St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans ♂️♀️♀️

Wearing her favorite green latex dress, with her red hair cascaded down her back, she walked the streets looking for a fun hookup.  Deciding it was time for lunch, she stepped into a small hole in the wall restaurant that offered authentic creole cooking.  Not precisely Irish food, Bria wasn’t about to pass up some authentic creole cooking.

As she ate her gumbo, she closed her eyes and thought back to the shenanigans she had gotten into last night.  Crissy had been a lot of fun.  Another redhead, the two had hooked up in the French quarter. They had nearly been caught by a foot patrol as Crissy had been vigorously fingering her to her second orgasm behind an abandoned building.  After their near run-in with the law, they had gone back to Crissy’s hotel and spent the entire night fucking like rabbits.  When Bria had left shortly after dawn, her pussy had been so swollen she could barely walk, Crissy had been excellent with her fingers.

Tonight, Bria wanted a man.  A big man who could throw her around and take her.  She figured it wouldn’t be hard to find someone like that in New Orleans if she was lucky, she might find two men.  Gumbo finished; she walked back out into the buzzing sea of green. 

She saw a cute blonde girl who, surprisingly, wasn’t wearing any green, but a tight-fitting black knit sweater dress that showed off a fantastic pair of breasts and smooth tanned thighs.  Slipping up behind her, she pinched the blonde on the ass as she whispered into her ear.

“You’re not wearing any green, Luv.” As the granddaughter of immigrants, she had picked up the accent of the Old Country from her grandparents as a child and knew that it made her irresistible.  The blonde turned and smiled.

“I am wearing green, you just can’t see it.” The blonde replied, a wicked smile on her face.

“Oh, and where would that be?” Bria asked, already knowing the answer.

The blonde slipped the hem of her dress up further, showing the thin string of a green thong curving around her hip.

“Oh, sweet Jaysus, you do indeed, would you like to show me some more?” Bria asked.

“Sorry, hon, you’re not my type.” She replied before kissing Bria hard on the lips and disappearing back into the crowd.

Bria smiled and laughed as she continued along the sidewalk, looking for her hookup for the night.  After another hour of flirting with men and women, along with some very intense kissing with a brunette wearing a ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ shirt, she finally found the man she was looking for.  Curtis was built like a bull, his barrel chest stretched the green t-shirt he was wearing, and he looked strong enough to lift a keg in each hand. 

It took less than ten minutes for Bria to get him to join her in her hotel room.  As soon as the door to her room closed, she threw herself at Curtis.  Her hands pulled at his shirt as he unzipped her dress and peeled it down her body.  When he picked her up, she wrapped her legs around him, kissing him as he carried her to the king-size bed.  He threw her on the bed then dragged her thong down her pale thighs, he smiled at the thin red line of hair that adorned her otherwise smooth pussy.  

When he shoved his fingers inside, Bria moaned with pleasure, each rough thrust thrilling her as his other hand pawed at her breasts.  After a few minutes, he pulled his fingers out before sliding his jeans and boxers to the floor.  Bria slid off the bed and onto her knees as she took the 10” cock in her hands and began to stroke.  She closed her mouth around the head, licking and sucking as he started to thrust in and out of her mouth.

Bria’s fingers played with her clit, stroking and teasing herself as Curtis grabbed her head and began to thrust faster.  When she climaxed, her muffled scream thrilled Curtis.  He pulled out and tossed her back onto the bed.  He grabbed her legs, pulling her to the edge and spreading her legs apart.  Her pussy glistened in the light as his slick cock slid inside.

Bria screamed as he stretched out her pussy, Curtis definitely had the biggest cock she had taken in a while.  He started to pull out, but she begged for more, wrapping her legs around him and pulling him closer, feeling the length of his cock penetrating deep inside her. Bria felt the second orgasm building inside her. She began to moan louder, Curtis pumped harder, spreading her legs further apart until she could feel his balls slapping against her sack.  She felt him stiffen as he was about to come and screamed as her own orgasm tore through her.  She felt him push deep inside as he blew his load, his hot sticky cum filled her up as he grunted.

Eventually, he pulled out, his softening cock still glistening.  Bria arched her back, stretching her arms high above her head, showing off her tattoos before rising and kissing Curtis on the lips.

“That was great, Luv, but I need ya to leave before my husband returns!”

Curtis grabbed his clothes and nearly tripped as he fought to get his jeans up and out the door before the nonexistent husband arrived.  As the door slammed shut, Bria laughed and headed towards the bathroom, a quick shower, and she could be back to the party before 10:00 PM.  If she was lucky, she might be able to find another hook up for the night.

When Bria stepped out of her hotel, once again in the green latex dress, she decided the softness of another woman was just what she needed.  It was nearly 2:00 in the morning when she found herself in a small coffee shop, needing something hot and sweet to help her stay awake when she saw Sadie.  Sadie was a cute brunette with a cherub face and petite frame, her curly brown hair hung to her shoulders. Her green pencil skirt and matching top immediately caught Bria’s eye.

“Mother Mary, my feet are aching.  Mind if I join you, Luv?” Bria smiled her most charming smile as she spoke.  “I’m Bria.”

“Sure, I’m Sadie! I love your accent!” Sadie’s words bubbled from her mouth like water from a spring.

The two women sat for an hour chatting about St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans, Bria flirted, and after a while, Sadie began to flirt back.  Bria found out that Sadie was a local who always partied the entire week.  When Bria asked if she would like to come back to her hotel room, Sadie admitted she had never been with another woman.

“Darlin Sadie, why don’t you come with me and let me show ya what you’ve been missing?” Bria said in her best Irish lilt.  Sadie giggled and agreed, taking the other woman’s hand and following her out of the coffee shop.

At the hotel, Bria lead Sadie into her freshly cleaned room, the $30 tip to the housekeeper on duty had ensured that.  They kissed as Bria began to slip out of her own dress.  Naked, she helped Sadie out of her clothes before leading her to the bed. Sadie laid back as Bria spread her legs apart and began to kiss along one smooth thigh.  When her lips found the neatly trimmed thatch of black hair, Sadie giggled.  Sliding her tongue down, Bria tasted the other woman and smiled, she was as sweet as candy. 

Sadie moaned in shocked pleasure as she felt Bria’s tongue slip inside, each gentle flick over her clit sent shocks of pleasure through her system.  It didn’t take long before Sadie was gasping in pleasure as the first orgasm rolled over her body.  Bria licked and stroked for another hour, pleasuring Sadie like she had never felt before.

Sadie worked up the courage to go down between Bria’s pale thighs, and after a few minutes she began to enthusiastically lick, Bria enjoyed being the first woman Sadie ever made love with and came twice, each time eliciting a giggle from the nervous Sadie.

Later, the two women snuggled up under the blankets and kissed before falling asleep, Sadie’s head resting on the other woman’s shoulder.  Bria needed her sleep, this Saint Patricks’ day party still had three days left, and she intended to get up to a lot more shenanigans before the week was at an end.

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  1. So far I enjoy your stories. The best part is, they don’t remind me of a porn scene. Having been to New Orleans to party, I can totally see someone like Bria on the prowl. The story had a good flow to it as well. Keep them coming


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