Summer Fun Part 2 ♀️♀️

Samantha managed to unlock the door and rushed inside, grabbing Katie’s hand and dragging her in. Katie kicked the door shut as she passed the threshold. Samantha led the way to the bathroom, she had spent most of the ride back from the abandoned factory telling Katie about how great shower sex was and now intended to show her.

Katie tugged Samantha’s cutoff jeans down over her hips, followed quickly by the tiny black g-string she wore. They pooled on the floor, soon joined by the rest of their clothing. Naked, they stepped into the hot shower. As the hot water cascaded down over their bodies, rinsing the sand, oil, and sweat from their skin, they embraced. Katie’s moans echoed across the glass wall of the shower as Samantha’s hand slipped between her legs.

Katie had always hated shower sex, her ex had always wanted to shove her up against the wall, shove his dick in her ass and pump a few times before filling her up, afterward he would scrub and leave. Most times he was asleep by the time she finished cleaning herself. Samantha had her writhing within moments. One hand caressed her cheek while the other teased her clit, bring her closer and closer to the edge of climax.

Samantha dropped to her knees, kissing her way down Katie’s small breasts and flat stomach until she reached her pussy. Katie whimpered in anticipation, spreading her legs wider to invite Samantha to do what she wanted. Samantha’s tongue teased in and out, slowly flicking over Katie’s overly-sensitive clit as her whimpers turned to moans of pleasure.

Katie’s legs trembled as she felt the orgasm building inside her. Her hands reached down, running through Samantha’s long, blonde hair, pushing her head tighter against her mound as Samantha’s tongue began to run up and down her slit. Soon the orgasm crashed over her. Katie slid down the wall as her legs no longer had the strength to hold her up.

Samantha wrapped one arm around Katie’s shoulders pulling her close as her other hand began to stroke Katie’s clit. Katie shuddered in ecstasy as a second orgasm followed the first. Her body bucked uncontrollably as Samantha pushed her over again. Katie let out a scream of pleasure as the most intense orgasm of her life overwhelmed her senses.

Samantha reached up, grabbing the bottle of shampoo as small aftershocks of pleasure spasmed through Katie’s body. Slowly she began to run her fingers through the other woman’s hair, massaging and scrubbing all the sand out. When she was finally able to stand, Katie climbed back up and let Samantha wash her body, moaning as Samantha teased her nipples through the washcloth.

Katie took the shampoo and began to wash Samantha’s hair. She loved the feeling of running her hands through the long hair. When Samantha leaned her head back, Katie leaned in, kissing and sucking on her neck as she teased her tongue over her throat. Samantha shuddered in pleasure at the kiss as the hot water rinsed the lather from her hair.

Katie’s hand slid down cupping Samantha’s full breasts, squeezing as their tongues met when they kissed. Katie’s hands continued down, caressing Samantha’s ass. One hand slid around, tracing a finger up and down the inside of Samantha’s thighs before slipping it inside her. Samantha moaned as Katie’s finger quickly found a rhythm on her clit, pushing her over the edge. Samantha’s cries rivaled those Katie had made earlier as she climaxed twice under Katie’s clever fingers.

After the shower, Samantha lead Katie to her bedroom, together they crawled under the blankets, enjoying the feel of the cool silk sheets on their naked bodies. Katie turned away from Samantha, pushing her body close to her as Samantha’s arms wrapped around her, one hand gently teasing a nipple as her lips kissed the back of her neck.

Katie’s eyes felt heavy, her body exhausted from more orgasms than she’d ever had in a month, let alone in one day. She closed her eyes, feeling Samantha’s gentle breath on the back of her neck as she began to drift off to sleep. The last thought she had before sleep claimed her was that this was the first time in a long time she felt completely at ease sharing a bed with anyone.

Samantha pulled Katie closer as she heard the other woman begin to softly snore. She barely knew Katie but already had stronger physical chemistry with her than she’d had with anyone else she had ever dated. The boyfriends and girlfriends she’d had in the past had never been able to keep up with her in the bedroom, Samantha was shocked that Katie, someone who’d never been with a woman before, seemed to be almost as insatiable as Samantha herself.

Samantha wondered if this would be a one-night stand or if Katie would consider staying in El Paso. Samantha didn’t know if there would be any sort of long-term relationship, but Katie was quickly becoming a wild animal in bed and the thought of seeing how far they could go together was making Samantha’s pussy drip with anticipation.

Samantha awoke a few hours later to the ringing of her phone. The Sun was just over the horizon, casting long shadows of the trees from outside her fourth-floor apartment over her bed. Katie still slept, oblivious to the ringing phone.

Samantha glanced at her phone, a message from her father glowed up at her. The truck is fixed, you were right, a busted line going to the radiator. She fired off a reply, telling her father Katie was going to stay the night in her spare bedroom and that she would take her back to her truck in the morning. After promising to be careful and assuring her father that Katie wasn’t a serial killer, she slipped out of bed and walked into the kitchen. She was almost certain Katie would want to stay the night, but if she did, no way would she want to sleep in the second bedroom.

Katie turned on the oven and pulled a couple of frozen pizzas out of the freezer for dinner. As the pizzas browned, Samantha wandered into the second bedroom and pulled down her box of toys from the top shelf in the closet. She sorted through the box, selecting a small vibrator, two long silk scarves, and a bottle of massage oil from its contents. She ignored the handcuffs, gags, and the more powerful magic wand… for now.

When Katie awoke to the smell of hot cheese and pepperoni, her stomach rumbled. She realized she hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. She shuddered at the memory of the greasy spoon she had stopped at. Her feet had stuck to the floor as she walked through the smoky haze up to the counter. When the waitress tossed a menu down on the counter, the remnants of spilled coffee had splashed up, narrowly avoiding Katie as she carefully sat on the stool.

The waitress had glared, not saying a word as Katie had placed her order. The hamburger had been overcooked, but judging by the filth from what Katie could see in the kitchen, she didn’t complain, burnt food, she reasoned, was less likely to have bacteria growing on it. Katie glanced at the check, Just under four dollars. She tossed down a five-dollar bill before quickly hopping off the stool and walking quickly towards to door.

“Cheap slut!” the waitress had yelled after her, the only words she had said the entire time. Katie had practically run to her truck, convinced the woman was going to chase her for not tipping well enough. Katie hadn’t dared look back as she peeled out of the parking lot, spraying gravel behind her as she left.

In contrast to the diner, Samantha’s kitchen looked clean enough to eat off the counters, the white and chrome sparkled under the recessed track lighting overhead. The Beach Boys played quietly from Samantha’s iPhone as she danced, her naked hips swaying as she sang about surfing. When she turned around, she grinned at Katie, wiggling her hips a little more as she walked over and kissed her.

Katie returned the kiss, her stomach warring with her libido over which need would be fulfilled first. Samantha’s naked body aroused her as they kissed. In the end, the loud rumble from Katie’s stomach ended the argument, but not before Samantha slowly ran one finger up between Katie’s legs, teasing her but not slipping between the lips of her aching pussy. Katie moaned as Samantha turned away and began to cut the pizza.

“What’s the scarf for?” Katie asked as she noticed the items Samantha had removed from her toy box.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” Samantha replied, grinning, as she handed over a plate of pizza. Katie took the pizza and took a bite, moaning at the taste of the perfectly cooked pie.

“I see I can make you moan in more than one way.” Samantha laughed as she led them to the living room. They sat together on the couch, snuggled under a blanket as Samantha turned on a movie. Katie at the pizza quickly, her desires were beginning to overwhelm her. As soon as Samantha put her plate down, Katie climbed on top of her, straddling Samantha’s legs as their lips met.

Samantha was surprised by Katie’s boldness, she hadn’t expected this quite so quickly, if at all. Samantha reached between their bodies, her fingers slipping inside Katie. With each thrust, Katie let out cries of pleasure as she began to grind her hips against Samantha’s penetrating fingers. Samantha could feel hot liquid dripping down her hand as Katie began to gasp and shudder as she climaxed.

Katie couldn’t get enough, after nearly five years with Brett, finding someone who cared about her pleasure was overwhelming. After she came two more times, Samantha gently pushed her off before standing and leading her to the bedroom. On the way, she grabbed the items from the counter.

“Do you trust me?” Samantha asked as she faced Katie, holding up one of the silk scarves.

“Yes,” Katie replied, her mouth suddenly dry as a combination of anticipation and trepidation filled her. Samantha wrapped the scarf around her head, covering her eyes before tying it in the back. She led Katie to the bed and guided her onto her back.

Katie felt Samantha take one hand and tie another of the silk scarves around her wrist. She didn’t resist as she felt her arm pulled up to the headboard. The silk was passed through one of the spindles of the headboard before the other end was tied around her other wrist.

Both hands above her head, eyes covered, Katie felt completely vulnerable. Samantha could do anything to her, but she knew she was completely safe, she hadn’t lied when she told Samantha she trusted her.

Samantha kissed Katie softly on the lips before climbing off the bed with the remaining two scarves. One tied around each ankle and then secured to the posts at the edges of the footboard. Katie lay on the bed, legs spread apart unable to do more than wiggle and squirm.

“Do you know what a safe word is?” Samantha asked.

“Yes,” Katie replied, suddenly concerned.

“Relax, this isn’t gonna turn into a domination thing. I’m going to pleasure you just like we’ve been doing all day, but I want you to enjoy it as much as you can. If it gets too intense you say pineapples and I’ll stop, until then, I’m going to keep making you come. Over, and over, and over.

Before Katie could reply, she felt Samantha’s tongue slip inside her. The gasp of shock and pleasure slipped from her lips before she realized what was happening. She felt fingers penetrating her as Samantha’s tongue licked her clit. Soon she was trembling in anticipation of the next orgasm.

Samantha pushed her to the edge. Then, right before Katie came, Samantha stopped, her tongue giving one final, slow lick before slipping out. Katie felt the fingers slide out before Samantha kissed the lips of her pussy.

“Why did you stop?” Katie asked, her voice filled with desperation. She was so close to another orgasm and the interruption was torture.

Instead of responding, Samantha teased her tongue up and down over Katie’s pussy, tasting her sweetness as she begged for another orgasm.

Samantha’s tongue slipped back inside, quickly pushing Katie back to the edge before withdrawing once again. Katie understood what was happening and continued to beg for Samantha to continue.

Katie’s world was darkness, Samantha had pushed her to the edge twice but kept stopping, teasing her and keeping her on the edge. Without warning, Samantha grabbed her erect nipples and gently pinched them, the sudden shock of slight pain and jolt of arousal shot through her making her gasp she felt Samantha’s mouth close around one nipple, sucking as her hand continued to tease the other one.

Katie could feel wetness dripping out of her and soaking the sheets as Katie continued to tease her nipples. Her mouth worked over her chest to the second breast as her hand went down between Katie’s spread legs to play with her pussy.

Samantha began to stroke Katie’s clit again, rubbing in tight circles as Katie moaned. Samantha pushed her to to the edge, slowing her fingers to keep Katie on the verge of climax, but not allowing her to come. Not yet.

Samantha kissed up to Katie’s mouth, crushing hers against Katie’s as their tongues met. Katie greedily licked her sweetness from Samantha’s lips before a shock of a new pleasure tore through her body.

Distracted by Samantha’s kiss, Katie hadn’t noticed when Samantha’s fingers had been replaced by a small vibrator. The second Samantha turned on the deceptively powerful toy, Katie screamed in pleasure.

Katie couldn’t hold on to the scream that tore from her throat, the wave of pleasure that crashed over her, sending her over the edge was more than she had ever felt before. Her back arched, lifting her ass off the bed in a backbend as she strained against the bindings on her wrists and ankles.

Even with Her mouth covering Katie’s, Samantha knew that the neighbor would hear the scream. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor wouldn’t complain and was probably enjoying listening to the show going on above him. He had winked and grinned at Samantha a couple of times before when she’d gotten particularly loud. One time he high-fived her after watching a pale redhead leave her apartment after a one-night stand.

Katie’s body continued to buck and pull to the point that Samantha was worried it was too much, she started to pull the vibrator away when Katie cried out.

“I didn’t say pineapples!” Katie gasped, her words barely coherent between the gasps and cries of pleasure. She had never used a vibrator before and the combination of Samantha’s teasing and the new intense sensation and been too much for her.

Before, even with Samantha, Katie’s orgasms had been like falling over a cliff after being pushed to the edge. This felt like the cliff had simply been vaporized beneath her feet. As soon as one orgasm ended, another hit more intensely than the previous one.

Katie lost count after the sixth orgasm, her stomach ached from the intensity of the pleasure Samantha had given her. Samantha slowed but didn’t stop pleasuring her as the humming of the vibrator slowed down to a quiet rumble.

Katie felt the sweat that glistened all over her body dripping down onto the silk sheets. The wet spot from her aching pussy spread from the small of her back to just above her knees, soaking the silk sheets beneath her.

“Are you ready for some more?” Samantha asked after Katie’s breathing had slowed to almost normal. Katie nodded, still not trusting herself to speak. Samantha turned off the vibrator then straddled Katie’s upstretched arms and head.

Katie let out a small gasp as she realized what Samantha was planning to do. She’d never licked a pussy before and was nervous. But as Samantha’s hips lowered down, she felt the smooth skin of Samantha’s pussy brushing against her lips. Tentatively she slipped her tongue up, tasing the sweetness dripping down. The taste reminded her very slightly of peaches as a surge of desire rushed through her body. Eagerly she lifted her head, pushing her tongue deep into Samantha’s slit.

Samantha moaned as Katie’s tongue penetrated her, Katie’s moans joined hers as Samantha’s tongue began to lap up the sweetness filling Katie’s pussy. For almost a half-hour Katie licked Samantha, every time she felt herself getting close, she pulled away, teasing herself.

Finally, when she knew she couldn’t wait any longer, she pressed her hips down, grinding against Katie’s face as she felt her tongue penetrate deep inside her. Samantha felt a surge of pleasure as she climaxed. Her climax pushed Katie over the edge and she joined Samantha in orgasmic bliss.

-Katie felt herself teetering on the edge as she realized Samantha was coming. With a gasp, she felt Samantha spray a hot liquid over her face as she came. It took Katie a moment to realize Samantha had squirted with her orgasm. The shock and the erotic thrill pushed her over the edge. Together they screamed in pleasure as they came together.

“Pineapples,” Katie whispered as Samantha slowly climbed off of her. Exhausted Samantha laid down next to her, kissing her wet lips, tasting her own sweet release on her lover’s lips. After a minute, she untied Katie who immediately turned over, wrapping her arms around Samantha and kissing her long and slow.

“So, how long are you planning on staying in El Paso?” Samantha asked as Katie snuggled close to her.

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