Oh Doctor, I need you! ♂️♀️

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Annalise clamped her mouth shut as another moan fought to escape. With every thrust of Dr. Anderson’s cock, she wanted to scream with pleasure. His hands slipped up her scrubs and pushed the sports bra she wore to work up, exposing her breasts. His hands squeezed, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Annalise closed her eyes, imagining the look on Dr. Anderson’s face as he took her from behind. 

She had been hired at the hospital less than a week ago. The other nurses had warned her that Dr. Anderson always made a play for any new nurse that was hired. Annalise had thanked the other nurses for the advice and immediately planned on letting the doctor fuck her. 

Now, hidden in an empty office, she was pinned against the wall. Her scrubs were around her knees while the doctor fucked her. Annalise couldn’t believe how enthusiastic the doctor was. Her lunch break was nearing the end, and the doctor was showing no signs of slowing down. 

He had started by bending her over the desk. He had pulled her scrubs down and slapped her ass, making her cry out before she managed to stifle herself. When his cock had slipped into her wet pussy, she had whimpered with pleasure. 

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His strong hands had grabbed her hips, pulling her back onto his shaft as he forced his way in. The erotic thrill had pushed her over the edge almost immediately. She had fought not to scream as the first orgasm hit, sending waves of pleasure rolling through her body.

After ten minutes, she had begged him to fuck her in the ass. He had been more than happy to oblige, pulling out and then pushing her up against the wall. His cock, slick from her pussy, had felt amazing as it stretched her tight ass. 

Now, as he continued to fuck her, she reached down and began to stroke her clit, feeling another orgasm build inside her. The doctor began to thrust faster, pounding his cock into her, his hot breath on the back of her neck thrilled Annalise as she felt his cock stiffen further as he was about to blow his load. 

Dr. Anderson pulled out, he spun her around and pushed her to her knees. Annalise eagerly opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue I anticipation of the hot load that she was about to receive. She stroked her clit, her pussy dripping as she neared the edge of ecstasy. 

The doctor stroked his cock, staring down at the young nurse who eagerly awaited his load. He held out until he saw her body begin to shake as the next orgasm hit her; he stroked faster, holding on as long as he could before letting go.

The first pulse of his cock released a flood of hot, sticky cum into the nurse’s mouth, she opened her mouth wider, not wanting to miss any of his load as he continued to empty himself into her willing mouth. 

Annalise thrilled as she felt the first load hitting her tongue, she let it pool in her mouth, knowing it would thrill the doctor to see how much he had pumped into her mouth. When he finally finished, she closed her mouth and swallowed slowly, enjoying the feel as it slid down her throat. 

She licked her lips as she stared into his eyes. After a minute, she rose and pulled her underwear and scrubs back in place. She adjusted her bra and shirt and watched as the doctor pulled his own scrubs back over his magnificent cock.

The doctor kissed her once on the lips before turning and walking out of the office. Annalise glanced at the wall clock as she pulled her hair up into a ponytail. She had just enough time to get a coke from the vending machine before she needed to clock back in. Personally, she couldn’t think of a better way to spend her lunch

Read many of my books for free on Kindle Unlimited

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