Summer Fun Part 1 ♀️♀️

Samantha walked out of the store into the blistering Texas sun. As she walked to her car, she could feel the sun baking down on her tanned skin, if she rode with the top down, she’d have some interesting tan lines by the end of the day from her spaghetti strap tank top and cut off Jean shorts.

“Maybe a quick ride out to my special place for some sunbathing before work,” Samantha thought as she neared her white Mustang. Her special place, an abandoned factory right off I-10 about a mile outside of El Paso, was perfect when she wanted to get away from the city for some quiet time.

Lost in thought, she was near to her car before she looked up and saw the small truck parked one spot past hers, the hood up as steam billowed out from the radiator.

More interesting than the car was the girl. Samantha couldn’t help but notice the shape of her body as she bet forward, staring into the engine compartment of her beat-up truck.

Samantha guessed early twenties, probably no more than twenty-three, the same age as Samantha. The white cotton shorts rode low on her hips, giving Samantha a wonderful view of the flat stomach that was thankfully not covered up by the short tank top she wore.

Samantha stood by the door of her car, her mind fantasizing about what this stranger would look like wearing nothing. She could feel her mouth going dry as her mind wandered. Other, more intimate parts seemed to grow wet just as quickly.

Samantha shook herself, clearing her head before the erotic fantasy her mind had already begun to weave. She stepped around the car, pushing her long blonde hair over her shoulders as she walked up to the other woman.

“You need some help?” Samantha asked as she stepped up to the woman. The woman jumped, nearly banging her head on the hood of her old truck. As the woman turned to face Samantha, she ran one finger under her eyes. Samantha thought it could have been sweat, but thought tears were more likely.

“Oh, sorry, you startled me, I was lost in thought and didn’t notice you.” The woman replied as she turned to face Samantha. Samantha smiled, thinking back to her wild thoughts from a moment earlier. The other woman was a couple of inches shorter than her and had her brunette hair cut in a cute pixie cut that showed off her face in a way Samantha found very appealing.

“I’m Samantha, what’s going on with your car?” Samantha asked as she stepped closer. Beneath the scent of overheated metal, she caught the scent of something sweet, probably body wash.

“I’m Katie, nice to meet you, and I have no idea. I fix computers and don’t know anything about cars.” Katie replied as she turned back towards the still-steaming engine.

“Mind if I take a look? Samantha asked as she stepped closer, peering down into the engine compartment.

“There’s your problem, your radiator hose is cracked”. Samantha said as she pointed to the damaged part.

“Is that expensive?” Katie asked she turned back towards Samantha. There was no mistaking the tears that were threatening to spill out of Katie’s eyes as she tried to blink them away.

“Oh no, not at all, I can have my daddy fix it up for you, don’t worry about it. Hop in my car and cool off while I call him.” Katie slid into the passenger seat as Samantha started the car. The first blast of icy air hitting her skin set goosebumps over Katie’s skin.

Katie closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the cold air as it dried the sweat on her skin. She listened as Samantha made a phone call, presumably to her father, explaining the situation to him. Mentally, she kicked herself for her stupidity. She should have known better than to think her luck would have changed after leaving Brett. Still, broken down in Texas was better than being slapped around by Brett in Illinois.

“Daddy can’t get out here for a few hours, but he said he’d fix it for you,” Samantha said after she ended her call. Katie opened her eyes, trying to force the memories of Brett out of her mind as she returned to the present.

“How much will it cost?” Katie asked, dreading how much of her dwindling savings would take a hit from this most recent setback.

“Oh, daddy won’t charge you. He’s got the parts already, he owns a scrap yard and your truck is pretty common, he’ll pull the hose off a scrapped truck and put it on yours. It will only take an hour or two.” Samantha was stunned as Katie burst into tears before reaching over and grabbing Samantha around the neck. Awkwardly, Samantha patted Katie on the back as she cried.

“I’m guessing you’re having a rough day?” Samantha asked after Katie finally let go and leaned back to her side of the car.

“I’m sorry”. Katie said as she sniffed and wiped more tears from her eyes.

It’s ok, do you want to talk about it?” Samantha asked as she pulled a small pack of tissues from the center console and offered them to Katie

“I left my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend, two days ago. We were living together in Chicago. For the last year, he’d been getting drunk more. What was a weekend with the boys every month or so turned into three or four hours after work every night. Six months ago he started beating me whenever he came home drunk, which was every night. I finally hid enough money away to be able to afford this truck and have a little money to leave Brett hates the heat, he’ll never come to Texas, so here I am.” Katie stopped, realizing that she had just told Samantha everything she hadn’t meant to, it had all just sort of spilled out.

Samantha reached over and gave Katie’s hand a gentle squeeze, she’s had her own shitty boyfriend once. Of course, he had only slapped her once, the swift kick to the balls had dropped him. Her daddy had been there fifteen minutes later.

When her daddy had asked her to wait in the Truck while he spoke to Danny, Samantha had reluctantly agreed. Thirty minutes later Danny had run out with a duffel bag full of clothes and his PS4 and jumped into his car, he burned rubber as he peeled out of the parking lot of the apartment complex where they lived. That was two years ago, she had t seen Danny since. She wasn’t sure what her daddy had said, to him, but Danny had left El Paso permanently that night.

“Why don’t you hang out with me, I was going to get lunch and then go for a tan, wanna come?” Samantha asked Katie.

“That sounds amazing, are you sure it won’t be any trouble?” Katie replied.

“Not at all! Let’s go have some fun!” Samantha fired off a quick text to her boss telling her she was taking a personal day then dropped the top on her Mustang.

A half-hour later, the two were cruising down I-10 as they ate Whataburger. The moans of pleasure coming from Katie’s side of the car were making Samantha’s mind wander. She knew it was the burger (Whataburger is just that good) but she couldn’t help but wonder what she would sound like if it was Samantha’s mouth on Katie instead of Katie’s on the burger.

As they pulled off the road to drive around behind the abandoned factory, Samantha told Katie about how she had found the place and how she liked to come out here to enjoy the sun.

After she pulled around behind the factory, Samantha turned to Katie, trying not to stare as Katie’s pink tongue darted out to like a dollop of spicy ketchup from the corner of her mouth.

Samantha quickly exited the car before Katie caught her. Grabbing the coconut oil and a blanket from the trunk, Samantha walked to a smooth patch of sand, spreading the blanket out before sitting down the soft cotton cloth. She could feel the warm sand beneath her legs as she leaned her head back with her eyes closed and enjoyed the feel of the sun on her face.

Samantha grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head and tossed it onto the blanket next to her. When she reached behind her back, unhooking the black lace bra, she heard a gasp of shock coming from Katie.

“Never seen a topless woman before?” Samantha asked as she opened her eyes and looked over to where Katie still stood.

“Um… not really, Katie replied as she stared at Samantha’s small, perky, breasts.

“I don’t want tan lines!” Samantha laughed as she stood and unbuttoned the cutoff jean shorts and let them fall to the blanket. The tiny black g-string she wore barely covered her waxed-smooth pussy. Katie’s face reddened as she stared, her eyes running up and down Samantha’s body. When she looked up, she saw Samantha staring at her. Her face turned an even darker shade of crimson as she looked away.

Katie quickly pulled off the tank top and cotton shorts she wore. She wished she was wearing a bikini, but the light pink lace-lined bra and panties she wore would have to do

Katie turned away as Samantha offered to rub some of the coconut oil on her back. The touch of Samantha’s fingers on her back sent never-before-felt tingles of pleasure through her skin. Samantha took her time, slowly rubbing the oil over her back then dropped to her knees as she rubbed it into the back of Katie’s legs. When she was finished, Samantha stood and handed the bottle to Katie.

“Do you mind?”Samantha asked as she turned away. She could feel Katie’s eyes on her before she felt the other woman’s hands begin to rub in the oil.

Katie’s hands trembles as her fingertips slid below Samantha’s hips, she’d never touched another woman, not like this. The thought had always been taboo, something forbidden. But, she had to admit, she had thought about it. As the months with Brett became worse and worse, the thought of another woman touching her intruded more and more into her mind.

Katie realized her hands had stopped moving, they were resting on The curve of Samantha’s butt, Katie quickly resumed the application of the oil then laid down on the blanket, face buried in the soft cotton as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

Samantha laid down, keeping enough distance between them to keep from touching, but far less than was necessary. The time Katie’s hands lingered on her ass had not been lost on her. She lead the conversation, making sure to avoid any embarrassing topics. As they talked, Samantha fantasized about Katie’s oiled hands on her breasts, caressing her nipples. She felt the wetness grow between her legs as the thoughts in her head became more and more intimate.

After fifteen minutes the two ladies turned over. Samantha began to slowly rub the oil down her body. From the corner of her eye, she saw Katie watching her. When Samantha reached her hips, she slid the g-string down her legs, tossing the tiny garnet free with a snap of her leg. She took her time rubbing above her now-dripping pussy before sitting up and rubbing the tops of her legs.

“Do you want me to rub some on you?” Samantha asked after she finished.

“Um, sure?” Katie’s reply was more a question than a statement. Samantha leaned close, her body brushing up against Katie’s as she began to slowly rub the oil in. Katie’s breath caught as Samantha’s hands worked their way down her body. She closed her eyes, trying to focus on anything other than the thoughts racing through her mind.

“Ever kissed a girl?” Samantha asked as her fingers slid down the inside of one thigh. Katie’s mouth was too dry to speak. She shook her head slowly as she felt pleasure building between her legs.

“Would you like to?” Samantha asked as she moved her hand to the other thigh. Katie began to shake her head no, she had grown up being told this was wrong. But, the thought of Samantha’s lips on hers sent a thrill through her body. She nodded, eyes still closed.

Samantha leaned down until her lips brushed against Katie’s. For a moment, she thought Katie would pull away, tell her to stop, maybe even push her off. But, the moment passed and Katie’s lips parted. Samantha’s tongue slipped inside, teasing over Katie’s as a moan of mutual pleasure escaped both their lips.

Katie didn’t feel in control of her own body as her hands seemed to reach up of their own volition to wrap around Samantha, pulling her close. She could feel the other woman’s breasts pressing against her chest as she pulled Samantha on top of her.

“I don’t know what I’m doing!” Katie exclaimed when their lips parted.

“Then allow me to educate you,” Samantha whispered in her ear.

“Yes!” It was all Katie could say before a gasp of pleasure stole her breath away. Samantha’s lips had found her neck, a spot that always thrilled her when it was kissed. But Samantha didn’t stop, her lips trailed down her collar bone to her chest. Each kiss felt like fire on her skin. Her body trembled in anticipation, knowing what was about to happen as Samantha kissed down over her bra to her stomach.

Samantha’s hair brushed over Katie’s skin as she worked her way down the other girl’s body. When she reached her stomach, she teased her tongue around her navel, eliciting a whimper of pleasure from Katie. When Katie arched her back in pleasure, Samantha slipped one hand beneath her and popped the clasp on her bra. Katie pulled it free and tossed it to the ground, all inhibitions forgotten as she let herself be washed away by the waves of pleasure that were building inside her.

Samantha kissed further down until her lips brushed the lace trim of Katie’s panties. With one finger she hooked the satiny cloth and began to slowly pull the tops down, exposing the smooth skin above her pussy. Her lips kissed the skin as it was exposed. Katie began to whimper more loudly, her body shaking as Samantha’s other hand reached up and began to caress her hardened nipples.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Katie cried out as Samantha’s kisses finally reached her pussy. She lifted her but allowing Samantha to remove the panties before she spread her legs open. The moment Samantha’s tongue slipped inside her she came. The rush of pleasure that crashed over her was more intense than anything she had ever felt before.

Katie’s only sexual experience before today was with Brett. According to Brett rough fingering before rubbing some spit on his cock and ramming it inside her was all she should need. She had learned early in their relationship to fake an orgasm so he would feel like a man. She has always pleasured herself after he had fallen asleep.

But, the tsunami of pleasure that hit her when Samantha’s tongue slipped inside was like nothing she has ever felt before. Her body bucked as Samantha’s tongue found her clit, she screamed out her pleasure as the first orgasm reached its peak.

Katie, who had never climaxed more than once at a time in her twenty-three years, gasped and cried out in shock and renewed pleasure as a second orgasm followed quickly on the heels of the first.

Three more times Samantha pushed Katie over the edge. After her fifth orgasm, Katie begged Samantha to stop.

“I can’t, I can’t come again! It’s too sensitive!” Samantha gave one final lick, teasing Katie’s over-sensitive clit with the tip of her tongue and getting one final whimper of pleasure.

Samantha laid down next to Katie who immediately leaned over to kiss her. Their tongues danced again as Katie tasted herself on Samantha’s lips. The thought thrilled her and suddenly she wanted to know how Samantha tasted.

Too nervous to go down on Samantha, Katie slipped one hand down between their bodies and began to stroke, sliding a finger between the lips of Samantha’s pussy as they kissed harder.

Samantha was surprised by Katie, she had not expected her inexperienced partner to be so forward. Samantha began to grind, encouraging Katie to stroke her clit faster as they continued to kiss.

Samantha climaxed just as the shadow. From the factory began to fall across their naked bodies. Her cries of pleasure seemed to spur Katie on, her fingers continued to stroke, drawing out Samantha’s pleasure as her body spasmed.

For the next hour, Katie and Samantha took turns pleasuring each other as the sun slipped behind the building. Finally, both girls, sticky from sweat and other more fun things, collapsed down onto the now sand-covered blanket. Both panted as they looked up into the darkening sky.

“That was incredible, I’ve never had anyone make me feel that way before,” Katie whispered between gasps for air.

“If you think that’s good, you should see what I can do with the toys back in my apartment,” Samantha replied as she slowly teased one finger in and out of her throbbing pussy.

“Is that an invitation?” The words were out of Katie’s mouth before she realized what she was saying. Samantha turned to face her.

I hope you enjoyed this story, I have t written anything in nearly a year due to being busy, but if you want me to write Samantha’s reply, let me know.

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