I was bred by my husband… so was our lover! ♂️♀️♀️

This was a custom story written for the winner of the March drawing at my Patreon account. If you’d like to be entered into the drawing to have your own custom story, join my patreon now

I stared at my husband’s tall form while he chatted with Sarah. I could tell she was attracted to his salt and pepper beard. I couldn’t blame her, I was too. My husband looked Sarah up and down also. I couldn’t blame him either; she was tall and slender, with long blonde hair and large breasts. 

Of course, I was checking out Sarah too, so I wasn’t jealous. I’m more on the plump side. Wide, childing birthing, hips as my mother would say, but I’ve got a nice rack, and my husband loves to wrap his hands in my long brown hair when he has me bent over the bed.

My husband walked over to Sarah and took her hand. She rose from the couch, and they began to kiss. I walk up behind my husband and reach around to stroke his cock. I can feel him stiffening in my hand and thrill at the thought of him fucking Sarah. I want to watch him fill her up with his hot load. I want to hear her screaming his name as he breeds her. Then, when he is finished with her, he will do the same thing to me.

Dan, my husband, leans behind himself to kiss me before returning to Sarah. She lays back on the bed, clothes already long forgotten, and spread her legs for him. Sarah wants to be bred by my husband as much as I do. 

I begin to stroke my clit as I watch his cock slide inside her tight wet pussy. Her whimpers of pleasure are driving me wild as I feel the first orgasm building inside me. Sarah’s cries of pleasure reach a crescendo as she climaxes. I see her body tremble as the orgasm runs through her. 

The sounds of her pleasure send me over the edge, and I have to lean against my husband for support as I have my own orgasm. Together Sarah and I fill the air with the sounds of our pleasure. 

I can feel my husband moving faster, and I know he’s about to fill Sarah’s tight pussy. Suddenly, he pushes himself in all the way, holding his cock deep inside as he fills her with his hot seed. The thrill on her face is intoxicating as she feels his hot cum filling her up.

He pulls out, and I drop to my knees In front of him. I take his cock in my mouth, running my tongue over his shaft as I taste the warm saltiness of his seed mixed with the sweetness of Sarah’s pussy. I could see Sara out of the corner of my eye, leg still spread as my husband’s seed dripped from her pussy.

After a few minutes, Sarah got down on her knees and joined me, together we stroked and licked until my husband was hard again. When he was ready, I climbed onto the bed where Sarah had been lying. I spread my legs wide, thrilling at the thought of my husband’s cock filling my fertile pussy. 

His fingers teased up and down my slit, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. He smiled as he slipped a finger inside me, feeling how wet I already was. With slow, deliberate motions, he began to stroke my clit. 

Tremors ran up and down my body as I looked into his eyes and saw his desire burning for me. We’ve been waiting so long to have a baby, it was finally time, and I knew he was as excited to but a baby in me as I was.

I cried out as I came, the waves of pleasure crashed over me as he continued to slowly stroke me, drawing out my orgasm. Finally, after the tremors stopped running through my body, he mounted me, shoving his hard cock into me. 

Every stroke of his cock sent thrills through my body. I wanted him to breed me and to claim me as his. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling his body tight against mine as my lips found his. When we kissed, I could feel the burning of his passion. 

I rolled, pinning him beneath me as I began to ride his shaft. My hips rocked back and forth as he continued pumping his cock up into me. Sarah climbed on the bed, facing me. Her fingers slid into my spread pussy and began to stroke my clit as her lips found mine.

Her tongue was soft as it parted my lips.  I moaned as her fingers began to pleasure me. Lust burned in my husband’s eyes and I knew the show he was getting was a thrill for him. I wrapped my arms around Sarah, pulling her closer to me and kiss down her neck to her breasts. 

When my tongue teased around her nipples, she began to whimper once more. Her fingers stroked faster. I began to suck. My husband pumped his hips faster, driving his cock into me as Sarah, and I continued to perform for him.

I felt the orgasm building and began to rock faster, riding my husband’s cock as hard as I could. His breath quickened, and I knew he was close. Soon I felt his cock stiffen further right before he let loose.

I felt the first hot spurt of his cum shooting up into me. Then, a river of his seed seemed to be released as he emptied himself inside of me like a flood. The feeling made me come, and I screamed my pleasure as I squeezed my pussy around his cock, wanting every last drop. 

I climbed off of him, exhausted and curled up next to him. Sarah curled up on the other side, and he wrapped his arms around us both as he pulled us close. We chatted and kissed as Sarah, and I felt my husband’s seed dripping from our pussies. We were all committed to the breeding. So, the next day, we would be doing the same thing all over again.

In unison, we all looked up and smiled at the camera that was recording the whole encounter; this video was going to be a great one to add to the collection.

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