Billionaire Breeding Agency (Part 3) ♂️♀️

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Chapter 7

Michelle felt the cold tiles press against her cheek as the old man’s hand pressed her face into the wall of the shower.  As soon as he came to her, he led her to the shower, fulfilling her fantasy.  They had started with the customary blowjob, this time she had made it all the way to twenty with his cock jammed down her throat.

As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, he had pulled her up and pressed her up against the shower wall, pinning her with his body as he thrust his hard cock into her tight ass.  She screamed as her ass was stretched, she hadn’t been fucked in the ass in at least six months, and the pain was exquisite.  Her screams seemed to invigorate the old man, each time Michelle whimpered or squealed in pain, he would thrust faster, drawing out the screams. 

“More, fuck me harder!”  Michelle cried out when she felt him begin to slow his pace.  She was so aroused by the old man taking her in the ass that she knew she was going to come without touching herself… if he could keep going.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close, you’re gonna make me come, don’t stop!”  She began to push back from the wall, matching his thrusts to take his cock deeper into her ass.  She felt the orgasm beginning to build and moaned with pleasure when his hands moved from pinning her to the wall to grabbing her hips.

Michelle let herself be used as the old man finally pushed in all the way, his bony fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her onto him.  When she came, she felt her ass tightening, squeezing his cock and making him moan with pleasure.  Her body shook as the waves of pleasure rolled through her.  Satisfied, the old man pulled out and let her drop to the ground.

She stayed on her knees, her legs spread, stroking her clit as the old man washed his body. His cock was still hard, and he promised to take his time as they celebrated her successful breeding.

The old man Megan to lather her hair, gently scrubbing as she continued to stroke herself. His gentleness after the rough treatment he had given her earlier thrilled Michelleband made her feel like she was being rewarded for her good behavior.

She climaxed again, pressing her head against his thighs as she shuddered with pleasure. He held her close, stroking her hair, as the aftershocks of pleasure continued to roll through her body.

After the shower, he took her back to the bedroom. The old man laid on his back, his erection pointing straight up as Michelle straddled his hips, sliding her pussy down onto his shaft. As she began to roll her hips, slowly moving her body up and down his shaft as she continued to move.

Eric looked up into Michelle’s eyes, her nineteen-year-old body thrilled him. He loved that she was with him because she wanted to be. Unlike the other young women he had bedded over the years, Michelle wasn’t after money or a diamond ring. She was a freak who loved sex and wanted to be bred.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the way her body moved, like a belly dancer, as she rode his cock. She began to move faster, when he opened his eyes, he saw her small hands squeezing her breasts as she continued to dance with her eyes closed.

She felt Eric’s hands as he reached up to replace her’s on her small breasts. He slowly pulled on her nipples, making her whimper as she continued to ride him, loving the feel of being pierced by him. She knew she already carried his baby, but still wanted the feeling of him filling her pussy with his seed.

She heard the old man’s breath quicken as his cock hardened even more.   When she felt the heat of his load spilling inside her pussy, she screamed in ecstasy.  She rocked her hips faster, reaching her hands down to stroke her clit, desperate to come while she still felt his hardness penetrating her.

Michelle arched her back, the old man’s hands squeezed hard on her breasts.  She screamed again as the orgasm tore through her body.  Eric slid his hands around her, pulling her body tight against her and holding her close as she continued to shudder from the waves of pleasure rolling through her body. 

When the pleasure passed, she rolled off the old man and curled next to him, her head on his chest.  She closed her eyes, listening to the sound of his heart as she imagined his baby growing inside her belly.  She felt his arms wrap around her, pulling her closer as she fell asleep.

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Chapter 8

Tiffany gasped as she felt the plug in her ass being gently tugged.  Her ass hurt, and she let out a whimper of pain as she felt Jared begin to pull it out.  Suddenly, she heard a soft feminine voice whispering in her ear.

“Relax darling, unclench and let me pull this thing out of you.” Emily Thompson said as she slowly pulled the jeweled toy from Tiffany’s ass.    She felt relieved as it came free, the constant feeling of something up her ass was not one she enjoyed, although she would never tell that to Jared. 

She rolled over, staring up into Emily’s big, brown eyes.  The other woman smiled as her fingertips ran up and down Tiffany’s thigh.  She was unsure what to say, but felt a flutter in her stomach as Emily’s fingers slid closer to her pussy.

“Mrs. Thompson, I’m sorry, I thought you were Mr. Thompson.” Tiffany stumbled for the right thing to say, she wanted to pull the sheets over her body but was afraid she might offend the other woman.”

“Tiffany dear, please call me Emily.  Jared had an early meeting, he was going to call you and tell you to remove the toy, but I told him I would take care of it for you.  I didn’t want you to hurt yourself.” Emily’s hand slid between Tiffany’s parted legs, one fingertip stroking up and down the lips of her smooth pussy.

Um, thank you.  Was there something else I could help you with?”  Emily smiled before leaning forward, her lips pressing softly against Tiffany’s.  For a moment, Tiffany froze, terrified of what was happening.  Emily’s finger slipped inside, and with a slow, almost lazy movement, she began to glide her finger over the other woman’s clit.

Tiffany gasped at the sensation of raw lust that shot through her body, without thinking he opened her mouth, sliding her tongue into Emily’s mouth.  She reached up, wrapping her arms around the other woman’s slender frame and pulling her into an embrace.  Their tongues danced as Emily continued to stroke and tease, feeling Tiffany’s body begin to tremble in anticipation.

Tiffany whimpered louder, her need screaming to be satisfied as she returned the kiss, her passion continuing to build.  Emily pushed her back, climbing on top of her as her finger began to stroke faster.  Tiffany broke away from the kiss, gasping for air before screaming in pleasure as the orgasm tore through her. 

Emily stared at the younger woman who was writhing on the bed, her breasts bouncing as her body convulsed.  For her entire marriage, she had managed to suppress her desires, never once giving in and finding another woman.  Now, she was pleasuring her husband’s fuck toy, risking everything.

She had managed to suppress her urges since she had gotten married, even managed to sleep with her husband on occasion even though she had no interest in men.  She had been indifferent to his desire to breed another woman, intending to claim the baby as her own.  But when she watched the interview video, saw the way Tiffany came under the other woman’s touch, she knew that this would be the woman who she fulfilled her desires with.

“Emily, are you OK?” Tiffany asked, seeing a mix of lust and fear on the other woman’s face.”

“Tiffany, my husband can’t know about this.  He is… unaware of my desires.  I’ve never told him.”  Emily broke looked away, embarrassed of the weakness she felt.  Tiffany reached out and took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mrs. Thompson, Emily, your secret is safe with me.  I’ve never been with a woman before a week ago, and now you.  You were amazing.  Let me return the favor.”  Tiffany reached out, sliding her hand up the sundress Emily wore and began to slowly rub one finger outside her silk thong.

Emily gasped, she hadn’t been touched by another woman since she and Jared had started dating in college, fifteen years ago.  At tiffany’s touch, a dam broke inside her, the longing she had repressed for so long flooded through her, and she let out a moan of absolute pleasure as the younger woman began to rub her clit through her panties rubbing the silk against her clit.

Tiffany dragged the other woman down onto the bed and pushed her onto her back.  With a sudden movement, she pushed the dress up Emily’s hips exposing the tiny white silk thong.  She climbed between the other woman’s legs, spreading them apart as she slid the thong to the side and began to slowly run her tongue up and down the lips of the other woman’s pussy.

She could see the small like of hair neatly trimmed that ended right above Emily’s slit.  Tiffany thrilled as for the first time, she began to pleasure another woman.  Emily’s moans of pleasure made her heart race and her pussy throb.  Wanting more, Emily raised her legs and slid the thong down her thighs, tossing it to the floor before spreading her legs wide.

Tiffany slid her tongue inside, getting her first taste of another woman. She slid her tongue in deeper, slowly licking up, savoring Emily’s sweetness.  Her hand went to between her own legs and began to stroke. 

Emily grabbed a pillow, muffling her own gasps and moans of pleasure as she felt the orgasm building.  She knew that this one would be better than anything her husband had ever managed.  When Tiffany’s tongue began to flick over her clit, her body trembled with fifteen years of unfulfilled desire about to be fulfilled.

Her hands grabbed Tiffany’s head, pressing it further in as she held out as long as she could against the orgasm she so desperately wanted.  When she finally came, the scream that tore from her lips left her throat raw.  Her hips bucked up as Tiffany continued to lick, pressing hard against her sensitive clit.

Without warning, Tiffany felt the warm gush of liquid hit her mouth as Emily squirted over and over.  Through the pillow, she could hear the screams of pleasure.  The sounds and the squirting orgasm pushed her over the edge to her own climax. 

Emily felt the gush of liquid spray out of her as she reached the peak of her climax.  She gasped in shock, she hadn’t squirted in years, didn’t think she was still able to.  Exhausted, she laid back on the bed as Tiffany laid next to her.  She rolled to face the other woman, kissing her soft lips and licking the wetness from them.

“That was incredible, Tiffany, I haven’t orgasmed like that in years.”

“It was my pleasure.  I’m happy to help you out any time you want.  And don’t worry, it will be our little secret.” Tiffany smiled; if Emily’s sex drive was as strong as her husband’s, she would having sex all the time.  She loved the bondage and domination from Jared, but she felt that Erica would be a balm, a gentler romance to balance out the rough treatment of her husband.

Erica smiled at Tiffany and kissed her one last time before standing and stepping back into her thong, slowly sliding it up her legs as Tiffany watched. She felt the other woman’s eyes on her as she walked out of the room.  As she reached the door, she turned, blew Tiffany a kiss, and left, closing the door behind her.

Tiffany laid back in the large bet, her pussy aching to be fucked.  She spread her legs wide, imagining Emily’s tongue sliding into her, as she began to stroke her clit.  She imagined the thrill of husband and wife taking her together.  Jared dominating while Emily kissed and sucked and licked.  The thought sent her over the edge.  With a moan of pleasure, she climaxed, her body twitching as the pleasure surged through her body.

Chapter 9

Juliette stepped into the apartment she shared with her mother, her feet ached, and her breasts were sore.  She slipped out of her shoes and walked, barefoot, into her bedroom, loving the feel of the plush carpet against her skin. 

She walked to the floor-length mirror and stared at her reflection as she began to unbutton the black silk blouse she wore.  As she worked her way up, the soft cloth slipped away, exposing her pregnant belly in all its glory.  She smiled down at her once-flat stomach as her fingers continued to work their way up her shirt. 

Shirt unbuttoned, she slid it off her shoulders and reached for the zipper on her silk skirt.  Juliette adored the feeling of silk, every time she wore it, she felt sexy.  When the skirt joined the shirt, she stared at her reflection in the mirror.  For a moment, she could see the woman she had been, athletic with a flat stomach and small breasts. 

Her new, pregnant self smiled back at her, the memory of what had been was gone.  She thought it was odd that she didn’t really miss her old self, she felt wonderful pregnant.  The sight of her swollen belly and breasts made her pussy ache.  Not for the first time, she wondered if she might actually have a previously undiscovered breeding fetish. 

She unhooked the bra and tossed it onto the floor, she cupped her engorged breasts, the weight exciting her as she began to slowly rub her nipples.  Drips formed on her nipples as she began to play, her doctor said it was colostrum, but whatever it was, the sight and feel of it on her breasts aroused her.  She began to squeeze harder, feeling the warm liquid spurt out into her hands. 

Juliette watched as a dark spot began to form between her legs, soaking her white cotton panties.  A whimper of pleasure slipped from between her lips as the pleasure between her legs built.  Her breasts were slick from the liquid leaking from them.  She began to massage faster, pinching and tugging her now hard nipples as her whimpers turned to moans. 

She ached to touch her pussy but didn’t want to stop playing with her breasts.  She walked to her bed; at nineteen, she had discovered that the decorative ball on the edge of her footboard was a perfect height to rub against her clit.

She lifted one leg onto the bed, spreading her pussy open. She began to grind against the polished wood knob, the feeling of her wet panties pushing against her clit sent waves of pleasure through her body.  She reached down, pulling the panties to the side, letting her clit press against the cool wood. 

Her body shook as she began to grind faster, pressing harder as she felt the orgasm building inside.  She gasped as the first orgasm hit, the intensity of it shocking her as she grabbed onto the bed for support. She screamed in pleasure, her body arching back as she felt her legs go weak. 

Trying to catch her breath, she climbed up onto the bed and laid on her back, sliding her wet panties down her thighs to her knees.  Still aroused, she fumbled in the bedside drawer for her dildo.  When her fingers touched the smooth glass, she smiled. 

Her pussy was slick, and the toy easily slid between her lips.  She began to slide it in and out the feeling of being penetrated, driving her wild with pleasure.  She closed her eyes, imagining one of her mother clients, maybe Jared slamming his cock into her willing pussy ready to fill her up with his seed.  The thought pushed her over the edge once more as another orgasm shook her body. 

Her fingers slipped on the shaft of her dildo, the entire length soaked as she continued to pump it into her.  She needed one more orgasm.  Her free hand pinched her nipples, liquid sprayed up onto her neck.  Her back arched as she felt herself nearing climax again.  The milky liquid sprayed again, and she felt the warm drops landing on her face and on her lips. 

The third orgasm hit her like an ocean wave, knocking the breath out of her.  She fought the urge to scream at the top of her lungs as the constant waves of pleasure pummeled her body.  Eventually, the waves of pleasure began to fade.  She laid back, panting as small shocks of pleasure still trembled through her body. 

She slid the toy out, it and her hand were drenched,  she slid the toy into her mouth and began to suck, slowly moving the toy in and out.  She loved the taste of her own pussy and wished that it was a hard cock that she was licking clean.  But for now, the toy would have to do.

She rolled onto her side, exhausted, her arms curled around her stomach.  She closed her eyes, thinking of her baby.  As her eyes closed and she began to fall asleep, she felt the first soft kick inside her stomach.  She smiled as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Part 4

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