Strip Poker ♂️♀️♂️♀️

This is a teaser for a story posted on my Patreon account.

Jenny looked down at the cards in her hand. The Ace of spades and a two of clubs. She looked across the card table to the woman across from her. Sarah was down to her white lace bra and matching thong.  Jenny wore nothing bac the Victoria’s Secret boy shorts she had purchased for the night. One more hand and she would lose the tournament.

The four men in the booth placed their bets, large stacks of cash were tossed onto the table. The men were betting on Jenny and Sarah, whoever lost all their clothes first got fucked by the winner, then by whichever men won their bets. 

Last month Jenny had lost and had been ass fucked by Tiffany then the three men who had bet against her. Her ass had been sore for a week. This time she was determined to win, but Sarah kept getting better cards. With held breath, she waited for the flop.

King of Hearts, Three of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds.

Jenny’s heart began to beat faster, she had a pair of Aces. Not bad, but not great. She glanced over at Sarah’s face, she wore a smirk that had Jenny’s stomach doing flip-flops. She was paid well to participate in this game of strip poker, but winning paid even better… and she really didn’t want to take it up the ass again. The dealer discarded a card and laid down the flop

Three of hearts.

Sarah grinned and laid down her cards in triumph, She held a Three of Clubs and a Queen of Hearts. She had three of a kind. Jenny laid down her hand, her pair of Aces wouldn’t win. Her only hope was for the last card to be the Ace of Clubs or the Ace of Hearts. 

Jenny looked over at the four men in the booth, three of them grinned while one looked devastated. One of the men mouthed, “Gonna fuck that pretty ass” at her before she looked away. She turned back to the dealer and waited for him to flip the last card. 

He discarded one, Jenny saw a flash, was that an A she saw? Her heart beat faster as she held her breath, waiting for the last card to be laid down.

Ace of Hearts.

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