Summer Fun Part 3 ♀️♀️

Katie rolled over, the shock of pleasure that exploded from her over-sensitive clit was enough to rip her from the erotic dream she had been having about Samantha.  A whimper of pleasure mixed with a little pain escaped her lips before she realized what was happening.  She spread her legs apart, hoping to prevent her sensitive clit from being stimulated again.

It had been five days since Samantha had come to her rescue.  Katie closed her eyes to try to piece together the whirlwind of events, desires, and emotions that had become her life over the last week.  It was exactly one week since she sneaked out of Brett’s bed while he slept, passed out from a night of heavy drinking.

That night Brett had come home, more angry than usual.  He’d wanted sex but was too drunk to get an erection.  He had tried to take his anger out on Katie, but had been so drunk he had mostly missed with his first swing, only grazing the top of her head.  The second swing had missed completely and before he could swing a third time, he had passed out next to her.  

Katie had laid awake all night, trying to work up the courage to run.  When the first light of dawn had peeked through the cracked window blind, Katie had finally convinced herself it was time to leave.  Katie had no family, and had been with Brett since high school. 

 The little money she had managed to hide from Brett was hidden inside the broken ice maker in the freezer.  She had managed to save up nearly four thousand dollars over six months and had spent half of it on the old pickup truck she had purchased a week earlier.  The truck was parked at her job where Brett wouldn’t notice it.

Katie had grabbed the remaining cash out of the freezer and left the apartment with nothing more Thant he clothes on her back and her cell phone.  She drove south until she hit Dallas, Texas before stopping for the night in a cheap Holiday Inn.  Despite being up for nearly forty-eight hours, Katie couldn’t sleep.  Every time someone walked past her door, she was convinced Brett was about to kick the door in and drag her back with him.

After a few hours of fitful sleep, she left and drove to El Paso.  When her truck had broken down, she thought her life would be no different than it had been in Chicago, one act of desperation after another just to survive. Then, like an angel, Samantha had stepped through the cloud of steam pouring from her cracked radiator hose and saved her life.

Katie was aware that she was romanticizing the memory, but she decided it was okay.  It was her memory after all.  Five days later, she knew that she was in love with Samantha, and not because of the things Samantha did to and with her in the bedroom.

Katie closed her eyes and remembered the first time Samantha made her climax while they had been tanning.  The memory sent a shudder of pleasure through her body as her pussy throbbed with the memory.  The next forty-eight hours had been a non-stop blur of sex, food, foreplay, and more sex.  The following three days had been mostly the same except they did go out to the movies and the park a couple times.  

Last night, Samantha had officially asked Katie to move in with her and be her girlfriend, Katie had agreed immediately and their passionate celebratory sex was the reason she could barely move now.  Katie had discovered that Samantha was definitely the dominant one in the relationship, which suited her just fine.  Samantha loved taking charge and making Katie come over and over until she was exhausted and sore.  Katie had stopped counting after the thirtieth time she had an orgasm since hooking up with Samantha but she knew that number had to be close to a hundred now if not more.  

Last night Samantha had introduced Katie to the magic wand, a super powerful vibrator that had her screaming for hours. Katie had been tied up in what was becoming a common occurrence during their daily sexual adventures when Samantha had brought out the new vibrator and a ball gag.  

Samantha had placed the ball in her mouth, tightening it just enough to keep it snug before kissing Katie’s nose then turning on the magic wand.  The intensity of the vibrator had Katie to the edge within seconds, but Samantha had made her wait for over an hour before he was allowed to have her first orgasm.  

After the first, the orgasms had come one after another with the only break when Samantha had decided to edge her some more.  Samantha had denied, then pleasured, then denied some more all night long.  By the time Katie had cried out their safe word, Pineapples, the clock read 4:23 AM.  They had started at 11:00 PM the night before.  

After Samantha untied her, every movement of her legs had sent intense waves of pleasure through her body from her swollen clit.  Samantha had brought her water and helped her to clean herself up before they had gone to bed, officially a couple for the first time.

Samantha woke up and saw Katie’s spread legs.  Her eyes were still closed so she didn’t see Samantha slowly move her hands over to her ribs.  Without warning, Samantha began to tickle Katie, eliciting a scream of shock, then a moan of pleasure as Katie’s twitching legs sent mini bursts of pleasure through her body.

Samantha continued to tickle until the squirming was too much, the friction sent Katie over the edge into the first orgasm of the day.  Samantha slid one hand down between Katie’s legs and the other between her own.  She matched the rhythm of her hands as both of them began to moan with pleasure.  Samantha hadn’t received as many orgasms as Katie last night, but she was still sensitive and aroused.  

They came together, their moans escalating to cries as their bodies twitched. After she could move again, Katie turned away, curling into a ball to protect her swollen pussy form Samantha’s fingers.  Samantha laughed, enjoying the way Katie was playing the victim.  As long as Katie didn’t say the safe word, Samantha wouldn’t stop.

Samantha grabbed Katie, flipping rolling her onto her back before spreading her legs wide apart.  Katie’s red, swollen pussy glistened with the wetness that coated her.  Samantha slid between Katie’s spread legs until their pelvises were grinding together.  Katie’s cries of pleasure filled the apartment as Samantha pushed her over the edge again.  

“It’s too much!  You’ve fucked me as much as I can handle!  Pineapples!”  Katie cried the last word between cries of pleasure as one last orgasm tore through her.  Samantha climbed off and got out of bed.  Katie followed her, still walking with her legs wide to prevent anymore stimulation.  

Katie watched as Samantha cooked pancakes wearing nothing but a t-shirt that stopped several inches above her belly button and left nothing to the imagination.  Despite the way the morning started, Katie found herself aroused and wanting to go to Samantha again, wanting the other woman to bend her over the counter and pleasure her some more.  Samantha joked that Katie was making up for lost pleasures from her five years with Brett.  

After breakfast, Katie and Samantha decided to go for a swim, Katie hoped the cold water would help soothe her sensitive clit and Samantha wanted to see how Katie looked in a bikini.  Katie found one of Samantha’a bikini’s that almost fit, the top was a bit big since Samantha’s breast were larger, but they managed to tie it on well enough to prevent any public flashing.

The cold water instantly soothed Katie’s sore body as she slipped in up to her chin.  Samantha joined her and soon they were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately.  After a few minutes of kissing, Katie’s hand slipped between Samantha’s legs, pushing her bikini to the side to slip a finger inside her.

Samantha moaned as she buried her face into Katie’s neck as Katie’s finger found the perfect spot.  It was Tuesday at 11:00 AM, and the pool was deserted save for the two of them, and after a few minutes, Samantha came, her body trembling as the waves of pleasure washed over her.  

“Want me to return the favor?” Samantha murmured as Katie continued to stroke her clit lazily beneath the water.

“No, you don’t always get to be the one in charge.  Sometimes you have to let me do what I want to.”  Katie replied.  Samantha smiled, enjoying her girlfriend taking charge for the time being.  She felt the second orgasm building up and new that soon she wouldn’t be able to hold it in.  

Three orgasms later, they climbed out of the pool and went back to their apartment.  Samantha told Katie she would take her clothe shopping since Katie had left most of what she owned in Illinois.  Armed with Visa, Samantha spent the day buying clothes, shoes, lingerie, and swimwear for Katie. Every time Katie wold protest, Samantha would pick out another piece of clothing.  

At what seemed to be the last possible shop in the mall, Samantha picked out a pair of matching silk gowns that she insisted they try on in the dressing room together.  Samantha tugged Katie’s pants down as soon as the door was shut.  Before Katie realized what was happening, Samantha had her pushed up against the wall of the dressing room with a passionate kiss.  

Within seconds, the girls were stroking themselves as they kissed.  Samantha came first, her muffled moans barely contained as she tried her best to avoid drawing attention to them.  Katie’s orgasm soon followed and together they tried to avoid drawing attention to themselves as their bodies trembled.  

Finally they tried on the gowns, the hems ended well above their waistline.  Samantha declared them perfect and added them to the pile of clothes to buy.  Insisting that they leave Katie took the bags and marched towards Samantha’s mustang.  Samantha grabbed one more t-shirt that was too cute to pass up, quickly paid then followed Katie out to the car.

Back at the apartment, Katie fixed dinner for Samantha while they watched a movie and drank wine.  After dinner and nearly a full bottle of wine, Samantha’s head buzzed.  She tipsily got to her feet and took Katie by the hand leading her to bed.  When Samantha reached for the silk ropes, Katie snatched them from her hands.

“Not tonight.  Tonight I get to tie you up and pleasure you.  Your safe word is jellybeans” With a laugh, Katie tied the blindfold over Samantha’s eyes before pulling the t-shirt she wore off and pushing her onto the bed.

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