touched the knob, her phone rang. Looking down at the display screen, she sighed, Emily Thompson. At least it wasn’t Jared this time.

“Hello, Mrs. Thompson.” Sheila plastered a smile on her face, hoping the false sincerity would translate through the phone lines.

“Good afternoon Darling, how’s Juliette doing? She’s almost due, isn’t she?”

“She’s doing well. I was actually on my way to see her now.”

“Well, I won’t keep you. I just wanted to tell you that I will be signing another three-month contract for Tiffany. My husband is getting so worked up over her not being pregnant, and it isn’t her fault. Sometimes these things just take time.” 

Sheila was stunned, Jared had called her five times today wanting an update on the medical results. Now his wife acted like it wasn’t a big deal at all. Sheila shook her head, confused by the antics of the rich.

She ended the call and pocketed her phone. Juliette had been craving Chinese food and McDonald’s fries her entire pregnancy. Sheila intended to bring home both for dinner. Juliette was tired most of the day and didn’t leave the house much anymore. The food would make her feel better.

* * *

“See Tiffany dear, I told you I would handle it. You have nothing to worry about”  Emily looked down at the nude woman kneeling on the floor. Tiffany’s tongue had been buried deep in her pussy while she had been on the phone with Sheila. 

Emily let out a moan as she leaned further back and spread her legs further apart. It had been nearly three months since she told Tiffany the secret she had kept from her husband for their entire marriage. She came to the younger woman almost daily. 

Her husband, Jared, thought that her affection towards Tiffany was because she could provide the baby Emily wanted. She did want Tiffany to be the mother of her child, but the affair that she had with the younger woman was nearly as important. After nearly fifteen years of suppressing her urges, it felt wonderful to indulge.

“We should have Andrew drive us into town for a girls night on the town. Jared is in Milan for the rest of the week. He wanted to take you with him; fortunately, you don’t have a passport, so you got to stay behind with me.

“Better yet, let’s go to the Beverly Hills Hotel and get a spa treatment, then stay the night in their penthouse. We could stay there for a night or two and just be pampered.  How does that sound to you?”

Tiffany looked up from between Emily’s legs and smiled. Her mistress always took such good care of her.  Emily’s husband loved to dominate her, he thrilled on tying her up and forcing her to orgasm over and over, or teasing her and denying her until she begged for the release. Tiffany loved submitting to his raw power. She loved the feeling of being used. But, most of all, she loved being bred by him.

Every time he emptied his seed into her tight pussy, the sexual thrill that shot through her body made her come. She hated that she hadn’t gotten pregnant, but was certain that in another three months, she would.

Emily was different, where Jared dominated with strength, Emily dominated with affection and gifts. Tiffany loved the attention she received from Jared, but she was devoted to Emily, body, mind, and spirit. After a month of wild sex, Tiffany had admitted to herself that she was in love with Emily.

Every time Jared took her, the thrill of his domination over her was matched with her thrill of being the one who could give Emily the baby she desired. At night, after Jared left her aching and filled with his seed, she would stroke herself, thinking of Emily, hoping that somehow her devotion to the other woman would help her become pregnant.

Emily’s body began to shake, and she laid back fully on the bed, Tiffany’s tongue worked faster, running in tight circles over her lover’s clit, pushing her to the edge. When she came, Emily screamed her pleasure as she pushed the other woman’s face hard between her legs.

When she was able to walk again, Emily lead Tiffany to the shower, they washed each other while kissing and caressing. Emily thought that if she had to wait so many years to fulfill her desires, at least Tiffany was worth the wait. 

Dressed in matching sundresses, the two women went to find Andrew. He was the only member of the household who knew of Emily’s secret desires. He had been her chauffeur since her eighteenth birthday and was one of the few people Emily considered a friend. She knew her secrets would be safe with him.

Andrew drove them to the hotel and helped carry in their luggage. Emily surprised him by insisting he stay for dinner with them. After dinner, she brought him up to the suite with them and held out a small video camera. 

“Andrew Darling, I know that you know about Tiffany and I. We have decided that we want a video of our time together. I will be traveling for work and will have to be without Tiffany for a week. Would you be a dear and record a little video for us?”

Andrew hesitated, his throat had suddenly gone dry. The thought of seeing both his employer and her lover making love was both thrilling and Terrifying. He had driven Emily for the better part of twenty years, the thought of watching her be pleasured by another woman was powerfully arousing. 

There was also Tiffany to consider, it was impossible to not notice how young and fit she was, he had seen her many times at the pool wearing the tiny bikinis that she enjoyed so much. He had to admit he had indulged in a fantasy or two about her.

Andrew took the camera without saying a word. He watched as the women began to undress each other. Dutifully he began to record. Emily led Tiffany to the bed, pushing the younger woman down onto her back and spreading her legs apart. Andrew zoomed in, focusing on Emily’s pink tongue as she began to slowly run it up and down Tiffany’s smooth slit. 

As Emily slipped her tongue inside, the younger woman began to whimper with pleasure. Slowly she licked, teasing and letting the pleasure build as she licked and kissed her lover’s slit. Tiffany began to play with her breasts, tugging on her nipples as her whimpers turned to moans of pleasure. 

For twenty minutes, Emily kept Tiffany on the edge of climaxing. When Tiffany began to beg, Emily began to lick frantically, sending the other woman into screaming ecstasy. Andrew’s cock strained against his suit jacket as he watched them change positions, Emily now on her back with Tiffany between her legs.

He stared at Tiffany’s smooth pussy, her legs were spread, and he could see the tight little slit glistening invitingly. He tried to focus on the recording, but his eye kept wandering back to that fit body and perfect pussy. He looked up and saw Emily staring at him; she had seen the desire flashing in his eyes.

“Andrew, why don’t you put the camera down and join us. I think Tiffany would enjoy your cock In that tight pussy of her while she continues her work with me.” Tiffany looked up and over her shoulder, smiling warmly as she nodded her approval.

Andrew ended the recording as his shocked brain tried to process what was going on. His fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as they unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. He stepped over to Tiffany, his hands grabbing her firm hips. 

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He felt the tip of his cock pressing against her wet slit, the heat coming off her was so strong, her body seemed to call to him, begging him to take her. Andrew didn’t have a condom, he would have to make sure he pulled out before he finished.

Slowly he pushed his cock into Tiffany’s slit. She moaned with pleasure as he slid himself deeper inside. A shudder of pleasure went through his body as he felt her tight pussy squeezing his cock. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust himself into her, burying his cock all the way inside.

Tiffany moaned with pleasure as she felt Andrews cock penetrating her; she had longed to be taken while she pleasured her mistress. She had assumed if it ever happened, it would be Jared. But having Andrew fuck her pussy while she went down on Emily was an even greater thrill. 

Tiffany climaxed as she thought about Andrew’s seed being pumped into her fertile pussy. Her body shook as the waves of pleasure rolled through her. The orgasm seemed to thrill Andrew, he began to thrust harder, pounding into her over and over. She could feel his balls slapping into her with each rhythmic thrust.

Andrew felt the orgasm building, knew that he needed to pull out. His cock stiffened as he felt the load of cum about to burst from him. As he went to pull out, Tiffany threw one hand behind her and grabbed his wrist. The movement distracted him, and he felt the explosion as he emptied herself into Tiffany’s tight pussy. 

Emily watched Andrew’s body go rigid as he came. The look of shock and terror on his face as his cum flooded into Tiffany was almost comical. She didn’t care, Jared had been pumping Tiffany full of his seed for three months, and she wasn’t pregnant yet, the odds of Andrew’s soldiers succeeding on the first try was slim to none.

Tiffany rolled onto her back, her legs spread wide as she began to stroke her clit. She could feel Andrew’s seed dripping out of her pussy, and the thought of it was driving her wild. Almost immediately, she fingered herself to another orgasm. Her back arched, lifting her ass off the bed as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced tore through her body. 

After she collapsed onto the bed, her body twitching with aftershocks, she looked up into Andrew’s eyes. Her look told him that he could take her whenever he wanted. The look he gave her told Tiffany that he wanted her badly.

Chapter 11

Michelle stared down at her swollen breasts, peeking between them was the tiny swell of her belly. She was sitting, naked, waiting for Eric to come to her. She rarely thought of him as the old man anymore. Now he was Eric, the man who bred her. Her pulse raced as the memories of him filling her thrilled her. 

When Eric came to her room, she felt her heart flutter. When she had first started fucking him, it had been all about the sex and the thrill of being his breeding stock, now she felt different. In the mornings, when the morning sickness hit, she wished he was there with her to hold her hair back. Of course, he never was, by the time she got out of bed, he was already in the office making more billions.

Eric looked down at the woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed. When he had first met her, she had been wiry and thin. Now, her body had filled out as the baby inside her grew. She looked less like a scrawny teenager and more like a beautiful woman.

He paused, unsure if he had made the right decision on what he was about to do. Michelle was 40 years younger than him, he was older than her father. And, her father was a business partner. If he found out about his daughter’s lover, it could cost Eric millions in lost revenue. 

He decided he didn’t care; he reached out his hand, offering it to Michelle, and when she grabbed it, pulled her to her feet. He pulled her naked body close to his and held her tightly.

“Michelle, there’s something I need to tell you.” His voice, always strong and commanding, cracked. Michelle stepped back and looked up into his eyes, seeing trepidation for the first time.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Michelle asked, sure that it must be something terrible for him to have turned so pale.

“Michelle, your body isn’t enough for me.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew they had come out wrong. Michelle’s face turned from concern to rage as she stepped back from him, hate burning in her eyes.

“What, because I’m pregnant, with your baby all of a sudden, I’m not enough for you? You have to find some other teenager to go knock up now?” Michelle turned away from him, fuck him and fuck the contract; she could be back at her own place within the hour. His hand reached out and grabbed her wrist. She tried to pull away, but his fingers were like steel bands. 

Eric pulled Michelle back around to face him, he grabbed her upper arms, holding her in place as he leaned down and kissed her hard on the lips. The shock of the kiss momentarily dampened her range, and without thinking, she returned the kiss.

“Your body isn’t enough, because I want your heart too. I’m asking you to marry me.” Michelle froze in shock as Eric let go of her and pulled a small ring box out of his suit pocket. He opened the box to reveal a diamond so large even Michelle was speechless. He held the box out to her, his hands trembled.

Michelle looked from the rock to Eric’s face, the proposal was shocking enough, but the realization that this ultra-rich, ultra-powerful man who could have any woman he wanted and had been refusing marriage his entire life was now as scared as any teenager asking a girl out on a first date.

Michelle’s voice caught in her throat as the tears began to fall from her eyes. She began to nod as she reached out and pulled the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger. Eric pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her as she began to cry. 

“Yes, I’ll marry you, Eric.” Her voice finally came out as a raw whisper as he began to stroke her hair.  Eric carried her to the bed, laying her back and watching her look at the diamond as he undressed.  He climbed on top of her, feeling her body move with his as he entered her.

Her cries of passion seemed to be exceptionally loud as they made love. When she came, her entire body trembled under his. She pushed him off, straddling his waist and taking his cock inside her. She rocked her hips as she bounced up and down, wanting to make him fill her up. 

Eric felt his cock stiffen, he knew his fiancée needed to feel him emptying himself inside her, he was happy to oblige. With a grunt of effort, he thrust his hips up, pushing deep inside her as he let go. His cock pulsed, emptying his seed into her body as she continued to gyrate on his shaft.

Later, after his legs didn’t feel like rubber any more, he led her from her private suite to his master bedroom. She had never been in this room before, and Michelle’s eyes bulged as she stared across the massive room to the bed against one wall. It made her king-sized bed seem small in comparison. His bathroom had a built-in dry sauna and an in-ground hot tub.

Michelle squealed and kissed her fiancé on the lips before running and jumping on the bed. He followed her, laughing, before climbing up on the bed with her. As she cuddled close to him, kissing his cheek, she closed her eyes and smiled.

“You know, your father is going to kill me for this.” Eric said as he turned out the bedside lamp.

Chapter 12 

Juliette smelled the French fries the moment her mother walked into the door. She managed to push herself up on the couch and, with a grunt of effort, managed to get to her feet. She couldn’t believe how big her belly had gotten in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

She could no longer see her feet over the swell of her belly, but her mother kept the place spotlessly clean, and she was able to make her way to the kitchen without incident. Tears of gratitude leaked out of her eyes as she saw the Chinese food and the McDonalds sharing the center of the table.

“Thank you, mom. You’re the best!” Juliette wrapped her arms around her mother as best she could and burst into tears. The last three months had been very emotional for her, and she was usually crying three or four times per day over one thing or the other.

“Anything for my favorite daughter. How’s my granddaughter doing?” Sheila asked as she returned her mother’s hug.

“She’s kicking me constantly! She seems to think that 3:00 in the morning is the best time to be awake and that any time I take a nap, she needs to be my internal alarm clock. Oh, she’s kicking again, feel!” Juliette took her mother’s hand and placed it on her stomach. After a moment, she felt a strong kick as the baby expressed its displeasure at the intrusion.

The women laughed together, then sat down to enjoy the meal. Juliette snagged the French fries and began drizzling the soy sauce from the bag of take out over them. Sheila made a face at the disgusting pile of fries, and Juliette laughed. They talked about work and talked about the baby.

Shelia told her daughter about the strange phone call from Emily Thompson, assuring her that another contract would be signed only hours after Jared had hinted at replacing Tiffany with someone else because she hadn’t yet gotten pregnant. 

“I told you, Emily Thompson isn’t into guys.” Juliette said as she reached for the container of orange chicken.

“That’s ridiculous, you think she convinced Tiffany to sleep with her, and they’re both fucking her now?” Sheila laughed at the idea but paused as she considered what had happened. That would explain why Emily didn’t care if another woman was sleeping with her husband. At the very least, it kept him from wanting to have sex with her. 

Sheila’s phone rang. She looked down and saw an unknown number pop up on her screen. She almost ignored the call, sending it to voicemail. But the clients she worked with paid well for access to her whenever there was a problem.  Resigned, she hit the green button and held the phone to her ear.

“Hello, this is Sheila.” She said, making her voice sound more pleasant than she felt.

“Um, hello. My name is Hannah. I’ve just arrived in LA, and I was told that you might be hiring.” The voice on the other end was nervous, it shook with barely restrained nerves.

“How old are you, Hannah?” Sheila Asked. 

“I’m nineteen. I know I’m young, but I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was a little girl.” Hannah replied, her voice steadier. Juliette excused herself from the table and slowly made her way to the bathroom.

“Hannah, what kind of work is it you want to do for me?” Sheila was half convinced that Hannah had called the wrong number and was trying to apply for a secretary or housekeeper position.

“Why, making babies, of course!” Apparently, Sheila mused, Hannah had the right number. She told the eager young woman to meet her at 11:00 AM Monday morning and gave the address of a coffee shop near her office. 

After she ended the call, she looked at the phone, wondering if Hannah would be a good fit for a client she’d been trying to match for almost a year. He had stated that whoever was his breeder must be young and eager. Sheila had sent him a half-dozen interview tapes, and he had rejected them all. Maybe, at last, she would have a match for Senator Anderson’s eldest son.

“Mom, something’s wrong.” Sheila spun at the sound of Juliette’s voice. She looked at her daughter, terror etched onto her face. She looked down at the red spot, rapidly spreading down Juliette’s white pants and screamed. 

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