Summer Fun Part 4 ♀️♀️

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!  It’s too much, please stop!” Samantha screamed out the words as she tried to pull away from the vibrator pressed up between her legs.  Katie giggled as she pressed her lips to Samantha’s cutting off her protests. 

It seemed like an eternity ago when Samantha, buzzed from the bottle of wine she and Katie had finished with dinner, agreed to let Katie tie her up for a change.  Now, kneeling on the bed, her hands tied behind her back and blindfolded, Samantha couldn’t decide if she regretted her decision or not.

Samantha had no choice but to stay in the position where she was bound. Katie had tied her wrists behind her back, then bound her wrists to her ankles.  Her back arched just enough to force her chest forward, her erect nipples pointing towards the ceiling.  To prevent Samantha from squeezing her legs together, Katie had tied one silk scarf to each knee, then tied them to the sides of the bed frame. 

Samantha’s splayed legs left her now-aching pussy fully exposed for Katie to have fun with.  Katie had started by lying on her back, instructing Samantha to lower her pussy down while Katie tasted her sweetness.  While Katie licked Samantha, she had slowly fingered her own pussy, teasing herself in anticipation of her first orgasm.

Samantha had been close to the edge when Katie had squirmed out from between her legs.  Katie had stood on the bed, gently guiding Samantha’s face toward her smooth, wet pussy.  When Samantha realized she had eagerly complied, sliding her tongue out in anticipation. 

Katie had played with Samantha’s hair while she thrust her hips forward, pressing her pussy tight into Samantha’s face.  Katie had spread her legs wider, giving Samantha better access as she neared climax.  When she came, Katie collapsed to the bed as the waves of pleasure made her weak at the knees.  The lovers kissed as Katie stroked between Samantha’s legs, pushing her back towards the edge.

“Now, I get to have fun with you the way you did with me last night.” Katie had whispered in her ear before kissing her passionately.  Katie’s fingers disappeared and were soon replaced with the magic wand. 

Now, an unknown time later, the vibrator still pressed hard against Samantha’s clit.  Katie’s fingers held the lips of her swollen pussy wide apart, allowing the powerful motor to send its vibrations directly onto her over-stimulated clit.  Samantha’s pleas cut out as another scream tore from her lips.  Her body shook uncontrollably as she released a gush of liquid over the head of the magic wand. 

As the one who had always been the dominant partner, especially with other women, Samantha had never been forced to climax so many times, and she’d never squirted three times in one evening before.  Her body screamed at her as another orgasm rocked her, immediately following the previous one.

Katie continued to kiss, darting her tongue in and out of Samantha’s mouth as each new orgasm pushed her closer to the edge of complete exhaustion.  Tears welled in Samantha’s eyes as the intensity became too much.  Before she could stop herself, the word slipped past her lips.

“Jellybeans,” Samantha whispered as her chest heaving as she panted in exhaustion.  Immediately the vibrator was pulled away from her.  Within moments Katie had pulled the knots loose and helped Samantha lay down.  Her legs ached from the position in which she had been bound for the evening. 

“How did you like it?” Katie asked, as she laid down next to Samantha, her head resting on Samantha’s breast as she listened to her heartbeat.

“It was fun, but I think I like it better when I’m in charge.” Samantha replied as she kissed the top of Katie’s head.

“Me too.”  Katie replied as exhaustion overtook both of them. Samantha and Katie were soon asleep, their bodies still glistening with sweat from their passionate love making.

Samantha moaned as her alarm clock rang incessantly, dragging her from her dream of Katie.  She reached over, hitting the snooze button before turning back to Katie and wrapping her arms around her.  Five minutes later, the alarm once again dragged her back to consciousness.

 Reluctantly, Samantha detangled herself from Katie’s warm body and crawled out of bed.  Bleary-eyed, she stepped into the hot blast of her shower.  Her eyes were closed as she stood under the hot spray when she felt Katie’s arms wrap around her from behind.

“Good morning.” Katie whispered as her hands slid up from Samantha’s stomach to her breasts.  Samantha let out a purr of pleasure as she felt Katie’s body pressing up against her.  Samantha reached up and pulled a narrow vibrator out from between two bottles of soap and handed it to Katie.

“You sure your pussy can handle it?” Katie asked as she remembered the previous night. 

“Not in my pussy.” Samantha half moaned as she leaned against the shower wall, pressing her ass against Katie’s hips. Katie took the hint and turned on the silver vibrator.  It wasn’t much bigger around than her thumb, and she easily slipped it into Samantha’s tight ass.

As the vibrations pulsed through her, Samantha moaned with pleasure.  The two of them had done nothing anal since getting together, and Samantha was missing how good it felt.  As the vibrations pulsed through her, Samantha moaned with pleasure, anticipating what was about to happen.

Katie, seeing how much Samantha was enjoying herself, began thrusting the vibrator in and out, slowly at first, then faster as Samantha’s moans of pleasure echoed off the shower walls.  Katie wondered how it would feel and determined she would ask Samantha to help her explore anal play after she was satisfied. 

Samantha reached down, lightly stroking her clit. It was still swollen from the previous night’s activities, and it took only moments to push her over the edge.  She screamed in pure ecstasy as the orgasm hit.  Katie’s arm wrapped around her was the only thing that kept her from falling to the shower floor as her left leg buckled from the intensity.

When she could finally stand on her own, Samantha turned to Katie and wrapped her arms around the other woman.  As they kissed, Samantha knew that this was far more than a fling or even just another long-term fuck buddy. She knew she was falling in love with Katie.

“Can um… Can you do that to me?”  Katie asked shyly.  She had told Samantha enough about Brett that Samantha knew how hesitant Katie was about anything involving her ass.  Samantha gently kissed her, then turned her to face the wall.

Katie trembled with anxiety as she felt Samantha’s finger began slowly teasing her ass.  She forced herself to loosen her clenched muscles as Samantha slowly slid one finger inside.  Instead of the rough intrusion she expected from her years with Brett, Katie felt a rush of erotic pleasure build in her core. 

Samantha reached her free hand around Katie to use the now-clean vibrator on her clit.  Katie whimpered as the tip found her clit, sending soft vibrations up through her.  As the pleasure built and Katie relaxed, Samantha pressed her finger deeper inside Katie’s tight ass.

Finally, as Katie felt her first orgasm break inside her, Samantha pumped her finger slowly in and out.  Katie pressed her hips back, needing more as the additional pleasure of Samantha fingering her ass exploded through her.

Katie’s cries rivaled Samantha’s earlier sounds of pleasure as she climaxed twice in quick succession.  Somewhere between the first and second, Samantha had pulled her fingers out and replaced them with the vibrator.  The strong vibrations from the toy set to maximum pushed her to the second orgasm, and this time it was Samantha who helped Katie stay on her feet.

Satisfied for the moment, the two lovers took turn washing each other as they kissed and touched under the hot water. Katie knew Samantha had to return to work, and that she needed to find a job, but as the water fell over their naked bodies, Katie knew that her feelings for Samantha were more than just hormones or lust.  Katie knew she was falling in love with Samantha.

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